Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Os New Year Resolution

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Akash and Payal are engaged ,everyone is very angry from Arnav as at last min he has called off his engagement and embarrassed the Raizada .nani just warn him no one will marry him as they will point he has a bad character as LA stayed in their house for months and she left him on the engagement day. Arnav just replied he don't care and he is
 not interested in marriage he just closed the chapter for once in for was calm between both the families. buaji & khushi's parents wanted to take both girls with them on a visit to worship places to thank as their one daughter got engaged & other safe from Shyam's . but Arnav stop them to take Khushi & Payal with them as he said it is not safe to take them along.Khushi & Payal are staying in RM.  Khushi is not talking to Arnav, he had tried a lot but she is annoyed with him as he had broken her friend's heart .

Arnav: walk in with few bags

Payal and Anjali were sitting in the hall

Anjali: yeh kya ha?

Arnav: these  are  for all  of you as  new year gifts

Anjali:really chota .

Arnav: ha di this is for her . he gave the bag which he was holding in his left hand , pointed at Khushi who was in kitchen ".dont tell her i got this she will not wear then."

Anjali and Payal look at each other ,they have notice Khushi is not talking to him for last couple of days ,where as he is trying his level best.

Arnav: i am going up to change as i have to go to new year eve party ... i really wish La was here i would have asked her . i feel so strange to go all alone

Anjali: look at him ."we will arrange a partner for you" as payal and anjali smiled at each other.

Arnav: smirk as he turn his face "who?"

anjali: pointed at khushi

Arnav: she will not go with me as she is very annoyed with me .

Payal : that is our problem you tell us what will you give us if we will make her ready

Arnav:what ever you both will ask from me?

Anajli: deal

Arnav:deal but you have just 30 mins

Anjali: no problem, both started talking

Arnav: look at them"you both Di and jiji are fools sorry" he said to him self and walk upstairs

look in his cupboard taken out his black suite ..smiled  walked to the washroom.

Khushi: kya huwa

Payal: akash ji have send these things for us he had ask to change as he is coming after 30 mins to take us to new year eve.

Khushi: you go jiji i will stay at home

Anjali: what she will do alone there ? you accompany her , her is your dress go and change .

Khushi: i am fine in this

Anjali: khushi ji you will not listen me

Khushi: just picked up the bag and walk upstairs ,as she is staying in LA room . "kya masla ha , thank God LG is not at home, she just walk in and taken out the dress . looked at it in surprise "i will wear this "she just look at in a shocked . "jiju ko kya hogaya ha " she look in the bag a stole  " hmmm" she just close the  curtains and changed it . she look her self in mirror" uff yeh kya ha " she just place the stole around her neck to cover and open her hairs ."now it is ok " she look at her self . there was a knock at the door.

Khushi: it is open please come in she was wearing heels

Arnav: walked in

Khushi: aap she just turn to him

Arnav: just stared  at her "we are late"

Khushi: i am not going with you.

Arnav: what the  di said you are ready to be my partner tonight  thats why i said ok to my friend

Khushi: when i said that?

Arnav: fake angry face " when will you not let me down Khushi?" he just fume

Khushi: look at her self ..and him who had turn his face on other side in anger."chala chalta ha hum but let me change first"

Arnav:change why?

Khushi: i cannot go with you like this

Arnav: if i want you thenstare in her eyes

Khushi:look at him he offer her his hand "i will manage "she just started walking down stairs  Anjali and payal had a high five," hum ko aap dono se yeh umeed nahi thi "saw them laughing

Anajli; chota your choice is excellent  lovely dress

Arnav: only dress stare at her as he was getting down in front of her  to catch her if she slip 

Anajali: khushi tou ha he lovely .

Khushi: aaap sub na mil kar hum ko bawkoof banya

Arnav: tum ho tum ko bana ki zarorat nahi ha ..

Khushi: go alone i am not going she just sat on the sofa

Payal and Anjali look at each other as their mission failed

Arnav: please ladies close your eyes

Anjali and payal look at him

Arnav: please close it and dont open it till i say 

Anjali and payal closed it

Khushi: kya she saw him bending and picking her up in his arms"no one say no to Arnav Singh Raizada" "chora hum ko" he pull her more close to him 

Arnav:"shhh or i  will lock your lips too"look at her lips he just walk out of RM ."open the door and made her sit ... closed the door  and walk to his side . he started car and call at home number " you ladies can open  your eyes now ".said and cut the call.

Khushi: hum aap se baat nahi kar raha ha

Arnav:na karo

Khushi: acha huwa LA ji aap ko chor kar chali gai 

Arnav: tum na jana he concentrated on driving 

Khushi: kya  

he didnot reply it took 15 mins to reach the hotel 

Arnav: we have reached .

Khushi: you go i am not coming i will sit here

Arnav: would you like me to carry you in my arms 

Khushi: no 

Arnav: then he just lock the car and walk to her side open the door gave her his hand.

Khushi: just hold his hand as the dress and high heels had made her bit shaky 

Arnav: smiled  hold her hand  tight and both walked in 

the host "welcome Arnav  Singh Raizada nice to see you here "

Arnav: smiled

host: enjoy the party.

Arnav: hold her hand and walked in side . there were couples all around some were dancing ,some drinking some having dinner ,some were flirting."what will you like to do first ?"

Khushi: look around in surprise "yeh aap hum ko kahan la kar aagai ha "closed her eyes as she saw a couple kissing 

Arnav: " i am with you why you are so scared ?" .he pull a chair for her whisper in her ear "sit  here i will bring our dinner .. as it was boffet 

Khushi hold his hand "i will come with you"

Arnav ok come he made her walk in front of  him protected her from his arms not let anyone touch her . they walk to  the table  he got two plates gave her one taken out dinner for her and himself. 

Khushi: thankyou

Arnav: my pleasure  hold her hand and walk back to the table."one drink and one soft drink" he said to the waiter

Khushi: eyes pop out she got him "you will drink"

Arnav: why?

Khushi: i am going 

Arnav: pull his chair next to her as one more couple came and sat on their table" kuch nahi hoga "

Khushi: just push the plate away

Guy: look at her "i think your spouse is angry too"

Arnav: yes she is indeed

Khushi: whisper in his ear what he said ?

Arnav: he said  from which village are you?

Khushi: showed him eyes " you brought me here to insult me "

Arnav: no tum kaha jo nahi rahi ho they are thinking you don't have taste for all this 

Khushi: pull her plate back and started eating 

Arnav : smiled ..there was loud music in the hall they could not hear each other do you want any thing asked in ear his breath touches her neck and his lips touch her ear both locked at each other.

Khushi: nahi but you dont drink.

Arnav: ok i will not .he was talking to waiter when a guy came close to khushi

Guy" would you like to dance with me " 

Khushi: just hold Arnav arm"i am with him:"

Arnav: look at her as she suddenly hold his arm.he placed his hand on her's 

Khushi: look at him 

Arnav: would you like to dance with me 

Khushi : aap 

Arnav: ha mein 

Khushi: but

Arnav: no if but today  he just hold her hand and help her to get up from the seat

they both walk to the other hall where the atmosphere was bit calm  

Khushi: hum ko to laga tha wahan per sub pagal ha

Arnav: smiled he hold her hand and pull her close with a jerk placed her hand on his shoulder and grip her from her waist .

Khushi: aap 

Arnav: shhh  placed his finger on her lips 

Khushijust look in his eyes he was looking at her as she is the only one present in the hall she was just moving with him as he was twisting andturning  her . suddenly the light went out and the spot light was only on them 

Khushi: yeh 

Arnav: you are looking so beautiful today that everyone want to look at you "whisper in her ear as she hide her self in his arms  he just made her do the steps with him "i cannot believe that you have never done this before"whisper in her ears as he turn her back next to him just kissed on her shoulder  brushes his cheek with her's.turn her back to him and look in her eyes she was in surprise .

music finished everyone clapped ... 

Arnav: just rested his forehead with hers took a deep breath to calm hims self" next year you will beat me"

Khushi: look at him in surprise he smile at her

there was an announcement " all the couples please come on the roof as it is about to be 12 "

Arnav: hold her hand and they both walk to the the reached the top a chilling breeze made her shiver she just warp her arms around her ,he just warp his arms over  her  rested his chin on her shoulder "are you feeling cold now " brushes his cheeks with hers 

Khushi: no she just feel weak in her legs .she hold his both arms tight 

Arnav: see the stars ask her to look at the sky .."are they happy?"

Khushi: hmmm

Announcement" 1mins left "

Arnav free his hand onehand from her's remove her hairs whisper in her ear" look around everyone is making a new year resolution , they will do this or they will do that  i will just say one thing . i promise i will not let a tear come in your eyes ,i will protect you like this not let a breeze touch you. " hold her more tight in his arms he suddenly turn her around to him by placed his hand on her neck"will you allow me ?"whisper in her ears stare in her eyes 

Khushi: was surprise her eyes has tears 

5 .

Arnav: bolo


khushi : look at him 


Arnav: bolo khushi


Khushi: just closed her eyes wrap her arm around his neck and placed one on his heart to feel him 


Arnav:kissed her trembling lips pull her more close from her waist 

there was fire crackers , and noice all around . but the were in their world exploring each other,they broke as they were out of breath.

Arnav: Happy new year 

Khushi;shyly look down rested her head on his heart 

Arnav: turn her around whisper in her ear you have given my gift let me give your yours" remover her hairs aside. and her stole taken out necklace form his pocket and placed it around her neck. closed it softly kissed her neck 

Arnav: you were right i dont need wine as you are enough to make me crazy . turn her around look at her . once again kissed her .

Khushi just felt she was dreaming

Arnav: cell rang he let her go embrace her tight in his arms once again "ha DI bolo what you both want?"

Anjali: that you have in your arms  as she could sense he is happy 

Arnav:oh sorry she is only mine i cannot share her with anyone brushes he cheeks with her.she was smiling at him

Anjali and Payal had a laughter .. 

Arnav: cut the call both look at the sky "see now they are glittering more " 

Khushi "they are happy to see us together "

Arnav " love your daughter like anything in this world"look up and said 

kissed her again just to tell her how much he love her

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Originally posted by sayvr

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StarStarStarStarStarStarStarloved it..yar it was really awsome.loved it from start to end.loved how arnie being arnie dealt with he fooled his sis and sis in law to be with khushi.
loved how picked her up and made her sit in car after revelation,..loved the care he showed for khushi.
loved the dance ..really good.
and then the most sensous scene comes.his resolution.loved lovely it is..and the end..loved it really so muchStarStarStarStarStarStarStar

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Awesome work!!! Too good; loved it.

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awesome !
beautiful OS :)
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so cute and beautiful 

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AWWW...Such a CUTE OS Clap

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awesome work liked it a lot

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