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Dear Prady,


Lots Of Love,

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Wish u a very happy birthday Prady.

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Daya and Abhijit in railway station in search for a criminal. Suddenly Daya got hit by another passenger. Daya was holding a suitcase with some documents. And the other man was also having the same model suit case. Accidently the two suit cases got intercahnged. When duo comes back, Daya realizes the mistake and searches for the other man.


The other man opens the suit case in his room in hotel and become panic and   he commit suicide.


CID came to know this and Daya checks the suit case with him.


What was in the suit case ? why the man committed suicide ?

was that a murder ? then who killed him ? 

What was the mystery behind that unknown man ?



Quillas stopped with Jerk outside the Railway Station, Duo stepped outside, moved to sum place, too much Crowded, at Inquiry Counter, they Got a Big Suitcase, checked it after Opening n Closing it, Daya clutched it, after all formalities, both moving ahead, in Walking

Abhijeet: Daya tujhay bhi na fazul kay kaam apnay sar lenay ki aadat par gayii hay, kya zarurat thi!

Daya: boss, choro na, mujhy kya malum tha kay wo Serious ho jayey ga.

Abhijeet: malum hay na hum yahan Pinto ki talash mein aayey hain!

Daya: haan yaar!

Suddenly Abhijeet watching Someone and with Signaling towards there, running with saying.

Abhijeet: Daya wo dekh Pinto, aaj isay nikalnay nahi dena hay, tu Left say ja main Right say isay gherta hun.

Duo moved in Opposite Directions, Daya had a Problem to run with keep an eye on him with that Suitecase, in that Process, he tried to make space and in that procedure he hit with someone, and in that incident, lots more things landed on his feet, he balanced himself, saw a Man and a Porter with so many Baggage in his Shoulder and Head, which landed on Daya feet, Daya dunt want to miss Pinto so in Hurry, he say Sorry, grabbed the Suitcase and runaway, whereas the Rest still shared their Rash only with air now. Duo met after sum time in anger.

Abhijeet: Nikal gaya!

Daya: haan, najany Bheer mein kahan chup gaya hay,

Abhijeet calling sumone and after cutting the call, say to Daya.

Abhijeet: khair jayey ga kahan, apnay thikanay ki taraf he dauray ga, main any Vivek aur Sachin ko wahan pohanchnay ka keh diya hay, chalo!

Daya: haan is Suitcase nay Pareshan ker diya hay.

Both moved to Bearue after that Bad incident in which the Culprit was not nabbed by them.

The Suitcase now is a Big Headache for them, basically Yesterday Night Freddie called Daya and requested him to Pick a Suitcase from the Railway station Lost and Found department, which was missed by him in his Recent Journey from Delhi to Mumbai, the Suitcase had sum Documents which was very Important in a Case and still Acp did not know that mishap, he begged Daya to grab it without knowing to Acp Sir either he will have a Big Scold or may be any Punishment from him, he was not able to go there because ACP Sir called him at 7 O clock for sum work and Department was Not open at that Time, and if he asked for a Leave, Acp Sir did not accept it coz Previous week he spent all his Official Leaves. Daya Promised him and his Promise really created a Big Trouble, Abhijeet did not say anything but his Irritation showed from his every moment, while Daya also felt Anger upon Himself that jus because of this Stupid Suitcase he Lost the Culprit which was almost in his hands.

Here at Bearue, Duo entered and feeling much Fresh after seeing Pinto at Confession Chair, Sachin and Freddie Interrogated with him, so they are Happy now, Freddie after seeing Daya glance, come out from Interrogation room and after taking the Suitcase from his hand, feeling Relaxed, Duo moved inside the Interrogation room, here Freddie placed that Suitcase on his Table after cleared sum space and trying to open it, after 2/3 attempts, he felt Scare, he called Daya in Tension.

Freddie: Daya Sir, ye tou Khul he nahi raha?

Daya (out from the room): kya keh rahay ho Freddie, saheh Code lagaya hay na!

Freddie: jee Sir, 464 hee lagaya hay, per ye tou khul he nahi raha, aap khud dekh lo.

Now Abhijeet also came outside, Duo moved forward, Daya tried the Code but Failed, Duo seeing in each one eyes and Abhijeet said.

Abhijeet: Daya wahan tou ye isi Code say khul gaya tha!

Freddie (in cry): ab tou Acp Sir mujahy zarur Daantein gay aur shayed CID say nikaal bhi dein!

Abhijeet (again): kahein badal tou nahi gaya (ask Daya) kahein Takrayey thay tum kisi say wahan?

Daya (after a Sec): haan Boss, ek Aadmi tha aur us kay sath Qulli bhi, dono say he takraya tha.

He saw Freddie who was still in Crying process, feel much Embarrassing so say in Shame tone.

Daya: Freddie, I m Sorry, main abhi Railway Station ja ker dekhta hun, tum Ro nahi, Suitcase mil jayey ga, main khud Acp Sir say baat karun ga Freddie, plz Chup ho jao.

Abhijeet (to Freddie): Freddie chup ho jao (to Daya) chalo Daya!

After Duo exit with Suitcase, Freddie Mimic Abhijeet with Anger.

Freddie (mimic): Freddie chup ho jao, bus keh diya, kiya Abhijeet Sir ko pata nahi kay Acp Sahab kitnay sakht hain.

Vivek: Sir mil jayey ga Suitcase! aap Pareshan na hun.

Freddie: Vivek tu Acp sahab ko achi tarah jaanta hota na, tou aisa nahi kehta.

He moved outside after wiping his Tears, Duo at Quillas, Abhijeet asked.

Abhijeet: Shakel yaad hay?

Daya: haan boss, jabhi tou turant aanay ka soch liya!

Both reached, they searched that Qulli and after an Hectic Hour, found it, Daya instantly grabbed him and asked.

Daya: wo jo Aadmi tha, jo tumharay sath khara tha, abhi kuch der pehlay, jis kay pass aisa (showing that Suitcase) Suitcase tha? wo kahan gaya, kuch jaantay ho?

Qulli: sahib humein kiya malum! gaya ho ga kahein!

Daya: dekho, thora yaad karo, bilkul aisa he Suitcase tha us kay pass aur Color bhi yehi tha. kuch yaad aaya.

Qulli: nahi sahib.

Abhijeet take out his valet, jus check sum Big Notes, Qulli eyes Brightened and showed his interest.

Qulli: acha wo sahab, jis kay pass ek Hand Bag bhi tha, Seeshun wala, meri Biwi ko bhi bilkul aisa he chahyey. wo tou Qeemut bhi ker aayii, per itnay paisay!

Abhijeet (interrupts): kahan chora tha usay?

Qulli: Station kay bahar, us nay Hotel Bluemoon kay liyey Taxi magwai thi.

Daya: pehchan lo gay usay?

Qulli (still focus on Abhijeet Valet): haan Sahab.

Duo: chalo!

 Both took him to Hotel Bluemoon, they asked to Helpdesk about the Booked Rooms Details and felt Happy to hear that only 6 Rooms are Booked. which were on First floor, they check Room after Knocking, searching the Place and after Qulli Head movement, moved to the Next door, at Room # 106, after so many Knock, nobody opened the Door, Abhijeet asked Manager to bring a Master key and after Opening the Room, they saw a Shocking scene, the Guy stabbed a Fruit Knife on his tummy, Blood dispersed everywhere, the Suitcase was Opened and the Papers were displaced here and there, Manager and Staff with that Qulli Screamed with Scare.

Abhijeet (to Manager): aap Ceekh rayhay hain, Ceekhna tou Hum ko chayey, kiya hay ye sub?

Manger: Sir mujahy kiya malum!

Daya was checking the body, found only a Rajdhani Ticket, nothing else, Abhijeet called the Team instantly while Daya Organised the Documents and closed the Suitcase. here Abhijeet say to Qulli.

Abhijeet (to Qulli): daro nahi, tum nay CID ki madad ki hay, ab tum jao!

Before he moved out completely, Abhijeet call him back, take out a 500 rs Note and say to Qulli.

Abhijeet: apni Biwi ko wo Hand Bag dilwa dena.

After his exit, he asked Daya in Tension.

Abhijeet: haan Daya!

Daya: boss, lagta tou hay Khudkashi ki hay, per Salunkahy Sir he saheh batyein gay.

Abhijeet: haan, magar Daya kiya Suitcase kay Documents dekh ker is nay Khudkashi ker li!

Daya: kiya kahun Boss, is ka wala Suitcase dekhtay hain!

Duo checked the Wrong Suitcase, they Broke the lock and when it opened, found Huge amount of Money and a Cell Phone.

Daya: itnay saaray Paisay aur ye cell Phone kaun Suitcase mein rakhta hay?

Abhijeet: Train say aaya tha, shayed Jaib Katrun say bachnay kay liyey! per itnay Paisay, ginna zara Daya?

Daya (check the Set): per boss itna Mehanga Set hay tou nahi, arry ye kiya! is mein tou SIM he nahi hay!

Abhijeet: ain!

Meanwhile Team joint them. Daya calculated the Money and after much time told Abhijeet as.

Daya: boss pooray 30 Lakh hain!

Abhijeet: 30 Lakh ki Raqam lay ker Banda Train say aaya hay wo bhi 2nd Class kay dabbay mein (to vivek n Kajal) Body ko Forensic bhejwao, aur saaray Evidances utha lo (to Freddie) Freddie apnay walay Suitcase kay saaray Documents check karo, dekho koi Misplace tou nahi hua hay (to Sachin) Railway Station ja ker pata karo kay ye Aadmi aa kaha say raha tha?

Whereas Duo moved downstairs, checked the Person Detail whose name was Ashatosh with his  Address.

Abhijeet (to helpdesk): is Aadmi nay Room kesay Book karwaya tha? aur kahan say?

Helpdesk: Sir Phone per Booking karwaii gayii thi aur jis number say Phone aay tha, wo tha 023156432, aur Payment Online Transaction say Hotel kay Account mein hui thi. ye hay us ki detail!

Duo discussed after that Information as.

Abhijeet: Daya ye Number tou Pune ka hay! Code tou wahein ka hay? main pata karta hun!

He dialed and after cutting the call in few minutes, said.

Abhijeet: haan ye Number Pune kay kisi PCO ka hay!

Daya: IMEI number say is kay Mobile Set ki Information nikaltay hain kay kis jagah say ye beecha gaya tha!

Abhijeet: haan Theek hay! magar Daya ek baat note ki, Cell Number is nay Nahi likhwaya magar Cell is kay pass hay aur ye Mumbai!!! khair Address is nay Mumbai ka he likhwaya hay, aur ye Area jahan tak main jaanta hun, by hud Low Locality ka Areas hay, zyada tar Chawls mein log rehtay hain tou is Aadmi ka itnay Baray Hotel mein Rukna (Daya added) jahan ka Per day Rent he 3500 hay, aur wo bhi 30 Lakh ki Raqam kay sath, kuch saheh nahi lug raha boss!

Abhijeet: Tum pata karo, is kay Mobile Set aur is kay Bank Detail ka, main Freddie kay sath Is Area per jata hun.

Daya: theek hay, phir Forensic Lab mein miltay hain.

Abhijeet: ok.

Daya moved in Quillas, whereas Abhijeet moved Upstairs again to take Freddie after giving that Suitcase to Vivek to saftely take it to Beaure without Acp noticing. All moved in their working directions.

Sachin at Railway Station, take the Information about that Passenger by using the Ticket and his Photo as well from Enquiry.

Sachin: dekhyey main CID say hun (showed his Batch), aap ye Ticket dekhyey aur batayey, ye Ticket kis Station say liya gaya hay?

Enquiry: Sir ye Ticket Pune say liya gaya hay, ye Pune to Mumbai ka Ticket hay, kal Raat ki Train ka hay.

Sachin (after showing the Pic of Ashatosh): kya isi Aadmi nay Ticket liya tha?

Enquiry (with Scare): isay kiya hua?

Sachin: ye Mar gaya hay, aap batayey!

Enquiry: Sir Ticket tou Pune say liya hay, humein kiya pata!

Sachin moved out after that and after giving this Information to Abhijeet, moved towards Bearue.

Daya moved to Mobile Market, at Helpdesk he introduced himself and after that he showed that Mobile Set and after Examine of its IMEI number, the Helpdesk gave the Information as.

Helpdesk: Sir ye Set Pune kay Area Rok Road per kisi Shop say becha gaya hoga, kyunkay is IMEI Numbers kay Set ka Consignment Pune bheja gaya tha.

Daya: acha aur hum ko is Shop ki Detail kesay milay gi?

Helpdesk: Sir aap is Number 023127865 per Call kijyey ga, ye IMEI Number batayey ga tou wo log aap ko is Shop ki Deatil day dein gay.

Daya:thank You.

He moved to his next Destination which was a Bank, Quick Bank, he presented to Manager and after Introduction, asked Manager after giving him the Detail which he got from Hotel Bluemoon Helpdesk.

Manager: Sir, ye Transaction Online hui hay, matalb is Account jis kay through ye Hotel Bluemoon kay Account mein Transfer hui hay.

Daya (Confuse): matlab ye Paisay bhi kisi Account kay through is Account tak aayein hain!

Manager: jee haan, aap rukyey, main aap ko Online Transaction ki bhi Detail deta hun.

Daya: wesay ye Account kis ka hay?

Manager: ye Account kisi mr Ashatosh ka hay.

Daya take a Deep breath, after few moments, the Manager gave him the Detail which is also Shocking for him.

Manager: Sir ye rahi us Dusray Account ki Detail, jis say is Bank mein Mr Ashatosh kay Account tak Transaction hui thi.

Daya: aur is ki Detail?

Manager: Sir ye Joint Account hay kisi Ms Pinky aur Mr Bunty ka maagr ye Transaction Bearer Check kay through hui hay, tou ye isi Branch say aap ko pata chalay gi, wesay ye Check humari Pune Branch ka Check hay.

Daya (murmer): yani Pune jaany ki tayyari karni hay!

He Thanked Manager and moved to Forensic Lab.

Here Abhijeet moved to that given Address with Freddie, both talked People about that Address and after that knocked at the door, the Guy came in and asked.

Guy: haan kiya hay?

Abhijeet: CID!

Guy (Scare): kya! kiya hua Sir?

 Freddie (showed Ashatosh Pic): dekha hy isay? jaantay ho?

Guy (scream): Bunti! (after a sec)mera matlab Ashatosh! kahan hay ye?

Abhijeet: Ooper! (entering inside) ye batao tumhara Naam kiya hay? aur ye Ashatosh kaun hay?

Guy: Sir mera Naam Sameer hay, aur Ashatosh mera Colleague tha.

Abhijeet: Colleague! acha chalo tum humaray sath chalo!

They took Sameer with them, Duo met at Forensic Lab, exchanged their Information with each other, whereas Abhijeet dropped Freddie to Bearue with Sameer earlier.

At Forensic Lab, Salunkhy, Tareeka, Acp Sir, Kajal and Vivek already present.

Salunkhy (saw Duo): haan bhea, bus tum logun ka he Intaizar tha! acha ye Aadmi Ashatosh nay Khudkashi he ki hay. Churi per is kay he Ungliyun kay Nishan hain aur jis tarah Zakhm ka Angle hay, us nay kafi Zor say khud ko Maara hay.

Abhijeet: magar Sir, koi Scuidal Note tou mila nahi!

Salunkhy: ab boss, ye tou malum nahi, magar haan ye Confirm hay kay ye hay Khudkashi!

Daya: magar Salunkhy Sir, ye bhi tou dekhyein, kitni aajeeb sii baat hay, ye aadmi Kal Raat Pune say Train mein carha, wo bhi 30 Lakh Rupay kay sath, us nay Hotel mein Room pehlay he Book karwaya hua tha, matlab Khudkashi us kay Plan mein shamil nahi thi (Abhijeet added) haan warna wo ye sub kyun karta!

Tareeka: ho sakta hay, us nay koi aisi cheez dekh li ho, jis say wo Dar gaya ho!

Duo exchanged glances, had some Doubts in their minds abt that Suitcase but because of Acp Sir both did not discuss it.

Acp: ho sakta hay, magar! khair (to Duo) tum dono Pune jaany ki tayyari karo.

Duo: yes Sir.

All moved outside from where they moved to Bearue, here Interrogate Sameer.

Acp: haan Sameer, kub say jaantay ho tum Ashatosh ko?

Sameer: Sir, barsun say, hum nay Pune kay Aik he School aur College mein parha, phir Engineering mein Diploma liya aur Sir Sriraam Constructions mein Kaam per lug gayey, magar phir kuch maheenun baad mujahy Mumbai ki ek Bari Company say Offer aayii tou main yahan chala aaya, socha kuch Paisay jor ker apni Construction Company kholun ga, is liyey Chawl mein rehta hun kay zyada say zyada Paisay Safe ker sakun. magar parsun achanak  Ashatosh ka Phone aaya kay wo aaj subah Rajdhani Express say Mumbai pohanch raha hay, Company kay kisi kaam say, tou thehray ga tou wo Hotel mein, magar mujh say milnay zarur aayeyga, tou mera Address us nay liya tha.

Daya: us ka Cell Number kiya hay?

Sameer: Sir us ka Naya Number meray pass nahi, aur Purana us nay Use karna chor diya.

Abhijeet: tou us nay tum ko Phone kahan say kiya tha?

Sameer: PCO say, us nay khud mujhay bataya jub main nay us ka Number safe karna chaha tha!

Acp: acha theek hay, dekho tumharay dost Ashatosh nay Khudkashi ker li hay!

Sameer (in Shock): kiya! kesay!

Abhijeet: ab ye tou malum nahi, khair us ka Pune ka Address do.

Sameer: Sir wo Kirayey ka Ghar tou us nay 6 maheenay pehlay he chor diya (in weeping) darasal Shadi kay baad wo apni Wife kay Ghar rehta tha!

Freddie (Shocked): Shadi?!

Sameer: jee Sir, us nay abhi Do maheenay pehlay kisi Pinky naam ki Larki say Shadi ki thi, main ja nahi paaya tha us ki Shadi mein kyunkay main ek Project kay liyey Thailand gaya hua tha, Company ki taraf say, magar us nay apni Shadi ki Pictures mujhay bheji theen.

Acp: kahan hain wo Pictures! tumharay Ghar per?

Sameer: nahi meray FB kay Account per!

Duo take a Deep Breath and Acp signaling Vivek to sit him against PC, he opened his Account, Team saved sum Pictures and Duo preparing to leave Mumbai after Sameer exit. they reached Pune, first they checked that Mobile Shop by Calling at that number who gave the Copy of ID of Ashatosh to Duo in which his Address was given. they moved there, knocked the door, an Old Lady came out and now.

Abhijeet: wo Maam kiya Ashatosh yahein rehta hay?

Lady: rehta tha, 2 maheenay pehlay wo yahan say chala gaya.

Daya: kuch bata sakti hain kay kahan gaya?

Lady: meray ko kya malum, per sahib suna hay kay Bara Aadmi ban gaya hay, Gadi mein bethta hay, wesay aap log kaun ho?

Abhijeet (Whispering to Daya): jaldi khayal aa gaya (Daya smile, he added to Lady) hum us kay Dost hain?

Lady: tou Office jana tha na!

Abhijeet (Irritate): wahein ja rahay thay hain, wesay kis Area mein hay us ka Office!

Lady: wo jo Bara sa Darwaza hay na Suraj bana hua, yahan say Do Gali chor ker, wahan! (Suspecious tone) tum log Dost he hona us kay!

Daya: haan wo meri Shadi hay na tou Invite karna tha, hum log Dusray shehr say hain.

Lady: acha acha…

Both moved, Abhijeet asked in Straight tone.

Abhijeet: tou kub ker rahay ho?

Daya (shock tone): kiya boss!

Abhijeet (wid smile): Shadi, suna hay Maray huay Logun ko bhi Invite karnay ka irada hay.

Daya (shyly smile): kiya boss, tum bhi! wo tou kuch samjh nahi aaya tou keh diya.

Abhijeet smiles and both moved to search that Suraj Gate after Two Lanes of area, they found that so entered. met with Receptionist, asked Queries.

Abhijeet: Maam ye Ashatosh kis Position per kaam kartay hain?

Receptionist: Ashatosh!

Daya showed the Picture and Receptionist stand from her Seat in Scare.

Receptionist: ye kiya! ye tou Rajni Construction kay Supervisor hain?

Abhijeet: Rajni Construction!

Receptionist: wo haan Sir Sriraam Singh ki Beti Rajni Maam ki Contruction Company hay!

Daya: ye Sir Sriraam Singh kahan milein gay?

Receptionist: apnay Villa mein.

Duo gets the Address and moved to Sir Sriraam Singh Villa, situated in a whole land, they entered after Introduction and now with Sir Sriraam Singh.

Sir Sriraam Singh: main samjh nahi pa raha kay aakhir CID Mumbai ko yahan aanay ki zarurat kyun pari?

Abhijjet (showed Picture): kiya aap is Aadmi ko jaantay hain?

Sir Sriraam Singh: haan ye Ashatosh hay, meri Factory Rajni Construction ka Supervisor.

Daya: aur ab ye kahan hay?

Sir Sriraam Singh: mujahy kiya malum, us Hadsay kay baad tou maujhy apni Khaber nahi hay, aurun ki kya rakkhun! kya ye kisi Case mein involve hay, dekhyey Officer, hay tou acha ur Emaandaar aadmi, magar kub Niyyat badal jayey, kisay kiya khaber!

Abhijeet: nahi is nay Mumbai kay ek Hotel kay Room mein Khudkashi ker li hay!

Sir Sriraam Singh: kiya! per kyun!

Daya: kiya aap logun nay isay Company kay kisi kaam say Mumbai bheja tha, Parsun!

Sir Sriraam Singh: Officer kya baat ker rahay hain aap? pichly 15 din say Rajni Construction Band hay!

Abhijeet (Inquire tone): kyun?

Sir Sriraam Singh (in Cry): kyunkay meri Beti Rajni jis ki ye Company hay wo ek Haadsay ka shikaar ho ker Mar gayii.

Abhijeet: OMG! Maaf kijyey ga, humein malum nahi tha!

Sir Sriraam Singh: nahi theek hay, magar Ashatosh Company kay kisi kaam say Mumbai nahi gaya tha, agar us ka koi Personal Matter ho tou main bata nahi sakta!

Daya: acha kiya aap ki Beti  ka koi Accident hua tha?

Sir Sriraam Singh: haan achanak us ki Wheel Chair ka ek Wheel nikal gaya tha aur wo Pahar say neechay Gir gayii.

Abhijeet: kiya wo Beemaar theen! jo wheel Chair per then!

Sir Sriraam Singh: nahi Officer, aaj say 6 maheenay pehlay ek Car Crash mein us ka Nichla hissa kharab ho gaya tha aur wo Wheel Chair per aa gayii thi, us kay Fiance nay us ki aisi halat per Mangni bhi Tour di, phir kuch 3 maheenay pehlay us nay mujh say kaha kay usay ek Nayii Company khool di jayey, jahan wo Construction ka Business karay gi. ye us Hadsay kay baad us ki pehli Demand thi, main nay foran Company khulwa di aur wahan kay saaray Staff ko us nay khud Select kiya tha, Ashatosh bhi un mein tha!

Abhijeet (again): tou kiya Hadsay walay roz un kay sath koi nahi tha? matlab koi Care Taker etc!

Sir Sriraam Singh: nahi us ka kehna tha kay wo Theek hay tou Care Taker ko bahany say bhejwa diya, basically Officer us nay apnay Care Taker say Jhoot bol ker usay wahan say bhaga diya, wo buht Gussa hoti thi Care Taker say, kyunaky wo Aaam logun ki tarah rehna chahti thi.

Daya: kiya aap humein wo Jagah dikhayein gay jahan say wo Girein theen?  

Sir Sriraam Singh called his Servent and Rajni Care Taker both and told them to take Duo to that Area, suddenly a Man came in and after seeing him, Sir Sriraam Singh excused Duo, so they moved out, on Returning back they only heard a Shocking Scream of Sir Sriraam Singh. They checked the area after talking to Care Taker who just said that she is looking Much relaxed and happy after Opening of that Rajni Construction and spent more time there. he also said.

Care Taker: Sir mujahy tou koi Pyaar wyaar ka chakker bhi lagta tha, Madam her waqt Mobile per kisi say chupkay chupkay baatein karti thi, magar ye mera Shak hay, shayed aisa na ho.

Abhijeet: kiya Wheel Chair kay Wheel mein koi Kharabi thi?

Care Taker: bilkul nahi, magar najany kiya hua?

Daya: tou tum nay dubara is taraf aany ka nahi socha?

Care Taker: Sir mujahy tou kaha tha kay Baray Sahab apnay Pent House mein mujahy bula rahay hain, aur Pent House yahan say Km per hay.

They left the place after checking it in Detail and asked the last query.

Abhijeet: kis Police Station mein Case File hay?

Care Taker: Case, Police Station! kya baat ker rahay hain aap. ye tou Haadsaa tha na.

Abhijeet really controlled his anger after so much effort, after that they moved to Quick Bank Pune Branch from where the Actual Transaction done to Mumbai Branch, they saw that man which they had seen with Sir Sriraam Singh at Afternoon at the Room of Manager, Duo entered, introduced themselves and asked.

Abhijeet: Aap yahan! aur ye Sir Sriraam Singh aap ko dekh ker Ceekhay kyun thay!

Man: wo mujhy nahi meri Baat ko sun ker ceekhay thay, Officer mera Naam Palvesh hay aur main yahan ka Manager hun, Bethyey aap log!

Daya (after settled down): aisi kya baat keh di aap nay un say!

Manager: baat tou Sir buhat Bari hay, darsal main kal raat hee Bankok say wapus aaya hun, wahan Meray Bhai ki death ho gayii thi achanak, main aaj subah yahan aaya tou maujhy pata chala kay Sir Sriraam Singh ki Beti yani Rajni ek Haadsay ka Shikaar ho ker Mar gayii hay, main Shocked reh gaya.

Abhijeet: kyun!

Manager: kyunkay 15 din pehlay unhun nay yahan say matlab apnay Account say 1 Crore rupaya Transact karwayein hain.

Duo (scream): 1 crore!

Manager: haan Sir, darsal itni Raqam ka Intaizaam Head Offiice kay through he hota hay, tou main nay Transaction karwani shroo ker di, magar Instalments mein, kyunkay itni Raqam ko Arrange karna Mushkil tha aur humara Head Office tou Mumbai mein hay, phir achanak mujahy apnay Bhai ki Maut ki khaber mili, ye itna Bara Jhatka tha kay main sub kuch chor ker Bankok chala gaya aur jaatay huay Transaction rukwanay ka keh gaya!

Daya: tou aap Sir Sriraam Singh kay pass kyun gayey thay?

Manager: ek tou un ki Beti ki Condolence karnay aur dusra ye batanay kay Rajni kay Account say 1 Crore ki jo Raqam Withdrawl karwai thi, wo tou Aadhi he ja payii, tou ab baaqi Raqam Tranfer karein ya nahi, kyunkay Transaction beech mein ruk gayii thi tou Assurance Letter ki Zarurat hoti hay, ye Bank ka Rule hay, is liyey! khas ker jub Account Holder he na raha ho dunya mein, magar unhun nay tou Naya Qissa shroo ker diay kay Rajni kyun itnay paisay Transact karwayey gi!

Abhijeet: kiya aap bata saktay hain kay kis Account mein wo Raqam Transfer hui thi?

Manager (after few minutes): Account Number 178956, ye kisi Bunti kay naam hay, aur Sir ye Current Account hay.

Abhijeet (Shock): Bunti!

He showed Ashatosh Picture to Manager, after few minutes, Manager said.

Manager: in ki Footage tou hogi he, magar Sir ye Aadmi wo nahi tha, jo Rajni kay sath aaya tha!

Daya: ok aap wo Footage humein dein dein, aur haan kitni Raqam Tansfer hui thi Account mei?

Manager: kum az kum 40 Lakh ki Raqam Transfer ho gayii thi, jin mein say 30 Lakh ki Raqam nikali ja chuki hay, aur baaqi 30, 000 rupay ki Raqam Transact hui hay Online Transaction kay through humari bank kay Mumbai kay Branch mein.

Abhijeet: acha wo saari Footage aap humein dein dein aur is Account ko Seal bhi ker dein aur haan is ki Start say lay ker Last Transaction tak Saari Details with Complete Documentations bhi humein chahyey.

Manager: Sir us kay liyey tou thora Time lagay ga magar Footage main aap ko abhi day deta hun.

They stood and moved to their Vehicle with the Footage, Duo checked the Footage and after seeing the People in the Frame of Footage totally Shock, they saw in each one eyes and Abhijeet instantly called Sir Sriraam Singh to come to Mumbai Next Morning at CID Bearue, while he called Next to Cool Bank Manager to bring all the Documentation and come to Cid Mumbai Next Morning, they instantly leave Pune and moved to Mumbai, On Quillas, he replied on Daya Query about those people Visiting to CID Bearue.

Abhijeet (replied): Daya Case Sheeshay ki tarah Saaf hay, bus tum Intaizaar karo kal ka aur haan Mujrim tou samjho nikal he gaya!

At Next Morning in CID Bearue, the whole Team with Sir Sriraam Singh and Mr.Palvesh the Quick Bank Manager, and Sameer who was also called by Daya to be present there, Duo lightened the Case after introduced both Two with the Team.

Abhijeet: Sir ye Ashatosh buhat bara Khilari nikla!

Acp: kesay!

Duo showed that Bank Footage on Projector and Pause at a Frame, Daya initiated.

Sir Sriraam Singh: arry ye tou meri Beti Rajni hay.

Sameer: magar ye tou Pinky hay!

Abhijeet (with smile): haan ye Rajni urf Pinky hay, jesay ye Aadmi (Daya Paused the Next Frame from Footage)(Daya added) Ashatosh urf Bunti hay!

Daya: Ashatosh nay Bari achi Planning ki, jub Sir Sriraam Contructions mein Sameer aur Khud us ki Job lagi tou Sameer bechara tou Kaam mein lug gaya aur Ashatosh kisi aur kaam mein (Abhijeet continued) us ko jald Bara banna tha, us nay Sir Sriraam kay baaray mein Information jama karna shroo ki, tou usay pata chala kay Sir Sriraam ki saari Jaidaad ki Waris un ki Beti Rajni hay (Daya added) qismut us per meharbaan ho gayii aur ek Car Crash mein Rajni Apahaj ho gayii, us kay Mangetar nay us say Mangni bhi tour di (Abhijeet started) Ashatosh nay Rajni say Milna Julna shroo kiya, apnay Pyaar kay Jaal mein phaansa usay, magar wo us say Bunti kay Naam say milta tha, chotay motay Heer Phair tou Sir Sriraam Singh ki Company kay Accounts mein wo karta rehta tha, kyunkay Supervisor honay ki wajah say wo Bearer Check Issue ker sakta tha. us kay baad usi kay uksanay per Rajni nay apnay Father say ek Nai Company kholnay ki baat ki, magar is say pehlay Ashatosh ko Sameer ko Hatana tha kyunkay Sameer wo wahid Aadmi tha jo usay Bunti kay Naam say jaanta tha kyunkay wo us ka Bachpan ka Dost tha, Do maheenay pehlay us nay Sameer ki Mumbai mein Job ka intaizaam ker diya (Daya added) ab usay khul ker khelnay ka mauqa mil gaya, us nay phir Pinky aur Bunti ka Joint Account khulwaya, magar Bank wo Hulya badal ker jata tha kyunkay usay Camera ka pata tha, magar wo buhat zyada Change la nahi paaya, Aankhun ki Banawat, Hath ki Angothi, aur apnay Kaan ki Chout, us kay Left Kaan per Chout ka nishan hay, khair achanak he usay pata chala kay Sir Sriraam Rajni Construction kay Accounts dekhna chahtay hain (Abhijeet included) bus yahan say us ki Planning Jaldbaazi ka shikaar ho gayii, usay laga aisa na ho kay baat khul jayey, is liyey us nay Rajni ko kisi tarah bhi behla liya kay us kay Account mein Transaction karwa day kyunkay usay Shadi kay liyey Paisun ki Zarurat hay.

Sameer (interupts): magar Sir wo Shadi ker chukka tha!

Abhijeet (with Smile): ye tum kesay keh saktay ho! kiya un Pic mein kahein per bhi tumhein un dono kay ilawa koi nazar aaya tha!

Sameer: nahi!

Daya: phir, wo bus aisay he us nay Photo Trick say Outlook daali thi, bus! magar haan ye baat Raaz reh gayii kay us nay aakhir aisa kiya kyun tha, kyunkay isi say wo pakra bhi gaya, agar tumharay pass Pinky ki koi Picture nahi hoti tou hum abhi tak Rajni mein he phansay hotay!

Abhijeet: us kay baad Qismut ki kharabi kay Bank Manager kay Bhai ki achanak Death ho gayii, wo Bankok chalay gayey, Transaction ka kaam ruk gaya, najany usay kiya khauf hua kay us nay socha kahein Rajni kuch ugal na day, jitna mil raha hay, samait lo, bus isi idea per, us nay Rajni ko wahan Pahar per milnay bulaya aur Wheel Chair ko Dhakka day diya aur apnay Pune kay Account say 40 Lakh ki Raqam jo us waqt tak Transact ho chuki thi, us nay 30 Lakh rupay Nikaal liye (Daya continued) aur 30, 000 rupay apnay Mumbai walay account mein Online Transact ker liyey! wo shayed yahan Mumbai aa ker sub kuch Khatam karna chata tha, Nai Identity banwa leta aur phir Bunti ban jata aur Ashatosh ka Chapter Close ho jata.

Acp: magar us ki Khudkashi raaz he reh gayii!

Abhijeet: pata nahi Sir, ab us kay dimagh mein kya chal raha tha.

All after that moved out with Empty hands, here Duo discussed when Returning back to Home.

Daya: boss samajh nahi aayi kay usay aakhir us Suitcase mein aisa kiya dikha?

Abhijeet (wid smile): tu nay Ducuments dekhein hain?

Daya: nahi boss, kyun! koi Khas baat!

Abhijeet: darsal us Suitcase mein Quick Bank kay Papers thay aur wo Papers Rajni kay he thay!

Daya (Confuse): matlab! kiya Acp Sir pehlay say kuch jaantay thay! tou phir unhun nay kaha kyun nahi!

Abhijeet: aby sun tou lay, wo Rajni Garments kay Papers thay, us nay jub Suitcase khola hoga na tou Quick Bank ki File aur Rajni parh ker he itni badhawasi ka shikaar ho gaya tha kay us ki nazar Garments per pari he nahi! (after few sec) wesay acha hay, mera koi Account nahi hay Quick Bank mein, warna!

Daya: warna!

Abhijeet (wid Laugh): warna Tu tou usay kub ka Khali ker deta, Shadi jo karnay wala tha, 15 saalun ka Record channa parta, kitni saari jaghun per jana parta, arry Switzerland bhi (Daya saw in Questioning) Maaray huay Logun ko Invite karnay ka jo Irada tha Janab ka!

He Laudly Laugh whereas Daya smile with Shy. Quillas moved in Air.










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gadhadada IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by Soonaali

Now here comes a special guest with special gift for u

Special GIFT
Hope ab office tum time pe aaogi

kiya BHAI itna MEHNGA GIFT!!!AngryAngryAngry

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aadri- Goldie

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Wish u a very very happy birthday ...enjoy...Party

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Happy birthday to you di Party

@Soonaali di - Daya sir's picture is just awesome.

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