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liked abhiya romance.omg pia lost armaan due to jeh.waiting 4 next update want abhiya meet asap

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@priya,seabeauty,snigdha,tanzie,peehu,shivani,pkyekfanclub,divya,nabila:thank u all for ur encouraging comments.abhiya will be meeting in the upcoming updateHug
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@pkyekvisu, soni, anukrati, minibsp2007, bellaaa,sohini, anjali: thank u sweetoos: abhiya are meeting soon!!
@vidya:thanx yaar!oops!!i m sooo sorry!!will pakka pm u 4rm da nxt time!!

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@mandy, shivu, shreya, hemarawat, shrish, alicia,rumki: thank u sooo much for ur lovely comments..will update right now.

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..tora.tangled. IF-Sizzlerz

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Walking past  the local park of Dehradoon, Abhay felt the aura more strongly. It was different than a human aura, but it wasn't a completely supernatural aura either. Frowning he looked towards the park, full of early morning joggers. Could that aura be from that hybrid, he wondered. Better check it out, he thought as he rushed towards the gate.

"Enough for today, Akanksha" said Piya panting, as Akanksha bounced the ball in front of her,looking at Piya with that liitle cute pout on her face. "We have jogged five times round the park",Piya continued,collapsing onto a bench."Time to get back and get ready for school. We will play ball tomorrow."
"Please, Mommy," Akanksha murmured,tugging at Piya's tracksuit.
Piya shook her head standing up." C'mon, I'll have a cup of coffee from that stall near the gate and we r leaving. "
"Okay" said Akanksha, a smile lighting up her face."Till u have coffee, i will play a little. Then we can go back. Pleaaaseee????" she said,blinking her innocent eyes at Piya,as she tilted her head and gave her mother her beautiful dimpled smile.
O God, Piya thought, as she saw the eyes and the smile. They were an exact copy of his eyes and smile. "Okay,but stay right here," said Piya. "And remember, don't talk to strangers."
Akanksha laughed as she hugged Piya." I promise, Mommy"
The aura was stronger inside the park. Abhay could almost sense it. But not knowing exactly whom he was looking for made it difficult for him. Just then a ball hit his back and he turned to see a little girl running towards him.
"Sorry Mister." she said coming near him and Abhay froze. The aura was coming from the girl! But why was she looking so familiar? The girl had picked up the ball and was smiling apologetically at Abhay, showing her dimples. Abhay stared back at her. Her eyes were a deep ocean-blue, exactly like his. But something else about her was unsettling him. He couldn't quite put a finger to it. The girl was speaking again." Are u hurt, Mister?"
Abhay shook his head slowly, his head whirling. Could she be the hybrid? But she was so innocent! So small! The girl was still speaking, and to Abhay, it was one of the most melodious voices he had ever heard. The voice was attracting him, drawing him in."The ball went farther than I thought," the girl said,flashing her cute dimples." Mind u, don't tell Mommy I was talking to u. She warned me not to talk to strangers. Although" she tilted her head,tapping her chin with her forefinger."I think she knows u."
Abhay's head was whirling."She does?"
"O there's Mommy!" the girl said, looking somewhere behind Abhay."Well, mister, I m going. She'll be searching for me."
She rushed away,yelling" Mommy, Mommy!!"
"Akanksha."Abhay heard an older mature voice say,and time froze for him. The park,the people around him disappeared as he turned slowly around,his mind unable to think. The girl, Akanksha was now holding the woman's hand and as his eyes travelled up to her face, shock,like a lightening bolt hit him. Piya, Piya, was the only thought that occupied his mind. Akanksha was now pointing at him and whispering something to her mother and then those chocolate brown eyes lifted to his blue ones. Abhay stared back at her,seeing the play of emotions across her face..of disbelief,shock,love pain and suddenly it all turned into anger. She pulled at Akanksha's hand and rushed away, leaving behind a storm in Abhay's heart.
As Piya and Akanksha reached home, Akanksha asked"Why didn't u talk to that man, mommy?"
Piya glared at her daughter. "Just get ready akanksha. U r already late. Anymore and u might miss the bus."
Akanksha frowned at her mother's stern tone."But Mommy, U know him. U think about him."
Piya glared angrily at her." Akanksha! How dare u read my thoughts! I have told u not to read others' minds!!"
Akanksha shook her head."Mommy I don't. But when U think about me, I can't help knowing that u r thinking about me. And U often think about him-i see his face. When U think about me, U think about him." Piya stared at her in shock. Akanksha timidly asked"Is he Daddy, Mommy?"
"NO!" said Piya angrily,coming towards Akanksha and holding her tight."He is nobody! Do U get me? NOBODY!! U have ur mommy only. And nobody else!"
Tears welled up in Akansha's eyes."Mommy, I'm sorry." she whispered.
Seeing her tears, Piya felt her heart clench. Seeing Abhay had unleashed so many emotions in her and she had taken it out on Akanksha.She gently wiped away her daughter's tears,and planted a kiss on both her cheeks."Its okay,darling."she murmured,kissing her forehead."Its okay"she repeated,hugging her close.
After the initial shock and disbelief of seeing Piya again after so long had worn off, Abhay felt a heavy feeling settle on his heart. All thoughts of why he was back in Dehradoon,all thoughts about the hybrid was forgotten. The only thought whirling in his head was Piya has a daughter. Piya has a daughter? How was that possible? Who was the father,he thought wildly,his heart clenching at the very thought that Piya belonged to another man. He needed to find out he thought.
Jeh frowned and then sighed. He couldn't leave the matter to rets. He had to go and check on the hybrid. The latest he had heard it was in Dehradoon. Dehradoon,he thought again,closing his eyes. The place where he had once murdered a child,the place where he had played with a woman's life,the place where he had become a father. But he had to go back. He had a duty to protect his clan from threats. But he would take Ishaan with him, of course. He was not going to be separated from his little gem even for a second. He called Ishaan"How would u like to go to Dehradoon?" he asked his son. Ishaan's face lit up."U and me alone Papa?" Jeh nodded, smiling.Ishaan hugged his father."I can't wait Papa! Dehradoon,watch out!! Here we come!"
Sasha stood on the low hill,watching over the city of Dehradoon,spread like a map before her eyes. It was five days to the full moon,five days to her getting what she wanted. Completed dominance and ultimate power. Dehradoon had long been a mystic place, a place hiding many secrets. And now, it was going to be the place, where she would become indomitable.
Piya watched Akanksha get onto the school bus,and watched it leave. She turned around and went inside,intending to get ready to go to the orphanage where she taught. But her mind was in a jumbled mess. God,why is here,after so many years,she thought, her whole body trembling. Why is he back again. The memory of those blue eyes piercing through her that morning in the park made her shiver again. She couldn't believe that he was back. All those memories of five years ago rushed back to her,and she bit her lips to hold back the tears. O God,what if he knows who Akanksha is? she thought. A pair of hands encircled her from the back and before she could react, a hand was over her mouth. "Its me"
Piya closed her eyes tight as she heard that voice,which made her heart jump like a galloping horse. She felt herself being pressed against a wall,but she did not dare open her eyes, fearing she would lose control. The feel of HIM,so close again after so long. It shouldn't feel so. But it felt so good. So right. She heard his voice again."Open ur eyes, Piya" The sound of her name on his lips. It made her want to melt into him, made her want to forget that night long ago. His fingers went under her chin and he lifted her face towards him,holding it,till she was forced to open  her eyes. As soon as her chocolate browns looked into those piercing blue eyes  Piya could not hold back her tears as they silently slid down her cheeks, nor could she stop herself from uttering his name"Abhay." Pain flashed in his eyes as she whispered his name. He slowly cupped her face in his hands, and traced her lips with his thumb,his eyes hungrily drinking in her beauty. Then he gently wiped away her tears but they had no signs of stopping. Then suddenly he asked"Where is ur daughter Piya?"
Piya stared back at him,with a gulp"D-daughter?"
Abhay gently held her arms" Piya don't trick me. U have a daughter. Where is she?"
"Leave me, Abhay"
Abhay held her in place."And who is her father, Piya?"
Piya froze. The question she had been dreading."N-none of ur business Abhay. L-let me go. L-leave please."
"Not until I know who the father is" Piya stared at him,still struggling."Who is he,Piya,tell me! WHO IS HER FATHER?"
"YOU ARE!" Piya yelled,unable to hold back any longer. Abhay gaped at her,so shocked that he actually let her go."U are"Piya repeated in a broken whisper,as she slid down the wall and onto the floor,crying. Abhay stumbled back,still in shock. His daughter. His child. He remembered how she had looked,those brown curls,so like Piya's,those blue eyes,that smile,exactly like his. His and Piya's child,he thought, his brain still whirling as his mind went back to that passionate night. And with that came another shocking realization-his daughter was the hybrid everyone  was talking about. He had come to kill his own daughter!!

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Rasgulla :-*Hugso abhay knows that he has a daughter now...and pia she is still angry on him...Shockedhe is here to kill his own daughter...ab age kya hoga...and jeh he is feeling bad kya ki usne ek bache ka khun kiya...and he is coming to dehradun...jaldi update kar :-*

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Finally abhiya meet. Abhay must have been really shocked knowing that he had come to kill his own daughter. Akansha is so cute. Loving her cute dialogues. I hope piya and abhay come together soon. After all they are made for each other.

continue soon! cant wait for abhay's reaction

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SUperb ...loved finally Abhiya met n he knew abt his daughter...Lol he came 2 kill his own daughter...nice twist...Now let's see wht he will do 2 protect them...waiting eagerly 4the next part...

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