Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto


Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto
Sawaare Sabke Sapne  Preeto

WU 16th december

bhaiyyaji Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
hey guys doing written update after so long please give your feedback, hope u are ready for me here it goes


Epi starts with rajbeer and preeto in meeta's room explaining her what to do and preeto cheering up meeta. Later on preeto in pankaj house looking worried with pankaj sitting there on bed. Pankaj upset crying but preeto tells him crying wont make things better but he replies what else he can do. He says he did what he could and gave 10 interviews but nothing happened. He says maybe Beeji was right he not fit to be meeta husband. Preeto gets angry telling him lovers dont give up easily. She asks him how he can give up in 3 days and explains forget if nobody giving him job he should what he is capable of doing. It seems like he has given up since he tells preeto that he lost his confidence and what does he know anyways. He says he only eaten food whole his life (what a joke khaana khaya sirf life meinLOL) preeto gets bindaas idea from this you can tell by her face. Smile. Preeto gives idea to pankaj to do his own work he knows recipes given by meeta and learn how to make food. Pankaj says why she giving false hopes which hotel will give him job of cook without degree. Preeto hits him one on backside (aur zor se maaro preetoLOL) and says he fool why dont he open his own business. Preeto gives him idea of opening his stall and serve delicious food which she calls items and serve it to people. Pankaj seems happy and says it good idea. Preeto replies it excellent idea given for free and to give him confidence she tells him but teases saying she wont tell him. Pankaj wants to know desperately and she says meeta loves him much more than he does to meeta. He knows meeta realized her love and he gets happy. She tells him to get started pankaj looks confident and says watch what this deewana does and will make tasty food (deewana remind of srk first movie he not gonna become like him lol LOL). He also says he will only keep things in his stall that meeta likes. Preeto stands on bed and says whatever he saying is absolutely right. Sher gives him more confidence saying she with him. He thanks her and both shake hands. She tells him they need to figure out way to make Beeji agree.


In preeto house ranjeet is telling Beeji about how the rishta didnt work and says no point talking about it.  He says she should give rajbeer responsibility of meeta marriage where bani intervenes saying he will make it more worse.(aur ter ranjeet bahut bara hero hai rajbeer ka ek mukka tum dono ke liye kaafi hai mera jaanROFL god hate herAngry). Beeji shouts at Bani who is mental in ranjeet love and asks her which work has he messed up on contrary he has helped them a lot and solved their problems (very right Beeji bani is madly in love what has ranjeet done anywaysAngry) and says how they should remain indebted to him for helping them. Preeto comes in the scene. Beeji tells ranjeet he has misunderstanding and Bani talks again that rajbeer wants meeta to marry pankaj thats why he made matchmaker run away (will she ever shut upAngry Beeji get bani married to someone else then she understand). She shuts her up whilst preeto is observing them. She makes her  go away from there (good bani shown her placeLOL) and she leaves angrily. Ranjeet says he understand rajbeer did this but he says that he wants better for the house so why would he do this. He goes on further saying that matchmaker bought so many good proposals whilst preeto observes from far away. He tries to brainwash Beeji and she looks worried.  for bit. Beeji says she will talk to rajbeer and tells ranjeet try to bring matchmaker again. He says it difficult but he will try but cant give guarantee. Preeto buts in saying the person he cant give guarantee about he can give guarantee about his proposals to ranjeet. He tries to explain but preeto refuses to listen saying they understand what he means by his friend. She tells that her friend shouldn't have said about dieting to meeta and goes on saying meeta is one in billion instead of million which he should explain to his friend.

Scene shifts to marketplace where preeto calls rajbeer for some important work. She tells him pankaj not getting job but nothing to worry as work he gonna do now he will be successful and rajbeer asks what it is. She tells him he gonna open his own stall where he will serve potato dishes which he learn from meeta. Rajbeer and preeto both happy and preeto says those recipes will of some use now which he learn from meeta. Rajbeer goes on to tell preeto if love is true it doesnt leave your side (i think he referring to himself as preeto broke their relation yet he after herLOL). Preeto agrees saying he helped pankaj a lot and now helping her and says she couldn't go against Beeji wishes on her own. Rajbeer explains they today aren't against Beeji wishes and tell her to watch after meeta and pankaj wedding when they happy Beeji will be most happy. She tells rajbeer that pankaj working really hard and will be successful and slowly both of them together will bring their love story on track. (loved this scene rajbeer, preeto together bringing meeta and pankaj together) just like they helped Jogi and Dhruv. Rajbeer says he wishes they met someone who could bring their love story on track (my god loved this scene we complained lack of preeto rajbeer scenes think CVS listen to usSmile). Preeto looks down and rajbeer tells that doesnt matter every love story isnt same and their is a bit pakau LOL. He meant they will have to do all the work only then fruits of love will rise something like that he said. (think he means they helping everyone but nobody helping complete their love story poor rajbeerCry). Preeto watches on and smiles as he says it will take time but their fruits of love will come out(ROFL this guy too much he wont stop until he doesnt get preeto go on jawan keep it up LOL). Preeto looks bit sad saying what he think these talks dont make difference but rajbeer intervenes saying he knows she is affected as much as him. He says he takes his sadness out in laughter she cant even do that but he tells her to trust him that its her love which gives him strength to be on her side always. He tells although he hasnt got green signal he will continue to ride his car of love with one engine (way to go rajbeer but 1 engine LOL never heard of thatLOL) in hope that his station will come sometime. Preeto watches on in amazement and they both look on and preeto says they should go. Rajbeer says he got 1 mission to complete which he will tell her about later on. They go from there.

Scene moves to Dhruv house where Neelam calls Ishu in hall asking where she going. Ishu says simran going for marriage proposal so she help her get ready whilst Neelam looks on disgustingly. She laughs when Ishu says simran can choose something from her jewelery box and taunts her that she has great taste since she come from US and tells her not to help her (stupid womanAngry). She tells her why dont she go do some work in kitchen she good at that. She talks behind her back saying she doesnt know F of fashion and will get her daughter ready.

Ishu in her room weeping where simran comes in and asks her how she looks she wipes her tears quickly. She says she looks very good. simran goes on saying she doesnt know which ring to wear whilst Ishu looks upset of what Neelam said. She says she can wear anything and she looks good in anything she wears. Simran watches and sees she worried and been crying. she makes excuse of missing her family but simran sees something is fishy. She consoles her that she will meet her everyday and take care of her and starts praising how can someone have such good Nanand. Smile Rajbeer comes in saying she very bad and if she praises her too much she will sit on her head. Rajbeer says he come to drop her off to boy house where they going for proposal she says she relieved since she was so nervous. Simran goes to get ready whilst rajbeer asks Ishu about how she is and all that. Ishu asks if everything fine about meeta and pankaj he tells her pankaj is starting his business etc. Rajbeer says he wishes pankaj is successful and their jodi becomes hit and Ishu says as long as he with them they will meet unite. Ishu thanks rajbeer saying they wouldn't have made it this far had he not helped. Simran comes in whilst they talk. Rajbeer teases that she come in her in laws but her habit of saying thank you hasnt gone and he told everyone from preeto to her parents that house is his so whatever he does dont thank him.  Ishu agrees and he says thank you as well to tease her. He starts joking of habit infecting and he leaves with simran from there.

Rajbeer and simran in car where he tells what he and preeto did to chase away the matchmaker and simran starts laughing. She says pankaj meeta fell in love but preeto and rajbeer have to do all work (totally agree thereWink). She says she doesnt understand why pankaj took so long in expressing his love when he loved her since childhood. Rajbeer explains its fear of loss when you fall in love with your friend as they get scared if they will lose their love and friendship both. Simran says how will that friend know and he should at least tell and rajbeer agrees that pankaj should have showed he loves her and he would at least know meeta feelings nobody would get shocked then.  Simran agrees looking on at rajbeer. simran thinks rajbeer helping two lovers unite and here he is dropping her to the boy she might get married to meaning rajbeer doesnt love her she thinks (too right get this thought out of your mind silly girlAngry otherwise it gonna hurt more later on well sure she got signal here or figured it out). They reach and rajbeer asks simran if she fine.

She goes in hotel where a guy calls her name who looks like a geek with specs and goofy teeth. He looks funny and simran looks at him. They both introduce each other and she looks bit shocked. Rajeev boys name says he cant believe how she changed and he will delete earlier version of her from his computer (GEEK LOL) and install latest version. ROFL simran think how rajbeer didnt stop her even once. Rajbeer comes in where Rajeev says why he butting in like virus (agree rajbeer stay away let simran marry this geek nahin to tumhare piche par jaye gi Angry only then will you marry preeto). Rajbeer asks who this computer is. She introduces him to Rajeev asking if she knows him and is he friend of hers. Rajbeer lies saying he her boyfriend jokingly like srk from move Darr kkkiran typeROFL(hate you rajbeer why you giving simran wrong signals she gonna think you like her stupid what he doing Angry). Rajeev gets angry asking simran why she came to meet him when she has boyfriend already. Simran looks confused and says its nothing like that. He starts joking to simran like he her boyfriend that she gonna marry anyone just because he forgot her birthday (looks like rajbeer wants to marry simran what is this LOL) he does it in srk darr styleLOL and calls that guy CHAMPU. He keeps on kkkiran style of talking ROFL. Rajeev gets angry whilst simran laughing he tells her one computer cant have 2 processors (computer course kar ke pagal ho gaya haiROFL bare funny watch this scene). He leaves and teases saying he shutting down like computer LOL. They both laugh as he says sssimran yeh to shah rukh khan ban gaya darr walaROFL. He says its most adventurous day of his life first the matchmaker and now this computer geek. (looks like rajbeer enjoys himself when he with simran it doesnt look like he loves preetoConfused and he seems to enjoy it he must be enjoying for real). He says he say that CHAMPU and if she got married they wouldnt talk face to face but on facebook instead LOL. Both laugh and simran says thank you but rajbeer minds saying he nice(beta rajbeer enjoying both girls in his life simran/preeto his life is madeClap). They leaving from there simran meets her friend and says rajbeer and her look great. Simran friend says she knew their friendship will turn into relationship both rajbeer and simran look at each other. Simran jokes saying she didnt find anyone so she thought why not rajbeer and rajbeer looks Shocked. Rajbeer tries to stop but simran says she her childhood friend what to hide from her. She goes on lying that they did court marriage family members didnt agree etc. (dont even think about it rajbeer only preeto seriously what is this looks like they are couple, not goodAngry and rajbeer seems he likes herAngry) hate this scene.) She jokes on asking how they look her friend says they looked good from before now even better (yet to see preeto with rajbeer lady then you will see who looks better with rajbeerLOL and in future she will beShocked to see simran with someone else and rajbeer with preetoLOL just wait). simran holds on to rajbeer arms acting like couple. Her friend leaves and rajbeer asks what is this (rajbeer did same thing in manali when he pretended that he preeto husband and father of 4 childrenLOL simran copied him). Rajbeer says that girl cant help it she will tell everyone and simran says what he did CHAMPU will tell mom. He says he cant do this every time thats why he did this formula and tells simran stop meeting stranger boys and asks how can she spend rest of her life with someone whom she doesnt know (oh know just when simran was realizing rajbeer doesnt love her he gives her more signals shame on you rajbeerAngry at least tell her you dont like her so she looks for someone else. He explains bullshit about how she should marry someone who loves her and and listen to her heart and marry someone whom you look at and voice comes from your heart and bell rings etc. simran watches and rajbeer says they should leave. He leaves and she starts dreaming about him already looking at him lovingly

Epi ends  sorry for late update sorry like preeto says LOL

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Angleicq Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
Well Done Clap
Really liked your comments in between.
banni needs real knock on her head, May be ranjeet will teach her a lesson.

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SEPIDEHh Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Thanks for your very interesting detail update ,excellent job.

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nikhilageet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 5:24pm | IP Logged
Thnxfor the lovely update.Bani needs a kick asap and rajbeer needs to keep away from simmi for some timeConfused

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-Nags- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 6:16pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update

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rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 6:18pm | IP Logged
Great update!
Loved your personal comments in between. LOL
Ranjeet-Bani: Two highly annoying people who were shown their place by Beeji and Preeto.
Neelam: Stupid woman who is awful to her bahu. Poor ishu!
Simran: Poor girl is going to get hurt in the end when she realises that Rajbeer likes someone else.
Rajbeer: Oye, stupid munda! You wan't green signal from Preeto but giving all the wrong signals to Simran? But he is not aware of the wrong signals as he only sees Simran as his friend and nothing else.
Preeto: Ziddi kudi! Refusing to give into her own feelings but on the other hand I know where she is coming from
Pankaj: Hope he succeeds in his business.

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snehapatro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
thanku for the Grttt Update...Big smile

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
"aur ter ranjeet bahut bara hero hai rajbeer ka ek mukka tum dono ke liye kaafi hai mera jaanROFL god hate herAngry
will she ever shut upAngry Beeji get bani married to someone else then she understand
ROFL this guy too much he wont stop until he doesnt get preeto go on jawan keep it up LOL
too right get this thought out of your mind silly girlAngry otherwise it gonna hurt more later on well sure she got signal here or figured it out
beta rajbeer enjoying both girls in his life simran/preeto his life is madeClap
yet to see preeto with rajbeer lady then you will see who looks better with rajbeerLOL and in future she will beShocked to see simran with someone else and rajbeer with preetoLOL just wait

dese wer my fav lines from ur update...i loooved reading it despite of seeing d episode thrice on you tube already...

ur personal inputs rock...need 2 learn from u...

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