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Originally posted by sweetmonaya

Hey sweeets love your ff it has an awesome storyline really love akansha she is shooo sweet and yesfeel like killling jeh poor t and yes I just love abhiya and thier parental talk it was adorable u rock dear reaaly love your ff can u pm me plsss
aww..thank u dear..of course i will pm uEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by princess_xeelan

Superb Tora... so T is a shewolf and Ishaan's mother...nice one...Clap
Abhiya are always awesome...i missed Akansha... thanks for the PM dear Embarrassed
thanx tanzie..glad u liked it..Embarrassed
@pkyekrox..thank uEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by shivanipandit29

omg T is ishaan mother. Shocked jeh used her and is treating her like trash.  What purpose is  she come here for?   i feel really bad for T.  Abhiya scene was cute loved it. Abhay asking about his  daughter . very well written like always.  amazing update  update soon and thanks for pm.  
hmm..u will see why T is here...glad u liked itEmbarrassed
@alicia:thank u dearEmbarrassed

@anukrati:thank u dearEmbarrassed

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Next morning Jeh came to Ishaan's room,planting a good morning kiss on his forehead. Ishaan yawned and opened his eyes. "Is it morning already?"he asked sleepily. Jeh smiled at Ishaan."Yes,my son, good morning. But U can sleep for a little longer. Call one of our servents when u feel like it and they will bring u breakfast. Papa's going to search for a good school for u here"he said smiling. Ishaan smiled sleepily as he turned to the other side."Okay Papa. Goodbye." Jeh stood for a while smiling at his son, and his thoughts went back to last night. A frown replaced his smile as he remembered T's unexpected appearance. There was no way he was going to let T ruin his plans. No way,  he thought as he left the room.
T entered Ishaan's room,her breath catching as she caught sight of her son,sleeping peacefully, covered in a baby blue blanket,his hair untidy,his mouth slightly open. Tears welled up in her eyes as she neared him,standing close beside his bed. She knelt down and lightly traced his face with her fingers,and then with trembling lips planted a soft kiss on her forehead. The tears silently slid down her cheeks as a feeling of immense joy and overpowering sadness overcame her."Ishaan,Oh Ishaan"T said softly,smoothing his hair a bit."My son." Ishaan stirred in his sleep and T quickly moved back,wiping her tears. Ishaan stretched and sat up with a huge yawn,still securely wrapped in a blanket. His eyes fell on T, and he frowned a little. "Who r u?" he asked.. T felt a lump form in her throat as he asked the question. What she should have said was"Ur mother",but instead what came out of her mouth was "A servant." Ishaan smiled at T."I didn't see u when we came. Did u come late?" T merely nodded,the tears were threatening to fall again."Would u like to have breakfast in bed,Ishaan?" Ishaan grinned."U read my mind!Yes!" T smiled. "Get fresh. I will bring it up."She turned away,wiping her tears, so that her son would not see them.. Later she watched Ishaan having his breakfast, a smile on her face. Her son was already so grown up. Ishaan was watching her as he ate."U don't look well" he said frowning."Will u be able to work?" T wanted to go and hug her son right then, his caring nature was so touching."Don't worry about me, I am perfectly fine, Ishaan."she said."Are u done with ur breakfast."Ishaan nodded and as he tried getting off the bed with all the plates in his hand, he slipped a little."Ishaan"said T,rushing forward to steady him. She took the plates from his hand and helped him sit down again."Careful,child.What if u had hurt urself?"Ishaan smiled as he watched T's face."U r very kind."he said quietly, "and very caring". T felt the lump in her throat choke her again."U r a very good son too Ishaan. Ur father must be proud of u." "He is"said Ishaan,grinning."Papa and i r best of friends!!Do u have kids1If u do, u can bring them here to play with me while u work!"he said excitedly.T gazed at his son,not knowing what to answer."Yes,I have a son"she said finally,in a very quiet voice."The best son in the world." Ishaan frowned."But how is that possible?Papa says that I am the best son in the world." T's lips twitched slightly into a small smile at her son's innocent question,as inside her heart broke into a billion pieces again."Don't worry, Ishaan.U r the best"she murmured before quickly leaving the room.
Akanksha frowned at her mother."Mommy,please, I m tired."she said.
Piya glared at her."I didn't see any signs of tiredness when u were playing with ur father"she said shooting Abhay a glare."U only get tired during studying."Abhay came and sat down on the bed,grinning at Piya."Piya, Akanksha will do all the homework."he said winking at his daughter."But for that u have to promise to go to the fair tomorrow."Akanksha squealed in delight and hugged her father."Yay!Daddy!straight after school then!Mommy please?"she said making sad puppy dog faces at Piya ."I promise to do all my study and even drink the milk.Pleaseee?"Piya glared at both father and daughter."I see its a well planned conspiracy"she said in a stern voice. Akanksha and Abhay looked at Piya with identical sad faces,until Piya couldn't help but smile."Fine then"she said in defeat. Akanksha yelled in joy and hugged her mother and danced ring-a-ring-of-roses twirling Abhay around with her."Akanksha! First all ur work should be completed. And I will get ur milk!"she said standing up."Yes Mommy."said Akanksha,with a big innocent smile as she sat down in front of her books again. Piya shook her head,still smiling and went into the kitchen. As she lit the stove in order to warm the milk, a pair of cold hands encircled her waist and she jumped."Abhay!"she said as she saw his naughty smirk."I swear, u've become as naughty as our daughter." "Mmm"said Abhay,pulling her close and nuzzling her neck."I was always naughty",he murmured,kissing her neck."I only passed my qualities to our daughter.""Abhay!"Piya gasped."What r u doing?Move!I need to warm the milk!""What's the hurry?"whispered Abhay,in a husky voice that made shivers run down her spine.He turned her around,making her face him,and kissed her forehead."Now that u've agreed going to the fair"he whispered,kissing her nose;Piya closed her eyes,biting her lips to stop the feelings threatening to overpower her."There's another thing u need to agree to."He kissed one of her closed eyelids,and Piya couldn't stop the whimper that escaped her lips.He always made her lose her senses by his mere proximity."Any guesses?"he asked,kissing her other eyelid.Piya shook her head,unable to think properly.Abhay lightly kissed her nose."Marry me ,Piya."Piya's eyes snapped open at his words."abhay,move the milk..."she said trying to move away, a shy smile on her lips.Abhay pulled her closer to him so that their lips were almost touching."What, Piya?"he said softly,tracing her face with his fingers,his fingers coming to rest on the corner of her lips."I know proposing in a kitchen isn't romantic but I will make up for it later. I just need an answer Piya."Piya's shy chocolate brown eyes met Abhay's passionate ice-blue ones,filled with love for her. She gave the slightest of nods. Abhay's face broke into a breathtaking smile, as he pulled her closer to kiss her beautiful,inviting lips. They'd pretty much forgotten their purpose of being in the kitchen and their lips had just touched when they heard a sound and turned,coming face to face with Akanksha who was staring at them, her eyes wide."Akanksha"said piya,jumping a mile away from Abhay,red with embarrassment at being caught doing coochicoo by her five-year old daughter."what r u doing here! Have u finished learning the multiplication tables till three?"Akanksha's eyes widened."I have finished till two"she said,innocently."I came to see why u both were taking so long and and-"her eyes widened further."Did u not want to be disturbed?"she said,a naughty smirk playing on her lips. Piya shot a glare at Abhay, who gave her a sheepish look."Back to study!"she told Akanksha,turning away from her."I will warm the milk and bring it"
"Isn't it warm yet?"Akanksha asked,curiously."I thought it will evaporate by now!" "Come on lets learn tables together Akanksha"said Abhay,hurrying forward, and picking her daughter in her arms before she could say anything further."Mommy will be back soon."With a wink at Piya that made her blush even more, Abhay left the kitchen,carrying his daughter in his arms.

T entered her room and leaned against her wall taking deep breaths. The meeting and conversation with  Ishaan had further broken her heart. All she wanted was to hold her son in her arms and hear the word"mother" on his lips. But she couldn't do it. In the werewolf's world, the she-wolf was the strongest,but a she-wolf was respected as long as she had powers. After losing her powers, T had become a disgrace to her clan. She didn't want Ishaan to grow up ashamed of her;so she could not tell him anything. But she needed to see him for the little time she had on her hands. As soon as the she-wolf lost her powers she slowly withered away and died. It was a miracle that T had survived this long. But recently she had understood,from the sudden weakness that she felt, that she was not going to live much longer. And she had realized that if not now, she would never see her son again. So she had come here,to see her son during the last few days of her life. But little did she know,that her appearance was soon going to change her son's life forever.

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 awsum tora... as always...

I m really feeling bad 4 T... she really craves 4 ishaan.. i loved d way ishaan n T interacted...
is T going 2 die soon????
i hope ishaan knows about T being his mother soon... so that she will be able 2 be near ishaan in her last days...
n abhay pia was awsum as usual.. abhay proposed pia in d kitchen.. cool n caught red handed by dere daughter doing cochieco...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed gr8 dr...
cont soon n thanks 4 d pm

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oh dear, felt bad for T.

and ABhiya to are always romantic. Big smile Tongue

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Blushing ... nice yaar
update soon
& thx 4 pm

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