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Her complete submission-#4 pt44-lnk #5 (Page 101)

maansee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2012 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Cry no update today too

CrystalSaya Goldie

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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tellyme IF-Dazzler

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I am really busy with other stuff on my end and that's what  is delaying the update.
Will update as soon as I get some time.
Sorry for making you all wait.

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JeevanaP IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by tellyme

I am really busy with other stuff on my end and that's what  is delaying the update.
Will update as soon as I get some time.
Sorry for making you all wait.
Will wait...Smile
Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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cum soon with a bang..
tellyme IF-Dazzler

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Part 43



With Geet in his arm Maan had one of the most peacful sleep of his life... The peace that had gone away after his father.


He had never realized but Geet was his light in his dark life and all he had done was shutting that light off.


Geet was in deep thought'did not know how to make Maan understand'.


"May be Maan is right' my words will not convince him' I have to just be with him to make him believe"


Somewhere she had already started believing him and trusting him'his acts, the pain in his eyes, his guilt and his patience'. How long could she not trust him'.


"Maan I just want you to come out of this guilt'. Your pain is troubling me' we both want a new start in our life, then why this distance Maan " she shied but she knew she have to wait.


Geet was in her deep thought when Maan came and sat by her'.


"From morning I am watching you'. Itnee soch me kyun pari ho' Do you want to go somewhere out today or you wanna stay at home"


"Maan" Geet again wanted to convince him

"shhh' don't worry, I am feeling everything will be fine very soon you just don't take any pressure'. Main tumhe soch me dalne ke liye nahi laya yahan' tell me what you want to do today'"


"Whatever you want I am fine" Maan held her hand and pleadingly looked into her eyes'.


"I want you to make choice' please,kabhi to apnee marzi bhi jiyo na Geet"


Geet understood what Maan is wanting from her, she feels overwhelmed by his try. She wanted to saty at home and thus they just stayed at home while day'.


"OK I will make lunch today for both of us" Geet remembered his aloo paratha' "NAHI" she almost shouted to stop him before he proceed.


"I' I will make'you carry on with your work till then"


"No Geet' I really want to do it today"

"Maan'you just said I should say my wish' and now when I am telling you, you don't want to listen to me."

Maan was so happy from within'. First time in his life he has seen Geet arguing to him like this' putting her wish forward'. Maybe she really have started trusting him.


So few days just passed this way' They started most of the time together' sometimes at home' sometimes going out to take some view of beautiful sights of darjeeling and hearby'

Maan working form home'managing all his meeting from home'


But what happened was, the more time they spent with each other, without knowing they satrted becoming free with each other. Best was Geet was opening up a little more... her hesitations were going slowly of what he will think and like that' the more they talked the more they were getting free'. Much like friends.


They while talking they also shared many things from their old past'.Maan feeling guilty many times Geet trying to cover up his guilt'. One day like this when they were talking about their past'Maan suddenly said


"Now Geet, I don't understand one thing'. What actually made you fall in love with me'."


Geet was opening up with Maan "Who said you I fell in love with you" But least did she expect the answer that Man gave her


"Your love doesn't need words'. It's much beyond the words'. Yeh to mere jaise logon ke liye hain, whose love needs to be proved"


Geet didn't know what to say'. The past guilt was still paining him' she knew only she has to heal him and only she could


She held him by his arm by her hand and placed her head on his arms "Maan' It hurts me when you are in pain' if you give yourself pain you know it will hurt me more than you'please Maan abb bohut hogaya' can you not forget past'. For me Maan please" and tears drop down her eyes.


She had slowly completely started trusting him. Now she knew it was for her only and only her that he can forgive himself.


"Please don't punish my Maan this much' it's unbearable for me." Her tears were not stopping.


Maan was speechless'. Her love was beyond anything he could imagine' he really felt it was getting unbearable for her seeing him in pain and it was not in his control to hide his pain'. Geet will know everything about him.


He had hugged her tighter'.kissed her tears away.


In these days also Maan urges to come close to her have risen high but he had controlled' but he could sometimes not help himself checking on her' his eyes would not move from her' Geet used to blush within his intense look but the moment he used to notice her blush he turned to other side.


The days were just dream land for Geet' she was falling more and more for Maan' she had loved him always with no expectation but always have dream of her together ness with him' today he was making her dreams true'. He was all the time with her' his moments were dedicated to her'. She can not imagine to ask anything more for her'. Sometimes out of her overflowing love she used to just keep looking at Maan' she used to sometimes just absorb in admiring his features, his personality, his talks.


Now it was almost week they had spent with each other'. They both were now eager for more closeness'. And this time Geet knew she has to initiate.


One day Maan was just busy in some of his work in laptop and Geet was just lying down and looking at him. Maan tried to ignore for long but Geet did not stop looking at him. After long Maan said


"Geet will you stop this"


"I was just thinking' did you forget something" Maan got scared "KYA"


"Woo' do you remember... your first gift to me' I threw it but you said you will keep it"


Maan's eye widened


"I want it back..." "Really Geet'.OMG' you are ready to accept it. Main abhi laya"


He started to get up leaving all his work but Geet held his arm.. got up and stood infront of him. She held him and placed her head softly on his chest'  Maan did not understand anything'


Softly she said "My first gift from you'. I want it in some special way' I want" she stopped in hesitation'.


Maan was heavy in heart with overflowing happiness' she was voicing her want.


With heavy voice he sad "Bolo Geet' what you want'. Just say it, please"


"I want to feel special when you present it to me" she was blushing hard and almost hiding herself in his chest holding him tight.


Maan then realized what he needed to give Geet. It was not only his need he was holding upto, it was also Geet's need and he was making her wait too.


He brought her even more closer to himself in his embrace "I will make it special' very special"


They just kept holding each other for long' trying to wash away the older days.


Just to repent his older sin, make his heart clear of guilt he cannot go on giving her pain in present'. He has to love her selflessly now. Her need was command for him' above all he needed her badly too.


Next to be continued


Precap: Maan presents gift to Geet' how??

Thanks to all of you for your like, comments and support. Please keep doing so.
Will PM little later

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awesome  update  ...

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