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intehaa hogai intezar ki...
ay na khabar next update ki...

waiting eaggerly...plz update soon...

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hi frnds
I have already written about 3000+ words, but the party has not even I guess it will take more time...I am posting the first half right now and may post rest half late at night or even tomorrow if I didn't complete it timely
so I'll be posting in about 15 minEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by shining_moon

hi frnds
I have already written about 3000+ words, but the party has not even I guess it will take more time...I am posting the first half right now and may post rest half late at night or even tomorrow if I didn't complete it timely
so I'll be posting in about 15 minEmbarrassed

it ok dear
waiting for 1st half
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Hey sneha...geet cheerfully waved at sneha as soon as she entered her cabin.

Hi geet...she replied with a smile.

Achcha listen, tune 31st ke liye koi plans toh nahi banaye hai na...??...she asked keeping her fingers crossed. A sudden grim look covered sneha's face, which went unnoticed by geet as she waited for her answer.

Uh,...nahi...woh...I don't celebrate...came her hesistant and a bit worried reply...

Great...!!...she jumped in joy and hugged her, tomorrow sharp at 8...I'll wait for you at my place...she chirped.

Geet, what are you talking about...??...she looked at her baffled.

Arey yaar, we are celebrating 31st...welcoming new year...all friends will be there and I want you too...she replied as a matter of factly.

WHAT...??...there was a sudden panic in her voice...geet, I can't come...!!...Geet looked at her with a confused expression and asked...what happened...?? have come before also then what is bothering you...??

That was different and I have already told you that I don't celebrate 31st...please don't force me...sneha replied. Her face clearly reflecting her worry and fear. Geet came close to her and held her shoulders...

Sneha, whats the matter...??...she asked softly, concern written all over her face...why do you look so disturb and worried...?? jao...I won't be able to come...sneha had her eyes fixed on the floor to avoid looking at her. But geet was not one of those who would leave their friend's when she knows they need her. Taking a deep breath she composed herself and said with a strict voice...fine, you don't want to accept my invitation, but would you be able to deny your boss...!!

Sneha's eye's snapped up hearing her and looked at her with narrowed brows. Geet looked at her expressions and thought...I can see you are worried about something and I am not going to let you suffer alone...aaj nahi toh kal you'll trust me enough to confide in me...!!...she simply looked at sneha and continued...

See sneha, you are not leaving me with any other option. So, let me inform you...she looked at her to see her expressions and continued...this party is organized by our boss, Mr. Rajveer singh khurana, and he has given me the responsibility to see that his guests reach the party on time. So, whether you like it or not you have to come otherwise, I'll be thrown out of the job...she said all with a serious look on her face.

Sneha gave her an incredulous look to which she simply shrugged her shoulders and said...don't think being a handa will save my job and if you have ever considered me a friend then you'll save me and come...she said dramatically adding a bit of emotional blackmailing. As sneha was new to her drama queen avatar, so she easily fall for it and reluctantly agreed...

Fine...I'll come, but...geet was about to jump, but halted hearing her BUT and sneha continued...I'll not stay there till late night...and please no argument on that...she said with a stern face.

Geet let out a sigh of relief and gave her a big smile...okay...she sqealed with happiness and crushed sneha in a bear hug. Sneha smiled seeing her friend so happy, but there was a slight fear and hesitation in her eyes. Geet separated from her and said looking at her...but you'll stay till the counting na...??...she pleaded with hope in her eyes.

But geet...

Please...please please please...she made a puppy face. Sneha shook her head at her childishness and said with a smile...achcha baba, I'll stay till counting...bas...ya aur kuch...??

Nope...thank you...geet hugged her again and then said...okay I have to invite others is your invitation card...she forwaded the card...see ya...saying so geet rushed out. Sneha saw her retreating figure and sighed to explain you geet, how difficult it is for me...and returned back to her work.


Rano, geet office gayi...??...naina asked entering the hall of HM.

Haan, she left a while ago...come I was waiting for you...they both sat down on the couch and started discussing the preparations.

Waise rano, tune geet ko kuch bataya to nahi hai...??

Nahi how could I...tum logo ne mana jo kiya tha...she smiled and added...I still dn't believe this. Both the kids loved each other aur hume koi bhanak bhi nahi parne di...!!

Naina smiled at this and said...I wonder whether their fights were just a pretense or they really were so anti each other. And now, its hard for anyone of us to believe that they are actually in love...!!

Yeah, but I am glad they are...rano said cheerfully.

Me too...!!

By the way, I have asked pandit ji to look for a suitable date for their marraige...naina said...I just want to bring geet home as soon as possible...!!

Haan, tere ghar mein toh pehle se hi itni raunak hai, par mere pass toh bus meri geet hi hai...rano said suddenly getting emotional.

Oh come on rano, you are a lucky mother that your daughter will be just in your neighbourhood after her marraige. You can meet her anytime you want...!!

Both chatted for a while and soon got down selecting dresses and jewelry brought by the designers they had called at HM.


May I come in bhai...??...vicky peeped inside maan's cabin and asked.

Maan was pleasantly surprised seeing vicky there and asked to come inside. As vicky came inside, he simply crushed maan in tight hug and shocked maan...

Oh god bhai, I am so so so happy for you and geet...vicky poured out all his excitement and happiness. Maan understood that his parents has informed him about their surprise and he simply patted his back and returned the smile.

Thanks vicky, but don't inform anything about this to geet as...maan started but was cut in by it is a surprise for doll...he completed...I know bhai, mom dad ne bataya hai...!!...Aap dekhna, I'll make the night so memorable for both of you and I'll sing my best songs for you guys...he added happily.


Achcha bhai, I am going to meet geet. I'll see you later...saying so vicky rushed towards geet's cabin, while maan shook his head at vicky's excitement.


Hi doll...vicky said entering her cabin with a big smile. Geet looked up from the file and saw vicky entering.

Arey vicky, what are you doing here...??

Kyun...??...aren't you happy to see here...??...he made a fake sad face to which geet rolled her eyes and replied...drama band kar and speak up...she demanded.

Uff, kya geet. I really came to meet my sweet friend...he gave his cheeky smile and geet raised her brows in suspicion...listen vicky, if you want me to invite one of your good for nothing girlfriends, then forget it...she made a an irritating face and continued...those bitches just create nuisance in the party...yaad hai na last time kya hua tha...that bitch, whats her name...she made a face...yeah, lina...she just slapped that poor waited for dropping a drink on her dress, which actually was her fault as that super irritating bimbo was full talli and was bumping into almost everyone present there...geet kept ranting on and on while vicky sulked.

Suddenly geet points her finger at him to which he got instantly alert...and you...if you ever dare to invite any of those bitch to the party then trust me, I'll not let you enter your own house's premises...!!

Vicky shuddered at the thought of spending 31st night outside his own party and quickly tried to pacify his super angry doll...

Arey yaar doll, tu bhi na...he placed his hand on her shoulders and continued...I know my ex were all hopeless, but I am not here to ask an invite for them.

Toh...??...she asked straight forward.

Actually, my band performed for a charity function of an orphanage sometimes back and accidentally I met the owners of the orphanage again and was just thinking to invite them...he smartly answered hiding his real intentions and gave an innocent smile.

Geet being the soft hearted doll, instantly melted at the mention of orphangae and said...oh, that is so sweet. I didn't knew you could do good work too...vicky gave her a glare which she ignored and continued...I'll be happy to have them at the party instead of your stupid gfs...vicky saw her expressions changing from smile to frown after uttering gfs and immediately diverted her attention not wanting to get into another lecture session from her...

Thank you so much doll. So, can I have two invites...??...he asked hopefully.

Yeah sure...she took out the cards and handed it over to vicky. Vicky took it happily and the way geet, have you invited everyone...??

Yup, almost all the invitations are send, just few left...she said getting back to her chair.

Great. Anyways yash, nt and pari has already talked to the caterers and decorations will be handled by sam. Dad wanted to make it more lavish and grand so he has send some helpers for us in every department...vicky informed.

But why...??...I mean we would have handled, its not that he is inviting any of his official clients or partners...she was confused. She knew this was a bigparty but not big enough that they can't handle it on their own.

Well, you see...vicky has actually send some more invites from his side to few more important people and so he wants everything to be perfect...he completed.

But why so...??...she asked again.

Uff, damn her curious mind...he cursed mentally and raked his brain for some excuses without giving away any hints...uh, woh actually...they are his good friends and he just wanted to have them in the party...he prayed to god for her to accept his white lie.

Achcha...she asked innocently to which he nodded his head...fine...!!

Phew...!!...he breath a sigh of relief and bid her good bye.


Geet finished her file and went to maan's cabin and knocked lightly...May I come in, maan sir...??

Maan saw geet at the door and nodded. She came and stood in front of him...

Maan sir, I have completed the file...she gave it to him. Maan took it and examined the file nodding his head in approval.

Should I ask him or not...??...she was continuously fidgeting with her duppatta's end.

Maan saw her murmuring and shook his head. She was looking so cute and a great sense of happiness was filling his heart at the thought of their being together forever...

I wish I could tell her about tomorrow's surprise, but then how will I watch that exotic expression on her face after the announcement...he smirked and then said...Miss handa, if you are done with your routine talk can we discuss other details...??...he taunted.

Geet saw the smirk and heard his stupid remark and fumed in anger...just needs a reason to irritate me...moron...!!...she mentally cursed him. Putting up a fake smile she looked at him and replied...ofcourse sir...and settle down.

They started  discussing the project while geet kept thinking how to ask him. Finally after the discussion was over, geet finally got up and mustering courage asked him...uh, maan...maan sir...woh...

Seeing her fumble maan got confused and asked...geet, whats the matter...?? want to say something...??

Uh...yes, woh actually...can I...can I take the rest of the day off, I mean its hardly two hours soon as the words escaped her lips she without thinking or listening to him, geet started giving him explanations...see, I know KC doesn't allow its staff to take leave like this and I have already taken leave before, but please its really urgent and I have completed my work for the please please allow me the leave...please...

CHUP BILKUL CHUP...!!...he pressed his finger on her lips and shut her down. Maan pressed his temple as he saw her chanting her reasons and excuses and not able to control himself he silenced her.

Maan saw her eyes widened as she felt his touch on her lips and pierced her eyes with his intense gaze. Her supple lips under his cold finger were creating havoc inside him, provoking the beast within. Before he could loose his control, he took a deep breath and separated...

Geet, why do you always test my patience...??...he said huskily in her ear and then suddenly backed away.

Geet was taken aback by his sudden act and blushed unknowingly.

Have I asked any explanation...??...he said and moved back to his can leave...!!

Geet smiled brightly hearing him and saying a thank you rushed out.


Meera kept her things in her locker and went to the nurse station only to find geet standing there.

Geet, what are you doing here...??...meera asked surprised.

Nothing, just came to take you to your hostel...she simply stated and walked out with meera running behind her...geet, geet wait...she reached her and held her hand...what are you doing...??

I have already told you meera, so just keep quiet and follow me...she blasted her angrily and marched towards her hostel room. Meera didn't know what to do and simply rushed behind her.

Both reached meera's room and geet simply walked to her cupboard and took out or rather threw out all her clothes...

Arey geet, kya kar rahi hai...??...meera saw her enraged friends throwing all her stuffs on the bed.

I told you na, just keep quiet...geet again silenced her with an angry glare and continued her work. Meera had no other option, but to keep her mouth shut. She didn't wanted to mess with her enraged friend knowing the dangerous consequences.

Geet finished her throwing session and took out meera's bag and stuffed all meera's things inside.

Arey geet, why are you packing my clothes...??...meera was getting totally confused.

Geet didn't utter anything, simply took out her mobile and asked someone to come inside. Soon a women entered and geet asked her to keep the bag in the car.

Geet too left from there with meera following her behind. Geet locked the door and handed over the keys to the warden. Meera now understood what geet was upto and didn't know what to say to stop her. When they reached the car, geet opened the door and gestured meera to sit inside. Meera knew it was no use to argue with her and silently obeyed. Geet too settled herself inside and the driver drove away.

Soon they reached HM and geet and meera came out. Rano was already waiting inside and when she saw them entering she had a big smile on her face...

Kitna waqt laga diya beta, I was waiting for you both...rano said and asked a servant to keep meera's bag in the guest bedroom beside geet room's.

So you knew that I was coming...??...meera asked rano.

Of course, geet told me how you were simply delaying your arrival with one or the other excuse...rano replied with a smile.

Mama, you know I had to literally drag her here otherwise she would have never come here...geet said shot meera a glare, who made an innocent face and then smiled saying...

Sorry yaar, ab toh main aa gayi hoon na...she hugged geet to pacify her.

Hmm, its fine...suddenly getting excited geet said...lets set your room. Pata hai I have taken leave two hours early just to set your room...chalo na...and with that geet pulled meera alongwith her upstairs.


Vicky stopped his car infront of the orphanage and set his clothes properly. Taking deep breaths he calmed himself and thought...vicky dude, lets get on work...!!

He reached inside and saw neha's father sitting there sipping a cup of tea. He scanned the area for neha, but she was not visible anywhere. Sighing he move towards him and cleared his throat to gain his attention...

Ahem...hello uncle...he greeted him with a warm smile.

Arey vicky, tum...??...come beta, have a seat...he replied with a soft smile.

So, what brought you here young man...??...he asked keeping his cup on the table.

Actually uncle, we are launching our new music in our new's party and I would love it if you and miss neha oblize us with yor presence there...he requested politely.

But son, what would I do in a new year's party and as far as neha is concern...he paused for a moment and conitnued...I don't think she'll be able to come...!!

But uncle, why...??...he asked disappointedly.

Actually, neha don't like parties and specially these new year parties...he tried to explain.

Vicky didn't wanted to loose this opportunity and asked...uncle, if you don't mind I can convince her...!!

Nahi beta, its not possible and moreover, she is at her office right now...he replied.

Oh...he replied in a low tone.

The man had developed a liking to this talented boy in these few meetings and saw how disappointed he was on their refusal...uh, vicky...he started and vicky looked up...main toh naho aa sakta, but I'll try my best to convince neha...he said with a smile.

Vicky saw a ray of hope in his words and said genuinely...thank you so much uncle, but I would be more glad if you both could make it to the party...!!...he kept the cards on the table and went away.

He saw vicky leave and thought...I so want neha to come out of her shell. I'll definitely try my best to make her agree for this party...akhir kab tak bhagegi iss tarah...!!


Next day evening...

Vicky, his band members, nt, pari, yash, sam, meera were hell busy with the party preparations. As they all knew that it was a special day for their beloved geet and thus no one allowed her to do anything apart from supervising. Maan was still in the office wrapping up things to leave a bit early and adi was assisting him. Dev was allowed to roam, but with precaution.

The spacious hall was tastefully decorated for the party and why not it was a big day for both khuranas and handas. Something which would make headlines. There were three big occasions for the party, while only two were known to all.

Soon the guest started arriving and people got engrossed in chit chatting. The hall was filled with reputed people, celebraties from corporate as well as other fields. Media was covering the whole event from outside as they were not allowed inside.

A big stage was set outside in the garden where the band was going to perform. The whole garden was beautifully decorated just like a bride. Everything was glowing and the ambience was out of the world.

Raj, naina, mohinder and rano were all there playing host to their joint party while the kids were busy in their own world.


Raj, naina, mohinder and rano were all there playing host to their joint party while the kids were busy in their own world.

Vicky beta, where is geet...??...rano asked along with naina.

Aunty, I think she went upstairs to get ready...he replied and went to check the instruments.

Raj, where is maan...??...a worried naina asked...the guest has started arriving...where is he...??

Naina relax, I called him just 5 minutes ago...he'll be here in 20 minutes...he replied.

Rano and naina went upstairs where geet had gone to change and saw her selecting a dress. Both exchanged a look with a smile and went near her...

Arey geet beta, what are you doing...??

Geet turned around at the voice and answered...woh, I was selecting a dress to change...mama, see na, is this nice...??...and showed them her pink dress.

Hmm, vaise toh my daughter looks beautiful in anything she wears, but I have got something different for you...especially for the party...rano replied and forwarded a packet to her.

Geet's eyes brightened seeing the packet and her excitement and joy seem no bound when she opened the packet to find a beautiful designer sari of white colour.

Mama, it is so beautiful...she squealed with joy and hugged rano tightly.

Geet I want you to wear this today at the party, okay...rano instructed while geet nodded like an obedient daughter. Her mind was preoccupied with the beauty of the dress so questioning her mother's sudden insistance on making her wear a sari slipped out of her mind.


Well, even I have something for my dearest daughter...naina smiled looking at geet, while geet turned towards her with expactant eyes...this is for you...and it'll perfectly match with your dress...saying so naina handed her an exquisite set of necklace and ear rings. They were diamond studded platinum pieces, giving a very modern, sophisticated and classic look.

Geet's delight was touching the 7th heaven seeing the gifts from the two most wonderful women in her life...

Oh my god...!!...they are so gorgeous...oh, I just love them...she chirped with a broad smile.

Now, don't waste any more time and go and get ready...rano said seeing geet not getting out of her super excited mode...guest have started arriving...!!


Here raj was busy calling maan, he was running late...

Hello maan, where are you...??...he asked after the call got connected.

Don't worry dad, I had to pick up something thats why got late...but I am almost there...I'll reach on time...he replied and then disconnected.

Oh geet, I can't wait to see this on your beautiful finger...he said gazing at the sparkling exquisite solitare in his hand. Smiling brightly, he put it back inside the velvet case and inserted it in his pocket.

Maan drove and soon reached KM, where he could see a big line of cars and huge crowd of media at the gate. He blew the horn and guards instantly cleared the way for him to enter. After handing over the keys to the valet, maan rushed inside greeting the guests curtly. He quickly went to his mom and dad who were eagerly waiting for him...

Oh god maan, you are so late...naina exclaimed...come on, now hurry up and get ready...!!

Mom relax, its not that late and before getting ready I want to show you both something...saying so he gestured his parents to come to his room. As they entered the room, maan fished out the case and opened it to show them...

Mom, dad...hows it...??...he asked waiting impatiently for their reply.

Oh its beautiful maan, geet pe bahut achcha lagega...naina expressed her happiness while raj smiled and exclaimed...I am impressed with your choice always...!!

Thanks...he smiled back...bas ise lene mein der hogaye...I'll get ready now...!!

Okay beta, I have kept your tux on your bed...saying so naina and raj left the room to give maan time to get ready.


Sneha was looking at the invitation contemplating whether she should go or not. It was a hard decision for her. She has been running away from this day...specifically this night...for the past three years...the horrible night which ruined her...which ruined everything and left her nowhere.

She closed her eyes taking a deep breath calming her senses, when she felt someone's hand on her shoulders. She turned her head to look at her father, who gave her an understanding as well as compassionate look...

Beta, why do you keep remembering the past, torturing herself. Jo hona tha ho chuka...he tried to make her understand...I know the wounds on your soul are still not healed, but you have to let go of the past to let the medication of time heal it...!!

But papa...

Nahi beta, stop running from your fears as it will only worsen your problem. Just forget everything as a bad dream and move on...he caressed her hair lovingly.

Papa, its not easy...she said as a lone tear escaped her eyes...I have been trying from the past few years, but it seemed like those terrible memories are not ready to leave me from their clutches...!!

Beta, please for my sake...try to come out of your apprehensions and try to live normally...go to the party and enjoy with your friends...he cajoled her.

She looked at him with mistfull eyes and nodded lightly. Her father hugged her patting her head...

Dekhna beta, everything will be fine...your past will never haunt you will never come in front of you ever again...!!


A black SUV halted with a screech at the gates of khurana mansion. The door opened and a man wearing black suit stepped out of it. Setting the collar of his coat, he scanned the area and a smirk crept up his lips...

Hmm, not bad...he murmured looking at the huge decorated mansion infront of him. Another man came outside from the other side and stood beside him...see I told you, it is the biggest party ever thrown by the khuranas...!!

Must say uncle, its grand and just look at the media...he darted his gave at the deluge of media hovering outside the seems as if the whole city has gathered here...!!

Well khuranas are the biggest name in the has to be the best...the man answered.

Yes dad...both turned towards the girl's voice, who was dressed in a black tube top dress...khuranas are the best and thats why they will have me as their elder DIL one day...she said with an attitude and gave them a cunning smile.

That would be the best day of my life alisha...her father exclaimed happily.

And that day will soon come into your life dad...a smug smile played on her lips. Her father nodded and moved towards the gate.

Oh my...seems like you are besotted by this Maan khurana, aren't you little sis...??...the other guy asked her.

Shut up, Sandy...she made an irritated face and added haughtily...there is no one in this world, who can resist alisha joshi...!!

Whatever...he rolled his eyes and continued...I just wish to get some hot chick here for my time pass...he started roaming his eyes all around to look at the girls showing his pervesive characteristic, while alisha simply smirked at her cousin's attitude and walked towards her father.


Mch, dev, what are you doing...??...meera chided dev as she saw him trying to lift a cartoon helping nakul.

I was just helping...he made a baby face, while meera glared at can you be so irresponsible dev...??...I have allowed you to enjoy the party not to exert yourself. Your wounds are not healed completed...she blasted him, while nt and pari chuckled at the sight. It was really amusing to see a calm and collected meera to blow off like this and that too with a guy.

Okay, Dr. hitler...I'll not do anything like this again...happy...??...he flashed his charming smile, which made her heart flip flop and instatly melted her.

Hmm...she simply nodded while nt giggled and meera, you gave us a wonderful surprise today...the dude dev khurana surrendering before a meek girl...she laughed and hi-fived pari.

Dev scratched his head at their teasing and was slightly red with embarrasment. Meera, however was more embarrased and turned a deep shade of red thinking about her authoritative words on dev.

By the way, has bro asked to avoid his embarrasment and divert the topic...gosh...I can't believe bro has planned something like this for geet...!!

Yeah, but you see he is after all a khurana...nt said and added with a wink...romance is in khurana's genes.

Dev smirked shamelessly at that and grinned back at her.

By the way meera, how would you like your boyfriend to propose to you...?? suddenly asked meera taking her by surprise. Nt and pari both looked at each other with a grin seeing the chemistry between the two.

What...??, what are you asking...??...she blused profusely and didn't dare to raise her eyes from the ground for a minute, while herfriends nudged her...

Arey meera, why are you blushing...?? is just asking your choice...pari winked at nt and completed her sentence by adding...not proposing you, right...??

Meera was feeling extremely shy at their jibes and wished to disappear some where,but they kept pestering her to her answer his question...

Uh...w...woh...I...I...she looked at dev and with a soft smile replied gathering her wits...I would just like to hear him speak out his heart truthfully without any hesitation or pretention...thats it...!!

She somehow answered them and then hurriedly left from there not wanting to be grilled further. Dev chuckled seeing her almost running from there while nt and pari noticed the affection and praise in his eyes for meera's simple yet honest answer.


Maan stood under the warm shower and let his senses loose. This was going to be the most memorable night for him and his love and he just couldn't stop feeling thrilled. He came out rubbing his wet hair with a furr towel. Picking up his dress, he got ready...sprayed his favourite perfume...wore his rolex watch...gelled his hair and putting on his shining brand new shoes walked in front of the mirror to have a last glance at himself before going down.

In short he was dressed to kill and god knows how many were going to fell prey to his immaculate hypnotysing persona. From head to toe perfection and attitude was oozing out.

Satisfied with his looks, he took the velvet case placed on the table and left the room...!!

As maan stepped on the stairs, all eyes turned to gaze him as if he was a magnet attracting all attention. Everyone looked in awe as they saw the young business tycoon descending the stairs. Raj was proud to be his father and naina was overwhelmed at the sight of her charming son. Dev, vicky, sam, adi  and other too were happy while alisha felt dazed at his sight.

He was an epitome of musculanity with style and attitude. Her desirous eyes grew dark, while sandy simply raised his brows as if daring him ( silly guy )

Girls felt their heart stopped beating and few even fainted and men envied him yet admired him. He is Maan singh khurana after all...!!

Oh my god, bhai you are looking like a killer dude...vicky kept his arm around his shoulder, but instantly removed it with his one glare. He cleared his throat while others laughed at his expense.

Really bhai, you are looking very said with a smile.

Of course akhir mera beta hai hai bhai...raj came and stated proudly while mohinder patted his shoulders.

Mere bete ko nazar mat lagao tum sab...naina came and pecked maan's forehead lovingly...may you get all the happiness in your life...!!

Aaj toh ise geet milne wali hai aunty, aur kya chahiye...sam said and winked at maan. Maan was getting a bit embarrased by their comments, but shrugging it off it simply asked...

Mom, is geet ready...??

What happened Mr. majnu...??...why getting so impatient...??...sam teased her while others sniggered, but one look from maan was enough to shut them up.

Arey beta, you know na...she takes hell lot of time to get ready...rano replied instead...she'll come down soon...!!

Soon everyone got mingled among the guest. Maan was standing in a corner with adi and sam chatting about something,but his eyes were fixed at the stairs. He had already instructed geet's friends to help her and when she is ready give him a msg. His eyes were continuously going from stairs to his cell.

Adi and sam noticed his restlessness and chuckled at their friend who was hopelessly in love. They left on the pretext of some work and now maan was standing all alone waiting for his lady love to show her angelic face and brighten his night.

Alisha,who was chatting with a group of girls saw maan and excused herself. She went to him and gave him a sexy smile...

Hey maan...oops...!!...I mean MK...she said on purpose.

Its okay alisha, outside office we are still friends and you can call me maan...he said with a friendly smile. Alisha felt elated at his words and thought may be there is still some chance for her to lure maan. She was thinking of something when suddenly maan recieved the text and a big smile crept up his lips and without giving any chance to her to speak, he rushed somewhere.


Sneha paid the taxi driver and got inside. The saw the whole crowd and clutched her duppatta tightly as her past memories came in front of her eyes. It was as if she was reliving that night. Everything was same, just this was a much lavish and bright party. Taking a deep breath she gathered her courage and went inside the hall. As she stepped inside the lights of the hall suddenly went off and it became all pitch dark.

She tried to locate a proper place to stand and in the process bumped into something or rather someone. Knowing her impending fall she shut her eyes tightly, but never touched the ground as the one she collided with, caught her in time and held her in his firm grip. Before she could panic or do anything at the touch or incidents, she felt the noisy hall suddenly became all silent.

The person holding her too felt the silence and looked on the other side alon with sneha and both were pleasantly surprised.

Geet, stood at the top of the stairs dressed up in the sparkling white sari with diamond studded borders. Her poise and grace were denying the fact the she had worn a sari for the first time in her life. She was looking like a beautiful angel...maan's angel in true sense and that is what maan thought seeing her standing there under the spot light glowing like a flame in the dark hall...!!

He was mesmerized by her sight would be an understatement. He was totally clean bowled by his mishty. He just couldn't remove his eyes from her and move towards her spell bounded by her beauty.

Geet too descened the stairs cautiously as she couldn't locate anyone in the dark hall and walked with the help of spot light shining on her. She was feeling weird as she didn't knew about this thing at all.

But as she reached the second last step another spot light fell on maan, who stood at the bottom of the steps with his hand extended towards his mishty...!!

Now this was a total surprise for her. Her heart beat increased as she got slight hint of what was happening and very slowly she placed his hand on his and walked forward with him.

Maan took her in the center of the hall while geet followed without any question. The hall was still silent whileonly two spot lights lighting the two person.

Without any further delay, maan bend down on his knees and took out  the velvet box from his pocket.

Geet saw him bending on his knees and her own knees turned to jelly with anticipation of his actions. As he took out the box, her mind froze while her heart went into a wild frenzy beating with such high pace that she feared anyone could hear it in this silent hall.

Maan saw the changes of emotions in her beautiful honey brown eyes and was glad to have the desired effect of his plan on her. Taking out the beautiful charming ring from the box, he stretched his hand towards geet and said the two magical words...


The two words, which were more of a dominating demand than a question, echoed in the whole atmosphere making everyone gasp loudly. This was so unexpected. The guest were here to attend the new year's party and for the lauch of vicky's new music collection, but MAAN SINGH KHURANA proposing GEET HANDA came as a shocker...!!

Everyone waited with baited breath to hear geet's response, who was standing there like a statue inside whom a whirlpool of emotions was creating a havoc. Was she dreaming...??...has he really proposed to her...??...he wants to marry her...??...he mind was bombarded with these questions and geet could only feel the storm of happiness howling within her. Her stomach were tickling with butterfly inside it while her heart was ready to jump out any moment.

Maan saw her holding her breath as if any minute she would turn blue and whispered softly...I am waiting for your hand, mishty...??...and again repeated the same question seeing her gaining back her senses...Marry me, geet...!!

Geet's hand on their own accord went towards maan's awaiting one and he slipped the exquisite jewelry in her delicate finger with the utmost affection in his eyes and kissed her hand.

As soon as his lips parted from her skin, the light came back glittering the whole mansion once again, but accompanying a thunderous round of applause from the crowd. It was a moment of lifetime. So beautiful that left everyone speechless. The bonding of two opposite poles with utmost perfection...!!


okay frnds...aaj ke liye itna hi...I am really tired...had college today and still updated as I had promisedEmbarrassed
I know the party has just started but can't skip the details as without it the flow in the story will be disturbed and don't want that...hope u'll keep patience till the next part for the rest of the party...WinkEmbarrassed

okay now I have done my part now its ur turn...plzz do comment n voice ur opinion.Tongue

those who wants to be pmed...plzz add username ffspmlist in your buddy list as I'll be pming via this username only

do not forget to hit the LIKE button

love u allHug


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very good...
me for the second time have already posted this this link on the FF thread...
will read and comment...

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lovely update dear
so geet dont no abt the suprise dear
waiting for the next part dear
complete soon dear

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awesome dear
so geet is in for a great surprise
complete it soon dear and plz let geet know about the surprise in this update only
cant wait for another updateWink

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