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ArHi SS: Vertigo - Completed [Sequel link on Page 1] (Page 9)

great_love Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 3:22am | IP Logged
both chapter are awesome...

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Thyme Groupbie

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dumas

               awesome update thanks for the pm 

Thank you...You are welcome

Originally posted by zafi

Interesting Update. ClapDamn that La watching and loading Khushi with so much work.Angry Thanks for the PM.Big smile update soon.Wink

Thank you...You are welcome... Lavanya's vindictiveness was fascinating in this series..before she moved in with ASR.

Originally posted by YPNHK_kiFANno.1

Why do I have a feeling that the Groom might be Arnav? But I must say Khushi is totally crazy! WackoLOL

Thank you...I won't be saying anymore...Khushi doesn't know what's happening to her :-)

Originally posted by angelic shaz

awesummm loved it!!!!

Thank you...
Thyme Groupbie

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 6:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bookadict303

Continue soon :)

Thanks...I will..

Originally posted by Nici0306

Please add me to your pm list... i would love to get updates on this story..

Thank you...I will send PMs out...

Originally posted by SiRul

Pm me nextel time

Thanks...I will do so..

Originally posted by mollycoddle

superb update

Thyme Groupbie

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 8:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by littlemoi

great update.. really excited for the next one!! plz continue soon!

Thank you...I will :-)

Originally posted by slgirl

ha ha..Kushi is a goner...but but how will Arnav react...Ouch


Originally posted by rbarretto

wow lovely update


Originally posted by ivre

Nice chapter again. Looks like Khushi is neck deep in trouble. 

Thank you..trouble..? Let's wait and watch...
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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by srahs

loved it

continue soon plz

Thanks...update soon...

Originally posted by qutiegiya

both chapter are awesome...

Thanks for reading both in one go!

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged

Chapter 4: Jaane kya sochkar nahin guzra…

She stopped in her tracks when she heard the song. "Jaane kya soch kar nahin guzra…." There was something endearing about the song which made her sigh. She smiled at the security guard who was playing radio at the guard post.

"Did you forget something Ms. Khushi?" He asked her politely.

"Tons of work," she said bringing in smile to her voice. He offered her a sympathetic look and nodded. She hummed the same tune as she took elevator to her floor which turned out to be totally empty. It was probably the first time she felt relaxed in the office without smirks of condescension by social butterflies, looks of pity from senior colleagues and the glace of mild amusement which could turn deadly by her boss, Lavanya. Amidst all of these were the odd glances, blatant stares, annoyed looks and angry glares by Arnav which at times irritated her and sometimes rendered her breathless.

She switched on the desktop and waited for it to boot.

Jaane Kya Sochkar Nahin Guzra

Ik Pal Raat Bhar Nahin Guzra

 She relaxed into her chair and rested her neck closing her eyes. She knew that sometime in future she would retrospect this day and she would question every action, emotion, feeling and the unexplained stream of vibrations that flew in her blood, singing a bittersweet melody. She calmed herself by taking several deep breaths and questioned why she really was back at office. It wasn't the first time her aunt had brought up the conversation of her marriage. With respect to work, Lavanya had always been only a semi-decent boss. Lavanya's attitude changed with the way she dealt with things. When she was in a really good mood, she didn't insult her much. It was a whole different game when she got angry though. Then why did she come back to office as if not being here would contradict her existence?

Apni Tanhai Kaa Auron Se Na Shikva Karna

She opened her eyes when she heard the familiar music of Windows booting. Once the desktop was up, she joined her palms as a token of reverence to the Goddess who adorned her screen as wallpaper. She offered a prayer to her Goddess; "Help me succeed. Help me fight. Help me cope. Help me to remain sane…Just help me…" Once done, she pulled the file given to her by Lavanya and delved right into it shelving all the other thoughts that were bothering her for days.

The work wasn't easy and she didn't really have the apt experience to deliver with the kind of quality that Lavanya was expecting. She reworked on the risk model tweaking parameters with as little experience she had over the course of her small tenure at the company. It frustrated her to no end when she had to put in a huge amount of effort to deal with something simple given how her education hadn't really covered strategic risk management as a subject.

She sighed in disappointment and closed her eyes in exhaustion when the risk model simulation failed. She had been working for two hours ignoring pangs of hunger and concentrating on her work. The bitterness of failure hit her heard making her throw the pen on desk and slump in her chair. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples mentally trying to figure out what she had missed out in the initial solution.

"What are you doing here?" The voice startled her and she literally jumped in her chair letting out a tiny mewl of surprise.

"Arnav…" She breathed out. He raised an eyebrow at her address noting immediately how she had called him by his name and not "Sir". She blushed when she realized that she had blurted out his name but she recovered quite fast.

"Sir…I was just finishing some work…" She said slowly standing up.

"What kind of work do you have which would take late nights to finish it?" He asked looking at his blackberry. She played his question couple of times to understand what he meant by it. Did he believe that she wasn't smart enough to take up higher responsibilities? Or that he was merely asking about her tasks?

"Khushi, I asked you a question," he said amused. She had expected him to be angry for the lack of response on her part but she didn't complain when he wasn't being a total jackass.

"Oh…sorry…Lavanya ma'am wanted me to update historical data by considering this quarter's information and then update risk model accordingly. I am guessing she would take the updated model I come up with as a preliminary input before she actually modifies the one that will be presented to the board." She replied.

"Why is she asking you to do that?" He asked her, burrowing his eyebrows.

"Are you suggesting I am incapable of doing it?" She snapped.

"Khushi…I didn't…" He looked at her in surprise.

"Or is it that you, just like Lavanya ma'am, have completely surrendered to the fact that am an imbecile and a total idiot who cannot do any work that requires more than two brain cells?" She swallowed. She had no idea why she was angry and she flushed looking at the way Arnav was looking at her. Hypnotic, she thought.

"I was merely wondering because it is not part of your job description." He replied softly. Her throat felt choked up and she had no idea why he wasn't getting angry and yelling at her like the way he mostly did. At least the way did till several days back. She simply nodded.

"I am sorry. It's just that…I wasn't getting anywhere with this…so…" She suddenly felt like a little girl who threw tantrums when things didn't go her way.

"I'll help you," he offered easily and walked around her desk and stood right next to her.

"You will? You can do this?" She blurted out and then bit her tongue. She had just managed to insult his intelligence. He looked amused.

"Khushi, I do have a masters, you know?" He shook his head and sat on her chair. "Now let's see what you have done…" He trailed and typed rapidly. She took a step back and stood behind the chair, leaning towards the cubicle wall. She didn't know why he was behaving so out of character but she wasn't the one to complain. She liked it a lot.

Tum Akele Hi Nahin Ho Sabhi Akele HainYe Akela Safar Nahin Guzra

 She smiled for the first time that evening as she watched him talk about what he was doing and where her mistakes were. She pulled in a notepad and pen and started noting down his observations.

In that moment he was the teacher and she was the pupil; nothing more nothing less.

"Do you understand now?" He asked her an hour later after explaining the modifications she was supposed to do and pointing all the mistakes she had done. She nodded her head.

"Thank you sir," she said honestly. He noted that when she said "Thanks" or "Sorry", she put in all her sincerity, honesty and the true emotion that had to be conveyed with those words. He always took them at her face value while he questioned or ignored everyone else's. A strange sense of accomplishment warmed his heart at her acceptance and he noted wryly that the deal he had signed that morning worth several millions hadn't elated him as much as this small teaching session did.

Did Khushi have something to do with it? He didn't know.

"It's alright," he said. "Want a cup of coffee?" He asked walking towards the pantry.

"That would be great," she said rubbing her stomach that was protesting for leaving it foodless.

Do Ghadi Jeene Ki Mohalat To Mili Hai Sabko

The coffee break was fairly uneventful. He had told her that he wanted to get away from his house given how noisy it had gotten with his aunt's friends and the way those women had looked at him like their favorite candy. He had made up something or the other to his giggling sister and had fled from the house. His office was his refuge so he had come there once away from the house. She wanted to ask him why he hadn't gone to Lavanya's house. She had swallowed the question along with coffee and held her tongue. She didn't want to ruin the moment nor did she want him to be angry. Kind Arnav was nice. They had parted ways at her desk. She had gone back to her work and he had disappeared in his cabin.

She squealed like a small girl when she started seeing her work progressing. She still had some amount of it left but the fundamental issue was solved. For that, she had to thank Arnav.

"You aren't planning on going home?" He asked coming in to her cubicle and leaning on the wall. He had taken off his blazer and rolled his shirt giving him a boyish look. The intensity of being him was still there but it wasn't the burning variety anymore.

It was shining. And she realized that she loved that aspect in him.

"I'll drop you home, let's go." He said, his voice bordering on order.

She hesitated for a moment.

"I am sure you will be able to finish it tomorrow. Go home now." He gently cajoled her. She nodded and packed her stuff and locked the desktop.

"Why did you come back?" He asked her once they were in his car and drove for many minutes in silence. His eyes were fixed on the road.

"I…had to finish it by tomorrow morning. My boss's orders, you see." She replied trying to induce lightness into her voice. It only came as forced and his ears didn't miss it.

"Khushi…" He said. His voice had gotten softer and he looked at her wearily.

"What?" She said her voice harsher than she intended becoming defensive.

"Did something happen?" He asked her ignoring her crabby attitude.

She swallowed and felt bile rising up her throat. Her heart started hammering in her ribcage and palms became sweaty.

"Why are you being so kind to me?" She blurted. He turned and looked at her sharply.

"What the hell are you on about?" He asked his voice lacing with annoyance.

"You are always yelling at me for being what I am and who I am. You insult my intelligence, my societal position, my economic condition and my upbringing. I just don't understand why you help me and drop me home and show me kindness when I am a mess and not scold me when I offend you and…"

"We are here," he said, his voice cold and hard. She stopped her rant midway and looked at him. He wasn't sparing her a look and was looking straight ahead. The tightness in his jaws showed her that he was controlling his anger and this time she had truly stepped a line.

When he saw that she simply sat back in the seat without showing any notion of getting down, he turned and looked at her. "Khushi. Get down." He snapped. She didn't react but continued to stare out of the window which gave a complete view of her house. She didn't speak for several minutes. She was mildly elated when she saw his arms relax and jaw slacken. He dropped his head back on the seat and closed his eyes.

"Arnav, your kindness gives me a hope for something that I shouldn't even consider in my life. And that scares the hell out of me." Saying that she got down and slammed the door shut. "Good night. Dream a little dream of me," she said and walked away. He watched her till she got inside the house and locked the door. He hummed an old song as he drove away into the night.

Tum Bhi Mil Jaao Ghadi Bhar To Ye Gam Hota Hai

Is Ghadi Ka Safar Nahin Guzra…


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awesome update he is melting so sweet he helped her with her work and didn't get angry  thanks for the pm 

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Melting moments were truly wonderful.This girl knows how to crack his wall.Loved it.

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