Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

# Devils Den# -A celebration by, of and for Devils

liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 November 2009
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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:19am | IP Logged

Today's post is dedicated to the den and all its denizens. This has been my virtual home for more than 18 months and it has seen me through some of the most difficult phases of my life. Thank you to all denizens for making this a wonderful, welcoming and all-inclusive place. Hug

The den is like a train, some of us got on at the first station and stayed for the whole train ride like Jyo, Anuja, Arps, Saj and several others ClapClap. Some of us got on in between like me and Anshu, but we stayed till the end Embarrassed. Some others got in somewhere in the middle and got off somewhere thereafter. Some people only got in towards the end by stayed until the train reached its final destination. We were all travelers on this wonderful Maaneet express and I will cherish these memories lifelong. Big smile No matter when we entered the train or how long we stayed we made an impact in our own way on the show and also on all the people on the train aka denizens. Once a devil always a devil!!! It does not matter when you became a devil just that you are one, it does not matter how long you are a devil for, you are a devil!!!!

I do not know all the devils because I joined late and some had already left by then, some I did not interact with even though they were still watching and some others joined after I became busy with work in the last 3 months. The den belongs to every single one of us but every home needs someone who keeps it in order, and that person has been Jyo. She has kept the den running against all odds and today I would like to raise a toast in her honor.Star Star Star Jyo hats off to you my soul sister. We have come to know each other really well over the last 18 months and we can truly call ourselves soul sisters now. I remember the times when I used to be Jyo's favorite fruitloop and then I got promoted to being her soul sister ROFL. Jyo for your positivity, you enthusiasm and your sheer resilience in the face of all odds my first salute is to you. Star Star Star

I have a lot of memories in the den but the one that stands out as being the most wacko is Dec 31st 2010-Jan 1st 2011. I will never forget this ever. Maaneet's wedding was around the corner and the picture of them sitting on a horse had been released. Daaku started the ball rolling that the horse looked fake, someone remarked that the horse seemed to have an extra long neck aur phir kya there was no going back. Pictures of horses were examined, pictures of Gurmeet on a horse were also brought for comparison, hubby's were woken up and asked to give their vishesh tippanis on the horse, siblings were quizzed, Jyo's hubby (who was still awake thankfully) used a computer program to separate Maaneet from the horse so that he could study the horse better. We had a blast and this is one of my favorites. Even after the promo and SBS segments came out, Daaku still maintained that the horse was fake, just on principle Ermm Stern Smile ROFL. My other favorite incident is the time that the whole den tutoofied on me because I had joked about KBM and it actually happened on screen. I was held solely responsible for KBM even though it was all Geetu's fault cos she asked a question that caused me to reply with KBM Angry Cry LOL

Anj was the only person I knew other than Jhinki when I joined the den and she made me feel welcome. I used to spam mostly in the nighttime so the people I usually hung out with were Arpita, Anuja, Ann, Geets, Marsha, Shree, Anj, Parm, Rhea, Jaya, Yash,Sumaiya, Sinistiera, Priti, Shinus, Geekgod and sometimes G would drop by.   Other devils would also stop by but we would all have fun. Nabs with her droll humor, Res with her refreshing takes, Shree with her poetic takes, Geetu with her symbolism, Mehr with her phoolon ki baarish, Caco with her stalker diaries, Ayesha with her posts, Praju,Tanu, Saj, Shradha, Medha, Anu, Preet, Zee and lots of others made the den fun. I may have forgotten many of you I had the pleasure of interacting with but please do not take it personally. I am distraught at the ending of the show and a huge workload is not helping. My salute to the den would be incomplete without our youngest member ...Ashu who made the den fun with her posts and her wonderful siggies and VMs.

My username is similar to Pallo's (livelygal) and that caused lot of confusion and still does when some of the older ones show up. I was confused between Pallo and Pallu (pallulovesmaan). I also remember Jyo's quizzes and her grading. The challenge was to get the lowest grade possible by writing the most outrageous things and if anyone got a 90% we would all make fun of them. Shonnu would boast that she once got a -90% and challenge all of us to beat that.

I remember the rhyming sessions in the den, our andolans and halla bols and various other things we got involved in. It was great fun. Thanks for a wonderful time. I remember the taveez discussion with Polki and our obsession with Vicky.  We devils were all forward thinking gals and were obsessed with live-in and were heartbroken when they got Maaneet married without the live-in.

Unfortunately as the show moved forward, many of the older devils moved on and the den began to wear a deserted look. But then in came the new devils to keep the den moving along. There were fewer people in the den so we got to know each other really well .I became really close to Deeps and got to know Anshu really well. We were privileged to have , Samana, Bru, Faria, Richa, Lily, Mayu, Sneha, Usha, Arwensih, Mila, Mali,Fatima, Sia, Zahara,  Sara, Shivi, Muni, Anjali,Nirvy, Priya, Khushboo, Iams and Ishpreet, Ruchi, Pramila, Sneha, Maan ki Sanjana, Serenity and others . You helped keep the show moving with your discussions and POV when many of us older devils has either stopped coming to the den or reduced our appearances due to real life issues. A special salute to all of you new devils for keeping the den alive and buzzing!!!! I will never forget the discussions about the chaddilicious den (ya ok I admit I was stalking LOL) and many such others.

Thank you one and all for making this journey interesting and lively. I wish all of you all the best. Hug Hug

Now ye math sochna bhashan khatam. We got work to do people, get on with it. Season 2 ke liye Halla Bol jo karna hai. Halla Bol devils the time has come again for us to make our presence felt. So call, email, comment and make sure they know what we want. Approve ...isse liye toh main sab ko best of luck bola Tongue ROFL

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 November 2009
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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged

Posted on behalf of Arpi (md401) Embarrassed

Today second time in three years again, I have become homeless. Both the time reason for the same is channel. Previously it was Mr Nair of imagine, now it is SO. Both CEO did not care or show any sensitivity towards fans or viewers wish and liking. In my POV which is not a good business tactics to get success especially when channels are at the receiving ends. I am no business woman, do not know ABC of it but even in science we have rule of thumb that in order to achieve or get result one does not change TWO VARIABLES at a time, instead tries one after other. Else one ends up getting nothing in hand. Hope channels big guru and wise marketing Pandits wake up and follow the rule and we get lead pair back either in the new show or season 2 of same show with out 4 Snakes as PH. I can not imagine life with out GHSP and Den. Life will never be same with out them, life will never be normal with out them. There will always be vaccume in my heart that GHSP going off the air has created.

I will take a tour down the memory lane, when someone first time becomes homeless suddenly, then it should be shocking and devastating and later the person should come up strong. To my surprise believe it or not I am devastated, heartbroken and totally lost. DEVILS'S DEN is my dream home. Probably the developer (read GHSP show) and the the builder (read maneet) were different, unique, epic and AWESOME. They put their best, their life in it. They made me very emotionally attached to them and den, resulting making all devils my near and dear virtual family members.
In the beginning when I initially move to my dream apartment complex DEVIL'S Den, many more like me whom Nair had made homeless also had booked apartment for them in the same complex same time. viz Jyoti ( jyoti06), Anuja ( swan20), mehr ( secretkeepar do not get confuse with M.E.H.R.), anj ( ANZANA XYZ), Shreya ( mcchopra), Pablika (pavs), bugg, an ( an12345678), Anshu ( though Nair has nothing to do with her she is victim of Ajnabi CV and I am solemnly responsible to drag her here, she did not want to come I forced her). Haila Jo, anu, anshu, pavsi seems we are curse where ever we go show gets shut down. We all started flourishing.

As the complex started getting bigger and wider new residents were coming to become permanent member of our complex, who stuck with den thick and thin whole time like a strong piller and now they are inseparable part of our den family read Jhan (liv2laugh), deep( kadydeep), shonnu(shonnuu), saj (sun29), geets( 49ers), priti (soapopera). Thank you guys love you all for being part of life.

The neighbors were keep joining us and we were extending, spreading everyone was becoming member of big family and were there to support us thank you Shaali, pennu, suji, ( oh meri emoticon queen) usha, neha, preeto, swati.
People close to our neighbor hood ( read 3 idiots) also liked our welcome everyone, be one happy family in the complex theory and concept of the life and extended their hand of friendship, now they are also part of it hugs Munni, Zzz, shivi. It is fun to talk to you bahuria and your saasu1 .
Mean time as complex were getting shaped, few owners due to real life commitments decided to sell their apartment read anj, polly, praju, bug, rosh, mehr, kannan, resmi ( meri loyal ignorer), ashu ( cuteash). New devils bought it and now sticking to us read saamna, sia, lily, bru, boogle, faria, ( if anyone has left please Pm me to include the name sorry abt it) Thank you all of you for your support when it was needed must, especially to jhelofy CIRCUS and MP.

One of our neighbor vacated the apartment just because had felt that she was not welcome in the complex ( read den), so she stopped joining us in our such and dukh. Gouri tumne toh humein paaray hi kar diya ab toh khair geet bhi humse paraayi ho gayi.

I tried to explain and make her understand that this is not the case den is public society ka property, it is not exclusive for anyone ( eg 3 idiot) but my all efforts were in vain. Who knows she may change her mind today and show up, so I would not be surprise if I see her later. Thank you gouri, it was VERY Good to know the real dignified gouri.

Last but not least, I want to share my one very unique incident of geet forum before I say bye i.e. THE BIG FIASCO over our beloved sweet Tanu's Irresistible Live Update. I was regular updater of geet even before her thread started, for some reason I was doing update whole 5 days. Tanu was kind enough and was working hard some time juggling with her net connection, dealing with personal problem to keep forum happy by giving LU. But there was some which comes under gray shade of forum rules i.e. no double or repetitive thread in the forum particularly when forum has assigned regular updater aka me. Moderator did her duty, and told her to stop doing LU. By the time sur rise happened in the USA, my inbox was full of Pms, including ones from Tanu and the mod. I was asked me if I have any objection if and I told them it was insane to even consider closing it because I read it myself before I watched the eiposde.Also it would benefit the forum because both tanu and I we both giving episodes details for the members and not to count how many likes we get or to own the forum. I just want to say a thanks to Tanu for all her live updates and to all those who fought to keep the LU. She updated till the very last episode, watching the episodes no matter how inane they got. Kudos to you for that.

Jaate jaate I wish that we get our home back soon, so keep fighting Jai bajrang bali and HALLA BOLTE RAHO.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

Joined: 30 December 2006
Posts: 104413

Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged

I am still a bit drained out with lots in my platter ,so dint get time to really prepare a good speech CryCry..sorry for that in advance Cry..but will give a short speech for all my old and new Devils ..

Devils Den has become like my virtual home .I feel almost safe and secure inside this den . For me its not just a place to discuss the show but also to come and relax and feel at home whenever I m tired or emotionally down or feeling the pressure Embarrassed .
My journey in Devils Den started last year around July or August mayb when I used to b part of this wonderful Devils family but then slowly many devils moved on ,many new joined the Devils family ,many became inactive because of real life priorities ,but I made sure that Devils Den stands tall in Geet forum because I was emotionally attached with this place and wanted it to go on till GHSP is on air and mayb even beyond that till Geet forum is with us .
I think I m one of the few ones who hv had the opportunity to interact with all the devils right from the starting days till now and for me the magic remains the same  because whether its our old devils or the new devils ,I hv seen the same passion in everyone's words whoever comes to the den to interact about the show Embarrassed ;I m just thankful to Babaji that inspite of the show going through a downhill towards the end ,Devils den still remained one of the most active post in the forum ClapClapClap ;Yes mayb it could not see the glory of crossing 150 pages anymore because of various issues but what made me feel proud of this Den is the positive energy with which creative discussions and debates continued in this den till the very end of this show and is still continuing StarStarStarStar...I am happy with the fact that the quality of Devils Den remained the same till the very end of the show and the overall analysis and symbolisms in the Den only continued to become better and better with so many new devils joining us everyday and keeping the spirit alive even now ClapClapClap
I will thank all my old and new Devils from the bottom of my heart for making Devils Den a real success story in Geet forum and this success story will never come to an end Big smileBig smile..I m not going to take any particular name here as I feel every Devil has equal hand in this Den's success today because what begins with a bang ,also needs to see the end with a bang and thats what Devils Den did till the very end of the show and for this every Devil needs a huge round of applause from me ClapClapClapClap...
Last but not the least ,Devils Den is yet to see the end ..remember this Evil Smile...We will continue to rock till the Devils are active in this Den and till Devils will want to rock the Den with their hallabols and symbolisms and old episode discussions EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Thats it from me ,,,,I love u all Hug

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swan20 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 24 February 2008
Posts: 19292

Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:26am | IP Logged
I have so many memories related to the den and the devils I don't know where to start. This place has been my 2nd home for the last 18 month. The first thing I do when I login is come to IF and then straight to the den...LOLEmbarrassed Although the show is over, I hope all of us take the time out to meet here regularly. I'll be lost without my virtual family...Cry

I started watching GHSP because of Arpita. She and I were together on another forum and when we quit that show we started looking for another one to obsess over...LOL I wasn't very active on the forum then and one day I chanced upon Bugsy's post. This was before the den got its name. Then we named it the ''Devil's Den'' and proudly called ourselves ''Devils''...LOL The den was a crazy place then. The pages used to fill up so fast that it used to be difficult to keep pace...Tongue We have discussed crazy things here...Protein Shakes, GC's aksent Tongue, Fake horse, Fake food and what not...D'ohI remember the quizzes Jyo used to give. We all used to vie with each other to get the highest marks so that Jyo could give us her special spoiler PMs...ROFL I never scored high marks so i never got this special gift...CryROFL

I remember the times i used to spam away during my nights with my spamming partners...Jhan, Deeps, Priti, Geeks, Neha, Medha, Usha, Polly. I miss our sessions guys...Cry Some old devils left due to various reasons and new ones joined. Although some have left i'm sure they'll never forget their time in this special place. Once a Devil always a Devil...Cool

I would like to thank each and every devil for making this place so so special...Hug Hug Hug A very special Thank You to Jyoti. If it wasn't for her, the den would have closed long back. Her positive posts have been inspiring and uplifting...Hug A special mention to those who joined in late but stuck with the den when the show was not doing well. Together we have cribbed and cried but never gave up...Embarrassed I have formed a very special bond with some of the devils and i know this friendship continues beyond this show and this den...Big smile

This is  not the end for the den. Our journey as devils continues as we fight for season 2. Love you all...Hug Hug Hug

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-Mayu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 February 2010
Posts: 12780

Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged

Okay what do I say about this Place that's Virtually my Home for almost 4 months!Embarrassed EmbarrassedI am A Duffer who found out so Late about this PlaceD'ohSilly

I salute the Spirit of the Devils who have kept the Den so Alive when the Serial was going through its Highs and Lows!Thumbs Up Its Because of you that Den is So Special to ME!Big smile

I was a Silent stalker of the Den and I used to Read the Writeups Chori Chori without Appreciating AnyoneLOL And I was Busy on the DMG Forum fighting for Siddhima!Embarrassed

And then that One KH sequence on Maaneet made me their Instant Fan! And I would come here but I was so totally Absorbed in DMG that I didnt Open any posts or Came in the Den! Thanks a Ton for all the Members who Welcomed me in the Forum and Actually Boosted my Confidence when they replied on my posts and Liked them and Liked my OS/FF! 

BTW Anyone interested to read my first post on forum; here it goes!Embarrassed

And then I was a Regular here and Posted many posts but I always felt a Bit of the Ground as no one seemed to connect with me or my Symbolism takes! I was DisappointedCryCryAnd then I stopped penning down stuff. I just came here for the sake of it and roamed on B2B/CD And the DD AT and the DD FC!

And then evening I was roaming and Finally I decided to enter the Den and found the Confidence to Post my Symbolism Take!EmbarrassedAnd thats how I came here and thats my Entry into the Much Loved Devils Den! Thanks for the Appreciation and the Acknowledgment!Hug

I remember Ash; Jhan; Priti; Jyo; Shivi; Anuja; Dimpu; Tanu; Deeps; Killer; as the Regulars'; Dont kill me If I forget anyone!Embarrassed

And then they Disappeared for a whileShocked; while the New ones took the Charge! EmbarrassedAnd I must say that though we the New ones were Making sure that the Den is the BEST Place; the Void you Guys left was irreplaceable!CryCry

The New ones that I interact with daily; Faria; Richa; Sia; Anuja; Dimps; Deeps; Z; Zeenews; Killer; and Many more; Its been a Great Pleasure to have been Fighting and Laughing with you Guys!Embarrassed

Miss Ash and Her Wonderful CreationsCryMiss the Idiot TanuCryAnd Hope Devils Missed me when I didnt reserveCry

Thanks a Ton to Jyo Mumma for making a Part of the DEVILS Family and letting me call you MummaApprove

I wish all the Devils All the Best for their Future! And I hope to continue to see your Pyaara Thobda atleast once in a week!

For those who Stay in India; do share your Contact Numbers as it makes Easy for us to communicate!~Embarrassed

Gosh I dont know how I wrote so much ROFLBut I guess your Pyaar made me write so much!Embarrassed

The Den rocks and the Devils Rock Bigger and BetterCool

And we are here to Fight for a Season 2!Big smile


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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

Joined: 26 April 2006
Posts: 72473

Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Hi friends,

My journey in the den began in Sept or August 2010, I still remember I was so upset that time at Bidaai's ending, once I joined the den, I was welcomed by some known ppl like Jyo, whom I know from Bidaai section, since she used to be mod there as well :-), then met Pallu, whom I was surprised Why she used to hate GC so much but love Maan, haha... Shonnu and her hairy pics which she loves a lots, Caco's famous dairy, then more known ppl from Bidaai forum, Anu, Preet who joined later on I guess, Tanu (update queen) :-D, who calls me Zee_Samachar OuchLOL
I remember how me and Shonnu had kind of competition to ruin the mood of many with hairy pics of Abhinav and old pics of GC, it was hilarious =))
How to forget the famous words here CON, which I was not even knowning what was standing for until some corrupted mind told me what it was short for, haha... Sach main devils =))
Then the ''Eheem eheem'', I was later on turned officialy the eheem eheem queen, haha... 
Pooja, who used to call me Zee FM, due to me singing all time on the den, hehe and she thinks it's a song coming in Geet =))..
My search of these CON, kiss, etc... In short eheem eheem LOLBlushing... The blushing emotion icons me and Jyo connecting with...
Res, kind of with another person in GHSP forum, we were never like friends before Geet, lol, but this forum and this place connected us to become friends...
Jyo flooding the den with crying during Maaneet's shaadi, thinking ke kuch Ekta dhamaka hoga aur shaadi nahi hoga, hehe...Then again with Maan turning psycho when Samir as Dev came...

How to forget NES and NEB and how ppl used to love hating them, especially NES... LOL
Jyo, Geet and my ishaare talk on GurTi and their thesis on hand positions and much more, haha...

KBM sequence and how we made fun of it, the hidden stairs haha... An (Daaku) and her doubt on the horse and apple being true LOL
Me pulling Jyo's leg about her and her hubby and how she used to run away, especially on giving the good news LOL

Ashi, the cute sweetheart and of course Anvesha, got to know her story which is truely show how strong woman she is, proud of you my dear being so brave to tell ur story, I remember how we all used to wait for u to write ur story...

Gouri and Smita, who r so good friend to have, I am glad that I met you both, Gouri, you are someone I truely love a lots, mwaah...

Eva, my sweetheart, such a wonderful lady you are... Shraddha, long time we didn't get in touch, but I liked the time I interacted with u... Shinus and Bubba, I remember the so much fun discussion we used to have in the den...

Shali, I am glad meeting u dear :-)

Many names to mention, all I can say that u all are so special...

I can't find more words, this place is surely so special...

Love u all... HugCry


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shonuu IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 November 2009
Posts: 13335

Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
Gith:chhua jo tune toh dil ne bola Mahiii
Maan: Dede iss forehead pe ik pappi meethi meethi

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 May 2009
Posts: 7257

Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:34am | IP Logged



Hatt ja.. The Maan Singh Khurana is here! HAAN!  ROFL ROFL ROFL


Ehem Ehem*clears throat*  Eheeem! ( Zee_News ki yaad aa gayi.. LOL)

*Kurbaan hua plays in the bg*  

i was tubing.. as usual.. and i caught a Hot Hunk swirling a girl in Salsa White.. Gorgeous Muskaan..  and i fell for em head over heals! and danced to i-f my lovely home... 

*the curtain raises mahiii*

n i see...

Bugsy the Laughter Buster ka Thread.. Big smile

where i dropped in, chewing ma bread!LOL

and a busy intern i was

unlik those u see in the "BOX" these days,Sleepy

i had to leave.. with little to cherish!Disapprove

*sad maaahiii*LOL

Days n Months flew by

 i came bk.. with Purvi n Lana to say HI!Big smile

to find a no thread no Bugsy..Ouch

instead lots of TAKES n MastiTongue

and i dropped in, starting afresh!Smile

*The New Era - Screeching Maaahiii*

I Began stalking LOL

to read doodle and Jyo .. Caco's Diaries. stil stalkingLOL

not knowing i would end up being The Stalker King - Maan! CoolErmm

and ill hav a lovely wife GITH! HAAN!Blushing

Maneet i had discovered 

by itself, the rest uncovered..Wink

The Whooping willow and  Poo would rhyme

and i lik my name would along chime...Silly

Polka my Miss Taveez always close to me.. Embarrassed

as i Roll-ed as the day began with Marsh, Yash and Sini ROFL

Later from the day, i licensed as a doc

late nights i began to clock!Evil Smile

Swarmed in CONversations with Shona..Censored

Pallo was her JhalloWacko

and Parsa her weaknessStern Smile

my friend and Parm's Mistress!Angry

Drenched by Jyoti Maiya's besharmiBlushing

amidst the witty Pixels and the wise Praju, I,D'oh

was played by cool dudette Ayesh..

and pallu reigned, my billo rani with ease!Hug

*maaahiii still  screeeching.. stetching us to deafness*

Bluey my half twin and Ann my partner in crimeEvil Smile

all yelled to be two sides of a dime!LOL

as Anj The Sarci Queen i adored Geek

and Bri The Genius , all came aboardThumbs Up

J was smart Broken Heart and G was Hawt ..Heart

Arwen i wud say stood out!

And to Minnie and Mello

and the royal ignorant i said Hello.. Hug

When An became Whooping Willow 

and i became Purple Raspberry, the only one i bellow!LOL

and as his-stories were unveiled at last

i realised, i was always here at the Den, ALAS !ShockedLOL

where Sun brightened everyday Big smile

and the Swan carved in her beauty Embarrassed

The ittle bubs came along with Bubba and Bulbul!ROFL

Pennu had told me, she remembered me - the red bull! LOL

* Mahiii fading*

The Later days.. the last of those days..

had passed but i still stumbled upon new rays

Panchu and my Pretty Preety, and allHug

i promised to cherish as i had the fall... Ouch

into my marriage!LOL *evil smile*

that was my wrst rhyming session.. nd i am sleepy now.. Sleepy

To all the Devils  - i promise to cherish u hereby, forever!HugHugHug



PS : Zeee my foe turned friend *chuckles* Sana, Anshu, Shali n all i missed.. it just wasnt my rhyming day.. Dead LOL

OMGee! i missed Manooo ma cheater.. i am gonna b so keeled if she sees this ! DeadLOL

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