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be-happy-always Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by reeha...k

OK! So these are the questions: We need to answer 5 each from the 7 in each section:


1 -- 7


1 -- 7

& Attempt to identify which team wrote which ones: Xoxo wrote a couple as well; here is the link to the post (the last post on the page) 
 by Xoxo which explains everything. I'm going to start answering some as best as I can, please message if you guys can do the same!

Yaar, I'll for sure answer  #7 of serious and #4 of funny ...
rest I'll see which ones you guys haven't tried -i won't promise but if i can , i may answer more also.

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Well, here it goes guys! LOL


1: How do we differentiate between Lust, Infatuation and Love?

All three have different components which are unique to an individual's Mind set, confidence, and upbringing. Although, there is a basic rule of thumb which can be applied to all three:

Lust: Lust is physical or sexual: The attraction is not after a person's personality or sense of humor. Lust although physical, does not hinder a person's ability to eventually love someone; nor does it guarantee love or compatibility. It is something that differs based on an individual's sexual preferences and what s/he finds attractive. It is neither temporary or permanent: It is in the moment and what happens or does not happen after words depends on the individuals actions, and IF there is more than just a physical attraction. Lust can be one sided "I lust for X" or dual sided, where "Two people lust for each other" or possibly even more; but the point is, it is physical, not emotional.

Infatuation: Infatuation comes in numerous levels; it can hold just a physical aspect of being attracted to someone – like lust- or it can be an emotional attachment- like "love". The key component is that it is DEEPLY rooted in the person's mind. AND it is one sided: the object of their infatuation may not realize the extent of the attachment the person has towards them, or may not even realize they exist. It can be a mild case (such as tweens and Justin Bieber- although that is arguable) or an unhealthy type (A crazy stalker: Such as the one Shania Twain has/had) It all depends on the person's metal balance; if they can tell that their infatuation is never going to happen, or if they are delusional enough to believe that they can make it happen. ALTHOUGH, again, that is not to say that infatuated people cannot make the object of their desire fall for them: who knows maybe the person they want, will want them back…and that leads me too this:

Love: Love is a balance between the physical and mental: when you want a person on both levels, it is love. Love can be one sided- which is what I would consider an infatuation (again, there are various degrees of that as well) – or it can be dual sided, where both parties feel the same way, which is what I would consider LOVE. Love, is not immune to time, people fall out of love for numerous reasons- the word love does not imply permanent, and neither do Lust and Infatuation. (Xoxo?)

2. The name? Well, I really haven't given it much thought, and to be frank I don't think I'd do a great job at choosing one. Something with alliteration for sure: But dirty or suggestive words which begin with the letter "r" are difficult to come by. LOL How about Roxy Reeha? It would do my mother so proud.(Pink ?)

3. "Why does the World crave Peace and Positivity always everywhere, when it knows full well that without Darkness, there's no sense of Light?"

I for one do not believe that the world craves Peace and Positivity: IF they sincerely did, it would have happened a long time ago. With the money, power and backroom dealings that the world's leaders have, this could be accomplished overnight, it really is a non-issue. The issue is that there are more FINANCIAL stakes involved. Conflicts make MONEY, it is a fact. Economies boom during war times are crash afterwards; it is a Temporary, but large stimulus. It is ironic that in the pursuit of Peace, and Positivity, there is so much blood shed and negativity- but I do not find it to be a coincidence; it is a well planned and executed strategy: As long as there is war in the pursuit of peace, there will not be peace: and as long as there is not peace, there will be battles fought. And as long as there are battles fought, someone somewhere is making money. That is the bottom line, the average man wants peace, and the average corporation does not care: and as long as there are both, the corporation always gets what it wants. (Red?)

6. Marriage is not important: Being married does not prove anything: Fidelity, Honesty, commitment. It is simply an instutionalized tradition: which may or may not hold cultural or religious values with it. In western worlds, the Divorce rate hovers at about 50%. That is not to say that when people get married, they don't have intentions of staying "till death do them part" but the fact remains that marriage is something we come to expect and a cultural norm, and it is quickly being countered with another norm: Divorce. Marriage is NOW important for two big Industries: Weddings- the cloths, food, halls, planners etc: This is a multi-Billion dollar industry. The Second is: the Lawyers; with the divorce rate being as high as it is, the end of a marriage allows for great business for many Attorneys. That is not say that marriage doesn't mean anything: its definition changes as times do: (example, same-sex marriage) and the ability to get married means a lot to many people. But overall marriage does not guarantee happiness, it does not validate or prove anything. It is something society has engraved into our minds, and religion may have nailed down. But realistically speaking it is like everything else in life: A chance, a gamble and not something everyone wants or enjoys. (Purple?)

7. I don't look at it as For or Against abortion: It is Pro Choice and Pro Life. The issue is the first is questionable: Is it the Woman's choice, or is she being forced? OR is the woman NOT consenting with the father? These two are big issues in this side alone. For the Second, the issue is: WHEN does life start? Some say at conception (which I disagree with) other's say when you take your first breath, and are born (which I also disagree with) the very term "life" is ambiguous and leaves too much room for arguing. I believe that an abortion should be permissible with BOTH individual's consent (UNLESS it is a case of rape or molestation) where both Parent's agree they wish their DNA to be terminated. IF the mother does not agree, obviously she does not have to go through with it; and we all know that. BUT people fail to see the FATHER's rights in this instance. A Man should have the right to know if his DNA is being terminated, and IF he wants the child, then the Abortion should NOT be allowed. I am, overall a Pro Choicer. Former Canadian (Liberal) Prime Minster once said, "The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation…" and neither does it in the womb of a woman. IF someone is against Abortion: Fine, please use those ideals on yourself, and your family or partner: but it does not give another a fundamental right to perpetuate that thought and demand others do the same.  (Blue?)


1. Doctor, I have a problem:Yes, I think it is possible for someone to get addicted to therapy: but not necessarily the therapy itself, but the fact that someone is LISTENING to them speak; the ability and convenience that someone will listen to them, without judgment, interruption or fail is what would be addicting. This instance, I would assume that a therapist is intuitive enough to realize their client is getting too dependent on them and would make an attempt to wean them off: but reducing sessions, frequency and duration, and attempt to have  a more proactive and conversational session, rather than a more passive and auditory one: which also changes the patient's pattern.  (Red?)

2. "I've got Roaches in my pants!?" As Unlikely as that is (what good is Harvard if there are roaches there! And What good am I if I couldn't be botherd to be clean enough to not have a roach down there!) to be frank, if it was a BIG interview: for admissions or a high profile job, I would sit there and wait. It would be difficult, but I would attempt to shift and make sure my Butt squishes the sucker before it gets anywhere it shouldn't go. That is the "ideal" scenario. More likely that I would scream and attempt to get it out, but that is the "worst" case scenario. (Purple?)

4.Vampire love:

 Reaction: Well it would depend on how I find out, and if I was suspicious before hand. It would be more comical than anything else, because I've always wondered if there really could be such a thing.

Ending the Relationship: No! Are you crazy! How many times do you get to make out with a Vampire!? IN REAL LIFE!? Well the answer is Never, but if there's a chance, and he's good Looking, why the heck not!

Mankind/Immortals: Immortals all the way!!! Sure I'd miss my famjam, but come on, never getting old would be awesome- and yes, I am that vain.

Debates: There is no debate- both are terrible; but I wouldn't go slayer on anyone, one because it depends on the situation: Are there good ones and bad ones? Do the bad ones only kill bad people? It's quite circumstantial. But overall my answer is no: I wouldn't want them coming after my family or anything.

Which one: Not Cullen, didn't watch Buffy, Not Dracula, and haven't watched Friday Night. I choose Damon for Vampire Diaries, because he's delicious.  (Xoxo?)

6. Cheap Date?: I'd go into the washroom and climb out the window, or silently slip out the door somehow: Leave that sucker with the bill! Date within your means child! If you can't afford to take the lady out, don't! and If you don't have the money, at least tell her beforehand, so she can bring some! Sheesh. (Pink?)

7. DM's Love/ Sex Obsession: What isn't about love and sex? Politics are riddled with is- well at least the sex part; as is social media, movies, music, celebrities, scandals, gossip (both at work and school) Ever head the saying "Money makes the world go round" Well, add sex to the list too. It's one of the topics which is young: Before it would be considered a taboo subject: one not openly discussed- via person, or otherwise with others in a public place. ANOTHER reason is the Anominity: People don't know you, you're reality and who you are, so many people feel comfortable discussing these subjects, where they know they won't be judged, or punished: it allows for a freedom of sorts. (Blue?)

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Xoxo said we need to mark them: How do we MARK a question? Does that mean, just mentioning Which team wrote which Question; because thankfully I have that tooo.
Smile, post what you thought of the Question(s) as well, even if we don't have to submitte it, they are quit informative Smile

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
Compiled Answers
 First Question: Complete
Keep in Mind that this will take you to the post in which  the question is answerd (I.e Stalked to green Post) and once you click on the question mark you can view the post.

 Second Question Story Tellers: Part One
The Theme is #3: Knowledge is Power and Power Corrupts.  

You'd be amazed at the things I know. Everything from who is cheating on whom, which child is actually related to the so-called father, and who is going to get cut out of the will. It's a fact of life, I, and people like myself know things. Contrary to popular belief I don't eavesdrop, nor do I go digging for information. It is- simply put- there for the listening, seeing and interpreting.  If the members of the house hold can't be smart enough to ensure that their misdemeanors and faux pas are not done where anyone can see and hear them- It's simply not my problem.  I've worked for this family for 30 years: scrubbing floors, finding cloths, running errands, and being at their beck and call. I've raised their children, seen them go from sweet innocent things, to spoiled self-entitled brats.  I've never said anything other than when spoken to: I know my place.  I come from a good family, we believe in working hard and honestly for our 3 meals a day. And I've done so for so many years.

Until now.

I've hit my breaking point; they think they have authority, power and influence. They have nothing.

But I do.  This goes against what I believe, and I most likely would never thought of doing this, until Mia came home- pregnant with the Jr. Assholes kid. My grandchild.

They laughed at her, accused her of manipulating them, and of all things being a gold digger.  I don't want her married to that bas***d, but he sure as hell isn't going to get away leaving my daughter think this, and with a child she does not want, but cannot kill.

They don't realize it, but I have the power, and I never thought of it that way until the last few months, seeing Mia get bigger, tired and oh so lonely. My heart breaks for my child, and I will do everything in my power ' however limited it seems- to make them pay. There may be little gain from it, but the moral satisfaction will be enough. More than enough.

Over the next few weeks the news of Sr. Asshole's affairs trickled out: Say bye bye to re-election Sir.

Then, his Daughter's wild antics and multiple pregnancies and abortions were splashed in the news. Now, having a daughter myself I thought of letting that one go: But I'm beyond caring at this point.

Of course, the Wife couldn't be spared either: Her affairs, and the speculation that the two youngest children are not the offspring of Sr. Asshole.

Not to mention the fraud committed by the Grandchild's Father. The numerous sexual assaults'even rape- girls like my Mia: the numerous babies around the area which are his yet are denied the basic necessities of life: The lives he's ruined.

I didn't realize until I saw them being fired, humiliated, ostracized, and arrested. I had the power all the along: not because of who I am, what I've accomplished or them money-or lack therefore of- in my bank account. But what I knew. I knew everything- and I ruined them. And I'd gladly do it again.  

Second Question Part 2 (Picture Captions)
Picture one
"Now as much as we'd like to get along, we stand on different Sides. He's on the Left and I'm on the Right. And no, there isn't a centerst party here that can bridge our differences."
Picture two
"Well, extramarital affairs, and maybe a few illigitamet children, too.
Ok I lied, maybe some money laundering as well."
Picture three:
"Ok Guys! 12 down, only 7 billionish left!"
Picture Four:
"The only thing that could ruin this moment? A stinky diaper. "

Question 3: Born Lyrisists
SONG ONE: Chamk Challo
hey hey hey
princess u r my chamak challo
naam hai manyata
chamak challo
meri chamak challo
udayveer ki chamak challo
kahan hai tu rajkumari
i m here here here
kuttay kamine mai yahan
kal mai rajkumari
aj teri maharani
kal ko rajmata
phr teri chamak challo
i dont want to b ur chamak challo
tu hai meri chamak challo
akash hai aik chawl wala
teri zindagi ka mai hi hn hero
tu meri princess mai tera prince
mai tera tu meri chamak challo
o o o o
meri chamak challo manyata
han mai teri chamak challo udayveer

SONG TWO: Kolaveri Di

yo girls i am writing poem -

bakvaas poem

flop poem why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
rhyming scheme correct?

Teacher-u  taught-u rhyming-u scheme-u

English-u failed-u tenth-u

I write poem-u nice-u nice-u

Nice-u poem-u flop-u

haaan why this kolaveri-kolaveri kolaveri di

Why this kolaveri-kolaveri kolaveri di 

ok maama now rhyme change-u 

likhkar poem-u

only english….. 

after poem-u read-u read-u

everyone-u sleep-u

mom-u scold me hard-u hard-u

(for) making friends-u sleep-u

haaan why this kolaveri-kolaveri kolaveri di

why this kolaveri-kolaveri kolaveri di

SONG THREE: Shiel Ki Jawaani

I know we want him

But we're never gonna get him

Hamare pass kabhi na aye

Manne na maane koi

 larki yeh saari, uski Adda ki hai deewani

What's is name?

What's his name?

His name is Uday

Uday ki Addayien

He's too sexy for me

Hamara naah ho  paaya
SONG FOUR: Stronger

Lose it, break it, forget it, break us

Softer, Cheaper, slower, weaker

(Lose it faster, forget it sooner)

N-n-now what don't kill me

(Do it slower, make me weaker)

Can only wound me deeper

(Forget the Happily Ever after)

I wish you would leave now

Cause I can't take this any longer

Let me get lost tonight

You could find victim to toss tonight

3 AM, sneaking inside in the morning. Gotta be quite, gotta get upstairs. Gotta have my balance, gotta chew some mints, listening to everything, the time is goin' tickin on and on, everybody's sleepin' gotta get to my room, gotta catch my sleep, I see my mom standing at the front of my door my dad to the left. Gotta make up my mind, which lecture do I bear?

It's Sunday, Sunday Gotta get rid of this hangover, mom and dad are lookin' forward to killing me. Killing Me. Getting' down on killing me. They're looking forward to killing me this Sunday.

Question 4- Debater's Tongue
1 - Do you think having a hot accent makes someone more attractive? Which accent do you find hottest and why?
 Well let's break down the scentance first. If someone has a HOT ANYTHING (Eyes, Lips, Voice, Figure) it automatically makes them More Attractive. So the question technically stops there. The only thing that is debatable; or rather up to personal preference is WHAT is HOT when it comes to an accent.

Tranditionally speaking the Hot accents are usually: British, Italian, French, Spanish, Southern United States etc. It is more a matter of Personal Preference than anything else. This poll done by CNN shows the top 12 accents out of the thousands which are considered Attractive:

I can't say a agree with the rankings, or the choices, but it gives you an idea of how differential it can be.

If this is a personal question then I can say without a doubt: British and Southern United States, and Irish- The refined quality not the slang terms; simply because I have an attachment to terrible HQN Romance Novels and cheesy romance Movies- and yes I am not ashamed to admitted it.

3 - Why do you think your team will win? Ie what qualities does your team have, that you have noticed other teams lack
To be blunt I don't know if our team will win, for me it isn't even about winning; it's about the fun and experience- the banter and asides which are associated with such a task- the journey not the destination. I guess in a way that is what separates us from the rest: It isn't so much about speed, and pace more about quality, interaction and more than anything else: FUN. There is no point in doing this if there is no FUN involved.

4 - Why are Ekta's show so popular and what do you think of Indian Soap?

Indian soaps have always been wrapped with a package of some masalas like - rebirths , eternal love stories ,  girl's over-polite behaviour and her (too much) sacrificing nature LOL, her sasuraal with people with every possible nature , kids from naughty to most obedient, multiple marriages , a disastrous villain , endless tears (both in happy as well as sad moodsLOL) . . . . . . .

And the day serial started to flop with TRP's touching the core of the earth, they generated another character 'ghost' hahaLOL...ya, that's true . . . . . many serials which I started viewing as love stories , changed into horror shows (like 'Shree' (on Zee Tv) and Kaisi Laagi Lagan (on Sahara One))!!! Well, as per these hindi daily soaps are concerned, Ekta Kapoor is the first name that strikes the mind of most of the viewers! She has produced numerous soap opera n television series .Her journey from " Hum Paanch" to "Parichay" including  Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Kaahin Kissii Roz, Kkusum, Kahiin To Hoga, Kasamh Se , Kitani Mohabbat Hai(2 seasons) , Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani , Pavitra Rishta and Bade Achhe Lagte Hain has been really appreciated by mammoth mass of Indians.When I started viewing English shows like 'Vampire Diaries', 'New Girl', 'Big Bang Theory' , I liked them a lot but Indian shows have a different place in every Indian's heart. English shows prove to be 'pheeke'(lack of spices) and our Indian hindi serials have a lot of attractive features in them.Every show of Ekta has been unique in its plot. If she has produced a romantic story of Aunuraag-Prerna (Kasautii Zindagii Kay) , then, at the same place she has shown her creativity in another love story that was considered to be 'a dark love story' (Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani)...if she has brought up family dramas that aired more than 5 years like 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi' then, she has also produced  'Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii ' . . . . . . . if she produced show depicting true love in today's era (Kitni Mohabbat Hai) , then , on the same platform, she depicted a true love story of today's era but between the mature people (Bade Achhe Lagte Hain) and also the love bonding between people with great age-gap (Bandini).

Now coming to the most integral part of all the Indian shows including Ekta's - TEARS!!! Ek tears hi toh hain joh har serial mein glycerine laga-lagakar actors phoot-phoot kar rotey hainROFL   Aur rotey kyun hain?? Kisi ke marne par hi nahi ... balki: Ghar se nikaale jaane par rotey hain , ghar mein aane par rotey hain , thappad marne par rotey hain , thapad khaane par rotey hain , khushi mein rotey hain , gum mein rotey hain , pyaar mein emotional hokar rotey hain  , dil toot jaane par rotey hain , haarne par rotey hain , jeetne ke baad  senti ho jaane par rotey hain ,... itna rotey hain ki lagta hai abtak saare daily soaps mein rone-dhone ke karan poore india mein baarish kyun nahi parti???ROFL

I think Ekta's success has actually encouraged her beautiful thoughts n wonderful imagination to be presented up to the audience in such a brilliant way.She captured all the stratas of society in her shows (from very poor to very rich society).
Not only this but two years ago I read an article about an Indian soap being produced in Brazil with the non-indian actors.The show was kin to Indian successful shows and was influenced by Ekta's ideas. That was produced by an Indian guy. (I tried finding the link to that that but couldn't find it)
In the nutshell, I would just say that Indian television industry has always grown with the moving hands of clock and has always depicted every possible relation and reality on this beautiful land of India and Ekta Kapoor is a major part of it.

5 - To follow your heart, or to follow your mind?

 The Heart and Mind are two different Things- organ wise; people always say follow your heart, but I think whichever you are choosing: Both are your mind. Your "heart" in this case is what I would call your subconscious, an inkling, feeling or intuition- is generally associated with the heart- but biology has taught us that the heart simply pumps blood and beats life into us: It doesn't analyze the life we life and make our choices for us. Our mind though, it is complex, it tells us things we don't even realize, it has deep recess which are still undiscovered, and nowhere near completely understood. The mind is in two realms: The Conscious and the Unconscious.  We do both with our mind. I think even when you are following "your heart" it is just a different realm of your mind which you are following.

be-happy-always Goldie

Joined: 15 January 2011
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Posted: 23 December 2011 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by reeha...k

Xoxo said we need to mark them: How do we MARK a question? Does that mean, just mentioning Which team wrote which Question; because thankfully I have that tooo.
Smile, post what you thought of the Question(s) as well, even if we don't have to submitte it, they are quit informative Smile

chhod yaar itni mehnat dobara kya karoon sab erase ho gaya...Xoxo said that answering is over.
It's ok...we can mark themSmile
N thanksSmile

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