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mayapari IF-Dazzler

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mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 8:52am | IP Logged
20 more mins ...

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shining_moon IF-Dazzler

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Geet calmed her heart which was beating like a roaring lion in fear to meet the actual lion who was present inside the cabin. She knocked at the door and peeped inside...

May I come in sir...??...came her meek voice. Maan was sitting on his chair and asked her to get inside. She came and stood near the table on his opposite side. All the while her eyes were gawking the floor as if it was the most fascinating thing in the world, while maan has fixed his eyes on geet making her all the more nervous.

He stood up and walked towards the her with heavy steps like a panther approach its prey and geet gulped seeing his intense gaze. He slowly walked close to her and geet's heart beat reached its peak...hey babaji, he is in his devil form today, please save your innocent child from him...she mentally prayed. But maan, instead of stopping near geet, went ahead and reached the door.

Geet sighed in relief when he crossed her and looked behind to see what he was doing there. But her relief was short lived as maan locked the door and closed the blinds. Now, she couldn't even escape...hey babaji, HELP...!!

He crossed his arms across his chest and came near geet, who simply took steps back seeing his eyes for now there was something more than mere anger. Yes...!!...she can handle an angry maan, bet not the PASSIONATE one and right now, his eyes were overflowing with passion...!!

She continued to walk back and finally was trapped between two the wall of the cabin behind her and second the wall of maan's rock solid chest pressing her from the front.

Why were you late...???...his voice was scarily sexy. Geet just looked at him with a cutely scared baby face and replied meekly... tut gaye thi...toh...I went to get the pps from vicky's lappy...!!!

And why didn't you informed me...??...he asked again without breaking their eye lock.

It was not my fault. It was very late when I got the information about the cd and then I couldn't wait more due to less time. Moreover that stupid vicky didn't had a spare cd so I had to get it...she blabbered on without realizing that her cute expressions were mocking the passionate beast inside him. Earlier he used to control with her age as an excuse, but now there was no issue and to top it all the beast knew that she reciprocate his feelings. No restrictions being there, the beast was bound to be unleased.

Maa...geet started but was abruptly stopped by his finger on her lips... excuses mishty. Be ready for your punishment...he said in his merciless sensuous voice turning her knees into jelly. She made a cute scared face hearing his words and think out loud making a baby face...punishment...??...but what have I done...??...which unknowingly escalated maan's desire to devour her. And he did exactly that...!!

Slamming his lips to hers, he choked all the words which she was thinking to pour out. The sudden movement by him startled her, but nevertheless, soon she too started responding. Her touch was something which always allured maan to no extent making him crave for more and more. His passionate kiss soon became aggressive sucking out the air from the farthest corner of her lungs. Geet was still unable to cope up with his enormous passion and tried to slightly push him for some oxygen.

Maan felt her at loss of  breath and futile attempt to break free, but it only added fuel to fire. His passion was taking a toll on him though he knew he had to control. Somehow, he managed to break the kiss.

Both were breathing heavily grasping for air. Geet's face was red...all flushed...still dazed due to their passionate encounter. He saw her state and caressed her cheeks with his thumb to calm her down.

Mishty...he whispered softly...don't you ever go like this without informing me...he ordered...meri jaan nikal rahi thi tumhari fikar mein...his voice softened again in the last sentence.

Geet opened her eyes at his words and soft caressing...I am sorry...she smiled at him making a baby face which was enough to melt him. But not wanting to show her, he simply nodded and separated from her. He cleared his throat, while geet straightened her messy hair and dress. Till now both gained back their normal breath and senses.

Now, that everything was normal geet hoped to get a praising from maan. But he had some other plans.

So, miss may get back to your work now...he said and moved back to his chair and got engrossed in his file. Geet stood there stupified at his ignorance.

Maan looked up from his file and found her standing there...

Do you want a circular to leave...??...huh...??...he said in his MSK tone and geet fumed badly and murmured...haww...dekha babaji, when it was time for punishment he didn't even gave me the reason before kissing and now, when he should acknowledge my efforts, he is acting all ignorant...DEVIL MONKEY...she complained to babaji with making cute expressions.

Though her voice was low, it didn't escaped from maan's sharp ears and a devilish smirk crept up his lips, which he concealed very effectively.

Geet, leave...NOW...he said strictly and geet immediately left the cabin. Maan saw her retreating figure and smiled at his mishty's cute antics...she is such an angel...he thought lovingly...don't worry mishty, you will get your special reward very soon...he smiled yet again and got back to his work.


Huh...!!...moron, idiot, monkey...urgh...why is he always such a pain...??...geet kept on blabbering...cursing maan...I just can't believe it he didn't even uttered a thing for my presentation...she pouted.

Geet, tu yahan bhi suru ho gayi...came vicky's voice from behind.

She turn around and was surprised to see vicky grinning foolishly at her. He raised his brows and said...

I thought atleast yahan tu bhai ko baksh degi, but I guess something never changes...!!

His comment just pour some oil in her already burning anger and she shot him an icy cold glare...oops...!!...great vicky, you just have to let loose your big mouth at wrong time...he kicked himself mentally. So, to ease her mood he instantly asked not knowing that he was just rubbing her wrong side again...

By the way doll, how was your presentation...??

The word presentation added to her foul mood and geet just barged into her own cabin without uttering a word. Vicky saw her reaction and thought...lagta hai uska presentation mein kuch problem ho gayi hai...!!

He saw adi moving out of the adjacent room and called...hey adi...!!

Adi saw vicky and smiled at him...

Vicky, what are you doing here...??

Woh, I came to meet geet, actually uska presentation tha toh...he left the sentence trailing behind.

Oh yes, you should have seen her. She was absolutely brilliant. I mean, giving such an important and first presentation of their life with so much confidence is not a joke. Not even the clients, but everyone present there was amazed to see her confidence...adi said all in one go.

Vicky frowned hearing him and thought...if the presentation went well then why is she upset...??

But then the idea struck him...kahin bhai ne toh...

Uh, adi, what was bhai's opinion...??...I mean what did he say...??...vicky asked adi to confirm his doubts.

Adi thought for a second and then replied...actually, I didn't heard him say anything except calling geet to his cabin...!!

Exactly what I thought...!!...he sighed thinking about his bhai and geet's tu u main main...inke chakkar mein main zaroor mara jaunga. Its not apt to meet her right now, I better wait till she cools down...and said...okay, I'll see you later then...!!

Okay...saying so adi left from there. After adi left vicky too made his way to the lift.


Hey geet...sneha entered her cabin

Oh I was waiting for you only...geet said

Geet, have you told maan sir about the cd...??...she asked with a serious expression.

Yeah, but whats the matter, I mean presentation went well and so there is nothing to worry...she said nonchalantly.

But geet, that cd couldn't have broken by itself...sneha reasoned.

Haan, but yeh bhi toh ho sakta hai ki it fell from the table...may be it was kept on the edge...I know...and moreover why will anyone want to damage khurana name...geet replied calmly.

Sneha thought for a while and then thought may be she was right...

Yeah, I guess you are right...!!

Okay, geet main chalti hun otherwise maan sir will blow up again...vaie bhi tere jaane ke baad he ws totally mad...she commented remembering his angry avtar.

Huh, that devil khurana can't do anything better than lashing out on everybody...geet murmured


What what...??

No, I thought you said something...sneha said to which geet simply shook her head denying it...okay, then...see you later...!!


Geet was working in her cabin when a peon brought a message from maan. She opened the paper and saw this written...

Miss handa,

We needs to leave for a meeting at wait near the parking for me


P.S- Don't be always.

The note just added to her anger and she crushed the paper ruthlessly imagining it to be maan's neck.

Just look at his guts...not even a word in my acknowledgement, but order aur burai karna karna toh janab kabhi nahi bhool sakte...she cribbed and then looked up to complain to her babaji as usual...This is not fare babaji. Why is he so hopeless...??...Jab aap common sense aur politeness baat rahe the toh maan singh khurana zaroor kisi par chilla raha hoga...she made a baby face and then resumed her work.


It was 6.45pm and geet was right there on their meeting place so that maan didn't get a chance to taunt her for anything and specially for being late. She was still angry with him for not complimenting her.

Now, she was waiting here for him so that they could go for the meeting...

Hey babaji, yeh kis tarah ke clients hain jinhe iss time pe meeting karni hai...she complaint...kitna achcha mausam hai, but maan ko toh bas har waqt kaam hi sujhta hai...!!...she started imagining a beautiful romantic date with him in this beautiful weather. She was standing there with a dreamy smile on her face, when a loud horn brought her back to reality.

She looked ahead and saw the black mercedes in front of her. Cursing him again for breaking her beautiful dream, she stomped her feet and went to the other side to get inside. She looked at him and again cribbed...ek toh khud galt karte hain upar se attitude...and twisted her lips.

Maan, who was noticing her from the time he came here, was inwardly enjoying her cribbings and complaining baby face. He just couldn't help but fall in love with her all the more. She is so damn cute with that red nose flaring in anger. He just wanted to kiss her hard leaving her breathless, but it can wait...he thought mischieviously. He knew she was still very much angry for his little ignorant and insensitive act in the morning, but then he couldn't give in else his surprise would have been wasted.

She was busy complaining about him all the way that she didn't noticed where they were heading. Soon the car came to halt and thats when geet noticed where they came...!!


Vicky sighed in relief as his rehersal came to an end. It was a hard day for him. First geet's problem and then his hectic rehersals. Their concert was near and whole day's effort drained him out of every ounce of his energy.

He simply needed some rest, so he drove towards him home. He stopped his car on a signal and was scanning the area around when his eyes fell on something rather someone and he frozed...oh god...!! I dreaming again...??...he asked himself as if in a trance...most probably, waise bhi I have been dreaming about her from that very night itself. His mind was baffled at the scene infront of him. The girl from that night incident was standing right infront of him.

The signal turned green and instead of droving away his hands automatically steered the car towards the place. Parking the car near a tree, he got out and moved towards her on his own accord...!!

While on the other hand, the girl was playing with few children with a blindfold tied on her eyes. Despite the blindfold, vicky recognized her with one look and that too from so far...and that is what amazed him the most. He kept walking towards her totally enchanted by her. She was laughing, giggling with the small kids around her, who she was trying hard to catch them.

Soon, he was standing inches apart from her and all the kids went silent seeing him there...

Arey, tum sab itne chup kyun ho gaye...hmm...??...she spoke in her sweet voice, which some what hypnotized vicky and he raised his hand to touch her face...

Chotu, vinu...niki...where are you all...??...she tried calling them again by extending her hands and her hands came in contact with vicky's shirt. Vicky's hand was just a centimeter away from her soft glowing cheeks, when she herself moved a bit ahead and his rough hands came in contact with her satin soft skin and he felt a spark inside his body. It felt like magic...!!

The girl, who was till now unaware of the changes in her surrounding, felt the touch on her skin and the cotton under her fingers and instantly opened her blindfold getting startled.

As she opened her eyes, he felt his breath got choked in his throat and only one word escaped his mouth...beautiful...!!

The girl got scared seeing a stranger infront of her...touching her cheeks and shrieked stepping back to a safe distance. The sudden sound and loss of contact brought back his senses...

Who are you...??...she asked gulping and calming her breaths

Uh, woh...I...vicky stammered suddenly at loss of words seeing her scared face...

What do you want...??...who are you...??...this time her voice was more confident, but there was still a tinge of fear in her voice, which didn't went unnoticed by vicky...

Please, don't panic. I intend no harm...he tried to calm her first and then added...woh, I am...

Mr. Vikrant khurana...??...came a voice from behind completing vicky's sentence.


Maan...why are we here...??...geet asked suddenly finding the car stopped at her favourite punjabi resturant. Maan turned his face towards her with his usual calm decieving expression...

Geet, why are you asking silly questions, huh...??...didn't I informed you about the meeting...??...he said not giving any hint to her.

Geet looked at the resturant with a confused expression and thought...geet tu bhi na, bilkul jhalli hai...!!...may be the clients like this resturant too...and nodded her head still with an uncertainty.

So, what are you waiting for...??...lets go...he said and got down from the car. Geet too stepped down and both went inside.

Geet saw the resturant almost empty with just few waiters, who escorted them to their table. They sat down and unable to hold on to her curiosity geet asked again...

Maan, are you sure the clients are coming here...??...I mean its so deserted here as if...

As if the whole resturant has been booked...??...he completed for her and she nodded...well, you are right. I reserved the whole resturant for tonight...he added nonchalantly.

WHAT...??...she almost shrieked booked it all for a mere client...??...she gave an incredulous look.

Maan simply leaned forward and without breaking his intense gaze on her expectant eyes are not a mere client for me geet...and I don't like anyone shadowing let alone our time...!!

Geet was speechless by his reply and for a second forgot to blink. In order to check whether she is dreaming or not about a date with maan singh khurana in her favourite resturant, she raised her hand to pinch herself. But maan caught her hand firmly and answered in his husky tone...

Its not a dream sweetheart, so no need to hurt yourself for confirming it...and brought her hand to his lips giving a soft kiss on, do you believe the reality or want more proofs...he added mischieviously eyeing her pink lush lips. She followed his gaze and instantly shook her head in negative and not to forget the colour change of her cheeks, gave away her blush...!!

Good, now close your eyes...he ordered and she complied happily getting excited now with all this. She felt something cold on her wrist and felt him kissing her wrist lovingly...

Open your eyes, mishty...!!

She opened her eyes and saw a beautiful diamond bracelet adorning her delicate wrist. It was simply beautiful.

Oh my god...!!...maan, its so beautiful...she squealed in happiness and an automatic smile came upon maan's lips and he like it...??

I love it...she replied with a broad grin.

This is your reward for the phenomenal presentation you gave this morning and for baging the deal for us...he said with a smile.

Geet looked at him with wide eyes realizing he did all this just to compliment her for her work. This was very overwhelming and she again felt blessed to have him in her life, but then faking an angry look she chided him...oh, toh all this time you were teasing me, huh...?? devil khurana...but naughtiness was clearly evident in her eyes.

You know I love to tease my sherni handa so much...he replied with a wink.

Soon, few waiters came with geet's favourite dishes increasing the glow on her face and the twinkle in her eyes never seemed to dim.

He took a piece of lachcha paratha with paneer and offered her saying...for our first official date...!!

Geet gladly took the offer and feed him too. They both finished the dinner laughing, pulling each other's leg, infact it was geetwho was blabbering more and maan just watching her with a smile. The happiness on her face was something for which he could do anything and this date was just a small gesture from his side to show his love to her...!!



ok done...hope u all like the punishment as well as rewardWinkLOL
guys...I m so happy to read all ur comments even the single adjectives...seriously it makes me feel my efforts worthyEmbarrassed
Embarrassed......sorry that sometimes due to lack of time I couldn't reply to all of u but I do read all of them...sachiEmbarrassed

so plzz comment and make me happyTongue

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love u allHug


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Rocking update

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di nice punishmentBlushing...
poor geetLOL... maan was awesomeBig smile...
hope tat gal s snehaLOL...
watzzz the surprise diWink...awesome patr di...wat a gift...loved it...
update next part soon di waitingBig smile

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waiting Embarrassed

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This is a nice way to punish.hehe
wanna know who said vicky's name from behind..
waiting for more..

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there is more waiting sweety Wink

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