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Lovely answers, Jen...ClapI have loved chatting with you always..HugAnd ur bekaboo-licious self is so hilarious to witness..LOLYou always make me laugh my heart out...LOL

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Jenny ben, lovely answers, all of them Clap Big smile
Thank you so much and your bekaboo-ness is what keeps me going . I adore your posts, wish you could see every emotion on my face while reading your posts. They're simply amazing!
And me, an Ayush phangurl?! Hainnn...kab se? LOL (Though I love his FB updates LOL)



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Originally posted by nuttycleo

ROFL!! U r already being fried! can i not add in some more oil?So my questions go ...
LOL okies Big smile

1. Ranbir-Ritz...what do u think is going on there, as in do the families know etc etc? Write ur short a/c on a day in their lives, so that we can give the duo due imp!!
Hmm Ranbir and Ritz well, I think that atleast for now from what is shown, both their parent's don't know about their relationships but I would say that both him and Ritz seem to be coming from pretty modern families and their thoughts match with todays generation but everyones different when it comes to love and all no matter how modern they are! But they ares starting their business together or whatever so yeah they'll find out soon! I think the day when Ritz parents find out about her and Ranbir, I can predict that from Ritz side, her parents will be mad for her not telling but I wouldnt say think the idea of love is wrong. I am sure it would go pretty smoothly and they would discuss and meet Ranbir and things would be normal and not as tragic as AnYa. From what it looks like, same on Ranbir's side, like they would be mad about the fact it was hidden but wouldnt oppose against love. 

2. U have the gift of gab & write so well, any particular reason y we dont see an FF/OS/SS from u?
Awhh thats so sweet of you!! LOL I have been actually wanting to write a few and have ideas to it but honestly its really time consuming and I dont wanna start something and then leave it adhoora so maybe I might write an OS since you dont have to commit to them and its a one time thing Big smile

3. Imagine...Shaheer walked out of the show, who wud be the next best Anant & look good with Soumya? (Note to general junta: Its Hypothetical...pls dont throw brickbats & pls accept the ans on the same hypothesis! No need to get hyper abt the q/ans!!)

LOLOLOL hmm Anant, I actually can't think of anyone, but Mohit Sehgal comes to my mind for some reason Tongue He has a young face and could make an awesome Anant! 

4. Vice versa, Soumya got sacked, who could step in as Navya?
I have to say ME Big smile LOL me and Shaheer would make an amazing couple I mean I can just see our chemistry Day Dreaming
5. How would you like to see the non existent Nikhil-Nimi track progress??
LOL well I would love to see that Nimi figure out that Nikhil is not what he seems like and is a spoilt boy with bad intentions, and I would love her to personally figure this out and so the family could understand that what we think is NOT always right!

6. AnYa have awakened Sugandha's dormant saas traits & made a perfect couple out of Om-Suggi; imagine them arousing desires in do u reckon she would go about satisfying those desires?!!! (LOL...Mridz gave Rama a chance, i am giving BD a chance!Wink)
LOOOL. okay so I believe that those hormones can come out when she sees someone like teddy bear santa claus pandit jee and she will be struck over his rudraksha mala bling and can be fida over him LOL and that is when hormones will rise within BD LOL

7. Generation u think it plays a major role in the loony villa?what do u think about it generally & how can it be combated?
Yes definately, like I am talking 1000 year gap LOL Uhmm well I think that the elders are so into their thinking and not ready to move forward from what they think is right and its like a virus just stuck and hopefully in the coming days that what Navya and Anant can do, which is make them realise that the nayi soch is different and not bad and we have to learn to walk with time! 

8. Love was never served on a silver platter to many, it came with its trials & tribulations. But how far is it right to go for love? How far could u go for love? (if u feel the second part is too personal feel free to skip!)
I think it is right to go love as far as what you feel is right and your own instinct. Well actually the thing is that if you truly love someone, there is no stopping you and if there is true love in between you guys then nothing can stop you because you cant control that love you feel and if its true that driving force inside you will never stop to fight yourself so same goes for me. I think that I will fight for my love and I know its love when I wont think more than once again over that guy. So yeah Big smile
9. Whats the best thing about this show...
Well, honestly AnYa are the best thing about this show, well more like Anant/ SSM. I think that he is a really good actor and has so much potential and is a total januable plus AnYa have AMAZING chemistry but sadly its not being used so well so yeah AnYa have to be the best thing about this show for me. 

10. If you could eliminate something from the Navya track, apart from Kanpur fiasco, what would it be?
Eliminate, hmmm I would have to say the shagun track. I felt that was unncessecary IMO and instead of that, they should have taken's AnYa's love story a little slowly and more in depth so we could see their process of feelings more clearly.

11. Describe ur perfect day!!
-Waking up at 12
-Eating fav breakfast/lunch/dinner
-non stop adda/lappy
-going out with friends
-no study pressure
-eat cake LOL

12. What makes u smile?
Honestly, anything that I like. There are too many things. But what makes me smile the moost are my friends! Like I have amazing friends whom I talk to in the world and then I have you adda girls who I haven't ever met face to face but you guys are so close to me, like even closer than people ive met in my life so definately just my friends. oh and shopping and cake LOL

13. U'v been accident prone for as long as i'v known u! Is it special to this yr or are you like this since birth?!
Yes LOL I am so accident prone, its not even funny! It started I think when I was born! When I was one, it actually started cause I ate dishwashing powder and I had diarhea for like months LOL I have fallen down stairs, broken 2 bones in my life and I get sick like always, bad immunity!! Meri kismat kharab hai LOL

14. U had a choice to go to one of the best chic flick with ur BFFs or go sky diving...which one would u choose & why?
Chick flick with BFF! There is no fun like that and sky diving, I want to do it but I am super scared of heights so if I had to take a desicion, I am a darpok and yeah so BFF Big smile
15. Describe ur physical appearance briefly..
-black hair, shoulder length, its actually curly but I straighten it everyday so straight Tongue
-hazel brown eyes
-tan skin 
-medium body size
and yeah Big smile

16. First thing u do when u wake up?
LOL I actually do this as my first thing but go and check IF LOL

17. Something naughty u'v done with ur school to share?
Hmm nothing really.. Oh I remember once there was this really really mean girl at school who used to bully like everyone cause she was pretty, you know the usual high school popularity thing, anwyas so once what we did was, she was being really bitchy lately and after swimming from gym class, we put honey in her shampoo bottle, like we planned this thing for days and the girls hair was ruined and we got in SO much trouble LOL

18. a day without computers/lappy/mobile or other phones...what would u be doing??
Shopping!! LOL that can take my mind off things so yeah LOL 

19. if u were granted 3 wishes, what would u ask for??
- get my college tuition paid off
-give me a million dollars
-3 more wishesBig smile

20. Your fav food...
Dal Makhni with Naan and Jalebi Big smile
or Pizza and cake Big smile

21. the best advice anyone's ever given to u (doesnt matter if u acted on it or not!)
Pretend that everyday is your last day of life without any fears Big smile

22. 1 thing u cannot live without!
My laptop!!

23. ur current wallpaper on lappy!
Penguins Tongue
24. u won $10, wud u spend it?
Pay off my college tuition Big smile

25.  I like ur business plan! I have similar dreams!!LOL...we shud compare notes...but what age group would u target & how would ur centre be different from others?
Hmm well I really want to target basically all ages and I want to be able to teach anyone anything academicly like even a grandma wanting to learn french. Like I wanna be able to offer anyone and teach them anything they would want to from the courses I offer with one on one and also create like a ciricculum for my own business kind of like Kumon, if you've heard about it. So something along those lines except its really just focused on what you need or want to learn! Oh and thats cool. we should share notes Big smile
Enuff!! I cud carry on...but giving others a chance here...Tongue Hope u enjoy answering them!Embarrassed
They were awesome PoojaBig smile

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Originally posted by geno0309

Ohh very few questions I can think of asking now Jenny...girls here are on fire-hehe and your answers are as Jennylicious as ever!Wink

Okyay here I go:

1. Watching a good(whatever that means!) SNS episode with aaji or watching a crappy Navya episode by yourself?
LOLOLOLOLOL I dont trust SNS!!! Nabbya for the win!!LOL

2. If things had worked out, what would you have been much more excited abt-being at the Navya set? or meeting Urmi, one of the adda mates?
Definately meeting Urmi!! We have talked so much and it would have been the bestest thing to actually talk and see her in real life Big smile

3.In an ideal Navya world...what stage of their relationship would Anant and Navya be right now?
Well I think that they would have been talking about marriage right now looking at time wise and realistically and doing further studies at the same time. 

4. First thing you'd eat after you land in India?
ROFL jalebi Day Dreaming

5. Best place/area to be in Toronto?
OMG there are waaay too many! Well for tourists, CN tower ofcourse but I would have to say, downtown Toronto! Its so lively but still not too crowded and I love just walking in downtown on a saturday night Big smile

6. Best thing abt Christmas holidays...the gifts or the festivities? your fav Christmas treats/delicasies?
LOL I love getting chocolates and cake!! ive been eating so much cake and chocolates for the past couple of week, ofcourse had to stop this week for my tummy but i will resume now since its all better! and fesitivites for sure!! theres nothing better than just sitting near the tree with your whole family sipping hot chocolate! Big smile

7. One thing you want to do before turning 21?
tbh, nothing in particular, my desires change as time passes so nothing in particular Smile

8. If you were in Navya's shoes, and were stuck between satisfying friends and bf...what would your approach be?
I would satisfy BF..Friends are there to support you and understand you but BF is a little bit different so I would expect that my friends understand me the most and yeah BF Tongue

Okay chalo...will come back with more, if I think of more and if you aren't fried enough!-hehe

Have fun!
Haha they were lots of fun Big smile

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@Judi Thank yooou Hug
@tv_princess Thanks Smile
@Madhu Thanks honey Hug LOL i am so being grilled! Mera Sunday is gone now LOL Chal you can also make a pakora!! 

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Originally posted by nicky99

Hello Jenny ben! Big smile
Well, I'm very much new to this but wanted to try my hand once just for YOUR sake! Smile 
After all, BOTW is the only way to disgorge the truth out from your mouth and in the most good ways..bwhahaha *evil laugh* LOL

You suck LOL Nota very nice LOL Jokes Heart

Okay so here is my set of questions for you (Guys, bear with me, it's my first time Tongue ) -

1)Tell us, what would you do IF you get a chance to meet Nirala babua a.k.a Shaheer sheikh personally for 2 long hours? Check his gardan out or ferret out some personal details? Embarrassed
LOL ferret out his deets cause in order to do that, I would see him infront of my evyes so I can automatically do both Wink

2) If, ever in life, you meet a person like Rama, how do you think you will tackle her?Wink
LOL *bitchslap* and give her a pravachan on trusting husbands!!!

3) If you are approached to play the lead for a show like Navya and you're paired opposite Ramu kaka, How would you react? LOL
Nahiiin is what I would say!!! LOL Shaguniya is waaay better! I cant let myself come inbetween their haawwt pair so yeah LOL

4) If you get to spend one day of your life as BD, what all transformations would you like to make in these people's life -
       a) Navya - Confident, more hormoneful and devi
       b) Anant - Get some brains and hormones
       c) Kamles -LOL get me to live with him well BD LOL!!
       d) Rama -ROFL I would make her trust and LOWE her hujbaand more!!
       e) Shagun (Okay I know she's out of the show, but still? Tongue) - Make her fall in love with Ramu LOL
       f) Ranbir - Hmmm I like the waay he is Tongue
       g) Last but not the least, Ramu kaka LOL - ROFL I would make him propose to shaguniya!!!

5) Which are the 5 most drooling qualities of Amar? 
-To the point

6) If you fall in love with a person like Anant in real life, which BG of Navya would you like to be played in the background APART from 'Bekabooo...' Tongue
My heart goes dheem tana!! *sigh* love that song!!!

7) If I tell you the password of these people's account of either FB or Twitter, what would be your first update or tweet? - 
      a) Shaheer Sheikh - I LOWE jenny!! Were getting married soon!!
      b) Aayush Shah - I am a bandar who abuses balls and babies 
      c) Soumya Seth - I think that Jenny and Shaheer are adorable together! 
      d) Snigdha Pandey - Jenny is so cool. Her and Shaheer are perfect for each other!!
      e) Gayatri / Saraswati (BD) - God bless Jenny and Shaheer! They make the cuuutest couple!!

Okay that's all from my side for now..Will come back later if I realize you're not exhausted by all our efforts in grueling you LOL
Hope you have fun going through the above set of questions, come back soon with your replies Big smile
LOL they were fun to answer Big smile Especially the tweeets WinkLOL

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@All I loveee yoou guys Hug LOL that all took me like 3 hours to do LOL Think theres more in store for me LOL

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Lovely and ROFL Answer Jen Ben .I really loved it
Rapchik and superb question ..Mridula , Nicky , Soumya (not seth), Pooja , nams, Roopali...
ohhh finally i teach someone HindiWinkHug
Jen Ben Padosi show ka asar kuch jayad hi tum Jalebi Bai ..LOL
Ohhh Awesome tweets by all Wink

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