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Her complete submission-#4 pt44-lnk #5 (Page 68)

change12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 8:19am | IP Logged
wating ...

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sunshine94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 January 2012 at 8:20am | IP Logged
how long buddy???????????????????Confused

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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Waiting for update...

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tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Part 40


Maan soon realise what he was doing' he immediately snapped back and turned to other side and left the room'.. 

Geet just kept standing there'. Not knowing what to do or say'.

Geet was just sitting in the room and Maan went to the living area and settled himself on couch...
Geet could not now understand about Maan's feeling... what he was going thru. His eyes said so many things to her, his acts says so many things to her...
Maan had earlier never thought twice about his acts with her but why was she feeling that he is restricting himself now... he is not like that especially her... he had always done with her whatever he felt like... Why this change now... IS HE REALLY CHANGING??? HAS HE REALLY CHANGED???? DOES HE REALLY LOVE HER NOW??? were all the questions that started haunting her now...
"Should I talk to him... should I trust his love... as all he is doing these days is for me... but why am I thinking that way... what's the need, why am I thinking of any expectation, I have been loving him all my live without expectation then why should I now... Why don't I let myself flow in along with him..."
Man's recent behaviour has compelled Geet to think but seeing the past she wanted to love him without knwing if he loves him or now...
"If he wants me to feel he loves me... I should go with it. But why is he stopping himself, he seems to be in pain doing so... does he expect something from me... some initiative from my side.. Geet you have to shed your fear and go ahead... all I know is he seems in pain and I can't see him like this."
Geet shies and then goes to the kitchen...
He was really upset with himself...
"What will she think... since we have started the trip all i am doing is getting physical with her... kya isliye hee main usse yahan laya hoon... Bina uska trust jite... I should control myself...
But what should I do... after so many years I have realized, I always have one weekness and that is Geet... mujhe khud pe kaboo he nahi rehta"
the food was already cooked, she warmed them and set them on the dining table... Maan was watching her from his couch...
"Geet... I will call the people they will set it... tum kyun khamkha pareshan ho rahee ho"
"Isme pareshan hone wali kya baat hai Maan... hum dono ka hee to khana laga rahee hoon... and anyways we are here to spend time together, I think we should do these small things for each other... and you know I love working... aapke liye itna bhi nahi ker sakti main"
Maan was really surprised and happy by Geet's thought... he was ready to build up their relation all by his effort, but Geet's talk gave him new encouragement.
They had dinner
Geet was getting her night dress and her hand went on a pink nighty... It was descent yet beautiful... little different than her usual ones... the material was soft and laces all around. Annie had forfully kept some of these stuffs in her bag... she was so excited that Geet and her Bhai were going out...
"Tumharee choice na bilkul unromantic hai Geet... aur yeh bhai bhi tumhe kuch nahi dete aisa... It's kind of honeymoon for you both... what ever I have selected will go in the bag.. got it" Annie had said.
Geet's heart was racing as she held it, earlier she had never thought she will even use these stuff Annie had given but today she wanted to wear it for Maan... the only thought was making her heart race like anything, but she made herself strong and picked it up.
Maan was busy in his laptop trying to co-ordinate his work from here when Geet came to the room after changing.
Maan's eyes went on Geet who herself was hell shy and nervous from within... her hair was open.
He could not beleive his eyes of what he was seeing... never had seen Geet like this... she always had the simplest of dressing and in that only she had the capability of making him loose himself... He felt like an Angel was herself coming to him... his eyes wide open staring at her.. nonstop. This was making already nervous Geet more nervous.
Thousands of urges storming within him at that moment... all the resolution he made an hour ago seemed to fade... She is my wife... he argued to support his act.
Geet did not know how to go near him or near the bed... with her each step forward Maan's heart beat was increasing... Geet with snails speed at last reached the bed.. she did not know what to say or how to make him stop gazing her like that...
"Woh Anni ne diya tha tou..." he placed his finger on her lips... shivering Geet closed her eyes... herself she was nervous and his closeness... his soft touch on her lips were not helping her either... he brought himself closer to her... himself not knowing what to do with beautiful angel next to him... she was mesmerizing...
he cupped her face in his both palms... his warm touch on her cold cheeks... she closed her eyes... drank her saliva within herself... hep lips closed yet shaking... maan all lost in her beauty, brought his lips to touch hers... it was first time she was feeling his lips on her... she closed her fists tight to control herself... this was her dream... so many dreams of her with Maan, never ever thought of them as reality...
Reality was so different... it took her to entirely new world...
Still cupping her face... he softly rubbed her face with his thumbs, his lips still on her... just brushing them softly... unable to control Geet placed her hands on his back.. he brought himself even closer... both lost... no logics working now...
Maan licked her closed lips from his tounge softly... Geet's hold on his shirt got tighter... she felt something running thru her whole body...
He kept on running his tounge on her lips until she parted them... his hands left her cheeks and went back and down to her waist... pulling her to bring her closer... his tounge went inside to taste the inner part of her lower lip... Geet was in all new world... it was a magical world... she came even closer to him and held him more tightly... she completely opened her eger for him to completely conquer her mouth...
Maan's tounge autmatically went all inside her mouth... the more he was going inside the more he wanted it... and more Geet wanted to give... their tounges touched and Geet started rolling hers with his... they went inside and inside almost sucking each other's mouth...
It was after long that they broke when they really needed some air to breath... both then realized what they were doing...
Maan then realized what he had done... completely red with embarrasment he looked down not able to face her.
Geet completely red with shyness was looking down too not able to face him...
Their heart were still beating randomly with fast pace... after a while, both without saying anything to other laid down on bed, took the cover and turned to other side facing their back to each other... lost in their thought.
Geet was shy but some different happiness was running thru her... she was still in magic world of their kiss... Maan had kissed her... it was their first kiss, how different it felt in real... her whole body has reacted in such a different way... but she felt very shy and could not believe that they really kissed each other... she wanted to live in this world of his love... the present was so beautiful... even beautiful then her dream... she will not waste her present in worry of her future... anyway nobody knows their future... Maan was showering his love on her and all she wanted now was to live these moments...
Maan on other hand was again feeling very embarassed by his act... An hour ago he had made resolution that he should first try to win her heart but again all he did was getting physical with her... why was it getting so hard for him to control himself these days...
"Maan better concentrate on what you have to do for her hear... make her happy from within... once her trust is built she will have real happiness with me" he thought.
Next morning... maan had woke up early... he had this day in his mind while he knew very well why should Geet not even remember this day... but he will do his best to make her remember this day all her life from now onwards...
When Geet woke up she was surprised to see the room was so decorated but why...
The windows had red and white curtains and whole room was decorated in bright red and White flowers... Boquet of white and red flowers were arranged in some pattern in whole room...
whole room looked so lovely and lively that smile automatically came to on her lips...
"Maan, I know" she knew by now "Per kyun... aajj kya hai" but her heart was automaticallly dancing with joy... she had decided to live in her present so living all her worries behind she felt at top of the world...
She knew these were not at all Maan type of things, but he was doing it all for her... Whatever may be his cause, now she did not want to think... he was doing all for her... this much so much... she felt she was living in dream world...
To take the look of room closely and enjoy the flowers she got up from bed, but the moment she placed her foots on ground, it felt soft... she looked down...whole path from her side to the door were covered with rose petals and a big card was placed at her foot...
It was a beautiful card and it said..
It was then it striked her that today was their marraige anniversary... she felt so much at fault of not remebering the day and Maan remebered it all...
She opened the card and it was written in Maan's handwriting...
"I promise to make each and every moment of your life from today as special moment-
Love you Maan "
She walked to the door thru the rose petals to see Maan in dinning area setting table for breakfast with the help of helpers...
Geet could not help stopping her tears to fall down... she slided down the door to sit down and letting her tears flow...
Next to be continued
Hi Friends,
I am so so happy with the like and the support and love that you all had showered on me thru this FF.
I will always try my level best to keep uto your expectations. Hope I suceed.
Thanks and Hugs

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tanvi04 IF-Rockerz

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fabulous update i hope maan geet ka trust jald hi pa le i know ki ye itna aasan nahi hai phir bhi i m hoping continue soon n the kiss part is like a surprise to us because i think no one has think that their first kiss going to haapn n that so soon

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piya- IF-Stunnerz

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Maan and Geet both are in their own thoughts
Maan trying to control himself and Geet fighting with herself
khair jo hua achha hi hua thanks Annie tumhari wajah se pehla kiss toh mila
Geet is happy now kyunki subah utkar wo ye jaan gayi thi k maan ye sab ussi k liye kar raha hai
But she is feeling guilty that she did not remember their anniversary kahir ab lagta hai dheere dheere sab thik ho jaayega
love u Di muahh
urs Piggy (Piya) 

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ExpectoPatronum IF-Dazzler

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Wonderful update...
Loved geet's decision of living the present not worrying about the future...
Hope everything goes well for them...

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007jindal IF-Dazzler

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ohhh wow supoerbbb
now i want geet to trust maan and they shouls be together

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