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YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#223~TuHiToMujhMainBassiHai

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YuNa4ever IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 2:13am | IP Logged
Character Sketch & Personal

SeHa- Friendship is higher then every Relationship'

Sehban is totally opposite of Yuvraj, he isn't the AYM types, he found it really weird to meet neha when she is falling and save her lol it was something really diff for him.

Neha on the other side is as bubbly as Naina, she was like if this guy drops me I will be a bhoot and haunt him rofl.

They make SeHa Two names joined in one...

There friendship is so sweeet and adorable. When they met they were so awkward with eachother while shooting romantic scene Neha would put her hand in between lol but then of course they became friends and the understanding helped them shoot the amazing and delightfullyDROOLABLE scenes. 

After Neha left the show they would talk on the phone daily and sometimes also meet and break bread together ;)

they even have Konnections here and there Day Dreaming They bth like to have tea Blushing LMAO and They bth done a Ad with TVS Embarrassed seperate bt stillEmbarrassed



YuNa- An Eternal Fairytale...

Once Upon a Time there lived a Dark Knight with a Dark Secret and a doomed revengeful life... His life was only about revenge; basically he lived a Lifeless life!
He's name was "Dr. Yuvraj Singh/Oberoi"
And there lived a bubbly, beautiful and full of life princess, she knew how to spread, love, laughter and Joy across wherever she stepped her feet. For her Love and Freedom was the most beautiful thing.
Her name was "Dr. Naina Mehta"

There Profession brought them together, but both of them had a different outlook of there profession, He was here to seek revenge while she was here to fulfill her dreams.
When they met, sparks flew...

He was her Saviour... But they ignored it and Argued, They argued till they could, they tried so hard to hate eachother and "STAY AWAY" But the heart wouldn't agree.

Soon Enough the Princess started to realize she was "falling in love" but he kept staying away and denying he's feeling... he tried to make himself understand it was all a game.

One Day the Princess confessed her feelings and told him how much she Loved him, He felt something deep that day but he was still in denial, he would never fall in love "NEVER" He used her to reach he's motive, and when she realized, she was hurt deeply, and more then her it was "him" He realized how much she meant to him, He realized that no one or nothing else in this world was True or Real accept her 'Love' Their Love.

She was upset, but not for very long... Her love just wouldn't let her stay away. One fine day He confessed his love and told her wat she meant to him "I love you" She couldn't hold herself back anymore, this was her fairytale and she knew it for her it was 'Prince Charming' but her 'Handsome Saviour her Knight'

From then on they were happy, happier then ever, Romance was on the edge and all they could see was eachother. Like all Fairytales they had there villains and bad days L Jealousy, Arguments, etc etc they went thru it all but there LOVE stood tall after everything, after every problem. But the Biggest Villain Came in there life the Princess Father... He decided to tear them apart but despite it all they made a promise to be together for an eternity "Till Death Do us Apart" They tried and tried for a long time but he still wouldn't let this happen. He wanted a "prince Charming" for his Daughter. At Last when nothing worked out, the knight had to choose, he had to choose to be 'selfish or selfless' He chose to be Selfless coz that's what love had taught him. He let her go away, far away with her father but before he let go he made a promise that if there 'Love is true they shall meet again'

One Day the Knight decided he could never live without her because she was his life, and she wasn't there he's life wasn't there, he didn't want to live like a breathing corpse so he decided to meet her again.

He went to USA and Met her there, and both were together again, they loved eachother so much they would never want to be separated again. There love kept blossoming each passing day. They wanted to try and speak to her father again but life just wasn't in there favour and they had a Huge Argument which led them far away once again.

But there love was so strong that they met yet again. They argued once again, she was really angry with him and decided to go with her Father's choice, but wud that be possible?? I don't think so.

Again sparks flew and they knew they just couldn't stay apart, but she was determined to move away from him. One day she told him to leave her and move on, because she wanted to move on aswell. But he couldn't do that, where would he move to?? She taught him to live, to love and to laugh. He's life was owned by her, he could never ever imagine his life without her and he knew that she couldn't live without him either.

So he told her "No Matter who she married, where she went, what she did but her heart and soul would always remain with him" she tried but how could she deny the fact. She knew this was the truth of her life. Her heart knew she could never be Far from him.


Someone very intelligent has said:
 "Love is a Journey, not a Destination"
Where you end up is not important, whats important is the Journey, the Journey that is never ending, the journey that gives you a taste of everything "Happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, sleepless nights, wonderful dreams etc etc" it's the best of all worlds. But at the end, its all worth it ;)

Love has NO END. Its always a new beginning... There is no solution to the mystery of love... Its just goes on and on...

If Love is true, it always comes back and so did they, they came back each time, and finally they lived 'Happily Ever After'

Mr. & Mrs. Yuvraj Oberoi 4eva! An Eternal Saga...


*Thanx To Zunni for the Amazing BannersEmbarrassedClap*
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*Thanx To Zunni for the Amazing BannersEmbarrassedClap*


(*YuNa's Love Island.*)#67~
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island #121 ~Love Filled Life~ 
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#122~MomentOfEternity<3~
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#123~ LoveNeverEnds <3 *~ 
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#124 ~*Yeh Dil Kya Kare*~
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#125 ~*YUmmy&NAughty Is Us! 
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#138~*Love Story <3*~
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#139~*YouBelongWithMe <3*~  
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#140~Romeo&Juliet..Erm who?
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#141~*LoveIsBrainless*
YuNa/SeHa Love Island#142~I CantLieSheSee'sThruMe
YuNa/SeHa Love Island#143~3Words,8Letters&ImYour's 
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#148~*WaitorWaleKapde ;)*~ 
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#149~*GussiBabyOnFire ;)*~
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#154~ Kiss Of LOVE <3
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#155~*EvenSRKLovesUs <3*~ 
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#157~*TaareTorKeLa <3*~
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#158~*WeAreJustTooFilmy;)* 
YuNa/SeHa'sLoveIsland#166~TumMeriHoSirfMeri <3* 
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#167~CantTakeMyEyesOffYou<3 
YuNa/SeHa's Love Island#174~TellTheWorldThatUrMine
YuNa/SeHa'sLove Island#176~TerePyarMainAiseJiyeHum 
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*Thanx To Zunni for the Amazing BannersEmbarrassedClap*

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  3. -Preeti- (26 June )
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  5. biryani------------()
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  7. LanaBurak(Lana)-(6th May)
  8. AshiYuvi4Life(Komal) (16th June )
  9. anwaya - (11th May )
  10. Sofna - (Saeeda) - (17th Oct)
  11. -Sofia.786- (Sofia)-(10th Sep) 
  12. riddhzie - (oochita)-(2nd Jan)
  13.  Starry_night (Priyanka) - (13th Nov)
  14. sunena2293 (Sunena) - (2nd Feb)
  15. Tushtih7(yami) - (10th march)
  16. anjananazir (anju) - (28th Mar)
  17. miss_precious (Safina) - (14th Dec)
  18. Mariel - (Marielle) - (5th June)
  19. ...anshu... (anshu) - (18th Oct) 
  20. angel_1692 (anshika) - (16th Nov)
  21.  EssenceSkye (Sky) - (18th Nov)
  22. priyanka4340 (Priyanka) - (20th april)
  23. Amit-Tandon (Sanya) - (1st Feb)
  24. sups2222 (Supriya) - (23rd June)
  25. tharuni (bhuvan) - (10th Nov)
  26. ibdt2004 (Shilpa) - (4th Feb)
  27. mevrulz4eva (23rd Jan)
  28. Qnz_diva (Fatima)- (28th Sep)
  29. Krishy_ - (28th Nov)
  30. Pocahontas (Niti) - (26th Nov)
  31. pakindmuziq (Iqra) - (17th June)
  32. fizza311 (Fizza) - (3rd Nov)
  33. 0o.Leah.o0 (apporva)- (4th oct)
  34. aish_punk - (7th Nov)
  35. nadz_J (Nadia)- (28th Sep)
  36. hunder (PJ) - (19th Aug)
  37. Eloquent (Harshu) - (4th July ) 
  38. princessuma (sumi)- (13th July)
  39. 1kaarzoo (sana) - (22nd Mar)
  40. SimplyNice (Alia) - (27th April)
  41. adiarmaan (Adiba)- (11th Nov)
  42. madz1 (Madhura) - (1st March)
  43. karan.my.armaan (Sukriti) - (12th Feb)
  44. ayesha09 (Ayesha) - (1st July)
  45. dmgfan03 (Neha) - (2nd Dec)
  46. PreeyalKSharma (Priyanka) - (31st Jan)
  47. Chandnixxx (Chandni) - (14th April)
  48. KaShbaby_Riya (Riya) - (31st Oct)
  49. KaSh.2030 (Naina) - (12th April)
  50. RonaldoLover7 (rav)
  51. N786 (Nayab)
  52. Knowalot2 (Kanya)
  53. anglekti (Kruti)
  54. piya2025 (Piya)
  55. ilive2laugh
  56. Siddi 
  57. anitamalik
  58. *payal_15* (Payal)
  59. anisha12
  60. mohit.great
  61. pagli91 (Fahi)
  62. -PZlicious- (Dhara)-27th April
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  65. DrSidMrsWahi
  66. KSG2 (Sanjana)
  67. ayeshaD (Ayesha)
  68. Jenifer. (13th October)
  69. kajenkidiwani
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  74. ..Sakshi.. (Sakshi)
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  85. Angel-A
  86. sweetu84 (Padma)
  87. daffodils.dudu (Tanaya)
  88. seedhasaadhi
  89. dmg_mjht (Esha)
  90. roshni.r3
  91. kaneez-e-fatima () 
  92. pari_smile ()
  93. Vithi- October 21st
  94. Maithli
  95. bornalee.. - (Bornali Sharma) (22nd May)
  96. Lekha.MaYur4eva-Lekha
  97. -Naina- (October 27th)
  98. ~*~Astargal~*~-Annsah
  99. -SamPari-~Sam
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  101. Gimzy ~ Girisha (26th September)
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  104. tharuni (bhuvan) - (10th Nov)
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  111. bornalee.. - (22nd May)
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  126. -KaShti- ~ Srishti 
  127. Angelic_swanzy
  128. ..NiyaPari..
  129. ArTi4ever
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  132. Kajenaliya
  133. -DarkFantasy- (Mehak)
  134. amnaM- Amna(5th July)
  135. Yashi
  136. Xxcoolchick1xX-Preeti(17th May)
  137. Noori (18th Nov)
  138. dmg2fan-Yas
  139. Sara
  140. Sainyashi14 - Ayushi (2nd Oct)

Do PM Nadz(Nadz_YuNalover) Or Marz (YuNa4ever)  if u want your name to be added in the list. PM the one who has opened the Island. Pm with your date of birth and your name

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*Thanx To Zunni for the Amazing BannersEmbarrassedClap*

 Find all Yuvi-Naina Love Scenes by Piya Here (Till 26th Feb 2010):

-Yuvraj-Naina Scenes-


By Nadz (Continued from 1st March 2010):

Video Mixes

 by various ppl (Over 100 Added adding more slowly)


Dr. Naina Mehta Intro

Dr. Yuvraaj Singh Intro
All The docs - Yuvi & Naina - Sid & Tamana

Yuvraj Anjaane Khatrein Mein - 18 November 09

Kya Ho Gaya Mujhe - Naina

Naina Kahi Nahi Jayagi

WOHI KAROGI JO MAIN KAHUNGA (we never saw this scene in DMGConfused)

24 November 2009 Promo YuNa dancing on Just Chill (OMG yuvis style and nainas dressTongue)

Naina Yuvi Soft Scene


Dill Mill Gayye & Miley Jab Hum Tum - 12 December 2009 SPL PROMO


Ps: links will be changed soon as some are not working i will upload on YT todayWink

*Thanx To Zunni for the Amazing BannersEmbarrassedClap*

~~DMG Promo Pics Dr. Naina Sept 4th,09~~

YuNa- Picture Gallery **NO COMMENTS**


*Thanx To Zunni for the Amazing BannersEmbarrassedClap*

TB Article : DMG new Interns

It's Holi-day!


Neha Jhulka to be a part of Crime Patrol

Neha Opted out of DMG


Sehban on India Times:

 Sehban on horror nights:


SBS - New doc in Sanjeevani


IF Int on DMG2 BaSh Day Dreaming


SeHa on DMG 500 Episodes Bash Blushing


Gang at Tamz house SeHaEmbarrassed


4th January 2010 - Jenny with the new Interns Embarrassed


22 January 2010 - SeHa on Sid's Mistakes *aah there laughs*Embarrassed


15th February - The Cutest Interview ever Silly Heart 

Telly Tadka Vday SplEmbarrassed


23th October 10 DMG Wrap up PartyEmbarrassedCry


Sehban Azim on Dehli Aaj TakEmbarrassed



Sehban's Award winning Short Film StationsEmbarrassed

Neha Gets an Award for her role as NainaEmbarrassed



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*Thanx to Zunni for the Beautiful BannerClapEmbarrassed*

2nd September 2009:First Promo's were aired
22nd september 2009:YuNa entered DMGEmbarrassed
24thd September 2009:First official Terrace meeting and hand hold Silly
25th September 2009- First Island was opened by Javz, but then the DT closedit due to Permission issuesOuch
9th October 2009: First time yuvi feels sumthing for naina *mesmerized* Day Dreaming
12th October 2009: First bike rideEmbarrassedLOL
14th October 2009- First official Island was openedTongue
22nd October 2009: first diwaliEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
26th October 2009: Hott mental hosp scene Silly
30th October: NEHA's BdayEmbarrassed
20th November: First hug Embarrassed
26th November: First dance Silly
10th December 2009: Labon ko seq Silly
14th December 2009: Raj-Sim Scene Day Dreaming
23rd December: KHUDAYA VE CONFESSION Day Dreaming
5th January: Truth revealed, Break upCry
14th January: Yuvi's Pool confession Silly
18th January: First Romantic BB Match Day Dreaming
19th January: first date Silly and Naina's ILU Day Dreaming
15th February: Vday Embarrassed and TTEmbarrassed
25th February: Full Truth, and two hugs Day Dreaming
26th February- Sehbu's BDAY
1st March: First HoliTongue
3rd March: Hott hott scene Silly
9th March: First Promise-Naina belong to YuviDay Dreamingand tight huggieBlushing
12th March: Hamesha and 4evaDay Dreaming
26th March: Yuvi passes his examDay Dreaming asks for his giftBlushing
8th April- Yuvi and JP go to meet pappa ROFL Him in black her in redBlushing 
13th April: Soon to be gujjuBlushing
20th April: Waitor wala sceneSilly
22nd April: Proposal scene and flying kissBlushing
29th April: first slap Broken Heart ROFL
3rd May: Fake suicide ROFL and HuggDay Dreaming
7th May: Naina's Bday and RoseBlushing
14th May:  First KarwachautBlushing
17th May- All Izz well and New SeHa picBlushing Day Dreaming
18th May: Naina leaves DMGCryCry YuNa separationCryCry
Yuvi leave DMG for Naina
13 Sept YuNa are backDay Dreaming 
15th Sept Last sceneEmbarrassedDancing

As was announced earlier  SEHA MOVIE coming up Blushing "Aisa Pehli Baar hua Hai" (hpe this tym i dnt delay it, been trying to do this since september pshhhtt Ermm lazyness wnt leave me :()
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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 2:19am | IP Logged

  • A happy EndingDay Dreaming 
  • YuNa as leads in DMG 3Blushing 
  • YuNa Season 2! Them fighting all over againSilly 
  • SeHa come back on a tv show ASAP with each otherBlushing
  • SeHa give us a long video msg for isluEmbarrassed
  • More SeHa Offscreen moments Heart 
  • We get to meet SeHa Blushing so basically money for mumbai ROFL
  • Sehbu proposes Neha On TVSilly  and he sings for her on kneesBlushing Filmy types cheDay Dreaming 
  • YuNa Baarish sceneBlushing 
  • Jalebi Sharing Scene Blushing
  • YuNa weddingBlushing 
  • SeHa HOT SEXY PhotoshootSillySilly with an exclusive interview ofcEmbarrassed 
  • SeHa call each other with pet names in front of usBlushing
  • We keep getting pics coz we are greedyDay Dreaming
  • YuNa Atta scene where we get a cheeck and neck kissBlushing
  • SeHa Hug on TV!Blushing
  •  YuNa movie!Embarrassed 
  • YuNa strip tease sceneBlushing sexyliciousBlushing
  • SeHa movieSilly 
  • We get videos of some offscreen moments of SeHa like wen they shot 3rd marchBlushingand other scenesSillySilly
  •  SeHa host a reality show togetherBlushing *cahutteEmbarrassed*
  • Dance performanceSillySilly
  • InshAllah they get awardsDay Dreaming
  • YuNa have a dreammy song sequence like Labon KoBlushing
  • YuNa at the beach cheSilly
  • We see them sharing each other's jhoota like cake Blushing
  • SeHa post at islu Embarrassed 
  • YuNa In LonavlaDay Dreaming i know all YuNa fans wanted them to go well i thinkStern SmileROFL
  • Bike ride sceneBlushing
  • More YuNa Close DanceBlushing
  • SeHa cheeck kissSillySilly
  •  SeHa at number at rank one out of celebrities on IFApprove 
  • We share bread, juice , chai and coffee with them BlushingROFL 
  • SeHa talk about the breaking bread articleBlushing
  • We Get More offscreen videos and updatesEmbarrassed 
  • They share chocolateBlushing 
  • YuNa on an ice cream dateDay Dreaming 
  • We share coke with them Blushing
  • If someone makes DDLJ part 2 SeHa get castedEmbarrassed
  • They give us their phone numbers so we can interview them specially for isluBlushing
  • We get autographsSilly
  • We keep drooling over YuNa/SeHa at islu so they feel loved[Blushing
  • We See SeHa sharing in one plateBlushing and kicking each other ROFLEmbarrassed 
  • SeHa read this list and decide to fulfill them for usBlushing
YuNa4ever IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 2:19am | IP Logged

*Thanx To Zunni for the Amazing BannersEmbarrassedClap*

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