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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Jeene ke ishare mil gaye - SS (Page 26)

lattelove9 Senior Member

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Loved it!!! Add me to the PM list :) 

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This last part is dedicated to rev4eva (Revathi) & inlvwithehmmbh (Jitisha).

Part 13:


She entered the hallway, and her face flushed even as she told herself he was on his way to the living room. Nothing would happen here. He just told me he loves me. He loves me. The man I once disliked so much loves me beyond words' explanation. Dissolved in her thought, she reached his room. His last words were fresh in her mind, "see you later" he had said with a wink.

As she continued to stroll with her thought, her head on fire, he grabbed her arm, pulled her inside his room and turned her toward the wall. It seemed only a second passed, so fast she didn't know how she got there and didn't even consider analyzing it. Virat was there, leaning against her, his arm so close to her head she could have curled into it if she had the guts. Bad enough that she couldn't breathe, speak, swallow or hear anything outside of her own painfully thudding heartbeat. She must have looked like a deer caught in headlights.


"You wanna go to the cottage together?" he asked in a low voice that had her wanting to melt on the floor until she became nothing more than a puddle at his feet.

Managing to swallow past the baseball lump in her throat, she choked out, "To do what?"

He shrugged. She wanted to reach back, carefully unlace the leather strap holding his hair in place and touch him.

"I don't know. Bake cakes. Read Arabian Nights. Watch those silly romantic movies."

Maybe it was foolish or childish, but she couldn't help asking, "Are you serious?"

"Why not?" he said on a roguish grin that made her dizzy with her own desire. "I haven't had a good chocolate cake in a long time."

She was reading into it. His husky tone was full of love, full of hunger. Was it? God, she was so excited, she was afraid her heart would beat right out of her chest...or she'd do something stupid like throw herself into his arms and scream, "I love you, I love you, I love you!!!"

"You know how to bake, don't you? Or were you just reading out a recipe from a book when you almost made a chef on bhabhi's birthday?"

Maanvi laughed slightly. "I can only make one cake in the whole world. That one, you already know," she told him, breathlessly bold.

"Mhmm. It was the best cake I had tasted. You'll add a lot of icing on top, right?"

His arm slid down and then his fingers tangled with a strand of her hair.

Oh now! Just take me now. Pick me up in your arms and shower me with your love. I surrender. She knew she couldn't stand there in this position any longer, his face less than a breath away from her lips.

"But of course."

And this is how their first date was planned, so effortlessly, so naughtily, so passionately.




In the evening, Virat roamed around the house searching for Maanvi; she had excused herself after the almost kiss. and had been missing ever since. The Vadheras left for the havan. As usual, Virat had kept a distance from these religious activities and Maanvi was banned by buaji from joining them. This means Maanvi and I are all alone?! Virat smirked to himself. An idea was cooking up in his mischievous little brain. But where is bandariya in first place?

"Maanvi! Oyee nautanki. Where are you hiding?" Virat yelled as he searched around the mansion.


Maanvi could hear his voice but she chose to ignore. There were many things running through her mind. Things are never straightforward; otherwise, wouldn't life be ridiculously simple? I didn't know why I was going to cry, but I knew that if anybody spoke to me or looked at me too closely, the tears would fly out of my eyes and the sobs would fly out of my throat and I'd cry for a week. I could feel the tears brimming and sloshing in me like water in a glass that is unsteady and too full. She broke away from her strain of thoughts when she heard the door behind her unlock.

"Maanvi?! You are here? What are you doing in the basement bandariya?" Virat claimed as he saw Maanvi's back facing him. He was perplexed; he didn't even think she knew where the basement was located. But then again, she was Maanvi Chaudhry ' she could be anywhere, anytime, in any mood. "Oh hello? Bhaav kyun khaa rahi ho? Kuch toh bolo! Silent mode mein acchi nahi lagti. Bak-bak karte huye zyada normal lagti ho!" Virat grinned as he waited for Maanvi's response.

I need to tell him to leave but words refuse to leave my lips. I need' Virat interrupted her thought-process as he made her face him. Tears were starting to line her grey eyeballs; oh, how beautiful those eyes would be if they showed no sign of pain. Virat didn't say anything more; he would just wait for her.


"Virat, we need to go our separate ways" Maanvi broke the silence after a long pause.

"Excuse me? If this is some kind of a joke, it's a really bad one. I swear we just decided on a sizzling, hot date."

"There are too many unanswered questions in our relationship, too many unidentified details, too many problems."

"My chaudhrain is running away from problems today? Tsk tsk, didn't expect this" Virat tried to make the atmosphere lighter but he knew there was more to it than his eyes could read.

"Virat, please stop cracking jokes. There is a right time and place for that. & now and here is definitely not it."

"So what if there are problems in our relationship Maanvi? So what if we are not accepted right away? Of all people, you and I should know that life isn't simple. Life isn't all chocolates and flowers; it's stones and thorns. But so what? I didn't fall in love with a weakling. I know there's more to it than what you are telling me. Maanvi, please'not from me, don't hide anything'just try to trust me. I'll make everythi'" Before Virat could finish, Maanvi's statement crushed his heart in a million pieces and more: "I am dying'"


For what seemed like an eternity, the two stayed in each other's arms ' he held onto her life, she held onto his hope. He knew she was dying but he didn't need to hear that. She knew he would love her till the end but she couldn't hurt him. Words weren't required to express their inner turmoil in their hearts.


"Maanvi," Virat finally broke the deathly silence surrounding them; "Love is too big. It's greater than pain, it's greater than hate, and together we'll prove that it's even greater than death."

"Virat, this isn't Karan Johar's movie. There is no happy ending to this story. How will there be an end to this story if I don't even allow it to begin? There won't be Virat, there just won't be'" Maanvi broke free from Virat's strong hands. As much as I want to hold onto you, I cannot Virat. I just cannot. You deserve someone who can love you against all odds, not someone who knows she is leaving you. Maanvi tried to convince herself.




Awkwardness surrounded the dining table as everyone nibbled quietly on their food. All eyes followed Virat as he abruptly stood up, before finishing the contents of his plate.

"I want to get married," announced Virat before thinking twice. Maanvi choked on the piece of roti. Kadambari chachi patted her back slightly. Before Jeevika could question about Maanvi's health, dadaji roared.

"VIRAT! WHAT KIND OF JOKE IS THIS?" Dadaji couldn't possibly think logically in this situation. His younger grandson was going to be the reason for his death, he thought.

"You all know I would never joke about something like this. I want to get married. As a matter of fact, you all know her quiet well. And since her elder sister is married in the same family, there shouldn't be a problem of family status. If you all haven't guessed by now, let me state the obvious: I want to marry Maanvi" Virat stated as it was a matter of fact.

"I don't care what you all think about this. I am not asking for any opinions here; just stating my decision. Nothing or nobody can change it so please spare me the horror of convincing me to think otherwise. I want to get married to Maanvi, that too as soon as possible" Virat continued as all pairs of eyes gazed in disbelief. Everyone knew he was a rebel but such a decision? Nobody had seen this one coming.

Wanting to avoid further drama, he pushed aside his chair and stormed off to his room.




She burst into his room, momentarily flummoxed about the fact that he hadn't locked it. "You're a coward!"

He turned from the window, full body. His eyes were so intense, they resembled glowing coals.

"Why are you doing this Virat? I won't let you."

Without the slightest warning, he stalked toward her. Maanvi's breath stuck in her throat. He was going to walk out of here and she didn't have a clue where he would go if he got as far as his car --

He did walk past her but instead of marching through the door, he slammed it closed and locked it.

When he spun back, a bolt of exhilarated fear went through her. She had no idea what he thought, what he planned to do...and she was afraid he'd come to his senses and do something to himself. She tried to swallow, but he was suddenly so close to her she couldn't even think. Not only did he reach for her, he went straight for her hair. Instead of caressing, his hands pierced through her hair clip. Maanvi heard the scatter of broken glass pieces hitting the wood floor but never allowed her gaze to leave his face.

"Why can't you admit to yourself, to myself and to the whole world, damnit?" he asked in a low, don't-answer-me-or-this-is-over tone.

"Damn, you're beautiful, Princess." A sudden change in his tone melted her heart all over again. His harsh grip turned into a soft stroke.

Tears filled her eyes at his unexpected, almost unwilling worship. But instead of increasing her need for tenderness, the tears made her feel needy, greedy... for his love.

I know you can do no wrong in my eyes. There's nothing I wouldn't let you do to me. I'll marry you Virat Maanvi thought desperately. As if he had read her thoughts, he kissed her at last.




*6 months later*


Maanvi and Virat were married. Although buaji and dadaji had strictly opposed, all the other Vadheras and Chaudhary family had supported. Maanvi's treatment was going well as Virat had hired one of the best oncologists in India to look over Maanvi personally. She was responding well to chemotherapy. He made sure she never stayed out of his sight. Upon Maanvi's insistence, Virat had started singing again. At first he did minor concerts but her faith in his talent encouraged him to go above and beyond.

Inder had finally started accepting individual cases. Along with Viren, the team of Vadhera lawyers was well-known all over India. Kadambari started to expand her knowledge of films to Hollywood. Although this came as a shocker to all at first, they understood: at the end of the day, they were all films.

Shlok had learnt to loosen up a bit more nowadays. Now, dadaji wasn't his only role-model. He wanted to become like his own father ' a successful, self-made lawyer. But somewhere deep down, he still liked collecting random facts. Vanshika continued her subtle ways of helping everyone in need. She was a mother to four children now ' all of whom loved her and worshiped her. After noticing the smiles on the entire family after all the changing rules around the house, Swamini and dadaji had learnt to loosen up a bit. Although dinner was still at 8:00 pm sharp and family members still ordered their menu as if they were in a restaurant, Hitler and Mogambo (as Maanvi and Virat sometimes jokingly called them) had started to appreciate family bonds over strict rules.


As for the atmosphere in Hrishikesh, badi beeji had decided to give one of her gold bangles to Maanvi and the other to Jeevika when they would have children. She was sure she'd live another 20 years, if not more. Beeji had started a charity club in Hrishikesh named "Do pariyon ka nivaas" (Two fairies' abode). Dabbu had effectively showed badi beeji that he was straight and very much interested in girls by marrying their neighbour Payal. Chachu and chachi had continued with their bickering and spreading love to all their children. Dr. Manan had married his high school best friend and moved to London. They recently had twins, whom he named Jeevika and Maanvi, for he wanted the bond of sisterhood in his daughters to be eternal and never-ending.




*1 years later*


Maanvi's treatment had finished entirely and today was the first time she would sit at dinner table without worrying whether she would wake up tomorrow or not. The Chaudharys had been invited for the occasion of Maanvi's return. As the two families continued to eat in silence, the tinkle of forks and spoons touching the perfect crystal plates created a peaceful musical background. Maanvi and Jeevika both reached for mango pickle at the same time, causing everyone (including Swamini) to let out a slight chuckle. With every passing day, it became more evident that two sisters were two bodies, one heartbeat. If one breathed, the other lived. If one was happy, the other smiled. If one had troubles, the other cried.


Viren glanced to his right to notice a slightly discomforted Jeevika. At the same time, Virat noticed the colour of Maanvi's face changing. Before the brothers could say anything, the sisters ran to the nearby washrooms, covering their mouths with napkins. The men around the table appeared as though their brains had been pulled out of their skull and put back in. The women, on the other hand, got the hint and burst out in laughter.




*8 months later*


"PUSH MAANVI!" Virat instructed, trying to motivate his wife, who was about to give birth to twin girls


"Right. You just sat there and did nothing right?"

"Honestly, we have no interest in learning more about your life inside your bedroom" Kadambari chachi smirked from behind. Beeji gave a little smile and tried to look away, ignoring the increasing awkwardness in the hospital room.


"Jeevika sweetheart. Please push, try your best." Viren encouraged his distraught wife.

"Virenji, I am trying. Ahhh! Be glad you don't go have through this." She tried to fake a smile.

"Beta, just try to calm down and breathe. Continue to breathe" Vanshika cheered on her daughter-in-law as Swamini paced around the room. Watching someone give birth was not her cup of tea but she had decided to be there for Viren during one of his most special moments.


After what seemed like an eternity, a nurse approached Dadaji and calmly said, "Congratulations. You are great grandfather of two beautiful girls and two rather-handsome boys."


And the sisters lived happily ever after, with their ever-caring husbands, and gem of children'

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virmanforever Goldie

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Very cute ending and I am sorry about your sister i will pray for her

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It's a beautiful end to the story.  Well done!

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thanx rachita for giving a closure to d story...hope ur sister gets well soon...

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Thank you for such a wonderful part. M really sorry about your sister. I hope she gets well soon. You did an amazing job. It was beautiful.

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that was beautiful..loved it and i will keep your sister in my prayers!! 

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It was beautifully written... Hope Ur sister will get well soon :) m Sry to hearthat :) may Allah give Ur family to face this phase of Ur life :-)

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