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Her complete submission-#4 pt44-lnk #5 (Page 54)

myramabin Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
you r such a brilliant writer so no problem we will  wait hope to get long update whenever u get time

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Originally posted by tellyme

<font color="#660066" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">Hi All,</font>

<font color="#660066" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif"></strong></font>

<font color="#660066" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">I am really sorry for making a delay in update of this FF. I am too busy with other stuff on my end and thus am not getting time to update it.</font>

<font color="#660066" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif"></font>

<font color="#660066" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">But I will try my best to update it as soon as I get some time and energy offcourse...</font>

<font color="#660066" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif"></font>

<font color="#660066" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif">Thanks for All your support Dear.</font>

<font color="#660066" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif"></font>

<font color="#660066" size="3" face="Comic Sans MS, Times, serif"><strong>--Anu</font>

its ok anu
take ur time dear
anky_1205 Senior Member

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No problem, take ur time. Will wait for the next update.
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take ur time.. Happy New Year..
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Will wait yaar..pls let me know when u update..
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ok dear we will wait don't stress yourself when u get time then update wish u in advance HAPPY NEW YEAR
tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Happy New Year to all of you.
Hope you all had a great chrismas.
Part 39

Next morning they took flight from New Delhi to Bagdogra and from Bagdogra he had arranged for Jeep to Darjiling drive


The heart I shattered
The love I betrayed
The innocence you lost in my egoistic race
Do I even deserve, deserve to have you in my life
The smiles I have snatched to fill tears in your eyes
But now when i Love you from my soul
You do not believe my love anymore
Your complete submission of your heart and soul
Has left me with nothing anymore my ego lost my pride died and it is now only love that my heart hide

Ayushi (
ayu14 )

While Maan on other hand felt confident with his determination'. He was satisfied and happy but he did not interfare her thoughts'. He will have lot of time in Darjeeling to spend with her. He now a days always prefered giving her some space when she went to deep thought'. He wanted her to realize his love'. Trust him and his love for her'


They reached Bagdogra and the Jeep with driver was already waiting or them. Darjeeling was about 95 KM from here but as the road would be steep going forward it may take longer that required'.


Maan and Geet settled themselves at back'


Both were stealing glances of each other once in a while' Maan would give her a smile and she would return it back'.


Now as they started heading towards Darjeeling'. The road started to become steep and thin too'.. the road was not just only enough for two way traiffiic and it was and even then when the vehical from other side one side have to almost stop'. One side of road was mountain and other was steep slant going down and down'.


Jeep like all other vehical was also driving slow still Maan got scared for Geet' he pulled her near him and held her by her waist'. Geet was feeling little scared too'. Though she was shocked by Maan's sudden act still she felt safe with his hold at that moment'.. the slowly it started becoming dark with fogs'. The dense fog surrounded whole way'..and also as it was getting night nothing was visible' the vehicle were moving at snails rate just following the road by the back light of the front vehical'. It started getting colder too'.


Maan took out the big shawl from his bag'. Brought Geet more closer to him and wrapped both of them with the shawl'.. the act was done of some other reason but their closeness within the shawl wrapped them with entirely different feeling'..the fog, darkness, cold, fear and clossness just acted as catayst to their feelings'. Geet anyways always lost herself to him'


Maan held her head and placed it on his shoulder'.


"Colse your eyes and rest'. Nothing will happen, I am there with you."


Geet had no guts to deny him' she closed her eyes but was it possible for her to sleep'. Other than fear it was their proximity and position that was making her heart beat at unexpected rate.


Maan wrapped the shawl more tightly while his one hand went aroung Geet to close her'his heart was beating fast too' his hand automatically slided down to her arm within the shawl' both were slowly drifting to another world'. Fear left behind something else engulfed them.


Geet not wanting to break her dream laid on his shoulder closing her eyes just feeling him. Maan started rubbing his hands on her arms, so many feeling going within. He was just caressing her arm from shoulder to palm'. Storm going within their self'. He didin't know how and when he just placed he soft peck on her forehead, to sooth his storming emotions'. The current paced through Geet'. Though it was a small peck, it was first. She immediately opened her eyes'


He looked up at him'. He looked into her eyes with s many emotion so many questions'.


What answer does she have to those question'. He was her husband, she was all his' she has devoted her life to him so why should she deny him'.


After asking questions from his eyes' just came from his mouth



She had nothing to say' she just smiled and looked down'. He pated her head on her shoulder asking her to rest'..


But it was their proximity and whole situation of the road and Fog that the inner storm again started engulfing them'.


His hand on her shoulder went to her back' Geet closed her eyes tight' his fingers touched her bare back tied with her dori' his fingers started making patterns on her back' Geet just could not take it' his touch this way was making her insane she just brought herself closer to him, held his shirt tight and closed her eyes tighter'.


Their heart was beating like storm'. Maan finger started playing with her dori'. The closeness was new for both of them'.. his fingers started loosening her doring and it was soon open' his palm was spreaded to her bare part'..unable to stop he slowly pushed on side og her kurti off her shoulder' Geet just held him more tighter' his hands touching her bare skin went down her shoulder caressing them'.


"Maa-aan" came out from Geet's mouth' this brought Maan to reality. He felt embarrased and immediately straightened himself and tied her dor back'.


"Sorry" he said and looked to the other side.


"What the hell was I doing'. I am here to win her trust' to build our relation stronger and knowing very well she does not yet trust me' I am taking benefit of her lineancy'. Shit Man' control your self"


Geet felt bad seeing him embarassed'.


"What must he be thinking that I stopped him'. Why have I to interfare'. We both were lost and I made it all look like he was doing it'.. Geet come on he is your husband and he has all right to touch you the way he feels like'. Your life is his and you were lost too"


"Per maine unhe kahan rooka'. Who to yeh sab pehlee bar aise' apne app unka naam aa gaya juban per"


Rest of the way they were close but Maan tried to control himself and closed his fist tight, still angry on himself'.. but he would have to control his anger'. He have to make her comfortable with him not make the situation odd.


Silent prevailed rest of the way'. At last they reached the small cottage he had bought'. Everything was all set for them'. Sevants lived in the nearby small house, in case they were needed. Maan anyway had decided their minimal inteferance.


The cottage was on high from where they could see the beautiful view of hilly Darjeeling.It was abeautifull cottage'. Nice space for two of them'. Servants welcomed them'


"Sabjee, everything is there'" He settled their luggage.


"Fine' you may leave now, if we need anything we will call you."


He wanted to lighten the situation.


"Geet' take the tour of this small house'. Hope yu like it'. I will take a little rest."


Maan went to take rest while Geet went to the washroom first she wanted to freshen up a little before doing anything.

Maan saw her going there' smiled and went to the room to rest.


The moment Geet went to the washroom'.. Ohh it was big, not as big as their own at Mansion but big enough for this small cottage'. But the thing that took her mind away was the fragnace candle all around' lighted' each surrounded by fresh flower petals'. The aroma was so soothing, like it will take away all your stress and tieredness'. She was lost' it looked so sothing in there'. Then her eyes went into the bath tub which was filled with water covered with rose petals'. She could not stop herself from just dipping her tired leg inside it'. It was so soothing.


She could not stop herself'. She took a look around and saw a bath robe was already hung there and anyway Maan must be asleep by now.


She undressed herself and dipped herself in the tub'. It was so soothing and relaxing after so much of tiering travel'. The aroma there made her more relaxed'. She felt like she will drift to sleep there'.


She just laid there inside the tub' sooking herself in the warmth of wather and the aroma'. She laid there for how long'.  After along wihile she made herself get out from there' took proper bath' wrapped herself in the robe and came out sneaking'. Maan was in deep sleep when she sneaked in the room to get her cloth'. But her frangnace and slight noise of moving luggage woke him up'..


His eyes open and fell on Geet'. Her hair was all wet' hanging on her cheeks'. She looked so freash and that too in that bath robe'. He had never seen her this way'. The robe was upto her knees and her hair stands were just troubling her while she was getting her clothes'


Involentary he reached near her'. Lifted her from her shoulder'.. Geet was shoked and surprised to see him there' she standing that way infront of him'. But she decided to say nothing him' she will not interfare'.


He lifted her chin up'. She closed her eyes drinking her saliva' this proximity in this vulnerable condition of hers' she was completely aware she has nothing inside the robe'. He placed his warm hand on her cold chin to put her hair back'. Shiver ran down her spin'.


She looked so pure, freash and beautiful'. Maan was loosing his control'. He reached near her' brought her closer to him by her waist and placed soft kisses on her eyes'. Geet tightlly closed her fists to control her self'. His closeness always took her mind away and now in this vulnerable condition of hers'..


He slowly brushed his lips all over her face'. Going down to her neck' to her collar bone'. Just slight tuching of his lips on her skin could drive her to entirely different world'.


Through ther V-neck of robe he went down that way to her clevage'. He kissed softly the slight bulge of her curve' Geet was about to moan his name but closed tied her lip'..


Maan soon realise what he was doing' he immediately snapped back and turned to other side and left the room'..


Geet just kept standing there'. Not knowing what to do or say'.


Next to be continued


Precap: Anniversary Next Part 40

Hi All,
Will send PM little later.
Hope you all like the story and its progress. your liking is very very important for me.

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Awsomeee yaar !

Really glad geet is accepting him .. Big smile
I just hope there r no mis understandings Cry

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