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Originally posted by pkyekfanclub

JehhhAngry Angry Angry Angry Tora yaar plz kill him or atleast make him realise how it feel's when one looses it's child first he killed Armaan n now he is after Akanksha Angry
jeh will die soonSmile

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Originally posted by sdoll

gr8 update Tora.. akansha called pia monkeyLOL i love the way abhay takes care of akansha..
glad u enjoyed reading aditiEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by flora212

Superb.make abhay and akshana conversation more longer.thanks fr pm.
thanx dear.Embarrassed.will surely trySmile
Originally posted by zoozoo123

Superb...Loved it 2 the convo is superb...Wow...Awesum update ...Tongue...
thanx vidya!!Embarrassed

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Jeh took Ishaan in his arms."Son I won't be home today either,all right?"Ishaan sighed."Papa u promised u'll take me to the fair today."he said,his face dropping.Jeh sighed"Well,there's always tomorrow,right?" Ishan's face looked sad."Its the last day of the fair Papa."he said. Jeh sighed and put his son back to his feet,"There's always next year,right?" Ishaan shrugged."Of course,Papa"he said."We'll go next year then."Jeh smiled and planted a kiss on his son's cheeks."Well I'd better get going,son.i love u."Ishaan smiled and also planted a kiss on his father's cheeks. "I love u too,Papa."
T had heard the whole scene from the corridor. As Jeh came out of the room and walked past her,she said."What kind of a father refuses his son after promising him something?" Jeh stopped dead in his tracks,stopping to face her."I told u to stay away from me!""I am only too glad to stay away from u"said T in a cold voice."But I cant stay away from my son!His happiness matters to me! I am his mother!"Jeh grabbed her arms and pulled her close,his face dangerously close."Keep that knowledge to urself"he hissed,before releasing her with a jerk. "What will ur son say when he sees ur real face?"T asked with a sarcastic smile. Jeh advanced towards her in rage,but at the sound of his phone ringing he stopped in his tracks. Still glaring at her,he fished his cell out of his pockets and received the call. "I'm coming"he barked into the phone before he cut the call. Shooting another look full of loathing at T,he left. T leaned against the wall,feeling tears form in her eyes. After all that had passed,after all the betrayal,she still loved him. God help her,she was still in love with Jeh Khurana.
"Whatever happens stay close to ur Mommy okay?" Abhay told his five-year old gem,who listened to him with wide eyes. Piya was clutching Abhay's arm,looking pale, while Akanksha sat in her lap. Akanksha nodded."Daddy I promise to be a good girl."She looked  around at Piya,an assuring smile touching her lips."Mommy,u look like a ghost."Piya hugged her daughter close."Abhay,what will happen? I can't stand it if anything happens to u or Ak-"Abhay closed Piya's mouth with his hands."Piya nothing will happen. There are three mature and strong vampires here. Nobody can harm us."He wrapped an arm around both Piya and Akansha,and hugged them protectively."It will all be over tonight."he added kissing Piya's and Akanksha's forehead.Akanksha smiled at her father,"Will we have a fairy tale ending Daddy?With the bad people dead?"Abhay's eyes met Piya's for a moment before Abhay smiled at his daughter,"Of course,we will Akanksha"he said.
Just then Chand connected to his mind
The werewolves r here as well as Sasha.Come soon, Abhay.Abhay leapt up."Don't move from here"he said,and with a last glance at both of them,he rushed out,his fangs emerging as he went.
Ishaan was in his room, solving a puzzle, when he heard the vase fall and shatter in the corridor. Curious,to see why it had fallen he rushed out, and saw to his horrror T,clutching the flower stand for support. Then she collapsed to the floor,unable to hold on longer. She coughed and blood came out of her mouth. "Are u all right?"Ishaan shouted in panic,rushing to T."What happened to u?" As he neared her, she clutched his hand and pulled him closer,so that he was kneeling on the floor beside her."Papa is not at home"said Ishaan,not quite knowing what the matter was with T."I'll call someone,wait." As he made to stand up, T pulled him back down again,breathing heavily."N-no.."she gasped."D-don't call-any-one.."She coughed again and blood spurted from her mouth,staining Ishaan's blue shirt.Ishaan held T's face."Look U r not well..let me..""No"said T her eyes suddenly focused."I n-need u..O-only u.." Ishaan gaped at T"What?"T lifted a trembling hand and traced Ishaan's face.Her eyes sparkled with tears."C-call m-me Mother,Ish--aan."she said in a low voice,as her breathing became more and more irregular.Ishaan gazed at T,shocked.What was the matter with her? She was coughing blood,and all she wanted was to hear"Mother".He had never called anyone with that word in his life.But maybe,if he called her by that word, she would let him go and call someone for help. "Mother"he whispered,surprised at how his voice trembled and how his eyes suddenly welled up.Tears slid down T's eyes as he called her mother."Isha-an,my s-son"she whispered and then her body shuddered once,and became absolutely still."Are u all right?"shouted Ishaan,shaking her.He did not know how to address her so he shoutd again"Mother!Mother,get up!I'll call someone."He was about to get up when he spotted a picture sticking out of T's jeans pocket.He could see Jeh's face in the picture. Curiosity got the better of him and he pulled it out. He was shocked to see that it was a wedding picture of his father!And the woman he was married to-Ishaan's eyes widened in shock.It was T! Ishaan had never seen any pictures of his mother, and Jeh had not shown him any either. He had always told Ishaan that his mother had died at childbirth. Ishaan kneeled down beside T again,touching her face with his trembling hands,his brain in shock as realizations tumbled into them. T's body was turning cold. But then-how could T be his mother? His mother was dead,his Papa had told him that.She could not be his mother,unless...unless...
He lied,Ishaan's mind whispered."ur father lied to u. Ishaan brought his face closer to Ishaan, the realization almost choking him."Mother ?"he whispered in her ears."Mama?"he said,the level of his voice rising with every syllable"MOM!"he yelled,shaking her."Mama,get up"Ishaan yelled desperately,saking T's lifeless body,his tears blurring his vision."Ur son is here!MOTHER"Ishaan shouted,his body convulsing with sobs. All these days,his mother had been here,right in front of him,and he had never known,never known until it was too late. Ishaan got up and backed away from T's body,a sudden feeling of loneliness overpowering him. All his life he had been deceived,fed lies by his father. His father must have known who she was. And he had kept Ishaan away from his mother. Horror,betrayal,sadness,rage and disbelief rushed over him,shattering his world to pieces. He turned around and started to run,tears still falling down his face. He ran towards the back doors,knowing that if he went through the front gates he would be stopped. He ran out of the place he had thought was home,suddenly feeling like a stranger there. He continued to run...not knowing where or what he was running to..
Sasha smiled as she saw the werewolves. Everything was on her side today. The werewolves were an added bonus. This would make things a lot easier for her. While the werewolves would keep the three idiot vampires busy,she could easily reach Akanksha. That woman,Piya,was no problem at all. A human,Sasha thought with a laugh. She kissed the ring in her hand. She would finally get that hybrid's blood and unlock the full powers of the ring.It seemed it would take no effort at all. She had thought that the hybrid would be powerful. But it seemed a simple,powerless baby,who was at this moment clutching her mother,her eyes wide as she watched the fight in front of her eyes.Time for action,she thought smiling.
       Abhay was fighting three werewolves at once while Haseena and Chand were also fighting more than one at a time. The more werewolves they killed,the more seemed to appear. Sasha smiled and moved in front of Piya and Akanksha. Piya's eyes widened in fear as she saw Sasha"Spare her please"Piya begged."She's just a child."Sasha smiled at Akanksha."Come here kid, and ur mother wont be harmed." Akanksha watched her with wide eyes."Do u know evil people are always defeated in the end?"she asked Sasha."That's what happens in all my fairy tales."Sasha let out a laugh."I assure u,child,that this is going to be anything but a fairy tale. This will be a nightmare.""ABHAY!"Piya screamed,trying to get his attention.Abhay heard Piya's call and was shocked and horrified to see Sasha there."PIYA!I'm coming"he yelled,but . Jeh blocked Abhay's way growling at him. Abhay looked at him with rage."I will not spare u,Jeh"he said,as the two began fighting.
       Sasha had seen enough."Move out of the way,human"she snapped,giving a push to Piya. Piya stumbled back and fell hard on the ground,hitting her head on the floor as a result of which she felt disoriented for a few seconds. "Come here"Sasha snapped at Akanksha,pulling her away from Piya. For the first time Akanksha looked angry."U hurt Mommy."said Akanksha."U r evil. Let me go"she said struggling to free herself from Sasha.But Sasha's grip was too strong."Stop struggling or I'll freeze u with my powers."she snapped. Abhay watched from afar,with dread as Sasha pulled Akanksha away."Akanksha!"he yellled trying to go to her,but Jeh attacked him at that moment and Abhay was forced to defend himself.
  "Leave her,please."Piya mumbled in a weak voice,as she tried to get up from the floor. Sasha ignored her. As Piya stood up,a werewolf appeared out of nowhere,its teeth bared. Piya tried to dodge the werewolf,trying to get to her daughter. But the werewolf lunged at her,and knocked her off her feet,as it sunk its venomous teeth into her skin. Piya screamed as she fainted."Mommy!"Akanksha yelled,at the same time as Abhay yelled "Piya!" This time as Jeh attacked him again,with extreme force, Abhay sunk his razor sharp teeth into Jeh,killing him instantly. "Let me go!"Akanksha yelled to Sasha,strugggling with more force now and as she struggled, Sasha's nails scratched her skin,giving her a cut. Blood oozed out from the cut, and dropped on Sasha's skin. And one expected what happened next...

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awsum update tora...

feeling bad 4 ishaan... he lost his mother...
but where is he going????
n d fight is really very bad... things are getting serious...
i hope aakansha n pia n abhay will be safe...
n i hope aakansha became more powerfull n defeate every1!!!!
update soon yr... waiting egerly 4 d next part...
cont soon n thanks 4 d pm

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loved it
ishaan n tCry

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Awesome update… I feel bad for ishan… but where is gone or hi run directly to save akansha... I mean accidently. but mast update

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