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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

GEET..hui IndiaForum ki pyaari:epi6/7/8-9:28/30/31 (Page 16)

maansee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 11:21pm | IP Logged

omg ye devAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry poor nandani...CryCryCryCryCryCry

brij bhi aa gaya... yaar bahut tension de rahe ho... or ab to precap is says baby is missing too...
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wonderful job done by u dearie...

-Mishu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
awesome update dear...will give u long comment when i m home...
-ZainImam- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 2:05am | IP Logged
That was aaammmaaazzziiinnnggg!!
An awesome maha epi!!
Stupid dev..hd 2 show his true colours..back stabber
Plz gt rid of dev n brij asap!!
Precap looks amazing..cnt wait

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honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 2:28am | IP Logged
pls put up an index dear... Smile
CrazyMaaneetFan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 4:09am | IP Logged
Wow wat a maha epi.
So many twists.
Grt job done dear.
1st i thought vicky ws in jail.

Plz do put index on 1st case i cum late,it will b easy to find page no. of updates
namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 6:32am | IP Logged
awww that's fantablous...
loved it...
can't wait what's gonna happen next...
pj2012 Goldie

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Scene 1:

[Maneet's room: Baby sleeping in the cradle...Maan enters...taking off his tie and waist coat...Geet is standing in the balcony lost in thoughts...Maan first goes to the cradle, kisses his baby and then walks to Geet.]

"Maan! Aap aa gaye..."

But before she could ask anything else, he pulls her into a tight hug like if he wouldn't hold on to her tightly he'd lose her...

"Geet, I love you...tum mujhse kabhi door mat jaana..."

"Maan..." she places her palm on his face, "Main apse door kyun jaoongi...Aap mujhse kuch chupa rahein hai?"

He realised that in his concern he almost lost control over his reason and was about to disclose the news about Brij's release.

"Geet...aisi koi baat nahi hai? I was just missing you terribly...tum dono ke bina ab mera mann kahin lagta hi nahin."

"Maan...I love you."

And they hug...Geet is completely unaware of the storm that was going to enter her life. Maan on the other hand was determined that he'd never allow any such storm to enter their life, he also knew he would protect Geet and Baby till his last breath.

"Maan aap change kar lijiye main khaana lagwati hoon."



Scene 2:

Devini's room

Nandini is on phone and looks really excited...Dev looks at her apprehensively and walks to her.


She is off the phone and turns to him...

"Haan Dev, Aap kahin jaa rahein hai?" she asks finding him all ready to leave.

"Haan...Main London jaa raha hoon...I'll be back in one week. I have to attend an International Business Conference there since Bro can't leave Geet and Baby alone at this moment."

" don't have to give explanation...I totally understand you...Aap apna khayal rakhiyega...aur yahan ki chinta bilkul mat kijiyega..."

"Oh Nandini aap kitni understanding hai...I'd have loved to stay here for your surprise par kya karein..."

"Yeah...Dadima aa rahi hai...and I have also called Geet didi's family here. Woh kitna khush hongi..."

"Wow...Nandini, mujhe bilkul pata nahin tha aap itna badiya surprise plan kar rahi thi..."

"Dadima aapko miss karengi...but I'll tell her if it wasn't urgent you would have stayed back."

"Main jaldi wapis aa jaaoonga..."

He leaves but he was no longer the same Dev, he had an evil twinkle in his eyes and it was foreboding.


Scene 3:

Lunch table

Geet serves him rice and other things...then comes and sits next to him smiling at him.

"Geet tumne kha liya?"

"Haan...maine aur Nandini ne kab ka kha liya."

"Aur medicine le liya na tumne..."

"Haan Maan...aap ne toh mujhe baccha bana diya hai."

She laughs...

Maan looks really in a dilemma and finally decides to tell her,

"Geet...Main bahut thakh gaya hoon...kya hum aaj ke long drive ka plan phir kabhi karein...?"

"Kya hua Maan? Jab se aap office se jaldi aaye hain tab se kuch pareshaan lag rahein hain...Aap zaroor mujhse kuch chupa rahein hain...Please batayiye naa."

He suddenly changes topic...

"Geet...koi problem nahin hai...I've told you...bas kuch office main problem ho gayi thi..."

"Office main? I knew it...kuch toh baat thi jo aap ko pareshaan kar rahi thi..."

"Geet...shaant ho was a small problem and I've solved it...Main bas aaj ghar main rehna chahta hoon."

Geet was still not convinced but she didn't want to trouble him more so she kept quiet...


Scene 4:


Nandini persuades Maan and Geet to come down to the hall all dressed up for a party she had organised for them and the Baby...

Geet takes out a beautiful maroon and gold silk saree from her wardrobe and begins to change...Baby is playing on the bed...

"Baby aap ke Pappa ghar main hai phir bhi unka poora dhyaan office main laga rahta hai...Dekhiye abhi bhi Adi Sir se baat karne gaye hai balcony main..."

Baby chuckles...and Geet smiles at him lovingly...

"Mamma abhi aati hain aapke paas..."

She wraps the sari around her and looks into the mirror, and sees Maan behind her completely mesmerised in her beauty...


They are lost in each other's eyes...Maan approaches a nervously smiling Geet and was lifts his hand to hold her face...

Baby cries and they fumble looking away from each other...

She goes and picks up baby, Maan looks at them and says,

"Geet Baby ko main sambhaal loonga, tum jaldi se tayyar ho jao..."

He takes Baby from her hand and starts playing with him. Geet becomes emotional seeing them together, wipes her tears and starts getting ready for the party.


Scene 5:


Maan holding Baby, and Geet holding his hand walk down the stairs to the deserted and dark hall.

They look around but there was no one in there...

"Kahan hai everyone? Nandini??" she calls...




Dadi Maa comes forward and surprises them...

"Dadi maa..." cries Geet and hugs her...

"Geet beta maine aap logon ko kitna miss kiya...aur sabse pehle toh main apne parpote ko dekhna chahti hoon...Jaante hai jabse mujhe Baby ke aane ki news mili hai main jaldi se ghar aa jaana chahti thi...aur jaise hi yaatra khatam hui main bhaagi bhaagi aa gayi apne bachon ke paas...Maan beta?" she sees him holding the Baby. Tears fill her eyes and she rushes to him...and takes the Baby from his hand and starts loving him like mad...She is so overwhelmed with joy and couldn't control her emotions with her great grandson smiling in her lap.

Nandini too comes and announces, "Geet didi aapke liye ek aur surprise hain..."

And Geet wonders what it is...when one by one her entire family gathers in front of her. She is shocked to see them all and just couldn't believe her eyes...She runs to her parents and cries aloud holding on to them...They too ask her forgiveness for not being with her when she wanted them the most...

The reconciliation was very emotional...they all thank Maan for looking after their daughter and giving her all the happiness that they never gave her. They all meet the baby and all of them wanted to hold him in their hands...

Geet thanks Nandini...who tells her that it was all Jijaji's plan and that he wanted you to have all the happiness that you had lost...

"Maan ne kiya yeh sab..." she looks around but doesn't find him anywhere...

Maan is in the garden and he's talking to Adi on phone...

"Adi uss Brij ka kuch pata chala..."

"Nahi Sir...woh jail se choothte hi kahin gayab ho gaya...par Sir mujhe pata chala hai ki Dev Sir aaj uss Police station main gaye the..."

"Dev? But why?" he sees Geet coming towards him and he tells Adi to find more about it and cuts the call...

She comes near him and looks into his eyes lovingly...and then she hugs him and Maan hugs back...

"Maan thank you...aapne mujhe itni saari khushiyaan de di..."

"Geet tum khush ho mujhe aur kya chahiye..."

Nandini comes out and calls them in...

"Geet didi...Jijaji andar chaliye...Pandit ji aa gaye hain...Baby ke namkaran ceremony ka muhurat ho gaya hai..."

Geet lloks at him still in his arms and says, "Chale Mr Maan Singh Khuraana..."

"Yes Mrs Geet Singh Khurana...chaliye...waise aap ne humare bte ka koi naam socha hai..."

Suddenly they both realise that they haven't still thought of a name...


Scene 6:

The ceremony begins...

Pandit ji chants the mantras and asks Maan to sit down with the baby in his laps...and then the Pandit tells him to hold the betel leaf to the baby's ear and whisper his name into his ears. He looks at Geet, who walks to Dadi ma and asks her to suggest a name...

Dadi suggests the name "Aditya Singh Khurana..." Aditya was the name of her late husband and Geet and Maan loves the name.

The baby is named Aditya and soon after the ceremony the party begins...


Scene 7:

Slow ball dance

"Geet, tum itni door kyun khadi ho?"

"Door Maan? Yeh door hai?"

He pulls her closer and says, "Haan ab theekh hai..."

She frowns at him, "Maan sab dekh rahein hai...chodiye mujhe..."

The music begins...

[Jab koi baat bigad jaaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaaye, tum dena saath mera...Oh hum nava...]

They dance like two people who are truly and divinely in love with eachother, lost in each other's eyes...magical and heavenly...

After the dance...Geet asks for the Baby...

Dadi maa tells her Baby was with Nandini...but looking everywhere the baby is not found to be with anyone...Geet is desperate and frantically runs around asking everyone where her baby was...Maan and everyone else present there search for the bay but the was gone...Geet faints crying for her baby...Maan takes her to their room and comes down...

Maan's mobile rings...

"Maan Singh Khurana?"

"Brij?" he utters, his face losing all it's life...

"Kaise he aap...aur meri behen Geet?? Arre main toh bhool hi gaya aap ko mubarakbaad den eke kiye...Main bahut khush hoon...Mama jo ban gaya hoon...Mera bhanja..."

"Shut up you filthy coward...Mera beta kahan hai??? Agar usse kuch bhi hua toh main tumhe zinda nahi chodoonga..."

"Chillayiye mat Khurana saab...aap apne bte ki jaan khtre main daal rahein hain..."

"Brij...tum aisa kuch nahi karoge...Main tumhare aage haath jodta hoon...please usse kuch mat karna, tum jo kahoge main woh karoonga bas usse lauta do..."

Brij laughs like a crazy maniac and cuts the call...Maan falls down completely broken...

Everyone comes to him and asks him who it was...and Geet's family understands it's Brij, Geet's own brother who has kidnapped their son...They are completely shocked and ashamed and Daar ji angrily takes out his sword and swears to kill Brij...


Precap: Police is informed about the kidnapping...Geet is still unconscious. Maan takes his jeep and goes out in search of their child. Nandini tries to contact Dev but his phone is unreachable. Adi is at KM and he is trying hard to contact Maan but his phone too is unreachable...

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awsome all the parts but dev i hate him to the core n such a scary precape baby is missing ohhh god wt will happen continue soon eagerly waiting for next part
superb one brij n dev i really hate them i hope maan baby ko dubdh le aur usse dev ki sachai bhi pata chal jaye
n i m soo happy surprisingly i m first to comment  eagerly waiting for next part continue soon

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