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Excellent postClap

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Awesome updates dear continue soon
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 where is a christmas day treat update dear ..still waiting 
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Originally posted by tazeen_29

 where is a christmas day treat update dear ..still waiting 

Dear it's on the previous page...not a treat...only a small cookie crumbBig smile

Today a bigger episode will be posted...and 'am a bit worried...u all are going to kill me for it!!!!Confused

But the story needs it...Big smile


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~*~EPISODE 6~*~

Replaying Epi 5

(It was Christmas eve...a time of the year when people come together and celebrate the spirit of joy, love and benevolence...a time when happiness fills every heart, every molecule in this wonderful universe.

But for Maan and Geet, the day was dismal and the most traumatic, for they had lost the very reason to be happy...and they were searching like mad for their child.

The streets were crowded with revellers and floats. And it was difficult to drive in such congested streets. While driving through the market road, Maan suddenly stops the car when a woman in rags holding a baby crosses the jeep in haste. Geet sees her and cries, "BABY!"

Maan looks at her and then at the woman...he gets down and hurries to the woman, Geet behind him.


She turns in surprise, with the baby in her hand. Geet soon realises it's not their baby...Maan apologises to her for stopping her like that and tells the woman about their missing baby...Geet sees the smiling baby in the woman's hand and remembers her own child...

She kisses the baby and says, "Bahut pyaara hai apka baby..."

"Madam ji...Aap bilkul pareshaan mat hoyiye...Main bhi ek Ma hoon aur main aapka dard samajh sakiti hoon...Main Bhagwaan se prarthana karoongi ki woh aapke baby ko jaldi se aapko lauta de...Aap dheeraj rakhiye..."

Geet could not control her pain and runs away from there. Maan sighs and controls his tears...He again apologises to the poor woman. He places in her hand all the money he had, and he tells her to take good care of the baby. The woman looks at him leaving and prays to God that such big-hearted people should not be made to suffer...

"May they find their child soon!"



Scene 2:

Dev is really shocked to see the motionless figure of the child on the table...

"What did you do? What's wrong with the child? Kahin tumne usse..." he gasps in horror.

"Maine kuch nahi kiya...yeh toh khud hi bhookh se ro ro kar so gaya. Mera sar kha gaya ro ro kar...kuch peetha hi nahi..."

Dev examines the baby's pulse and makes sure that he's alive... He wipes the sweat trickling down his temple and turns to Brij.

"Ab humein jald hi kuch karna hoga...hum Baby ko zyaada din Geet se door nahi rakh payenge...yeh abhi bahut chota hai and he needs mother's milk...agar isse kuch ho gaya toh phir main...Geet ko kaise apna banaoonga. Yeh baby hi toh mujhe meri Geet se milayega." (Sicko Dev)

Brij grimaces as if he didn't care about Geet or her baby...

"Marne do isse bhookh se...Mujhe toh bas MAAN aur uss GEET..." he clenches his teeth and fist in anger.

Dev looks at him sternly and says, "Geet? Tumko maine samjhaya tha na ki tum Geet ko kuch nahi karoge...Tumhe sirf Bro ko rasste sai hatana hai...Tum sirf wahi karo jiske liye tumhe maine jail se nikalwaya hai...SAMJHE!!" he yells.

Brij wanted to destroy the entire Khurana family especially Maan and Geet whom he blamed for his doom. But he had made a deal with Dev in return for his freedom...that he'd spare Geet's life...which seemed really doubtful, remembering the past atrocities committed by him on Geet. Anyway, this time he seemed more under control, and he wanted to make reason to he cleared himself,

"Main...woh...gusse main...kah gaya...")

Episode 6 continues

Scene 1:

 Dev is angry at Brij and warns him...Angry

"Aaj kaha hai...Phir kabhi aisa sochna bhi mat...Yeh sab main sirf Geet ko pane ke liye hi to kar raha hoon...warna tum jaiso ko to main apne aas paaas bhi nahi..." he looks at Brij in disgust and jerks his head in angerAngry.

Brij wanted to retort but he knew he had no choice this time but to heed to him and to accept his humiliation silentlyAngryBig smile.

"Theek hai...galti ho gayi...Ab aage ka kya plan hai?"Confused

"Plan?...ha! Plan toh bahut simple hai...Bro ko phone karo aur yahan bula lo...AKELE!" he stresses on those last syllables, "and then you know what to do with him..." he had a nasty satisfaction in his eyes, "Phir mere aur Geet ke beech main koi nahi aayega," he utters dreamily.

At that moment the baby stirs back to consciousness and starts crying again...

"Yeh baccha? Yeh bahut badi rukawat hai...Ek baar main aur Geet ek ho jaaye phir isse bhi dekh loonga. Abhi toh mujhe iski zaroorat hai kyunki Maan ke jaane ke baad yehi toh mujhe Geet se milwayega."

He picks up the tiny baby and holds him in front of him, the baby writhing in pain screaming for his MammaCryCryCryCry.


Scene 2:


Geet stops in her steps and suddenly holds her heart feeling her child in pain,

"BABY!" she gasps in horror. Maan sees her and runs to her in time to save her from a speeding bike.

They fall on the side of the road...Maan checks her to see if she was hurt but Geet is lost in shock and agony...

He jerks her and asks, "Geet?? Tum theekh ho na?" and he pulls her into a tight hug of relief.

"Maan...humara baby...Woh ro raha hai...woh takleef main hai...I can feel it...Humara baccha ro raha hai Maan...woh ro raha hai..." she breaks down, and falls at his feet crying. Maan never felt more helpless and so powerless, but he knew it was not the time to be weak but to be strong.

Geet absent-mindedly gets up and hurries out of sight, vaguely walking through the street, her hand extended out as if reaching her baby, her eyes without blinking, and her mother's heart bleeding with her child's suffering.

Maan runs behind her, calling out her name, pleading to her to stop...but she just won't...she just wanted to see her child...that's all.

Her body begins to feel the pressure, and slowly she starts to lose her consciousness...but she won't stop...and her body finally gives up under the physical and emotional stress...

Her body sways unable to stand any longer, she holds her head and faints...Maan catches her at the right moment before hitting the road and picks her up in his arms. He carries her to the jeep and gets in. Just when he starts the jeep, his mobile rings and it is Brij...

"Maan Singh Khurana...Mujhe pata hai tu bahut tadap raha hoga apne bachhe se milne ke liye..."

"Brij...Kahan hai mera baccha...Main tujhe nahi chodoonga..." he screams...

"Sshshhh...tera aise chilanna tere bachhe ke liye theekh nahi hoga...Bichaara jab se aaya hai roye hi jar aha hai...he's not even had one drop of milk..." Maan's heart stops beating, "Aur agar tu usse wapis sahi salamat chahta hai toh...chup chap iss pate pea a jaana..."

"Main aaoonga...par tum Baby ko kuch mat karna"

"Nahi karoonga...par yaad rahe akele aana, bilkul akele..."

"Geet bhi hai mere saath...woh behosh hai...Main usse akele nahi chod sakta..."

"GEET...woh bhi hai...theekh hai...par tum dono ke alawa aur koi bhi hoga toh bhool jao apne bacche ke baare main..."

"Nahi...sirf hum dono hi hai..."


Scene 3:


Dev is angry at Brij for allowing him to bring Geet as well...

"Agar Geet ko pata chal gaya ki main hoon iss sab ke peeche toh?"

"Nahi pata chalega, woh behosh hai...aur uske hosh main aane se pehle hi main uss Maan Singh Khurana ko khatam kar doonga."

Dev is stressed and he looks at his mobile, there were more than ten missed calls...all from Nandini.

"Nandini?" he looks surprisingly.

Brij looks at him in anger, but turns away before saying anything.

"Isse kahin shak toh nahi hua? Oh no...I'll have to call her."

He calls her...

"Dev...aap India main hai?"

"Woh...Nandini ji...hua yoon ki Flight cancel ho gayi aur main jaa nahi paaya."

"Aapne mujhe bataya kyun nahi...Pata hai yahan kitni badi problem ho gayi hai...Baby ko Brij Veerji ne kidnap kar liya hai...aur Maan jijaji aur Didi usse dhoondhne gaye hai...Aap please kuch keejiye...Yahan sab bahut pareshaan hai."

Dev feigns innocence..."Oh God...yeh sab kya ho gaya...aap bilkul chinta mat kijiye...Main abhi Bro ko contact karta hoon..."

He disconnects the call and breathes a sigh of relief.

"Thank God...Nandini ko mujh par koi shak nahi hai..." he turns to Brij and tells him to finish Maan off and then call him. He then calls Maan, but he is not answering the call.

He tries again, this time Maan answers...

"Dev? Tum kahan ho?"

"Bro...main airport main hoon...meri filght cancel ho gayi hai...Nandini ne bataya ki Baby ko Brij ne kidnap kar liya hai...Bro aap kahan hai...main bhi wahi aata hoon..."

"Nahi koi zaroorat nahi hai...tum ghar jao...Dadi ma, Nandini aur baki sab ghar walein bahut pareshaan honge...tum unke paas raho..."

"Aur Geet bro?"

"Geet mere saath hai...main tumhe aur kuch nahi bata sakta...Ab woh Brij mujhse nahi bachega...aur kuch hi der main uss aadmi ka bhi pata chal jayega jisne Brij ko jail se chudaya hai..."

Dev's face goes pale, and he asks nervously, "Aapko pata chal gaya woh kaun hai?"

"Abhi nahi Dev? But his identity will be revealed soon..."

He cuts the call and Dev keeps wondering what Maan knew...

"Damn!! Now what??  I can't stay here...but before that iss Brij ka bhi kuch bandobast karna padega...I don't trust him even a bit."

He then calls someone and tells them to finish off Brij and show it as a suicide...



Scene 4:

Maan reaches the deserted wasteland outside the city...and there stood a derelict and isolated building completely wrecked. The darkness was foreboding and the silence even more so. The building had no light and Maan wondered whether it was the right place...

And then he got down and walked towards the crumbled place...the sounds of the rustling leaves drowned only by the brisk wind blowing in the air.

He enters and screws his eyes to look around...With great difficulty he sees a door...but there was no one inside it...He decides to call out Brij's name...


The echo booms around...and then comes the reply...

"Main yahan hoon..."

Maan looks up and sees him, Brij standing on the terrace, holding the baby, who is unconscious.

"Brij...Kya hua mere bacche ko?"

"Woh abhi tak toh theekh hai par agar tumne koi bhi chalaki karne ki koshish ki toh...main isko neeche phenk doonga..."

"Nahi...dekho maine kisi ko bhi nahi bataya ki main yahan aa raha hoon...Geet gadi main hai...aur woh behosh hai...Tumhe jo kuch bhi chahiye main de doonga...par please mere bacche ko chod do..."

"Gidgidao...ha ha ha" he laughs like a crazy man, and then says, "Theekh hai main itna bhi bura nahi hoon ki marne se pehle ek baap ko uske bete se aakhri baar na milaoon...tere bete ko lekar neeche aata hoon..."

They come face to face...Maan desperate to take the baby from that animal's hand.

But he won't give up like that...he throws a gun at Maan and asks him to pick it up...

"Utthaoo gun...ab iss bache ki zindagi tumhare haath main hai...Gun utthaoo aur chalaoo apne pe...aur main tumhare bacche ko sahi salamat Geet tak pahucha doonga..."

Maan sees the cunning behind Brij's plan to kill him, then also the bay and Geet. He had to think fast and also recover the other person's name from him...

"Main aisa nahi karoonga...mujhe tum par bilkul vishwaas nahi hai...Pehle tum Baby ko Geet ke pass chod do...phir  jaisa tum chahoge main waisa hi karoonga..."

Brij agrees thinking he can always overpower the meek and frail Geet.

"Theekh hai..."

They both walk towards the jeep, Brij taking the gun from Maan's hand and pointing it at the baby...He keeps the baby down on the seat and points the gun at Maan, and motions him to walk away with him. Maan looks at his wife and his baby one last time...and then determinedly walks with Brij into the building.


On the terrace...

Brij points to him the gun and says,


Maan looks at him in shock and says, "Brij...tum aisa kyun kar rahe ho...Geet tumhari behen hai aur..."

"Chup bilkul chup..." he walks to him angrily...and this was what Maan needed, he jumps on to him and grabs his gun but he won't let go off the gun. A tussle broke out between them and they were on the verge of the terrace...They move back and forth and fall down the stairs...they tumble down the stairs still struggling to snatch the gun, into the darkness of the buiding.

Dev was watching all this from a distance and was waiting for the right time to enter.

The baby wakes up recognising the presence of his mother. The cry of her child brings Geet back to her senses...and she is overwhelmed with emotions to see her child on the seat...She picks him up and kisses him all over...and holds him close to her heart breaking into tears...She is completely unaware of the situation inside and she's lost in her child...

She sees the scars on his tiny hands and body and her heart weeps...she caresses those scars that makes the baby shiver...she then feeds the bay and realises for the first time that Maan was not there.

She gets down keeping the baby safely on the seat, and looks around with whatever strength was left in her...

"TISHKIYAON...TISHKIYAON!!!!" he hears two booming shots and then followed by Maan's scream, her heart goes numb. The sound has come from the building, she runs towards it screaming,


But before that Dev seizes her and stops her...

"Dev...Maan andar hai...maine unki aawaz suni...Aur woh goliyon ki aawaz...Mujhe chodo...mujhe abhi unke paas jaana hai..."

"Geet sambhalo apne apko... tum jeep main jaakar baitho...Main andar jaa kar dekhta hoon..."

"Nahi...Mujhe abhi Maan ke paas jaana hai..." she demands trying to break herself free from Dev's grip...

She manages to free herself and runs inside...and there in a pool of blood was lying her Maan...She stops dead in her path and she falls down next to his lifeless body...She shakes him...

"Maan...Maan" then turns to Dev "Dev call the ambulance...tum mera mooh kya dekh rahe ho...jaldi call the ambulance...MAAN ...MAAN...aankhein kholiye..."

Dev had to prove his innocence to her so he called the ambulance, and also the police so that no one points a finger at him.

Maan is not responding to her sound, his body was cold and Geet kept shaking him...she hugged his body and was unable to breathe...screaming out in pain.

Dev tried to pull her apart from Maan but she wouldn't let go off Maan's body...

"Geet...wake up...Bro humein chod kar jaa chuke hain...he's dead."

She gets up and there was disbelief in her angry eyes, "Kya kahan tumne...KYA KAHA TUMNE" she slaps him again and again... "Maan mujhe chod kar kahin nahi jaa sakte...samjhe...jab tak meri saansein chal rahi hai, tab tak unhe kuch nahi ho sakta...Samjhe tum..." she tells him angrily refusing to believe her Maan is no more...She sits next to his body, caressing his bloody face, wiping the blood of his face and neck, he unbuttons her blood soaked shirt, bends low on his face and kisses him, her tears washing away the blood on his face...and slowly faints on him...Dev realises it's the right time and takes her to the jeep...He comes back into the buiding and sees another pool of blood in which laid Brij...

"Accha hua dono mere raaste se hatt gaye...mujhe zyaada mehnat bhi nahi karni padi..."

He then walks to the bodies to check their wounds...his mobile rings, it's the contract killers...

"Dono hi mar chuke hain...police ke aane se pehle yahan ke saare sabooth mita dena...Zyaada waqt nahi hai humare paas..."

He then leaves the bodies inside and walk to the jeep...He drives out of the wasteland satisfied that he had finished off Maan and that Geet was now going to be his. Finally his wish of having her was going to come true and he was on cloud nine. (RASCAL!!!Censored)


The building is set on fire by the goons and the bodies burn away in the fire...Maan was gone and how was Geet going to face this reality...CryCryCry

The police discovers the charred bodies and identifies them as that of Maan and Brij...ConfusedConfusedConfused

Precap: Geet is not ready to accept his Maan is no more...Dadi ma and everyone else can't tolerate to see her in that condition...she's not even aware of her baby. Dev on the othere hand is acting all sad and teary eyed tries to console which she slaps him again. Dev controls himself saying, he'll have to bear it if he wants her in his life...

"Bas thode dino ki hi toh baat hai...phir Geet meri hogi..."

The entire office staff gathers in KM...Adi is completely broken...and Dev goes into a hysteria crying his eyes out...screaming,

"Bro aap humein chod ke nahi jaa sakte!!!"









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now by the time the "supposedly dead" Maan is found... make Kamya, Dev's own sister come home bitterly crying and her life awfully ruined in the same way with not a tiny bit of hope like Dev did to Geet and this time Kamya even proved to have a developed a dreadedly loose character (slept with don't know how many men so don't know father of baby)Wink... sorry i know that it is not right but still want Dev to serve hell... and Maan is not dead... he is very much alive... and Maan figured out the culprit being Dev... i want to see this... could u please add this also...

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hey definitely they can go along geet 2 with story. superb.

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