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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
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-----------------                                                  I was walking back to home after another tough day in the collage. I always wonder why these collages should work even on Saturdays. I again saw him in the corner of my street . I know who he was waiting for and I also know that she will be late today due to spl class I thought of informing him that but ignored the thought. I know my tongue will get tied once when I go near him after all he is Maan Singh Khuranna , the hottest dude in collage and apparantely my childhood friend sameera's boy friend. Myself and sameera live in the same appartment and I would see him everyday waiting for her after school hours . I had never talked to him I even wonder if he knew that I study in his class . forget it why shd I bother abt him I have more things in my life to worry about for instance chemistry uff' The mere word caused a small attack in my heart.

                                                 Later that evening I caught up with sam. We know eachother from childhood as we are neighbours but not tat good frds. Well she is a bit of show off types. I have a friend circle of my own who u may call the geek gang . well I m not that boring though I study a lot but still I don't have cool frds and attend happening parties. 
" did u meet maan today ?" sam asked me '''''''.. I wonder why she asked me at first place
" yeah may be I saw him waiting for u at the corner " I said rather doubtfully
" umm he was not there when I came may be he wud have gone early today '''''." She convinced herself and went away.

                                                Sunday, wow how well the word sounded. There was a small get together with my cousins after heavy lunch we went to ice cream parlor '''''.. again I saw him there well with his other friends sam was not there somewhere I felt happy'''''. But why ? I was not jealous of sam coz I never want to be her I m happy with wat I m . moreover maan is not my type of guy . I like only simple guys not the one who walk with pride in their head . in that case maan's younger brother Dev was better but he was younger to me as well. I laughed at my thought that was the 49 th reason I gave to convince myself that I don't like maan. But the bitter truth was that like other gals of my skl I also have a thing for him .

                                            Like every other student I was suffering from Monday sickness. God how much I hate Monday.The whole week was as usual boring with studies strange thing was that maan was absent on friday  it was unlike him no one knows the reason why . As usual I ignored his thought after giving the 50 th reason tat I hate him. Well did I forget to tell that I reached half century in finding reasons for hating him . hahaha

                                        I was walking back home after collage as usual . My life is as usual as the other day for past 19 years and by god's grace I m sweet 19 as well . When I was crossing the road I saw him again in the corner talking to a small boy tat was unusual I thought . When I was abt to enter my appartment I heard a small boy calling 'didi' I turned to see and he was the same boy who was talking to maan . The boy handed a letter in my hand and rushed away. Well the letter was surely from maan, thanks to various bollywood movies I watch . May be I should give it to sam . Agrrr'.. do I look like a post man . I was fuming yet happy with the fact that he knew tat I even excisted.

                                         There was the shock of my life when I turned the envelope to see the name . It was addressed to me .To  GEET HANDA can u believe that.i read the name god knows how many times . I still cant believe tat the letter was for me. I ran to my room and opned the letter.

             I wish I was there to see your brown almond eyes widen in surprise when u see ur name in the letter ( how does he know I have brown eyes). Don't u think u r asking a stupid qus I know that u have big brown eyes, long curly hair,cashew shaped nose and petal shaped lips.( oh ! god he is too much ''' he made me blush damn it) I love to see u blush especially when u see any romantic scenes in movies . Btw I hate when u drool over Imran Khan . I just hate him u know.( how innocent''''. But how does he know I like IK) is tat a qus ? I know everyting abt u . u like red color, chocolate ice cream, romantic movies, old hindi songs,classic novels.( babaji he knew everything abt me but I know nothing abt him ) exactly my point u can know abt me only when u talk to me. I mean we''''.do u mind having coffee with me this Sunday ''''.
                              I closed the letter and began to think . I was wondering if it was a dream or he actually asked me for a date . DATE the word itself send shiver in me . I hve never been to date before . Oh god ! wat shd I do now . Why is he asking me for a date he is sam's frd I mean BF grrr''. Now I hated that word.wat shd I say to him. After 2 hrs of thinking I conviced myself to go on a date with him. I m 19 and no harm in just going on a date. I began to read the letter from the place I left. 
''''I know after thinkg for about hours u would have decided to say an yes . I ll be waiting for u near the bus stop Sunday at 3.


                                  Oh man I m so excited . why shd there be a Saturday after Friday why can't they straight  way have Sunday. Wat will I wear , salwar ? nay'.. he likes only western dresses''. But I don't have one wat will I do now? Whatever why shd I worry abt his likes I ll wear only wat pleases me.

                                      And finally the most awaited Sunday . I statretd to get ready from 12. My parents never objected anything so I told them that I m going out with my frd for coffee well I didn't tell it was maan. I don't know how they will react as I have never been out with a guy before who knows this may be the last time and so I don't want them to feel worried.

                                          I was wearing white anarkali, no make up just a fancy earing, pearl chain and few bangles.thousand times between my house and the bus stop I wondered if wat I m dng is right or wrong. Wat if he is playing some prank on me. But my suspecions were washed away when I saw his all excited face. He was wearing a balack half arm fitting shirt which made him look more hot and fadded blue jeans. He was standing leaning on his bike.

" hey" he said when I reached near him
" hey " I said 
" I know u would come " he said confidently
" so much confidence on u " I said but later thought it to be a bit rude''''''' but I didn't like the fact that he thought that I was like other bibbos who were waiting for a chance to hit on him
He just laughed hearing my words it was the first time I saw him laughing so close'''
" it is confidence but not on myself but on the fact that I know u well " he said sitting on bike in his style
That was completely unexpected answer. I stood there still analyzing his answer.
" do u want our first date to be in road" he joked'''''''. I gave uncomfortable smile and sat behind him'''''''

                             It was the first time I travel in bike with someone other than my father or brother'''''''. I was a bit uncomfortable ''''''' but he tried all possible ways of making me comfortable through his talks and actions ''''''''.. I defenitely developed some respect for him after that'''..

                            We reached the caf and stood opp each other''''''.. I was looking at the menu and he at me. It was odd for me , his piercing gaze.i have never experienced something like that before. After so much effort I tried to look at him sharply thinking that he may pretend to look somewere but who I was fighting with Maan Singh Khuranna, he still had his eyes fixed on me and gave me a smile when I saw him .i was about to place the order whe the waiter placed my fav coffee before me with a smiley on it . I looked at maan questioningly.

" I know u like this ''''.. I have already ordered for sizzling fantasy with hot chocolate sauce and 2 scoops of vanilla Ice cream " he said
OH damn tat was my fav but how does he know that
" I almost know everything abt u " he said
" may I know how exactly u know " I asked trying to sound not affected by his charm after all I had some reputation of my own
" do u know that we were in the same skl " he asked'''''''' wasn't tat the qus I m supposed to ask
" yes'.. I know " I said calmly
" I can't believe that u never knew that I was dying behind u for the past 4 years " I looked at him in disbelief''''''.. 4 years is something really long
" I thought u lo''..i mean u r with sam " I said not looking into his eyes
He busted out in laugh " I know''''''.. I know that u also thought that everyday I was standing at the corner of your street to talk to her " I nodded in acceptence wasn't that the truth''..
" u know what '''. I just enjoyed seeing u stealing glances at me now and then when u pass me through me . I was there to get last glance of u before I go to my house . well I even thought of convincing my father for  getting a flat in ur appartment but then I thought tat this hide and seek game , each day waiting to see you get one glance of you , the waiting , the excitement it was all so fun . " he said sipping his coffee '''''''''. I lookede at him in utter disbelief '''.
" then why did u suddenly told me now that u ''''' I mean '''''" I was trying to put a apt word
" that I like u " he completed my sentence
I didn't say anything
" do u think I m a fool to spend my whole life just by seeing u from far. I no more can bare the distance. I know it is all sudden shock for u but trust me I really like u a lot and I mean it. u just be my frd . I won't force u. we don't have to get into this boyfrd galfrd thing. JUST FRIENDS. I ll never compell u to take it to other step unless u want to " he said sincerely looking into my eyes

                            Do u think I was strong enough to deny him.we became frds after that. He was with me always . we became best buddies. He never ever crossed the thin line of frdship but I keep falling for his each and every action . even if he had proposed to me I would have accepted but still I wanted to take this frdship game as far as it could travel . of course for a gal it would fell great to be with a guy who loves u so much and not accepting his love so easily . the small things tat he ll do to impress me will just make me go crazy.

              I woke up with a smile I had a sweet dream abt me and man as usual ''''''.. today was spl it is valentine's day today '''''''. Though me and maan are not couples officially almost the whole collage knows tat we have feelings for each other '''''''..all  Girls initially gave me deadly glare whenever they pass by and me and maan were the talk of the collage '''''.. at first I felt irritated and uncomffortable but later I started enjoying it ''''''''. But maan was least interested abt all tis all he cared was myself and him '''''''. He gave damn to others and tats wat I liked abt  him ''''''''.

                                     I had a feeling tat maan would propose to me tis valetine's day and this feeling became stronger when I saw maan and yash in jewelery shop''''''''' I knew tat maan was planning to propose me with a ring ''''''.. 

                                     I was really excited to go to collage today '''''''. I chose to wear a white salwar as I know it is maan's fav color '''''''I entered the collage which was fully decorated with Red flowers , curtains and heart shaped baloons''''''' Our principal being a nice man announced half day working on at day ''''''''.. so all were very happy ''''''''.i caught up with my frds who were least interested in tis and I had nothing to discuss with them abt all this stuffs '''''''' my eyes were eagerly searching for maan '''''''

                                      Everyone in the collage started to run towards the canteen ''''''.. there was full disorderliness there''''''.i also followed them to see wat was the mess'''''''.. I was completely dumbfound when I saw the whole canteen decorated with ' I love u' posters ''''''..yash was standing in the middle of the canteen singing one of the most romantic songs and  meera was sitting opp him in a chair like a princess'''''''

 " tats so cute " I said and at the same time heard a voice saying " show off " I needn't turn to know tat it was maan '''''.
" why do u think so ? " I asked him astonished ''''''' I thought he was the guy who would propse something like this '''''''.. though I don't tell it a lot ''''''. I like this type of filmy proposal ''''''
" they wouldn't be advertising it like this if their love was true " maan said and started to walk '''''''''. Now I knew that I shdn't expect some dreamy proposal from him ''''''''. I saw yash putting a chain around meera's neck and now I even knew that this was being bought in the jewelery shop ''''''.. I walked pass the couple with a frown and followed maan ''''''''..

" wats ur plan today ?"  maan asked
 Why would I plan something wasn't it his duty to plan something spl today '''''.oh This man is killing my patience ''''''.
" umm''. Nothing as we don't have classes this after noon I would go back to home " I said
" I think tats better idea its not safe to roam around on valantine's day '''''. U know these political parties's problems and all ." said maan .
I looked at him in disbelief going home was the last thing I expected from him . but do I have anyother option than to agree with him ''' I said ohk
" I ll drop u " he said getting on his bike 
I sat behind silently I didn't speak anything '''''..

                                   He dropped me at the corner of the street where he used to wait for me evryday and I walked away without saying anythging ''''''''''. In this spl day he didn't even give me a rose ''''''.. 'dusht dhanv' I cursed him and entered my house '''''''. 
" oh u r home so early " I heard my mom ask 
" umm''. It was half day " I said '''''' I was not in the mood to prolong the convo
" geetu me and ur mom are going out to meet a frd of mine we ll be back in the evening so take care " my father said picking up car  keys'''''.
I locked the door when my parents went and I enterd my bed room

                                 My bed room was pich dark all the windows were closed''''''.. I switched on the light and wat I saw there took my breath away ''''''.. my whole room was decorated with flowers baloons and stuffed toys '''''''''.. I sensed a warm hand embrace me from back ''''''' he placed his chin on my shoulders and pointed to side table there was two rabbits holding a red flag which said ' I love u ' in block white letters'''''''.i didn't know how to react '''''''.. I tried to turn so that I could look at his face but he tightened his grip and brought my body closer to him and whispered " I love u " in my ears

                               I had tears in my eyes ''''''. I felt really spl '''''''..he turned me by shoulders to face him ''''''' he touched my tears

" does it means no ? " he asked
                                    I playfully hit his arms ''''''''.
" u said filmy proposal is a show off " I asked
" umm I didn't say tat ''''' I just said that advertising love is show off ''''..but this is diff '''. Its our personel affair ''''''.. tis is spl just u nd me '''.." he said bringing me closer to him
" so is it an tes " he asked me 
" may be " I said teasingly
" may be ?" he asked questioningly '''''.. I nodded my head

                                The next moment he lifted me ''''' walked to the couch and placed me there ''''''' He knelt down before me and took my hands in his '''''''

"  when I saw u for the first time  the same moment I had fallen head over heels for u '''''''. I just liked be around u '''''' I was satisfied just by seeing u I thought it was attraction but'''''. But when I started to talk to u , be with u I realised tat u r the one for me '''''' I can't imagine my life without u '''''''.. I don't know wat u would have thought abt me the first time I asked u out but I swear tat was the best day of my life ''''''. " he completed without a break 

                                 I saw in his eyes the same love I felt for him 

" so ? " he asked with eager eyes
" so ? " I teased him
" come on geetu " he pleaded

                                   I took my hands from his hold andd stood up ''''''.. he stood up after me with confused eyes''''''.

" I don't know if it works but I just wanted to make it as spl for u as it wa for me " I said while grabbing a rose from the side table'''''''. I went on my knees and raised the rose to him '''''''''. I could read his eyes confusion , shock then surprise'''''..

" I Geet Handa  quiet boring u better make my life interesting  , complaining u r ought to listen to me everyday, not out spoken u shd take the trouble to read my mind , I don't know to cook and never ever will try to learn , I ll not wear reveling outfits like the bimboos I don't mind killing u if u look at one of those bimboos , I will not stop drooling over imran khan u r supposed to take me to all his movies and out of all this default one major I m truly madly deeply in love with Maan Singh Khuranna ''''''. So after hearing all this ''''..ummm''''' will u love me for ever? " I asked finally maanged to stop quoting my bad things''''''''. I didn't know where I came from but I just wanted to speek my heart to him '''''''.

                                I looked at maan who was looking at me wwith full surprise and shocked eyes''''''''.i waited for his answer when he took more than required time I decided to talk again
" my legs are hurting boy " I said

                                  He held my shoulder and lifted me ''''''. I stood up before I could realise anything he sealed my mouth with his ''''''.. that was the least among the things I expected ''''''''. My eyes widened in shock '''''''.. he was gentle , it was not a long kiss ''''''''.. he broke the kiss soon which I didn't like anyways '''''''''' I looked at him in utter shock ''''''''. He hugged me

": I love u geetu " he said
" I love u too mannu " I replied
" mannu ? " he asked surprised as it was the first time I addressed him like that
": well it goes  good with geetu " I said foolishly causing him to chuckle and he tightened his grip around me

                          Suddenly the thought of my parents came to my mind and immediately broke the hug '''''..he looked at me questioningly

" maan my parents '''.. wat if they come home ? " I panicked
" relax " he said placing his hand on my shoulder
" oh god ! wat will I tell them ''''' " then the reality struck me " wait ''. Maan  how did u get in ? " I asked 
He looked at me with his signature smile'''''''. I raised my eyebrows questioningly
He took a card from his pocket and gave me'''''''''.. my heart just skipped several beats seeing the content of the card '''''''''' it was maan singh khuranna and geet handa's engagement invitation card''''''''''I sat on the couch and maan sat beside me putting his hand on my shoulder and pulling me near him ''''''.

" when and how ? " I asked 
" Umm ''.. soon as I realized tat u love me I spoke with my parents abt us and they spoke with ur parents ''''" he said calmly

                           I still couldn't believe that it was actually happening ''''''. The engagement was dated for 22 feb which means just in 8 days I ll be engaged to maan ''''''' I looked at him who was staring at me intensely'''''''.

" why are u looking at me like this ? " I asked not being able to take his gaze
" I just wanted to capture every expression of urs in my heart " he said.
" maan wat abt our studies ? " I asked quiet worried as I was really not ready for marriage
" its just our engagement now '''''. We ll get married once we r settled in life " he said

                             I hugged him ''''.. I just wanted to stay in his arms all the surprise was too much for me to handle ''''''.. he was caressing my back lovingly ''''''.



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wow nice updateSmile

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awesome os waiting for next part

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wowww loved it
n plzzz write the next part also
n loved how maan waited for 4 years before talking to her that's a long time for anyone

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Wow it was beautiful

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Awww that was sooo sweet
Plz do write more

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  i it

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