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will be waiting for long update

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what time
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power is disturbing a it will take atleast an hour more
sorry for the long waitOuch

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Originally posted by shining_moon

power is disturbing a it will take atleast an hour more
sorry for the long waitOuch

no prob dear
we ll wait

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Originally posted by shining_moon

power is disturbing a it will take atleast an hour more
sorry for the long waitOuch

no probs dear take ur own tym...
will be waiting..

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Maan and geet made their way to the car. Their hands were touching each other lightly and the feel was so heavenly for both of them. Slowly maan entwined her delicate slender fingers within his getting a strong grip. Geet's cheeks were already heated with the soft tingling feeling and her heart was beating loudly in anticipation as she felt his hand leaving her hand and going around her waist.

She herself shifted closer to him to be in his warm arms as the cold breeze of delhi was hitting her skin. Maan smiled at her attempt to get closer and engulfed her in his protective arms. It all felt so new, like they were newly in love. His heart felt at peace holding his life in his arms.

They sat in the car and maan was about to start it when suddenly geet said...hey babaji, main toh mama ko phone karna bhul hi gayi...she slapped her forehead and continued...ab toh mujhe khoob daant paregi...she made a baby face.

Maan, who was watching her intently, felt a sudden urge to kiss her breathless and he did exactly that. Grabing her nape he pulled her towards him and smacked her lips to him in a soul searing kiss.

Oh, it feels like I am already in heaven...he groaned within her mouth and pressed her more to himself if that was possible. Geet was first startled at his sudden act, but slowly relaxed feeling the bliss of the moment.

They remained glued to each other for like ages and parted panting badly. Resting his forehead on hers, maan tried to control himself from moving further and said...

I just can't get enough of you, mishty...and placed a soft peck on her forehead.

I have informed rano aunty that we will eat outside on our "meeting"...he stated and winked at her making her already flushed state to go worse and they left for home.


Maan dropped geet at HM and then went home. As soon as he reached the hall his eyes fell on a lost vicky, who was staring at no where. Knitting his brows in confusion, he moved towards vicky and stood before him with his hands folded across his chest. But vicky was totally lost in his own dreams...totally oblivious of anyone around him...!!

Maan stood their silently for few seconds to see whether vicky will notice him or not, but vicky didn't even moved a muscle for the time being. Finally losing his patience, maan tapped on vicky's shoulders to bring him back to the real world.

Uh, woh...bhai...aa...aap kab aaye...??...I didn't noticed...he fumbled with words on getting caught like this.

Its quite obvious little brother, when you keep day dreaming...maan taunted looking pointedly at him.

W...what are you saying bhai...??...vicky scratched his hair thinking of ways to divert his super intelligent brother.

Exactly what you heard. Now if you are over with your day dreaming then mind to return back to your room. Its quite late...maan showed him his watch clearly indicating him to leave to his room.

Vicky simply nodded like a fool and rushed to his room not wanting to give any hint to his brother. Maan looked at his retreating form and shook his head muttering...Nautanki...!!


Vicky came back to his room and unable to catch any sleep, picked up his guitar. His hands automatically started working on the strings producing an enchanting tone...or may be it was his heart's state.

Soon after few seconds the music faded in the background and his meeting with the girl again this evening flashed in his mind...!!


What do you want...??...who are you...??...this time her voice was more confident, but there was still a tinge of fear in her voice, which didn't went unnoticed by vicky...

Please, don't panic. I intend no harm...he tried to calm her first and then added...woh, I am...

Mr. Vikrant khurana...??...came a voice from behind completing vicky's sentence.

Both turned around and different emotions passed through their face seeing the person...vicky was filled with confusion while the girl sighed in relief. Before anyone could speak anything, the girl rushed to the man and said...

Papa...achcha hua aap aa gaye...pata nahi kaun hai...she shot a glance at vicky, who was still looking baffled with the whole .

The man came towards vicky and smiled...there is no need to worry neha...I know him...!!

Now, both neha and vicky were confused...

You know him...??

You know me...??

Both shouted in unison.

Yes beta, he is vikrant khurana...he only sung for the charity show for our orphanage last year...the man beamed.

Then it cliked vicky that he performed for the charity function for this orphanage. The expressions on neha's face softened after hearing her father and she finally gave him a small smile and asked...oh, so you are that singer, who sung free of cost for the function...??

Oh man...!!...she looks like an angel with that beautiful...he thought seeing that smile and kept gawking at her. Now, neha was getting irritated with that smile. She snapped her fingers in front of him bringing him back...

Hello, mr. vikrant...where are you lost...??...she asked with a frown.

I...I m sorry...woh...its...nothing...vicky was feeling like an idiot. Never in his life has he fumbled this badly in front of a girl...what the hell vicky, why are you behaving like a fool...??...she must be thinking you are an idiot...he chided himself mentally.

While neha and her father were looked at him and then looked at each other making a confuse face . Vicky took a deep breath and finally controlled himself...

Sorry, uh, I am vikrant khurana...he forwarded his hand to neha for shake. Neha for a second hesitated but then grabbed it and vicky let out the breath he was holding...!!

Mr. khurana...what are you doing here...??...her father asked.

Woh, I was just passing by and then saw the kids playing here, thought to pay a visit...he blabbered on and mentally patted himself for the convincing lie.

Thats is really great...neha why don't you show mr. khurana the orphanage, if its okay with him...??...her father offered to which vicky gladly jumped on the opportunity...

Oh...!!...that will be great sir...vicky grinned and then added...and its khurana makes me feel old...he said sheepishly while thanking god for the absence of his father and elder brother there...!!

And you may call me uncle...the man smiled warmly...sir makes me feel like a strict teacher...he added.

Okay uncle...vicky turned to neha and shall we...??...neha though was not quite happy giving him a tour for his weird behaviour, still agreed for her father and they both left to take a round of the orphanage...!!


His hands automatically stopped playing when he thought about the small time he spent with neha at the orphanage while taking a tour. Well, actually he was continuously staring at her while she showed him the place. Though he knew she was getting irritated and uncomfortable by his ogling, yet couldn't restrain himself from doing so. So, finally she was totally fed up of him and left him near the gate, where her father bid him goodbye for she had already left.

How he wish he could spend some more time with her. Its like she has casted a spell on him, which seemed to be getting stronger day by day. He just don't know what this feeling is. Is it love...??...he asked himself, but got more confused as according to him he has loved all his girlfriends...!!

What should I do man...??...should I ask someone doll...??...he thought for a second and then...naa, forget it...!!...apni feelings samajhne mein tohitna waqt laga diya...jab tak meri samjhegi tab tak toh meri shaadi ki umar hi nikal jayegi...!!...okay, now wait there...from where the hell this shaadi thing came from...??...I think my mind is overworked and I seriously need some sleep...he thought and then leaving the guitar aside thumped on his bed falling in to a deep slumber.


Next day...

Alisha was pacing in her cabin with a furious look...I can't let that geet succeed this time...!!...her eyes were spitting fire. Her plan went toally wasted...she had taken immense risk in destroying that cd and deleting the main file from office computer. She even went to the extent of hacking her laptop with the help of her cousin, but nothing stopped that geet from giving the presentation.

The only thing for her to feel relief about is that she was not caught. But now, she has to plan something else. Untill and unless geet is thrown out of the office by maan,she cannot rest in peace...!!...she made up her mind, took a file and went towards maan's cabin.

She knocked and entered...

Good morning MK...she greeted him cheerfully.

Good morning alisha...he reciprocated with a small smile. Maan was in an exceptional good mood today due to last night date with geet. Alisha noticed maan's light mood and thought to take advantage of it...

MK, this is the mall's final design...please check it so that we can proceed with the construction...she forwarded the file and sat there patiently. Now, she won't say anything against geet for she knew it will be useless and it will only cause her to rub the wrong side of maan, which she never wanted.So first she will make a good impression on him and then execute her plan. Infact to win maan's trust will be the firt step.

Maan went through the design and its details...

Must say alisha your team had done a good work. I am impressed...he praised the design.

Thank you MK. I am glad you liked it...she took he file back and then, can we start the work...??

Yeah, why not. I will ask adi to co-ordinate and keep up the good work...saying so he get back to his own work. Alisha smiled evilly seeing maan concentrating on his work and thought...don't worry maan. Soon you will see not only my professional but my personal qualities as well and then no geet will be able to keep you away from me...!!

Alisha got up and was about to leave when there was another knock on the door. Maan asked the person toget in and they saw geet entering the cabin. Seeing geet inside maan's cabin alisha got super angry, but she concealed it cleverly in her extra sugar coated smile and said...

Good morning geet. Sorry I couldn't congratulate you yesterday. Your presentation was really good...!!

Geet was dumbstruck at her sudden changed avtar and looked at her suspiciously as her over flowing sweetness appeared like a danger siren for her. Geet too reluctantly returned the smile and replied...

Good morning ma'am and thank you. I am glad you like the presentation...she said. Maan was watching the conversation between the two girls quietly with an amused expression as if it was some sort of entertainment.

In fact maan's mind was actually thinking about the type of relationship the two held since the schooldays. He was not blind to see them bein at loggerheads in the past. Even here in the initialdays, alisha did bother him regarding geet for quite sometime. But now it seems she is trying to concentrate on her work more than her jealouy. On the other hand he was surprised by geet's behaviour. Though he knew geet will never break his office's decorum, yet she not even once mentioned about alisha after office.

In school she used to hate her like anything and if he would even as much as glanced at her, she went all red. But seeing her now, he really wonder...has she recognised alisha or not...??

If she has and still trying to ignore it then its well and good, but if she has not then he would pray to god that she should never for then it will become really hard for him to manage his little sherni outside...!!

Okay, so see you later...alisha and nodding at maan she left the cabin. After she was gone, geet came to maan and handover the file of their current project to him. Maan silently took it and started reading it. Meanwhile, geet was still confused by alsiha's behaviour and blurted out...

She is a bit weird, isn't she...??

Maan knew who geet was refering to, but choose to ignore and simply replied in...hmm...!!...after going through the details maan returned the file and said...everything is good. Give this to sneha and ask her to come here alongwith adi...!!

Okay...geet replied and then got up to leave, when maan suddenly called her from the way geet, you look good in white...!!

Her cheeks aquired a slight redness at his compliment on her white churidar and said a low thank you blushingly, when another comment follwed her thank you...

Do wear it often...she didn't looked behind at him for she knew he was smirking at her state. His simple comments were enough to raise her heart beats and before she loose herself, geet rushed out of his cabin. Maan saw her hastily leaving his cabin and shook his head muttering with a smile...pagal...!!


I hope I am not disturbing...meera peeped through the door and asked with a smile.

Of course not meera...come replied...I was getting so bored, thank god you came...!!...and flashed his ever charming smile.

I am sorry I couldn't come yesterday to see hospital hours were too hectic...she sat on the chair beside dev's bed and said.

Oh come on meera. I know you are a busy bee...infact I am really glad that you took out your time to meet me today...he picked up the intercom and asked

Sure...she replied back.

Dev asked nakul for two coffee and hang up. He turned around and found her examining his wounded leg.

Its better now...he said seeing her frown.

Yeah, but you still need some rest to heal it completely...meera straightened herself and added...atleast one or two days more...!!

You guys are worrying for nothing...he started his I-am-so-not-going-to-be-at-bedrest-for-a-single-day-more speech...I am perfectly fine and here I am held like a prisoner for nothing...!!

Meera shook her head at his childish cribbing and replied...nobody is imprisoning you...I mean you can take small walk...his face lighted up hearing her only to fell down again...within this room...she completed.

Dev stop acting like a kid...she made an irritated face...your leg injury is quite deep and it needs proper rest...she tried to explain.

Exactly...!!...main bhi ise yehi kehti rehti hoon, but this boy acts like a dumb kid...came naina's voice from the door. She was carrying a tray with the coffee.

Aunty, aapne kyun takleef ki...meera quickly took the tray from her hands and kept it on the table.

I have send nakul for some work and I didn't wanted to miss the chance to spend some time with my dear daughter...naina replied patting meera's cheeks, you only instill some brain into this stubborn head...she chided dev, who simply made a grumpy face on which both of them laughed.

They spent some time chatting while meera told them about her hectic schedule, her friends at work and few interesting cases. After sometime naina left for some work while meera continued her talks with dev...

Kya baat hai Dr. cut in...sirf kaam hi busy rakhta hai ya...and winked at her. Though meera was used to dev's flirting and cheesy comments, yet he had the power to make her go red. In order to hide her blush, she simply chided just can't think of any other thing, isn't it...??...I work there rolled his eyes and said...yeah yeah I know...that is why all your male collegues were giving me those murderous glare...!!

They were not doing any such shot her a pointed look to which she corrected herself...I mean, they were just curious as I never speak so friendly with any guys in hospital infact apart from work I hrdly interact with left the sentence trailing behind.

How could you be so cruel to those poor doctors meera...?? said all dramatically...denying them the privilege to flirt with such a beautiful girl...he sympathised giving a now-I-know-the-reason-of-their-stare look.

Meera took a cushion from the bed and threw it at dev's face are incorrigible, dev...!!...he too joined in the laughing session, but he mised the red hue adorning meera's cheeks at his comment of 'beautiful girl'...!!

Okay...its already late. I should be there before lunch time gets over...meera got up from the chair.

Hey meera, I know you have prohibited me from moving, but would I PLEASE be spared on 31st party...he made a puppy face stressing on the word please.

Hmm, new year's party, huh...??...okay...she said after thinking for a second, but instantly added...but only if you promise to not strain your leg too much and you'll be allowed to party only in the going out...she said authoritatively.

Dev raised his brows at her dominating words , but finally you say madam...!!

Meera was about to leave the room when dev's voice stopped her...hey meera...!!

Yeah...she turned back.

You are coming for the 31st party here na...??...please say yes...he asked with an expectant eyes.

Meera think for a minute and then nodded her head giving a smile.

Great, thanks yaar. Actually I have a surprise for said with big grin.


Yes and that you will get only when you come to the party...he replied with a cheeky smile.

Fine...meera shook her head and left...!!


After her duty meera came back to her hostel and sat on her bed thinking about her meeting with dev. She smiled thinking how he got happy seeing her at his place. How someone becomes an integral part of your life, you never know...she thought...How they became friends in their school days or should she say how he compelled her to become his friend.

If he would have left it on her, they might have not even been aquaintance let alone friends...she chuckled...and now she is really happy he did, otherwise she would have never known what a wonderful person he is and she would have lost the chance to feel the experience of the most beautiful!!

She blushed at her own thought...yes, she is in love with dev khurana...from when she don't know, but she does love him a lot...!!

When she saw him at the hospital in that injured state, she felt like she was stabbed in her heart. She felt his pain and was hell worried about him. Thats why even when she didn't came to meet him, she kept asking vicky about dev indirectly on phone.

She went and stood before the mirror...

How could you be so cruel to those poor doctors meera...?? said all dramatically...denying them the privilege to flirt with such a beautiful girl...he sympathised giving a now-I-know-the-reason-of-their-stare look.

His words rang in her ears and a deep blush heated her I really appear beautiful to dev or was he just flirting like always...??...suddenly a thought crossed her mind...what if he never falls in love with me...??...what if he considers me a mere friend...??...but then another thought occured in her mind...but meera, you never loved him on any expectation...your love is unconditional and even if he never loves you back, you should not feelbad about it...!!

Yes, I am happy to be in love and I'll never expect anything...she made up her mind...if he and his love is in my destiny then I'll definitely get him...she smiled and went to sleep.


Okay first of all sorry for leaving it abruptly in the mid...sunday was my parents anniversary so was hell busy n then some or the other work kept me tangled so couldn't complete it...neways...I have completed it n will post the next part tonight itself...n then will pm both parts togetherTongue

some of u have already plzz go through this again n do comment...all my readersEmbarrassed...just can't get enough of ur comments

those who wants to be pmed...plzz add username ffspmlist in your buddy list as I'll be pming via this username only

do not forget to hit the LIKE button

love u allHug


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Hey Anu,

Yeah, Maan finds it real hard to resist his Mishti. Uff, when they will disclose their relation???? r u cooking up some twist in ur mind? *eyebrows wiggling*

Vicky met a dream girl only to again dream about her & get kind of bit scolding from Maan. I am thinking what r u upto? Girl's father called her Neha & I was thinking she is Sneha so..., does that implies situation like "Qareeb" movie is here. Same girl with minor name difference??Evil Smile

So now Alisha is trying "Walk softly & carry a big stick"Angry but she is shallow enough, not to understand the bond, Maaneet share.

Maan's comments & Geet's responseDay Dreaming

Hmmm, Meera loves Dev & pure enough not to wish for it's reciprocating if he does not want to.

What's surprise?

P.S: All the Best Wishes to ur Parents for even more happiness in upcoming years.Smile

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