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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 6:23am | IP Logged
will be waiting...Day Dreaming

mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 6:50am | IP Logged
waiting di...

shining_moon IF-Dazzler

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Oh babaji, why do you always do this to me...??...geet complaint to her babaji as usual for getting up late. It was the day for the presentation and all her nervousness was back with a force. Like most of the days, she woke up late and then suddenly the thought of her presentation came rushing to her mind making her hell nervous...first my stupid lappy ditched me and now I am getting late...she cribbed.

After getting ready, she rushed down almost running seeing which her mother again scolded her, but geet had other important things to get worried about. So, without wasting anytime she made her way towards the door when her father's voice halted her...

Geet beta...!!

She turned and came to her father's side with the same speed...

Papaji, I am very late...aaj presentat...she said almost breathless when her father cut her in the mid...

All the very best, beta...mohinder said placing his hand on her cheeks and patting lovingly...just be yourself and give your best...!!

Geet smiled broadly at her father's blessings and encouraging words and hugged him tight...thank you so much papaji...!!

Geet and mohinder separated and geet turned to leave when her mother forwarded her a tiffin box and said...I know you'll not eat as you are getting late, so take this tiffin and have the food on the way...!!

Geet's smile widened at her mother's understanding and she simply hugged her and kissed her cheeks.

You are the best mama...saying so she ran out of the door to the gate where vicky was already waiting with his car.


Geet relax yaar, you have already made me watch the demo of your presentation like 10 times...vicky said a bit irritated seeing her checking her presentation again and again on his laptop...and why didn't you get your lappy fixed yesterday itself...??

Shut up vicky...don't irritate me...!!

Irritate you...?? are irritating me like anything from yesterday itself...he replied back and was greeted with her famous angry glare.

Damn yaar, can't even make her angry...he thought and then faked a smile and said a bit calmly...I mean, you are exerting yourself, doll. See you have to give the presentation and for hat you should keep your mind relaxed...!!

Geet contemplated his words...he does have a point...she thought and calmed herself.

Vicky sighed in relief seeing her getting relaxed and switched on the music. Co-incidentally, it was the same song that was playing when he had met that girl...that beautiful angel...his dream girl...!!

A smile crept up his lips as he remembered her. He had been thinking about her day and night from that night. Never in his life has he been affected by a girl like this. After being with so many girls, he never thought any girl would be able to stir his heart and that too with such intensity. So, finally concluded that he needs to meet her again, otherwise he may loose his mind.

Geet saw the change of expression on vicky's face and narrowed her eyes with suspicion thinking...babaji, what has happened to him...??...has he really lost it due to my constant bak bak all these years...??...she thought and then poked his shoulders to bring him back from his dreamland.

But vicky was still lost and was smiling like a fool thinking about the gril, when a car from other side came right infront of his car. Geet saw the car and screamed in fear...


It was enough for him to come back from his dreamworld and rotated the steering wheel fastly to move out of the way. They missed the other vehicle from an inch and vicky stopped the car with a jerk...!!

Geet still had her face covered with her palms in fear, while vicky kicked himself metally for putting geet in such a condition. He got extremely worried and held her hand...

Doll, tu thik hai na...??...did you got hurt...??...kahin lagi tujhe...??...he checked her franatically to make sure she is alright...I am so sorry baby, I am such an ass...he cursed himself again and again...bol na, are you alright...??...he shook her to answer as her silence was literally squeezing the life out of him.

Geet saw the concern in his eyes and tried to calm him...I am fine, vicky. Don't worry...sach...dekho...she showed him her hands and face to make him understand that she was not hurt.

I am really sorry...he was feeling really miserable. He can't even imagine that due to his negligance his doll was in danger.

Vicky please, its okay. Mujhe kuch nahi hua hai...she tried to make him understand, but he was just not listening. So finally she used her own way to make him listen...


She blasted and that actually knock some sense in vicky. He looked at her with an apologetic face, when geet ordered...

Now, stop gawking like a fool and move your khatara so that I can reach office on time...!!

Yeah,...okay...vicky muttered softly not wanting to get any kicks from her and started driving,but this time with his full concentration on the road.

 Soon they reach KC and geet started to move out when vicky held his hand...geet, all the best...he smiled at her and kissed her forehead lovingly...don't be nervous and remember that you are the best...!!

Geet grinned broadly at his words and said with an attitude...of course I am...and both laughed at her antics.


Sneha, is everything set for the presentation...??...Have you got all the files photocopied and checked the arrangements...??...maan asked while going through some files.

Yes sir, I have checked everything...she replied politely. Maan looked up from the file and said...good...!!...he paused for a seond and then asked geet ready...??...tell her to meet me before going to the conference hall...!!

Sneha nodded and was about to leave the cabin, when maan called her again...

Uh sneha...!!

Yes sir...??

Make sure everything is perfect. I don't want any mistake...!!...he paused and then added...Do one thing sneha, check the arrangements once again...!!

Okay sir...sneha replied and went out to check the arrangements one more time. She was a bit surprised to see his boss asking so many questions and giving so many orders time and again for this presentation. She has always seen him calm and composed whether be it any deal. In fact he had handled much more important and precious deals before and had never been restless. But today, he seems to be so restless like he would be judged on the basis of this presentation.

Thinking about the presentation her mind went to geet. It was her first presentation and she must be very nervous.

OMG...!!...then it struck her...its geet's first presentation and she was well aware of the closeness khurana family to geet. Even Mr. khurana loves her so much...after all he is her BOYFRIEND...!!...she thought with amusement remembering the party night. So, as instructed she went to check the files and cds. She was about to enter the room when something caught her eyes and she was stunned...!!



Geet was still busy going through her file reading it again and again...taking in the minutest detail...preparing herself to answer any questions relating to any part of this project. She was about to go through the previous point again, when sneha barged in hurriedly...


Sneha, what happened...??...geet looked at confused, not knowing the cause of her anxiety. She looked disturb.

Geet, there is something very important I want to tell you...sneha said and then moved forward and explained her something. Geet's expression changed from confusion to worry to shock and finally to anger.

She listened everything patiently understanding he gravity of situation and then took a deep breath to get a hold on her anger as she might mess up things in her rage. She contemplated things and asked...

Can't we replace it now...??

Geet, we don't have a replacement as due to lack of time the main cd was there and I couldn't get a copy of it...sneha replied with a worry, but then she thought of something and asked...but you must be having it in your laptop...??

I had it, but my laptop crashed down after I went home yesterday. It troubled me, but not much as I had the cd with me...she said regretting her decision of not getting her laptop repaired yesterday itself.

What will we do now...??...the presentation will start in half an hour...sneha was already very much tensed knowing her boss will get extremely angry at her, but she was more worried for geet as she had worked so hard for this presentation and it was all going in vain for no fault of hers.

Geet looked at the laughing budha on her table which maan had given her a night before and said...ab aap hi help karo...she was pondering over the problem, when suddenly a thought came to her mind...

Yes, of course...only he can save me, now...geet thought aloud and kissed the cystral statue in happiness thanking it. She took out her cell and speed dialed 2...

I want you here with your laptop as soon as possible...she said and disconnected the call.

Sneha lets go...and geet and sneha left the cabin.


Maan was pacing in his cabin like an angry caged lion, not knowing how to went out his anger. Only few minutes were left for the pesentation to start and there was no trace of geet. She didn't even came to meet him.

He stopped as he heard a knock on his door and saw sneha there...

Where the hell is geet...??...have you conveyed my message to her that I wanted to meet her before the presentation...??...maan barked at her angrily.

Sneha gulped seeing him this much angry and sir...I have informed her.

Then why isn't she here...??...he shouted again.

Sir, she has gone out for some important work. She told me that she'll be back before the presenation...sneha was literally sweating answering his angry boss, who seemed to be in so much rage that he could blow up the whole office.

THIS IS THE LIMIT...!!...he said as he ran his hand through his frustratingly.

Maan's shouting session was interrupted by another knock on the door and adi entered...

Maan the clients are here...he informed.

Maan was totally mad now. His clients were here and there was no geet to give the presentation. He knew there must be some reason that she left, but with anger taking a toll on him all his reasonings were overshadowed. He was more angry because she left without informing him, but now he has to do some damage control...!!

So, he calmed down a bit and nodded his head.


Maan walked inside the conference hall in his full attitude suppressing all his anger. In the room, the clients, some HODs, his senior architects alongwith alisha were already present there. Maan walked up to his chair, while adi and sneha took there respective positions.

Alisha saw his hard expressions and knew despite his usual hard looks this was something different. It has a tinge of suppressed anger and automatically an evil smirk crept up her lips.

Maan took a deep breath and said...Good morning everyone...he paused for a second as he felt utterly humiliated to ask for sometime, but as geet was still no where in sight, he couldn't do much. So he cleared his throat and said...well, you see this presentation is going to be presented by miss geet handa and since...and since she is no...

May I come in sir...came a voice from the door and all heads turned to that direction.

Maan saw geet standing at the entrance with a cute apologetic eyes seeking his forgiveness...I am sorry to make you all wait...she said and came in as maan asked her to.

Maan sighed in relief and then proceeded to say what he was saying before her arrival, but with certain, as I was saying, miss geet handa is going to give the presentation I would like her to start with it...he glanced at her meaningfully and geet nodded in understanding.

She inserted the cd which she brought with herself and started with the presentation. Geet explained the design and its merits and corroborated it with specific examples. The way she expressed her design gave a clear idea of what she had in her mind and it was fantabulous. She had paid attention to her clients needs and demands and gave them exactly what they wanted. The clients asked her several questions, which she answered patiently and with full confidence which impressed the clients a lot.

Infact everyone in the hall was highly impressed by this new comers work and could clearly see her potentials of achieving great hieghts. Maan was extremely pleased with the way geet gave the presentation. More than the design it was her confidence which amused him. Anyone, who would have seen her restlessness and anxiety regarding this presentation a day before yesterday would have been literally shocked, but maan knew what she was capable of and took great pride in having her working for KC.

Though he was hell angry at her sudden disappearence, but praise for her work clearly shone in his eyes. As the presentation ended, geet's eyes first moved to her maan to see his reaction as that was the most important for her right now. When she saw the light of pride and appreciation in his eyes her heart swelled with happiness. She was delighted o have pleased him.

Mr. khurana, must say your archietect is highly of the client commented...I was a bit apprehensive when you told me that she is just a trainee, but now I know why you choose her...he smiled at geet and said...congratulations young lady, you were brilliant...!!

Thank you sir...geet smiled politely.

The deal is through from our side Mr. khurana. I would like you to start the work as soon as possible...the head declared.

That'll be great Mr. kapoor...maan said as he shook hands with him confirming the deal.

Everyone including adi and sneha congratulated geet and she smiled at them accepting it, but all the while her eyes where on maan and vice versa. In all this one person was standing there fuming with rage after her full proof plan went down the drain. Alisha was not at all happy with the praises geet was getting.

This girl is getting on my nerve now...she thought gritting her the hell she got the cd for hea presentation...??, all my efforts to make her impression go down in front of maan got wasted...!!

Without saying anything, alisha simply sneaked out of the hall in anger.

Geet saw maan coming towards her and thought he would also praise her infront of everyone. She held her breath to hear some words from him, when maan said...

Miss handa...he shot her an angry glare and said...come to my cabin, NOW...stressing on the word now making it clear to her and left without any further words.

Geet's face which had got lighted due to maan's approach fell drastically at his words. She made a cute baby face and complaint to her babaji...babaji, dekha aapne...he always do like this. I know he is angry, but can't he just say one good word about the presentation...something like you were outstanding, geet...or may be like your presentation was fantastic geet...!!

Geet tu bhi na...didn't you saw the praises in his eyes that you want to hear it from his mouth...she chided herself...chaddo...I should go or else he may get more angry...!!...she thought and rushed out to his cabin


here is the next part...hope u like itSmile...plzz leave your comments and voice your opinion...remember it keeps me motivated to write more and moreTongue...will updt the next part soonEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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love u allHug


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mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Hugdi awesome yu jus write it so perfectly.Clap...
thank god maan sent sneha to recheck...
uff otherwise geet would ve been in real mess...
tat chudail alisha arghhhAngryAngry
oh god angry maan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now wat ll happen to poor geet???????????
ll she know who has done it?????????????
n if maan knows bout it then it ll be the time to bid the bi**ch GOOD BYELOLBig smileLOL
di me first again m sooo happieee......

waiting update next part soonBig smile

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honeygrape IF-Rockerz

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awsome one dear...cant wait to see maans reaction ... poor geetLOL

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 7:14am | IP Logged
ossum dear
loved it to core dear
wow nw angry
ek kiss tho bantha hai dear
ll be waiting fir the next update dear

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 7:15am | IP Logged

good that geet came on time...otherwise maan would have been./..uff...

all done by alisha...thnx to sneha who caught it...n thnx to vicky who bought the laptop...

continue soon...

thnx for PM...

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annie.shona Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2012 at 7:15am | IP Logged

hey gr8888 update

i hope he doesn't scold her much and understands the problem ... 

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