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shalinisaran89 IF-Dazzler

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congrats 4 new thread...

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Originally posted by Appy

@mayapuri i'm studying in 12th and you???
@serenelove u made my day ek pic maaneet ki bhi pls..
m doing ma coll 2nd yrSmile
haan me also waiting for maaneet picSmile

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congrats on new thread ...waiting 4r update

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congo for new thread!

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abhayprsingh IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by mayapari

di aur kitni der lagegi?????
i ve coll tmrw n a big testUnhappyDisapprove
all the best dearSmile
u need itWink
maaneet ke updates ke baad to waise bhi dimaag me maahi...maahi... hota haiLOLWinkWinkWink
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They remained in each others embrace for god knows how long, but they were just praying to let this moment freeze...!!...No one was ready to let go of the other. It felt like being in heaven...!!

After sometime which felt like ages of contentment to them, maan part away. Geet was still relishing her long desired dream comng true, their separation when maan was away had left her with so much anxiety, she didn't had any doubts over his feelings ever though.

Maan placed his finger under her chin and lifted it up to meet her eyes...

Open your eyes, love...his voice was deep and husky.

Geet opened her eyes at his beckoning and was overwhelmed seeing the enormous love in it only for her. She gave him a bright smile, brightening his life while maan couldn't help but bend down and give her a soft peck on her ever so inviting lips...!!

Oh geet, I can never have enough of you...he confessed and geet turned beetroot red at this relevation.

Maan chuckled seeing her shying again, but couldn't help but feel blissful to have her in his life. Suddenly geet's eyes caught her potraits and sketches decorated all around the terrace and went towards them. She reached one of her picture and smiled seeing the thing written at the bottom in maan's handwriting. She caressed it with all her love, when maan hug her from behind and whispered in his sexy voice...

You are mine, geet...Only mine...MAAN KI GEET...!!

Its beautiful maan, I never knew you could make me look this much beautiful. Infact its much more lovely than the one you sketched before leaving to US...geet said all in trance but it was maan's turn to be surprised. He instantly turned her to face him and asked...

You saw them...??...geet giggled at his reaction and revealed her little secret...I sneaked into your cupboard on the eve of our dance competition...!!

The second surprise hit maan. That means she was all the time aware of his feelings. Suddenly, something strikes him...

Oh god...!!...wasn't it the same night you confessed to me for the first time...??...he asked remembering her innocent yet soulful confession.

Geet simply lowered her eyes feeling he would get angry and shout at her yet again, but maan surprised her by cupping her face lovingly and said...

You must have been very hurt, haina geet...??...I was such a fool...!!

Geet shook her head and kept it on his chest replying in honest words...

You can never hurt me, maan. Inspite of your hesitation you made sure not to reject my love and that only gave me strength to wait till now...her sweet words made maan skip a can someone be so selfless...??...his heart swell with pride and adoration for his little princess.

He simply took both her hands in his and kissed them as if promising to be hers forever...I love you...!!

Geet smiled hearing those words again from his mouth. She could just listen to those words standing there all her life...Love you too...!!

Suddenly in a mood to tease her maan the way, mishty...where else did you had a sneak peak in my absence...??...and winked at her.

Geet simply blushed at his words and hid her face in his chest while he chuckled...Oh mishty, I just love it when you blush like that...!!


Everyone was busy dancing to the music the dj was playing. Mr and mrs handa along with the khuranas were busy entertaining the guest, while the youngsters were busy with their dance and fun.

Soon dev entered and straight went to raj...

Sorry dad, I got late...he said and then turned to mohinder and rano and greeted and wish them.

Dev, what is this...??...where were you...??...subah puja mein bhi nahi aaye...??...raj asked a bit upset at his irresposible behaviour.

Dev just lowered his head feeling guilty at upseting his father and said apologetically...

Sorry dad, a friend of mine just arrived today from London, so I had to make some arrangement for her...!!

Okay...!!...But you should have informed us about that...he retorted.

Yes dad, she just called me from the airport after you all went to puja, so I couldn't inform you...he looked at his father with pleading eyes and won't happen again...!!

It better not...raj replied sternly.

Come on raj, let him breath atleast...mohinder said coming for dev's rescue...and its completely okay, dev. I am glad you made it to the party...he said with a smile.

Dev returned him a charming smile and replied couldn't I come, after all there is no way I would miss the chance to dance with the most beautiful lady tonight...and moved his hand forward for a dance with rano.

Mohinder laughed at dev's flirtatious statement and commented...always a charmer...!!

So rano oblized dev with a dance while raj and mohinder got involved into some talks related to business. Naina smiled seeing dev dance with rano and felt proud to have such wonderful kids who could impress anyone within a blink of an eye...!!


Maan...geet whispered

Hmm...he replied calmly

Wahan sab wait kar rahe honge...she said keeping her head still at his chest.

You want to go...??...he asked pulling her more closer to him.

Oh babaji, see how much of a devil he is...aise mujhe pass rakhenge toh jaane ka mann kaise karege...she complaint making a baby face.

Maan saw the expression on her face when she exchange some words with her babaji secretly and chuckled...I have told you before also geet. Why bother your babaji when I am hear...??...just tell me and I'll make sure you stay like this in my arms till the first light breaks in the sky...!!

And the effect of his words were instant as she turned total red. Maan smiled seeing her innocence and whispered in her ear...

As much as I want to keep you like this with me, we can't deny that we have to go back...!!

He chuckled again as he heard her low groan at his statement and got up from the floor helping her up too. But decided to let it go not wanting to embarras her more.

Lets go sweet heart before anyone realises your absence...he smiled at her and pulled her along with him.

They reached the hall and saw everyone still engrossed in the party. Maan held her hand and ushered her in.

Finally...!!...both got startled at vicky's loud voice from behind...doll, you should have informed anyone of us. We got worried not seeing you around for a moment, but when I saw bhai missing I guessed your kidnapper...he added winking at her.

Vicky...maan warned him in his stern voice while geet just smiled shyly and tried to disentangle her hand from him, which he held even more tightly in return.

Okay, okay...chill bhai, I was just kidding...he gave a smile and then asked eyeing their interlocked hands...can I borrow geet for a moment, rano aunty was asking for her...??

Hmm...and reluctantly let go of geet's hand, butnot before whispering in her ear...I'll get you back soon...and left from there.

Geet blushed profusely and averted vicky's gaze knowing well he would tease her badly now.

So...??...vicky asked raising his brows.

Geet faked a serious look and try to act casual, when in reality her heart was pounding with ten times more pace than what...??...vicky stop assuming whatever you are...!!

Why aren't you coming with me to rano aunty...??...he asked making an innocent face.

Geet frowned hearing his answer as she was not expecting this and said hesitatingly...wh...what...??

Yes, I was thinking we could meet rano aunty so she will stop worrying. Why...??...what did you thought...??...vicky said bringing back that devilish smirk on his face.

No...nothing...she fumbled and walked forward saying hastily...lets go...then...!!

Vicky laughed out loud at her reaction and ran after her calling her name.

The party went on till late night and everyone had their own good time.


Next day things went back to their normal routine except for geet and maan. Both felt a new freshness and excitement in themselves and were eager to meet the other. Maan got ready and came down for breakfast where everyone was already present except for vicky who was as usual late.

He sat down and started eating very hurriedly, which didn't went unnoticed by others.

Maan, eat slowly, whats the rush...??...raj asked not wanting him to choke on his food.

Before maan could say anything in reply, vicky arrived and took his place.

Good morning everyone...he wished cheerfully.

Raj was surprised to find him on time, which was so not him...

Naina, from where did the sun rose today...??...he asked totally surprised at his son's appearence to which vicky replied rolling his eyes...

Dad, we are having rehersals in the hall today and so, have to reach there early...!!

Dev chuckled at raj and vicky's conversation while maan just smile, which soon vanished with vicky's next question to the way what were you telling to bhai when I came...??

Oh, nothing just to eat a bit slow as he seemed in a hurry...raj replied and then turn to dev to discuss something, while vicky's eyes lit up at maan's state.

He gave a meaningful glance at maan clearly indicating his attention to tease him to which maan simply glared, but that didn't detered vicky and he commented...

Really bhai...??...but you always eat so patiently, what happened today...?? something( someone ) important waiting for you at office...??...he gave a cheeky grin.

Maan just shot him a deadly look and answered...

Its nothing like that...he couldn't tell anything to vicky in front of everyone.

Then don't make such haste bhai after all you only say haste makes waste...he smiled which was anything but innocent.

Yes vicky, I certainly remember that, but I guess you forget that procrastination can incurr loses...the meaning of his words was well understood by vicky and he lowered his eyes and concentrated on his food.

Maan finished his breakfast and left for office.


Geet entered the office in a fresh mood and met sneha on her way.

Hi sneha...she beamed at her while sneha did the same...

Hi geet, how are you...??

I am good, I hope you enjoyed the party last night...??...she asked

Absolutely...sneha flashed her beautiful smile.

Uh sneha, I have a request...geet said a bit hesitatingly.

I know geet and don't worry your secret is intact...she smiled assuringly.

Thank you so much dear, you are awesome...geet hugged her.

Seems like people like wasting time in pleasantries rather than work...a voice from behind them startled both of them.

Geet and sneha looked back to find alisha standing with her stupid smirk giving accusatory glances to both of them.

Good morning ma'am...geet greeted her professionally.

I think it would be much better if youboth resume your work rather than indulge in gossip in early hours of work...alisha blurted a bit rudely as she was totally pissed off at working late the previous day, which geet got as an off day.

Though geet wanted to give back to her,but not wanting to spoil her mood gestured sneha to move. Sneha left to maan's cabin while geet was going right behind her, when alisha stopped her.

You wait...she coming in front of geet and then asked...what's your name...??

Now, geet realized that though she has met this girl twice, but still not told her name. But she did told her her name...she tried to remember and then thought...Oh yes, some alisha...!!

Hello, I am talking to you...alisha clicked her fingers in front of geet to break her chain of thoughts.

Uh sorry ma' name is geet...geet replied with a calm expression, but alisha's expressions were anything but calm. And she instantly asked again...

Come again...!!

Geet frowned thinking...does she has a hearing problem...??...and said aloud this time...

My name is GEET...!!

And alisha got the shock. Ofcourse this girl seemed familiar to her, but due to the change in her dressing sense and long grown hair, she was a bit unrecognisable.

Alisha was still in her thoughts when geet got irritated and asked...

Ma'am, can I get back to my work, I am getting late...??

Huh...??...alisha merely whispered and geet took it as her nod and went to her cabin. Here alisha was very annoyed and upset. Now, everything made sense. Why maan behaved like that when she complained about geet...??

Damn it...!!...whenever I get a chance to come near maan this geet pop out out of nowhere and snatch him away from me...she thought frustrated at her ill fate and then her evil brain took over...I have faced enough defeat in school geet, but not anymore. I'll not let you win this and I'llmake sure maan will be mine...only mine...!!


this one spl for reshu as she insisted a lot yesterdayEmbarrassed
sorry guys, but aaj ke liye itna hi...I have to complete an assignment bcoz of which I got so late in updating the part n its still not complete.

and one more thing...I won't be able to update soon anymore as my exams are nearing...hope u understand

plzz comment and make my dayTongue

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me 1stShockedDancingShockedDancing
oh i loved it di
great partClapClap
vicky beta tu tow gayaDeadDead

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UPDATE QUICKLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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