Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

WU-16th DEc 2011-Rashi is Blasted By Koki

shaina.sharma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged

Hai guys todays epi consits of something special know


The epi begins with Hetal giving list to koki and tells her that rashi prepared the list, Koki is suprised(whats their to get suprised)

and tells Hetal that if rashi prepares the list, then she wil go fetch it and calls rashi and tells her to bring the items. Rashi says k and asks can she go and see gopi before leaving.

Ahem and koki and hetal are suprised. (whats their to get suprised!!)

Rashi explains that they might be tired to do up and down so she wil check and koki agrees and tells rashi to tell gopi if she is awake that she kept the kichdi for her and wil come and make her eat it.

Rashi says that if she is awake then she wil make gopi eat and again the staring expressions(will they stare at her every word now)

Rashi says plz and koki agrees(rashi is hitting the score)

Rashi goes to gopis room and sees her awake and makes her sit and feeds her kichdi(i like rashi bg today)

Gopi makes a face and rashi asks what happend. Gopi tells her that her mouth became tasteless and sour eating the kichdi, so she wil eat later and rashi tells that she will do something for her(how sweeet)

and gopi asks what and rashi tells her to wait, she wil come right now and leaves(bechari...everyone blasts her, even she tries to do good)

Rashi goes to the market and is unable to decide what gopi likes. (what a great caring sister)

We hear urmi voice asking the stall man to prepare sev puri for rashi. Rashi is suprised(i am shocked)

and urmi scolds rashi asking why dint she intimate her when she is coming to rajpal(so that she can escape u..but what to do...u are the devil who comes without taking the name also)

ANd tells rashi that if she wanted to eat sev puri then she would have sent parcel to her house(inner meaning is --i would have come to get the latest gossip)

and asks rashi whether koki is torturing her, and this the reason she dint told her that she is coming.(what is this stupid dilague)

Rashi is irriated and tells urmi that she came to take something for gopi and urmi is shocked(rashi is gone today)

SHe scolds rashi asking her whether she became gopi servant now and orders a sev puri herself and tells rashi wil pay the bill(now came the real reason out..this women is impossible)

Rashi asks urmi what does gopi like and urmi tells she dont know(kya mami hain!!)

Rashi is thinking and urmi tells her that during childhood, gopi used to eat the single sev puri piece very fondly whenever rashi used to give her(atlest this proves rashi have some heart..unlike urmi)

Rashi decides Gopi likes sevpuri and feels bad(is she feeling bad for gopi..OMG)

And mutters that maybe this is the reason now she is hardly gettting any morsel of anything.(K..she is alright..she is feeling bad for usual..rashi is doctor needed)

Urmi is worried and asks what the matter but rashi ignores and tells that she have to go home fast as she is here to collect the puja material and stops urmi ordering another plate as she have to give budget to koki.

urmi makes face(he he good good)


Ahem gets a call and tells he is comign right now and koki asks what happend(this women needs to know everything)

Ahem tells jigar is getting some pbm in handling a project so he have to leave now. Koki nods and the bell rings and koki calls meethi to open the door(cant she open)

Rashi comes and gives the packets . Rashi goes to gopi room (then when did ahem change?)

and tells her that she brought something for her and opens the sev puri packet(mouth watering here..yummy)

Rashi tells she brought sev puri for her from rajpal as she likes it(rashi looks good in a caring sister role...i got my next ff idea)

gopi is elated and about to eat and stops herself and tells that she is not allowed to eat this, as the doc told her.(then give it to me..)

Rashi says no pbm if she eats one piece, then she can eat the kichdi and again one more piece so that it taste better.(good idea)

Gopi is hesistant but agrees and tells that she wil eat if she is saying so (arrey simple say that u want to eat)

and tells rashi that two sev puri wont harm her and at that precious moment hetal and kok comes and gets super shocked

and koki shouts at rashi. Both sisters are frigtened and koki comes and asks gopi who brought that sevpuri (
of course rashi brought, does she expect gopi to go shoping in wheel chair)
Koki asks gopi to say the truth and gopi says rashi name.(rashi doomed)

Koki blasts rashi and asks her how dare she got to make gopi eat a outside sev puri(she was helping koki)

rashi tells them that gopi got tired of eating kichdi and hetal tells rashi that doc told gopi to eat kichdi only(why cant gopi open her mouth and support rashi now..she can say that she got tired right)

Rashi explains that gopi wil eat kichdi but she brought the sev puri to make it taste better and koki blasts her saying that if she really wanted to make it better, then she could have prepared it in the kitchen(she cant koki, u stopped her)

No need for her to bring from outside and Rashi tells them that they have stopped her from entering the kitchen(fab answer but wrong timing..u are dooomed)

Koki agrees and tells rashi that she could have told them atleast(good point) and rashi is tongu tied.(i really felt bad for her ...she is getting blasted even thought some good)

Koki is fuming and tell rashi to give kichdi and takes the sev puri and blasts rashi saying she wil never change and leaves and Hetal too leaves. rashi is deeply hurt(dont worry darling i am their with u...and by the way...can i get that sev puri pls)

Gopi opens her mouth now and tells rashi not to feel she knows that its hard for the mms to accept after what happend after raji marriage and the drama before marriage, but to keep faith and not to feel bad for koki words(guys..whatever u say...i dont like gopi behaviour today..she should have said something in defence)

Rashi nods fighting the tears back(dont worry darling..i am here for u)


Koki is fuming at rashi and hetal is trying to pacify her and tells her that anger is not good for health(its family pbm..u cant do anything hetalji)

Koki blames rashi saying how can she bring sev puri from outside and also to argue with them. nd Hetal tries to cool her down(cool

The phone rings to save us, hetal picks it up and says Baa..happily.

Kinjal is drinking and eating in her room...dont get any ideas..she is drinking cool drink and eating chips.

Urmi coems their and is shocked and kinjal tells her that eating chips and drinking cool drink is cool and urmi tells kinjal that models like her have to maintain their figure and to drink fruit juices(will u bring the fruits)

Kinjal gives her a i wil drink what i want look and urmi mutters no one can save her, everything went to drain.(not yet..its just one cool drink)

Hetal is happy and tells koki that baa is coming(finally)

and thinks that who wil go to pick her up, as they are busy with household chores and koki tells her that ahem or jigar wil go and they come at that moment(the modi brothers wil live 100 years...)

They ask what the matter nd hetal tells baa is coming tomorrow and jigar excitedly says he wil pick her and hetal laughs and says k(atleast baas arrival is making them smile..thank god sorry thank baa)

They tells them to freshen up and they leaves.

and koki tells ahem to tell gopi that she is bringin the kichdi for her to eat.(the saga of kichdi wil not leave today)

Rashi is arranging the table and jigar comes thier nd sees rashi and goes to a angry young man state and silently sits in his place.

Rashi is looking at him and is about to drop the plate on floor when koki comes and shouts at her to pay attention to what she is doing.

ALl comes and the serving starts. Rashi just keeps looking.

Hetal asks koki did gopi eat and Koki tells she ate without asking for that wrecked sev puri(this koki is too much yaar)

Rashi feels bad and ahem asks shocked what about this sev puri(health hubby...woke again...)

Hetal immediately diverts the topic by serving ahem some dish(arrey hetal)

Parag asks when is baa coming and koki tells him tomorrow after from dehardhun. Parag gives us baas journey history saying she is coming from america, and went to dehradhun and comng with ganga jel now.

Parag asks why did baa went so suddenly to dehradhun and koki taunts saying when did he get intrested in home affairs to know anything(why to open ur mouth parag ji..keep for u)

Hetal nd looks to parag.

Ahem takes his lappy and sits on his sofa nd sees gopi struggling and asks why is she not sleeping(how many times wil she sleep)

Gopi tells that she is not geting sleep as she slept whole day and Ahem seriously tells her to sleep and to close her eyes, (what a way to show concern..super)

Gopi tries and Ahem sees a ludo game and asks who brought this and gopi says rashi, and ahem gives her a not rashi here also look.

Gopi tells him that they played ludo with panaa everyday during childhood and Ahem remembers panaa and asks gopi, will she play ludo at this age also(why wants wrong..even i play at this age...Modi..i hurted...i hate u again...get lost)

Gopi musters some courage and asks ahem can he play ludo with her and epi ends on ahem shocked face(of course...dont worry he wil play...hmmm ludo... i am remembering something...dont disturb i went to my la la land)


Koki asks ahem why is he late for office as they got a call that he have a imp meeting today and ahem says he is leaving, he is late. Koki is suprised and asks why is he late and ahem tells her that he got up late as they were playing ludo last night(
so he played ludo..this koki too much yaar)

koki not pleased.

THe speciality of today epi is sns proved that they can drag a single day to a single week...(since mon to is a single day of story)

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thanks for the update shaina

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Thank you for the update. Have a great day

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Thanks for the update shaina.

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-Eris- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Yes crazy cv s. One day is one week.and 6hospital days they showed it in two mins!! Thanks 4the update

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thanks for updates

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Thanks for the update shaina , awesum comments usual , this day started last friday so its 6 days only on sns it takes so long

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thanks for the lovely update shaina...

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