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Hi Jen
 It seems all your assignments/ papers etc for college this week will be done here! Am really enjoying all the hits, no misses at all! thats commendable..
Well here are few from me-

1)      Considering  the given situation (the way Anants family is) when Navya  gets married what will be the trump card that she will use to bring abt the nayi soch and eventually change their views atleast to a certain extent (we take into consideration that in phases she becomes dumb and in phases she talks a lot!).

2)      Suppose you got married to a person similar to Anant (one hand typical majnu  with a big ego and on the other hand mandbudhhi), how would you tackle him? You already know that you love him a lot and  saying bye bye is not an option!!

3)      If you were marooned  in an island alone with a guy of your dreams who would you want it to be and why?

4)      How wud want your first dream date to be?

5)      If a  situation ever comes that you have to choose between your dream job and dream guy which wud you choose and where wud you compromise?

6)      What are the qualities that attracts you to a person whom you can consider as a friend? And how long wud it take to trust that person so that he/she becomes a close  friend?

Jen, all these questions  are just for fun sake so you can skip any if you want to. Take your time and enjoy!

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Originally posted by Jen_IloveAR

Originally posted by nicky99

Hello Jenny ben! Big smile
Well, I'm very much new to this but wanted to try my hand once just for YOUR sake! Smile 
After all, BOTW is the only way to disgorge the truth out from your mouth and in the most good ways..bwhahaha *evil laugh* LOL

You suck LOL Nota very nice LOL Jokes Heart

 =>   Tongue LOL

Okay so here is my set of questions for you (Guys, bear with me, it's my first time Tongue ) -

1)Tell us, what would you do IF you get a chance to meet Nirala babua a.k.a Shaheer sheikh personally for 2 long hours? Check his gardan out or ferret out some personal details? Embarrassed
LOL ferret out his deets cause in order to do that, I would see him infront of my evyes so I can automatically do both Wink

Aaye, I somehow knew this would be your answer. After all, you'll never leave a chance to check out his gardan and that too personally with your naked eyes LOL

2) If, ever in life, you meet a person like Rama, how do you think you will tackle her?Wink
LOL *bitchslap* and give her a pravachan on trusting husbands!!!

You Go Girl! Clap

3) If you are approached to play the lead for a show like Navya and you're paired opposite Ramu kaka, How would you react? LOL
Nahiiin is what I would say!!! LOL Shaguniya is waaay better! I cant let myself come inbetween their haawwt pair so yeah LOL'll leave RAMU KAKA! Then who will sing - Goli maar bheje mein? LOL

4) If you get to spend one day of your life as BD, what all transformations would you like to make in these people's life -
       a) Navya - Confident, more hormoneful and devi Hi5!
       b) Anant - Get some brains and hormones  Hi5!
       c) Kamles -LOL get me to live with him well BD LOL!! Knew it! LOL
       d) Rama -ROFL I would make her trust and LOWE her hujbaand more!! Oh and I wish to see that Wink
       e) Shagun (Okay I know she's out of the show, but still? Tongue) - Make her fall in love with Ramu LOL  Ramu, Ramu kaka! Wink
       f) Ranbir - Hmmm I like the waay he is Tongue  Yeaaahhh...I too Wink
       g) Last but not the least, Ramu kaka LOL - ROFL I would make him propose to shaguniya!!! Sabjiyoon ke saath? then who will gift her diamond's necklace? LOL

5) Which are the 5 most drooling qualities of Amar? 
-To the point

I agree with all of them! Big smile

6) If you fall in love with a person like Anant in real life, which BG of Navya would you like to be played in the background APART from 'Bekabooo...' Tongue
My heart goes dheem tana!! *sigh* love that song!!!

I so want to hear this song again with the same magic as in initial days Unhappy
But anyway, I gotchyaaa Wink

7) If I tell you the password of these people's account of either FB or Twitter, what would be your first update or tweet? - 
      a) Shaheer Sheikh - I LOWE jenny!! Were getting married soon!! Bechaara Tongue
      b) Aayush Shah - I am a bandar who abuses balls and babies HAHAHAHA LOL
      c) Soumya Seth - I think that Jenny and Shaheer are adorable together! ROFL! LOL Forum waasis' will kill you LOL
      d) Snigdha Pandey - Jenny is so cool. Her and Shaheer are perfect for each other!! LOL LOL
      e) Gayatri / Saraswati (BD) - God bless Jenny and Shaheer! They make the cuuutest couple!!
                                                          BD tweeting this would be a miracle LOL

Okay that's all from my side for now..Will come back later if I realize you're not exhausted by all our efforts in grueling you LOL
Hope you have fun going through the above set of questions, come back soon with your replies Big smile
LOL they were fun to answer Big smile Especially the tweeets WinkLOL

Oh you liked them, then I better gear up for the next set of questions! LOL Tongue

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Originally posted by Jen_IloveAR

Originally posted by nicky99

Jenny ben, lovely answers, all of them Clap Big smile
Thank you so much and your bekaboo-ness is what keeps me going . I adore your posts, wish you could see every emotion on my face while reading your posts. They're simply amazing!
And me, an Ayush phangurl?! Hainnn...kab se? LOL (Though I love his FB updates LOL)



LOL awhhh I LOWE YOU THREE Hug haha I wish I could see everyones expressions LOL Oh and remember yesterday Nicky, we were so fida over him and his acting skills he claims to have!! LOL True phangurls!!! LOL

Hahaha...Oh yesh!! Go Aayush, go on tweeting, at least for the sake of your TRUE Phangurls! LOL

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.Farzi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hailaa! JenBen won the IF contest as well? Jen, you're shining this week! Congratulations babee! HugThis week is totally YOURS! Big smile

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Congrats Jenny...I am having a great time reading your replies,thanks for this entertainment Wink...Keep entertaining me like this ...and that will be my Christmas gift from you...OK?LOL

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Originally posted by nishkala

Congrats Jenny...I am having a great time reading your replies,thanks for this entertainment Wink...Keep entertaining me like this ...and that will be my Christmas gift from you...OK?LOL

There u go, nish di

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WinterIsComing IF-Sizzlerz

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Sorry double post

Edited by nams100 - 19 December 2011 at 6:41am

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Originally posted by -ritchelle-

Hailaa! One day I don't come on IF and I miss THIS? Holy F**K! 

Congrats Jen! You're an absolutely amazing person, and your attitude towards everything in life always cracks me up! You deserve this more than anyone! Here are my questions, and I hope they aren't repeat! If they are, I'm soo sorry, I haven't read your previous answers yet, will do so after this!
Awhhh thanks Ritchuuu Hug ILY!!

1. We both are die hard fans of Armaan Mallik/KSG! Now lets say when you go to India for the wedding, you see KSG at the reception! What will be your reaction? And you will obviously approach him and go up to him, so outline what all will you tell/ask him?

OMG I would faint. On a real note, I would tell him about how crazy I am about him and like just give a long ass pravachan on how AHMAZING and perfect he is and how much I just love him and how badly I want to see him back on TV and I cant wait for his movie and camwh**e with him Blushing Oh and give him like the BIGGEST hug ever!!!

2. Like me, you have lived abroad like all your life and you haven't visited India very often. What is the one thing about India that you detest to the fullest? It can be anything, from the culture, to the mentality of the people, to absolutely anything!

Err I hate it the poverty man! Everywhere you go, theres like little kids asking for money on the streets or homeless and hungry families. The govement does like nothing for them and yet the people who are well off just keep getting more rich so yeah I hate that!!
3. And what is the one thing you love about India?

Food Day Dreaming Theres nothing like indian food in india!!! 

4. Lets assume you got to meet Anantika/CVs of Navya, and they gave you the opportunity to re-write a particular track in the show. Which one would that be and why? And briefly outline your version of that track!

Definately the Kanpur track! Honestly I would want it to be exactly like your FF Embarrassed Like I am dead serious!! It would have been perfect and dramatic yet entertaining!! 

5. What's your guilty pleasure?

Sweeets LOL Oh gosh, I am the biggest sweet tooth of life and I eat too much, then I put on weight and I have to go to the gym and burn it all cause I gain weight really easilyLOL But yeah, I love sweets.

6. Are you an avid book reader? If so, what genre of books do you prefer to read? Could you suggest some books to the rest of us? Ignore if you don't like to read!

Hmmm I read sometimes, not an avid reader but. I would reccomend anything by Nicholas Sparks Embarrassed His books are all romantic novels and they are amazing! Read The Notebook and Dear John! Best books ever! 

7. If you were given the chance to act, which character would you wanna essay? And why?
OMG Riddhima!! Gosh, that girl got to romance Armaan so much, I mean *sigh* I would LOWE to do that!! 

8. Other than Navya, EHMMBH, IPKKND and Humsafar, are there any shows that you currently follow?
Hmmm not avidly, I watch Glee regularly and yeah those are pretty much the main shows I follow Tongue

9. What's your worst nightmare? And best daydream? Ignore if its too personal!
OMG my worst nightmare is to end up sitting at a boring table in a boring office with a boring life. Worst nightmare. I do not want to sit at a tiny desk for the rest of my life! I need a fun job LOL Day dream would be going on a date with all my januables all at once Day Dreaming That would be the best!!!

10. If you could remove one character from the show, who would it be and why?

LOL HOMPji!! She annoys me to the max. So unneeded IMO LOL

11. You get the chance to go on a date with either Armaan or Anant. Who would you pick and why?

Oh errr I would go with Armaan LOL He is the classiest guy ever while Majnoo, I mean I love him but not all the time so defo Armaan Embarrassed

12. Describe your ideal guy!

-he should be indian 
-fluffy hair
-big eyes
-taller than me
-total romantic
-knows how to cook
-has a good job
- loves me to the core
-loving to my family
yeah sadly, these guys dont exist in the real world but I can hope Wink

13. A message to the IF Navya Forum-Vaasis:

Hello Jee Big smile Keep coming with your entertaining posts and poems and predicitons. You guys are cool and yeah humara forum ka naam roshan karo LOL

14. A message to all the adda-mates:

I LOVE YOU GUYS Heart You guys are my besties. IDK  what I can do without the adda now for the rest of my life! You guys are so sweet and loveable and I just love you all Hug

And that's all from me! Hope you enjoy answering these, and once again, Congrats babee! If there's anyone who deserves this, its you!


I went through the questions and answers just now, and as usual I cracked up while reading them! I can't believe that you threw up on your date's shoes! LOL And who would think you like ponies? Big smile And awww, I loved what you wrote about me in Mrids' post, it means a lot babee! Its really soo cool to find someone who's likes and dislikes are just like mine! I absolutely LOVED your tweets/status updates! Someone's all hell bent on getting married to SS eh? LOL Big smile 

And oh, I just thought I should mention this: I have curly hair which I straighten every morning as well! LOL And I love purple too! That's something else we have in common! Big smile

Lots of Love

Rit Big smile

Awhh I love you Ritch Hug Those were wonderful questions!! OMG we have so much in common Big smile  I love curly hair, its just that it doesnt look good on me LOLLOL SS and I will be together one day, in life LOL  thanks babes!! 

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