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mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
di come fast...
abb aur intezar nahi hota...
Big smile

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shining_moon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:10am | IP Logged
hey all
I am writing...will update in an hourTongue

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mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shining_moon

hey all
I am writing...will update in an hourTongue
yippie bale bale me dancing di...was missin yu loads hope yu did t xams well...waiting

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kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shining_moon

hey all
I am writing...will update in an hourTongue
wow dear waiting ...

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mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
di seems like time has stoppedAngryAngry
waiting update soonBig smile

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mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 7:57am | IP Logged
di how much time more???????????????waiting

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shining_moon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged

Vicky finished his practice and zoomed out of the place in his car. He switched on the music.

Oh man...!! was a fantastic day and so is the music...he thought aloud and started whistling on the tune. It had turned out to be a great day for him for certain reasons which included his practice going great as well as not getting any scolding from his dad, which is quite rare...!!

Soon his cell disturbed his thoughts with its vibration in his pocket. The smile on his face turned to a frown seeing the caller and thought...oh no, not this time when I am in such  good mood and picked it up lowering the volume of the music...

Hey babes, whats up...??

Hi vicky, where are you sweet heart...??...the girl on the other side asked with a dominating tone

Vicky made an irritating face at her words clearly understanding her next set of queries and possessive claims and instantly replied...

I am busy right now, have some important work...he tried to get away with any more talks, but the girl again complained...

You always ignore me, vicky. I know you are with that bitch sia...!!

WHAT...??...are you nuts...??...I haven't talked to her in ages...vicky blasted at his gilfriend's allegation about cheating her already making his mind to break up with her. One thing which vicky never tolerates was to be charged with false allegations regarding infidelity as he has actually never cheated any of his gfs, despite being the so called casanova he was...!!

Oh please vicky, your shouting won't change the truth...she spat back.

Thats it. The last thread of his patience broke and calming himself, vicky replied in a very serious and straight voice...

You know what tani, think what ever you want and get lost from my life. Its over...!!

With that he cut the call and increased the volume of music trying to block his ex's rubbish from his mind. He was so much pre-occupied with everything that he missed the person crossing the road and when his car was really close he saw the person in front of him and pressed brakes that very instant with a screeching sound...


The shriek of the girl in front of her brought vicky out from his shocked state of almost causing, but as he was already pissed off due to his ex that this incident added to his sour mood and he came out totally enraged.

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR BLOODY MIND...??...MERI HI GARI MILI THI MARNE KE LIYE ...??...he shouted at her taking out his anger and frustration.

The girl who was standing there with her face covered with her hands, a bit shaken up due to the sudden incident came back to her senses hearing his shout and removed her hands fromher fae to look at him. The instant vicky saw her face, he was enchanted. She was a beauty...!!

Her innocent face was glowing, while her eyes were still having traces of fear which calmed vicky. He took a deep breath and said in a softer tone this time...

Are you okay...??...his voice had a mixture of care and concern, which actually surprised the girl. A few seconds before he was shouting and now totally transformed.

She simply nodded her head not wanting to indulge in any sort of conversation with a stranger and started to move away from him. When vicky saw her leaving he felt a bit disappointed, but then thought...may be she is still scared due to the accident...!!...he didn't understood why, but he felt something for this girl and that was really wierd as she was not at all the type of girls he usually gets attracted to. She seemed a simple girl, clad in a salwar suit and captivating innocence on her face. For a second, she made him remember his doll, but with a more mature personality.

He saw her waiting for a taxi on the other side of the road and suddenly a smile crept up his lips thinking of the chance he can get to spent some more time with her.

Infact she is good enough to be my next...he smirked and added...better than all others...!!

He simply got in his car and drove towards her...

Excuse me miss...he beckoned her rolling down the glass of his window. She looked at him with a frown on her face while he continued...if you don't mind, I can drop you where ever you want me go...and gave a friendly smile and added not wanting to sound see there is a transport strike and so you won't get a taxi...!!

Though his voice and smile was genuinely friendly, the girl got a bit scared and answered...

No thank you, I'll manage...her voice was low and trembled a bit. Vicky though disappointed, didn't gave up and tried to cajole her...

Oh come on, its very late, I'll drop you...!!

But his words made her conscious of the surrounding. It was past nine at night and there was hardly anyone around. His insistance and the surrounding just triggered something in the girl and without replying anything to him, she just ran way from there leaving a completely baffled vicky behind.


The serene ambience of the room was depicting a clear picture of their peaceful heart as maan and geet rested in each other's embrace leaning over the headrest of geet's bed. Geet kept her head on maan's chest and hugged him while maan pulled her to him encircling his strong arms around her delicate waist.  

Maan...she whispered in her musical voice.

Hmm...he replied.

Do I have to give the presentation day after tomorrow...??...she asked out of the blue. Maan, who was till now enjoying the warmth in his lovely mishty's arms frowned and separated to look at her. She appeared serious and a bit tensed. He instantly sat up straight and cupped her face in his palm...

What happened mishty...??...why are you so tensed...??...maan asked getting worried for her.

Geet shook her head and replied softly...nothing, its just that I am a bit scared...!!

Scared, but why...??...he asked again.

What if I messed it up...??...she replied and looking at his frown added...the presentation. Its an important deal and I don't want to malign your name...she said with a sad and nervous face.

Maan sighed in relief hearing her problem as he got really worried seeing her tense before and caressed her cheek with his thumb...

There is no need to be worried jaan, I am confident that you'll do a good job...he lay back again and pulled her with him and continued...geet, you are very good at your work, I have seen it myself and trust me there is no one better than you for this presentation. Geet, this is a golden opportunity for you and it'll take you to the next level...!!

I know maan that its a golden opportunity for me and I am glad for it...she expressed her views.

You got it on your merit geet and moreover, this project has been designed by you in majority, so you presenting it would be the most natural thing...he reasoned and make her understand.

Listening to him her anxiety was reduced and she felt a bit relaxed, when maan added his last sentence giving her confidence a new boost...

No matter what happens geet, I'll be by your side...he kissed her forehead...always...!!

A smile crept up her face and she returned his kiss on his heart, which automatically brought a smile on maan's face alongwith his intense passion as he warned her...

Geet, don't do that. You know how hard it is for me to control when you are here in my arms like this...his deep husky voice send shivers down her spine and a red hue covered her cheeks and neck...!!

She knew maan was not joking as he never jokes about his controlling thing and as far as his passion is concerned, who else other than her can make an estimate of its intensity. It has been a week since he confessed to her and each day she has seen the passion to only increase in his eyes as well as actions...!!

Again a blush captured her already heated cheeks and she just hid her face in the crook of his neck not wanting to show him her hopeless state. But maan was maan, he didn't need to see her face to guess her state and commented...

Geet, just now I warned you and here you are going all red provoking me all the more to devour you...his warm breath fanned her ear and she clutched his shirt to hold her erratic heartbeats.

He grinned seeing her condition, his effect on her and thought to give her a break. He fished out a beautifully wrapped packet from his pocket and said...

I have got something for you...he gave the packet to geet, who instantly jumped like a child seeing the gift and got up...

Oh my god...!!...a present, for me...??...the excitement in her eyes was priceless.

Maan got up and pulled her in his lap like he used to do in their childhood whenever he used to get a gift for her...

Yes only for you, my love...he replied with affection and kissed her, open it...!!

Geet nodded grinning ear to ear and unwrapped the packet to find a small yet beautiful laughing budha crystal statue. Her eyes sparkled seeing his lovely gift.

This is for your first presentation tomorrow. It brings luck...he said turned her face towards, you don't have to worry about anything...!!

Geet's eyes got moist at his words. Maan saw a drop at the corner of her eyes and removed it before it roll were tense for the presentation the whole day, how could I have let you be...he said and kissed her eyes.

I love you maan...geet whispered with utmost love and admiration. Maan saw the glint of passion in her innocent eyes and the next moment his lips captured hers in a breath-taking kiss. He went into a kind of frenzy as his lips tasted hers snapping every control he had. His hands roamed magically on her back creating havoc within her setting her body ablaze. Wherever he touched she felt the place getting a new life. It was all magic...!!

All this while his lips were glued to hers, but then he left her lips and started moving towards her slender flawless neck, tasting the creamy skin there. He groaned as the passionate beast inside him started roaring in delight. His tongue traced her skin from her neck to collar bone not sparing an inch. Her breath got ragged as she tried hard to hold on to his maddening passion, but he was a demon unleashed and she, an innocent rabbit, hardly any match to him...!!

Maan bit her hard on her collar bone making her wince in pain...aahh...!!

But it was enough for maan to gain his mind back which was long forgotton in his passion. Somehow he controlled himself from going ahead as he knew his princess would get scared. Taking deep breath he hugged her tight and said...

Its late mishty, go to sleep...he separated, kissed her forehead and got up after tucking her inside the spread...good night, love. Sleep well...!!

He switched off the light and moved to the balcony door. Stopping at the threshold, he turn around and looked at geet, who was watching him with a smile...

I love you too, mishty...he smiled back at her and moved out.


It was a usual hectic day in the hospital and Dr. meera was busy with her patients. She was doing a late hours duty, when she received a pager. She wind up her work and rushed to attend her next case. She reached there and got shocked at what she saw.


He was lying on the bed with a cut on his forehead and bleeding arm. It seems he had met with an accident. She got very worried seeing his state ans rushed to his side...

Oh my god, what happened to you...??...she asked with a worried and pained voice seeing his friend in such a bad state.

On the hand dev grinned seeing meera after so long and exclaimed...hey, meera, how are you...??...long time...!!

You are injured so badly and all you care for are pleasantries...??...meera admonished him and started examining his the hell did this happen to you...??

Oh come on meera, it was a minor accident and when I am getting such a beautiful doctor to treat me, whats to worry...??...he winked at her only to get a whack from her at his arm...

Ouch...!!...what yaar meera, this is how you treat your patients...??...he chuckled at her irritated expressions.

Shut up dev, this is serious...she said adjusting her specks.

The nurses around there smiled seeing their quiet, introvert yet sweet doctor scolding someone. They have never seen her like this and that too with a guy, where she hardly talks to any male doctor more than necessary.

Meera checked his wounds and bandaged it properly. Then she provided him with required medicines and sat beside him on the stool...

Now tell me, how did all this happened...??

Meera, stop worrying yaar. I told you na it was just a small accident. Actually, I was returning from Bluemoon( a disc ) and there was car from the other side, whose driver lost control and...he left the sentence trailing behind. Meera was about to ask something when dev instantly added...and that driver is also fine, so please don't worry about him too...he knew her well to guess that she will keep worrying about the stranger also after hearing about the accident.

Thank god, it was not major. Anything could have happened...meera said after listening to him.

Dev chuckled at her words and said...meera, you worry over anyone's small wound, I wonder how do you became a doctor...??

You are not anyone, dev...!!...she replied without even thinking and instantly added realizing what she said...I mean, you re my friend and very precious to me...!!

Dev gave her one of his charming smile and asked...really...??

Umhmm...she, you take rest I have just one case to attend and I'll inform uncle, so just relax...!!

No meera, there is no need. I am fine and I'll just leave...he said getting up.

Mr. Dev khurana, dare you move an inch...she said making a strict face...and if you don't want uncle here then I am calling vicky. I hope that is fine with you...!!

Dev made an appreciative oohhh sound and smirked...Who will say that you are the same meek chashmish (girl with specks) meera, who used to get scared of me in high school...??

Meera smiled at his comment remembering their school days and replied...exactly, I am not the same meera...she paused and then added...I am Dr.Meera...!!

Ofcourse doc...he replied with a big grin seeing his dear friend standing with so much confidence in front of him. Both smiled at each other and meera went to attend his patients.


Vicky was still lost in the thoughts of the weird girl he met tonight, when his cell rang breaking his trance. He saw the caller and instantly picked it up...

Hey meera, what happened...?? everything okay...?? called so late...??

Let me speak vicky...meera interrupted

Yeah, sorry...bolo...vicky said stopping his train of questions.

She informed him about dev's accident and he immediately left for hospital. After half an hour both vicky and dev reached home to find their elder brother waiting for them. As soon as maan saw dev getting inside in such condition, he rushed to him...

 Dev, what happened to you...??

Woh bro, I met with a minor accident. But don't worry, its fine now as I have already seen a replied calmly.

Hmm, but mom and dad will get worried...maan said and then continued...go to your room and rest and I'll inform them in the morning...!!

Okay bro...!!

Dev and vicky wished maan goodnight and went to their room, while maan left for the study room as he had some work to finish.


Next day, raj and naina got to know about dev's accident and chided their children for not infroming them in the night itself. But maan handled the situation and later left to his office.

Here, geet reached office with vicky and straight away went to her cabin to work on her presentation. She was no more worried, but wanted to give her 100% to make it a success. She got down to her work with full concentration and dedication.

Maan too got engrossed in his work after giving a loving look at geet. He was actually very happy to see geet working with such sincerity. He always knew that she was capable, but seeing his naughty law-breaking moniter working with such dedication and honesty was a treat to his eyes.

But unaware to both of them someone else was also eyeing all this standing near the glass wall and seething in anger...

I am not going to let you succeed this time geet. Just wait and watch, how I convert your first presentation into your last presentation...!!


ok is the next one.
so many love stories blossomingWink...lots more is yet to come
do keep reading and commentingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed nad thank u so much for your lovely greetingsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
those who wants to be pmed...plzz add username ffspmlist in your buddy list as I'll be pming via this username only

do not forget to hit the LIKE button

love u allHug


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mayapari IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2012 at 8:02am | IP Logged
Smiledi yu r awesome...
first of all thanx for giving us the update
now wat to say...wah
 maaneets love OMGBig smile
meera ,s confident talkEmbarrassedWink
atlast vicky found his true loveLOLWink
hope its his true luvWink
arghhh i so hate this alisha chudail di...she s such a B****chAngryAngry
awesome gift di...our ranjha s always there for his love...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
omg the demon in maan s getting more wilderEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
hugs n kisses to yu di
hey di me first m very happieDancingParty
now di don take much time for next updateWackoLOL..LOL...
pl update asapBig smile
luv ya tc good niteBig smileSleepy

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