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awesome update
loved it dear...

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-Mishu- IF-Sizzlerz

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eagerly waiting dear

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-Mishu- IF-Sizzlerz

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eagerly waiting dear...

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Originally posted by shining_moon

updating in about an hourTongue

Day Dreaming
shining_moon IF-Dazzler

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Geet reached her home after a long day of work and found all her friends waiting for her...

Oh my god...!!...she jumped with a new found excitement and happiness seeing her friends and went to hug each one of them...when did you all arrived...??...she asked finally controlling her excitement.

Two hours before...nt replied and added...first we went to vicky's studio and then after he finished his rehersal we came here to plan the party...!!

Party...??...what party...??...geet frowned not understanding the sudden occasion for a party.

OMG babes...are you alright...??...pari shrieked as if seen a horror movie's can you forget...??

Look I am already tired, so stop this suspense and tell me exatly what I have forgotten...??...she said thumping over the couch.

New year is at our door step, dear. Didn't you remember...??...yash replied for nt

Oh babaji...!! can I forget that...geet chided herself mentally and made a baby face...woh kya hai na, I am hell busy in a project at office,so it slipped out of my mind...!!

Is it...??...vicky raised his brows thinking...her mind is already preoccupied with bhai, then how will she remember anything else...!!

Geet shot an angry glare as if reading his mind and vicky quickly averted his gaze.

So, whats the plan...??...geet asked with a new spark in her eyes.

We are thinking to arrange a big party, but dad wants everyone to be there at KM as dev bhai wouldn't be going out...vicky replied and then he wants all of us to arrange a party there only...!!

Thats nice. I think we can have a grand celebration...geet suddenly got up from the couch and ran towards her room saying...I'll just be back...!!

Now, where has she gone...??...yash and all others frowned at her sudden disappearence.

Who knows...??...vicky shrugged his shoulders.

Soon geet came back with a pen, some sheets of paper and a cd. Everyone looked at geet then at the things and then back at geet.

Geet what is all this...??...nt asked on behalf of everyone.

I have an excellent idea to make this party happening...she chirped and placed the things on the table.

Care to elaborate...vicky said a bit sarcastically.

Of course, I know you are slow...geet taunted back through gritted teeth.

Guys don't waste time in these silly taunting sessions...please...nt pleaded to geet...vicky shut your mouth and let her explain...!!

Well, as you all know that uncle wants allof us to celebrate at KM, then I was thinking to use this party as vicky's music launch party...she said with a broad smile.

WHAT...??...vicky shouted totally surprised.

See, you were going to populaize your show by these cds...she showed the cd she was why not give a live demonstration of what they will see during the actual show...she completed with a confident smile.

Hey thats a good idea...yash praised geet.

Good...??...its awesome dude...pari said...vicky's music is refreshing and it will make our party different and more jovial...!!

Absolutely...nt supported her.

They all turned to look at vicky who was standing all mute.

What happened vicky...?? idea didn't get through your thick skull yet...??...she smirked and the next moment engulfed into a rib crashing hug...oh doll, you are brilliant...vicky was very happy...and it'll save a lot of money which would have been wasted in promotion...!!

Okay lets invite everyone we know so that we can have as many audience as possible...geet said and all got down to make list of people and all other necessary items...!!


Maan came back to his room at about 11pm. Everyone was in their rooms. He quietly went to his room and changed. It has been a busy week for him. Leaving for office at 7 and returning late. Handling two major projects at one time is too much...!!

He came and stood by his window to feel the cool soothing breeze on his body. It has been two days he has talked to geet properly. He was longing to see her, talk to her and spend some quality time with her. In these two days he was most of the time out at site visit or some meetings in hotels and other offices, so he hardly got to see geet.

He looked outside and tried to have a glance into geet's room through her window. But due to the darkness in her room, he hardly got anyhing to see. He thought of something and suddenly a smile crept through her lips. He immediately went to his balcony and jumped across the railing.

Very carefully he stepped ino her room and saw her sleeping peacefully on her lavish bed. All this gave him a sense of deja vu and he smiled recalling the old days when he used to come to her room...late night...stealthily to wish her good night. Those were one of his cherished memories.

He went to his sleeping beauty and sat beside her. She was sleeping soundly oblivious to the whole world. How he wish he could stare at her like this for his whole life, but something are not under one's control.

Geet, I am craving to have you by my side forever. This distance between us is making me insane...he took a deep breath...tumse doori ab aur bardast nahi hoti...I just can't stay away from you...!!...he said in a low hoarse voice not wanting to disturb her sleep. He only knew how he has been holding himself back. After knowing his feelings for her and that she is his, it is almost impossible for him to keep a check on himself. His hands itch to touch with such passion that may render her breathless and craving for more...!!...He knew what exatly he has to do and smirked realizing that very soon she will be his infront of the whole world.

Sighing aloud he shook his head not letting the thoughts and his passion overpower his sanity and started caressing her hair lovingly and bend down...good night my sleeping beauty...!!...he whispered in her ear...sleep well because very soon I'll claim you infront of everyone and then you won't be having any time to sleep...saying so he kissed her cheeks.

As soon as his lips touched her skin, a smile adorned her face like she recognised his touch. Seeing her smile maan's face to break into a smile. Tucking the spread around her properly, he went back to his room...!!


Three hours before ...

Raj, when are you going to talk to maan...??...naina said resting her head on raj's chest.

Very soon dear...he replied calmly. Naina at once sat up and retorted...when will your very soon come...huh...??

Naina, why are you getting hyper love...??...I just wanted to make sure that first they are ready for it...he tried to reason.

Oh come on raj...don't give me that...she made an irritated face...they have known each other for ages. Woh ab ready nahi honge toh kab honge...??...atleast talk to maan once...!!

Okay I'll do that, but first tell me why are you so insisting today...??...he raised his brows suspiciously and asked...whats cooking in your mind lady...??

Naina gave him a sweet smile and leaked her little secret...actually, I talked to rano today...she looked at him to see his reaction and saw him listening without giving much reaction, so she I told her about our wish and you know what...she suddenly turned excited and proceeded...even she wih the same...infact she and bhai saheb were going to talk about it to geet, can you believe it...??

Of course I can wifey, but I don't believe that you actually talked to them first...he gave her an incredulous look and know very well how maan is and still you gave them a hope...!!

But I told her that final decision will be that of maan and geet...she defended herself.

It doesn't matter naina. Just by talking about it you gave them a ray of hope. But what if maan doesn't agree...??...he tried to make her understand...their hopes will be shattered...!!

But what if he agrees...??...then toh we can proceed with it na...??...raj sighed defetedly...he could never win in front of his better half...he thought and finally gave there any other reason that you are forcing me so much today...??...he asked again.

Naina nodded her head with a smile knowing well that husband is finally giving up and said...I want them to be engaged on 1st. I want to make geet officially a part of our family in this new year...!!

You have already consulted the pandit...??...he asked getting a shock.

Naina cleared her throat and at all...he looked at her skeptically...okay fine, I just asked whether 1st jan will be appropriate for an engagement or not...??

He shook his head at his wife's craziness and said more to himself than to her...I should better ask him tomorrow itself...!!

Naina got happy and kissed his cheeks conveying her thanks and they drifted to sleep.


Next day maan got up a bit early and went to meet his parents. He wanted to make sure everything goes according to his plan.

Dad, mom...I want to talk to you both...he said standing in front of his parents.

Raj looked up from the news paper and saw an eager maan standing infront of him. Naina, who was sipping her tea sitting on the chair beside raj instantly looked at raj and signalled him through her eyes. Raj understood her gestures and decided it was the best time to talk to maan...

Actually maan, even I wanted to talk you about something important...he said getting up from his chair.

Oh okay...toh kahiye...maan said.

Woh...ahem...actually I...I mean we...your mom and me have seen a girl for you...he finally blurted out.

WHAT...??...what girl...??...he was he came to talk about his and geet's relationship and his parents dropped a bomb on him.

Look maan, its high time that you get married and we have selected a girl for you...this time naina spoke up fearing maan's rejection.

But I don't want to get married...I mean not to any random girl...he corrected thinking about geet.

But she is not any random girl, you know her very well and she is a very nice girl beta...naina tried to cajole him, but how could maan give up on his love...on his life...

Mom, whoever she is, I just don't care...I am not marrying her and that is final...he declared.

Maan, atleast hear out your mom may like the girl...raj tried again not wanting to let go of his dream to see geet as his elder daughter-in-law.

Dad please, I don't want to know anything about the girl and no more discussion on this...he said with a soft yet firm tone. He didn't wanted to disrespect his parents but agreeing to their wish was something he could never agree and that too after promising geet.

Raj sighed knowing well that nothing can make maan change his decision now. So, he turned to naina, who herself was feeling very bad hearing his straight forward refusal, and said...

Naina, I think we should not force maan for this...she tried to say something but raj stopped her before she could speak a word...nahi naina, its final inform rano and mohinder that we can't move forward with this alliance...!!

Maan was still lost thinking how to break the news of his and geet's relationship to his parents after refusing to their choice like this, when his sharp ears caught the name of geet's parents and his head snapped in heir direction...

Why would mom tell rano aunty and mohinder uncle about this alliance...??...his mind was going mad with the thoughts like if geet came to know from her parents about it...?? ways, she will kill him...and he continued his quetions...have they send this alliance...??

Raj and naina stopped their conversation midway and looked at him...maan, what are you talking about...??...they are geet's parents...unhe mana nahi karenge toh kise karenge...??

Now, this was another shock for maan and he asked again...aap geet ke parents ko kyun mana karenge...??

Maan, you are confusing me now...raj said not understanding what exactly they are talking have denied to marry geet, so we have to inform them. Isn't it obvious...??

Oh my god...!!...when have I denied to marry geet...??...he asked more to himself than to them and can I deny her when all I want is geet...!!

Have you lost it, maan...raj was getting angry now. First he turned down the proposal even before hearing everything and now denying to have done that...this is the limit...!!

Naina saw the angry expressions of raj and the confused and shoked ones of maan and instantly interrupted...maan, right now we asked you for the proposal and you rejected...remember...she said in clear words.

Yeah, I do, but what has that to do with ge...maan stopped before completing his sentence as his own words set into his mind and this time he asked mean the girl you were talking about geet...he finished a bit hesitatingly.

Are we speaking gibberish...??...raj asked furiously. He was so eager to make geet his DIL and his foolish son, first denied the wish and now is asking about the details...great...!!

Raj please, let him speak...naina tried to control the situation as maan's questions again filled her with a small hope.

Yes maan, we were talking about geet only...naina replied to him calmly and added...we always wanted her as our elder khurana bahu and thougt to initiate the talks, but if you don't want we will not force you. I'll inform rano today itself that you have rejected geet's proposal...!!

NO...!! soon as naina finished maan screamed a big no. Maan was totally stunned as naina confirmed his doubts about the girl being geet and his heart was filled with thousands of unknown emotions. He was thrilled, ecstatic and absolutely delighted. But his mother's last sentence acted like a hammer stricking his brain to bring him back to earth from geetland and so came the sudden and loud reply. Both raj and naina looked at him startled at his response as maan continued...I need to deny gee...I mean rano aunty...woh...I...Iamready...the last part was so low that raj and naina had to use all their hearing power to hear it.

Now, it was their turn to get shock. Maan agreed to marry geet...

Really son, you are ready to marry geet...are you sure maan...??...naina asked totally excited with his consent.

Yes mom, I have no issues...he gave a smile. But raj sensed something more and cut in...but I do...!!

Just a few minutes before you were not ready to hear even he name of the girl and now, when you know its geet, how did you suddenly accepted the proposal...??...he asked raising his brows in suspicion.

Maan knew there was no escape from his father and now that everything was clear and more easy, so there was no need to hide anything. So he informed them the news of the century...

I love geet...his sentence was short and honest.

His one line was enough to bring a broad smile on the face of his parents and he was rewarded by a loving hug from both of them...

Oh I am so happy, son...raj said expressing his heart...I was waiting for this moment for so long and now that it has come it all seems like a dream...!!

Dad its no dream. I have always loved her...he replied...infact I came to talk about that only to you, but you dropped the bomb of the marraige alliance before and then the confusion...!!

Yeah, but alls well that ends well...raj quoted and turned to I guess you can inform rano, now...!!

Naina smiled and replied...yes, I'll do it right away. Ab bas geet haan kar de...she added to which maan smiled and said...don't worry mom. She loves me too...!!

Really...??...naina couldn't believe her ears...but you both were always at loggerheads from the very begining so I thought...she was too overwhelmed to complete her statement.

Dekha naina, didn't I said that no one can resist my

So all that fight was just to show us, huh...??...naina asked narrowing her brows.

Maan chuckled at her words and mom, though I love her she was is and will always be a jangli bili. She can't resist fighting you see...!!

Chal badmash...she chided him...don't talk rubbish about my daughter...!!

Yeah, whatever. But mom I want a favour...maan asked.


Actually I have planned a surprise for geet. So, don't tell geet anything about this...he stated.

Oh ho...surprise and my son...??...she mischieviously asked while raj smirked seeing his son blushing may be for the first time in his life.

Mom please...he couldn't stop but blush at her mother's comment.

Okay fine, but first tell me what is your surprise...??...she asked and maan went on to explain her and raj of what all he had planned for the 31stnight and they got another lovely surprise from their dear son...!!

Certainly this new year is going to be the happiest year for the khurana family...!!


so the next part is here...I know its quite late for a new year party but as I was busy with other assignments I couldn't post the parts plzz pardon me for that and ignore the silly feeling of celebrating it in the end of janLOLLOL...plzz give ur opinion through ur comments and let me know whether u liked it or not...the party chapter will be half century for the ff n I will try to make it a bit dramatic as well as romantic...with lots of twist n turns in all the characters' can be good or be prepared for it
n yes one more thing I am going to introduce few more characters most probably from the next yeah, lots more coming upTongue

so keep commenting if u want the update earlyEvil Smile
those who wants to be pmed...plzz add username ffspmlist in your buddy list as I'll be pming via this username only

do not forget to hit the LIKE button

love u allHug


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MAAN N GEETS ENGAGEMENTEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Hey Anu,

WOW, posting the remaining & new update same day Big smile

Geet forgot about new year because of many things & Vicky might be right but he should not have given words to his thoughts even if they were only 2 skeptic words.LOL

Geet is getting even more smart, killing two birds with one stone.WinkTongue

Maan & his sneaking sessions are always good but this one was far more intriguing than others. U know why because finally..., Maan has decided to make it official that too soon.Day Dreaming

Naina felt more like Geet in her conversation with Raj & Maan was also peeping in Raj's behavior when he is defeated by Mishti but loved how parents are all worked up to talk to their children.

Gosh... all the alliance talk was so much fun. Same as, "Punchi wahin pe khak, jhan ka khameer tha" They were talking about the same thing but in different text.LOL

Maan blushedEmbarrassed*Arzoo's THUD, THUDLOL* at his mom's comments & surprise for Geet,Smile hmmm, will be waiting for that.

About ur P.S: Let me make some guessesLOL. Intriguing twist in Vicky's story, romance for Maaneet & maybe a bad twist for MeeraOuch *hope I am wrong about Meera's*

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