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ArHi SS: Vertigo - Completed [Sequel link on Page 1] (Page 6)

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Originally posted by slgirl

oh i like ur writing...Pm me when u do the next update..Smile

Thank you. I will...

Originally posted by savi-tan

Never heard of Padam Padam - thanks for explaining it.  Look forward to the next update.

You are welcome...

Originally posted by shaam91

niiice!!!:)..waiting for the next update!!aise ytoh ill find it but plz pm when this thread moves to the fan fic forum!

Thank you. I will PM you when I update next...

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nice work, great writing. waiting for the next part
P.S Why do you seem familiar... anyways, ignore and add me to your PM list please

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Nice story Please PM me...

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 1:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fammakhan1

Do PM me wen u update again :) i love ur story.. :)

Sure, I will. Thank you!

Originally posted by bookadict303

Update soon :)

I will :-)

Originally posted by angelic shaz


Thank you!
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Originally posted by YPNHK_kiFANno.1

i don't know, you've got a completely different feel to your writing. It's very succinct, a complete package and I'm really, really enjoying it. I like how you've explained everything, with the whole 'padam, padam'. I like how the scenes are described with just the right touch of romance, nothing's been over done or over described. It's allowing us into a moment in the characters' lives without overindulging in any particular aspect of the story. Looking forward to more Clap.

Thanks a lot! I am not a hardcore romantic but I do like bits and pieces of tender moments which is exclusive only to two people and not the whole world to see... am hoping that could translate in the way Arnav and Khushi interact in this story...

Originally posted by Prinsesse.Suvi

Awesome update!


Originally posted by ivre

nice work, great writing. waiting for the next part
P.S Why do you seem familiar... anyways, ignore and add me to your PM list please

Thanks...It does? Will PM you...

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Originally posted by nareshSV

Nice story Please PM me...

Sure I will...thanks..

Originally posted by rbarretto

lovely update...

Thank you...
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Chapter 3: When you feel longing, send me a smoke signal.

She steered clear out of Arnav's way for the rest of the day and avoided him as much as she could. It was little hard to do so given how her boss, Lavanya, was always shadowing him. She had still managed to achieve that feat by crossing his path less than half a dozen times. Lavanya however was extra caustic in her instructions that day and for a handful of times tears sprung to her eyes when her boss's words tore apart her defenses and attacked her insecurity. Repeated calls from her aunt to buy few groceries had put her on an edge of completely losing it. She had splashed water on her face for three continuous minutes and had closed her eyes in meditation. Her unconditional belief in Goddess had people giving her odd looks at her at office but she didn't care about it. Once she sent out a plea for sanity to her reverend Mother, she felt the tension leave her neck and she relaxed.

Once back to her desk, she had worked for three hours head down and ignored the chatter around her. Few minutes later, the chatter around her reduced to sound of rain splattering on concrete sidewalk. When the clock rang six, she breathed a sigh of relief of passing yet another day at work. She packed her bags and cleaned her desk of all the papers and other stationaries.

"I need this done by tomorrow morning," Lavanya said as she turned away from her desk. She looked at the file that was handed to her and looked at Lavanya worries etched on her face.

"Do you want me to update the risk model using this quarter's data as history?" Khushi asked, worry deepening on her face and seeping out of her voice.

"Yes. And I don't like to repeat myself. Get it done Khushi." Lavanya didn't wait for her response and walked away with anger in her wake. Khushi knew that Lavanya was venting because of what had happened between her and Arnav that morning and Lavanya hadn't missed the glances she and Arnav had exchanged. She had no idea why she couldn't eat more than one bite of her food. She had felt a heavy weight to be settled on her heart which had made swallowing of food an impossible task to undertake.

She looked at the file in her hand and contemplated on her next actions. In a brief moment of braveness or stupidity she made a decision of pushing the work to the last minute. She decided to get into work early in the morning and get some work done since the restlessness she had felt for the entire day would make it impossible to concentrate.

After glancing one last look at her desk, she took several steps towards exit and stopped. There was something that had suddenly made the hair on her neck stand out and passing air whispered something she had forgotten; sort of static in the air crackling with ingredients she didn't wish to define or recognize. She sighed in exasperation as she realized she was going to do the inevitable anyway. She finally turned around and looked up the cabin.

There he was, standing a floor above her behind the glass pane and within the shadows, his silhouette reflecting a sole light from his desk. He was unmoving and she could feel his stare fixed on her and she didn't know for how long he was standing like that. The thought that he was looking at her created a tremble in her spine.

She turned around breaking the eye contact first and walked out of the office briskly. She didn't know why his presence had started affecting her so much.  

--------- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ---------

"So you finally came," her aunt said as soon as the door was opened. "I hope you got the things I asked you to bring. You know for tomorrow's festival I thought we could'" She trailed when she realized that there was no reaction from Khushi. Khushi had the tendency of teasing her aunt by answering something lame which annoyed the older woman further. Payal would come in few minutes later to break the argument between the two with cups of tea. The three women would then sit and drink tea talking about their respective days.

When Khushi simply handed her aunt a polythene bag with the groceries, smiled and walked to her bedroom with her head down, her aunt frowned. It was unnatural for her to be quiet and not talk incessantly when she was poked by sarcasm or a taunt. Payal came in with tea and saw her sister disappearing into the room. Her aunt shrugged and took tea cup. Payal looked at the closed room door worry crossing her features. She looked at her aunt in question to which her aunt only shrugged.

"What's wrong with this girl now?" The older woman asked Payal who wore a frown on her pretty face.

"I don't know aunty. I think something must have happened at office," Payal replied. The two women fell silent and sipped tea till Khushi came out freshened.

"Is everything alright?" Payal asked Khushi handing over her a cup of tea.

Khushi shook her head vigorously and smiled wanly at her sister. She had felt a lot better once she was amidst the warmth of her house.

"Everything is fine. I was just a little tired after all the running around I did at work," she made her eyebrows dance making her sister burst into peals of giggles and her aunt frown.

"How was your boss and her boss today? You didn't get into unnecessary confrontations with them did you?" Payal asked. Khushi's smile fell a little but only for a moment. She recovered almost the very next nanosecond and pulled her lips wider, her cheeks straining in stress.

"Oh'well'the usual drill. I did something, she said something, I didn't pay attention, she got pissed, I ignored her, she got maha-pissed, I annoyed her by ignoring even more and then it was time to come home," Khushi grinned. Payal rolled her eyes and sniggered while her aunt hid a chuckle behind the tea mug.

"Oh by the way, Khushi, you remember our old neighbors back in town?" Her aunt started conversation after moments of quietness.

"What about them?" Khushi asked forcing energy to her voice.

"They suggested a prospective groom for you," she said happily.

Khushi coughed as she breathed in tea and her tears pooled and shed from her eyes due to coughing and choking. Her aunty shook her head in annoyance as Payal helped her sister recover.

"What is it girly? Are you excited or are you going to throw in one of your tantrums?" Her aunt asked without sparing a word of comfort.

"Aunty'are you sure'?" She stuttered. She didn't know what she was asking either. She had choked at the fact that Arnav's face had sprung in her mind when her aunt had mentioned the word "groom". She had no idea where that came from but it had rendered her senses ' senseless, least to say.

"I told them that we are interested in proceeding further," her aunt said once she had recovered from fit of coughs.

She dropped her tea mug then.

Her aunt started ranting about her instinctive idiosyncrasies while her sister bent down immediately to clean up the mess. She didn't know why the news struck her so; it had instantaneously brought in a wrenching pain in her heart and a feeling of heaviness in her gut.

"I am sorry," she told her sister. "I have to go back to office. Lavanya ma'am wants me to finish something by tomorrow morning. I might'lose my job if I don't finish it," she said in one breath and walked back to her room to pick her bag. She could hear her aunt loudly muttering about girls working late and how it affected family etc. She didn't have the energy to argue with her so she kept quiet and came out of her room.

"Be careful Khushi," Payal said knowing that there was something bothering her sister and their aunt wasn't helping the cause. So it was best for her to go back to work.

"Now where do you think you are going? Stop right there young lady'" She ignored the calling of her aunt and walked out of the house with a hurried pace.

In next twenty minutes she was standing outside the office. On her way to work, she had realized the dilemma, confusion, restlessness, nervousness and the total uneasiness she had felt after spilling tea all over the place. She had brushed it off as a mere act of extreme surprise which had rendered her to a pool of emotional goo.

But that wasn't the case.

She had desperately wanted to see Arnav reaffirm something only that her heart knew.

And for that, she had fled from her house. She didn't know she was insane or a huge idiot.


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Thanx for d pM hun.. Nice parttt i want lotss of arhi momentsss...

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