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lavalina IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 November 2009
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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
no farewell plzzz welcoming messages coz i and u all am sure want the show back so start preparing for a season 2

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Ritzie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 17 December 2010
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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 11:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ~Serendipity~

heyy ..
ritzie..nice post..:)
i'll miss every each character of dis show alot..from abhay to d cllge princi..CryLOL..
when 2day it was 8:30..i rushed to starone..and started to cry..coz dere was no PKYEK..:(..
hope it returns or atleast VISU returns with an awesome show..

Thanks Serena. awww, yes it is quite senti. This is the reason everybody is trying to make fun posts though it is difficult. PKYEK was a great show and I dont think it will be easier to match this excellent combination of everything in near future.

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vijayata123 Goldie

Joined: 15 June 2011
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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Awesome Post..!Woaa,,Happy dat besharams forumwalas r here m reli happyDancing..!

Awesome Post Ritze..!I agree wid u..Those messages will awesome...!But will give mine 2morrow or later loLZ...Right now m kinda tired n lazyLOL

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raspberrytorte IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 February 2011
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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 4:21pm | IP Logged

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xxAqeelahxx IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 March 2011
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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 5:54pm | IP Logged
Ab main kya kahoon... i can't express my feelings in words but i'll give it a go

Abhay Raichand - He's the hero of the show... yeah at first i hated him because he was rude and arrogant but then i fell in love with him... he'll always have a special place in my heart and i'll always dream about him... i will miss this character a lot ecspecially his black jacket ;) and blue eyes ( remembered that song "dil dooba dil dooba neeli ankhon mein yeh dil dooba) i know its a charcter but he's better than vivian

Vivian Dsena - Thankyou for accepting abhay raichands role... without you we would never get to see this dark mysterious but yet lovable thanks and all the best to you :)

Pia Jaiswal/ Dobriyal - I loved you from the first episode... i felt sorry for pia at first because she was an orphan and had to face so much difficulity but still she was independent and didn't want anyone to do favours on her... i enjoyed pia and misha scenes ... friendship :) and her and abhay chemistry :) ( i always call pia a princess coz she's so pretty)

Sukirti Khandpal - you are a talented actress ... and hope to see you again soon ... if possible with vivian because awesome couple ... thanks for playing pia ...

Maithli - evil vamp ... she was creepy man what can i say... very evil .. bitchy types and obsessed with abhay eventho she also went wid siddarth... but she was a good vamp...

Misha Dobriyal/ Priya wal- I'll always remember her jokes... she made me laugh in nearly every scene of hers and her college scenes were the best ... ohh and her daru scenes :) .. i'll miss her loads too

Panchi Dobriyal/ Vahnbiz Dorabjee- I liked panchi's character ...and vahbiz played it very good and with good emotions... her and danish were a good couple to watch and thats what i'll remember

Arnab and Madhu -- good parents ... i'll remember arnabs scenes where he takes misha's side and spoils her ... both their scenes were good ... happy scenes and arguing ones ;)

Raichands-chandeena - love the way chand talks ( whispering more like) that was  bare joke to watch ... loved haseena scenes in which she shows concern for abhay... ..

Siddarth- One guy i will never forget... i think after Abhay the best male actor would have to be sid ... his one liners ... jokes
even at the top of my head i can remember when abhay saved pia and used up all his power .. sid comes and says "nahin nahin mein tumhare bina jee nahin sakta" bare joke lol... will miss that

Alina - her character ... i think a lot more could have been done but i enjoyed her scenes also.. she's a caring friend and she just wanted friendship between the wolfs and vamps...

Jeh- I loved his character before when he was with pia but then the CV'S just killed the character... i would have loved to see fight sequence more between jeh and abhay ...

Depanita-- god man i hated the character... it got on my nerves

Kabir and Danish--- Didn't like danish when got to know the truth about him and maya but then started liking him when he realised his mistake and was repenting.. also when he helps the raichands
kabir is the hottie of the college and his and misha's friendship was awesome... AND also angad and him ... maa da ladla bigar gaya type scenes...

T was bitchy two faced type of girl ... despo lol but good acting

Trakker- yaar crazy girl she is ... funny , emotional, caring and tori si dumb



ek gaana that i will always remember for Abhay and Piya and that is "dil ibadat" :)

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carisma2 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 25 January 2007
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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
Thanks Ritzie, This is perfect.
Always u come up with different ideas...
Abhay - Uff Abhay Uff is your branded name gifted by me - Bec u are Uff and I have no words to describe u. U are perfect.
Vivian - As handsome as you are - I never gave your other shows a try.
But now I eagerly await you to hit my big screen again. Your off screen personality makes me laugh and brings a smile to my face. You are so hardworking and positive from a young age - And u have my full backup and support. Uff Vivian Uff.
Pia - You are my Elena to my pefect Stefan Abhay. As you are a part of the jodi, I liked u. But later - I liked u for u too. Though after you took that famous shower after Abhay was revealed as a vampire.. I wanted to come and turn that shower off and hang you out to dry. But Pia rocked - esp in the last epi.
Sukriti - I've always liked you in DMG. U can act on a good da - and ur avtar as Maithali was just Dabaang. Loved it.
Arnab - I have a confession to make - i actually enjoyed Arnab's acting, the fun and games. I liked the thrown in here and there Big B style, U managed it well.
Madhu - Commendable woman. How can u shop so much, I usually drop! You have a big warm heart.
Jeh  - Arnab tumein nahin maartha - tho I would have! Seriously I wanted you and Abhay to be friends - But what to do - Tum sudhar ne kaa naam hi nahin lehthey theh.
Rithwik  - After watching your close.. close.. close relationship with Vivian - I started liking you as an actor. U did a great job. Would like to see more of you.
Chand - I never realsied your qualities untill Chakku pointed them out. I shall miss your whispering.
Haseena - You are just brill lady!
Kishwer - You are so sweet and you were there for your fans more than anyone.
Neel - I did not want you to die - I wanted you to marry Panchi and make her life hell.
Suyash - You and Kishwer make a sweet pair.
Alina - You were the kanta in my eye. Totally hated you. Never trusted you. But you turned out to be so sweet that I couldn't help but lob you towards the end of the serial. But baby I wish you would have fought at least once.
Priya - (Alina) You are so sweet for keeping fans updated and have a lovely personality to gel with your fans. Pass that trait on of media relations to your collegues too. You dance well and your attempt of style of chan ke mohalla was commendable, as Aishwariya's dances are mega hard.
Panchi - I liked your character at first - But you had too much screen space - Honestly.
Vahbizz - Your PDA's really spoilt things for you. I didn't mind ur off screen character as I thought you were sweet - But later after I realised you fight with fans of the show on FB - My respect for you dropped. But I will say - You are a brave girl for being called fat on screen, even at a time when you were just healthy. But non the less you are an attractive girl - and sometimes big is beautiful too!
Misha - too much screen space ! But your jokes were good esp Pia being bappi Lehri one.
Priya (Misha) wal - I always liked you from that other serial - where you played the cool chick! Loved the red hair.
Sid - Uff how annoying were you? Jokes were great!
Sidhanth Karnik - You are a lovely personality in real life and seem really cool. And I know this girl on the forum who'd love to marry you!
Kabir - Loved your scenes with Misha esp after you fell in love with her.
Danish - Tragedy king Abhay ki place le li tumnein . First he cried all his life for Maithali - and now you crying for Panchi. You were a great help to every one. I wish CV's didn't leave you as Mohobathon ka Shahrukh khan who could only see his ghost GF Panchi.
Deepu - I have no problem with your lipstick! Indeed you are a very pretty woman.
ANGAD  - Tracker - Never accept a role like this again! Warna TV mein aakey tumein marungi. Lol. Tracker - U too are a pretty gal.
                                    Tum sab ka balaa ho - aur sab kaa sahi ho.
To each one of you best of luck for your future and career, Hope to see you all again.

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Dikshi92 Senior Member

Joined: 15 October 2011
Posts: 988

Posted: 16 December 2011 at 8:07pm | IP Logged
Thanx ritzie for making this thread. This was much needed.. Smile

my messages are -

ABHAY RAICHAND: u are the first reason for whom i started to watch the show.. After watching the very first promo of the show i was just totally lattoo on you..
You were rocking as a vampire and had done an awesome job as human in the final episodes too..
Your attitude, your style, your signature smirk, your BBB skills, your dukhiyari bahu role--- every single thing about you drives me crazy (not to forget your dark grey sexy icy eyes)

you'll always be my favourite character of all time in indian tv.. Heart Heart Heart

VIVIAN DSENA: thanx for potraying abhay raichand and bringing his character to life. Abhay raichand would have been incomplete without your potrayal.. I really adore you, and very best of luck for your future.. Heart

PIYA: girl you are just amazing in everything - be it your love for abhay, your care for your sis, your love for your parents, your helpfulness for your frnds or be it YOUR JASOOSGIRI, YOUR QUESTION ASKING SKILLS -- you are just amazing.
Though you annoyed me sumtimes but i adore u very much girl. It was you who gave abhay new life, it was you who lightend abhay's dark, cursed life, and you deserve a big applause for that..

SUKIRTI KANDPAL: Aww, my sunshine. You are just too cute.. You are one of my most favourite actress in tellywood..
Thanx for giving us piya. You did a wonderful job. May god bless u!! Best of luck for ur future.. Heart

you are the second reason i watched the show.. Your awesome chemistry just pulled me towards the show and i just couldn't resist. You are my most fav couple of tv of all ages..
You guys were so awesome that when you cried i cried with you, when you were happy i was happy for you, when you got separated i too felt the pain.. You are rooted too deeply in my existence, i'll cherish your loving memory always in my heart.

CHAAND AND HASEENA RAICHAND: you two are the hottest parents i ever saw in tv and both of you rocked as vampires. I love your characters very much. You were verv gud parents to abhay too. Your INTESE FINGER LOCKING just set the tv screen on fire.
Thanx kishwer and naved ji for portraying Raichand couple. We adore you very much. Heart

SID: You were the only character who made me fall for u inspite of your evilness. You are an awesome actor man!!
When you portrayed sid your whole persona screamed 'EVIL'. that's the power of your acting. You make the audience feel like biting ur neck off because of ur evilness but at the same time make them drool for u like anything. Love u very much.. Heart
MADHU AND ARNAB: you both are the most adorable parents i ever saw. U are like frnds with ur daughters, always protecting and pampering them. Though i don't like arnab's detective skills, but he is the best daddy. Madhu is also g great mom. She never let piya feel like she is a step daughter. In the last epi the emotional scene of madhu with piya and misha was superb. Heart

MISHA: you were the life of the show. Your funny pranks, bindaas attitude made the show worth watching even in the boring epi's too.. You were also an awesome sister, daughter..
Thanx PRIYA WAL for giving us misha.. Heart

PANCHI: I liked u as a big sister of piya and misha. I liked ur character pre leap. Bust after leap ur character got ruined beyond repair and i stopped to relate with u. Thanx to VAHBBIZ DORABJEE..

KABIR DANISH: i just love two of u for the portrayal of the true bond between siblings. I love kabir for his flirtatious nature and a cute lover. Thanx to VISHAL GANDHI AND TABREZ KHAN

TRACKER, ANGAD, T: you guys were awesome too. Without u the show would have been incoplete.

ALINA: you are an very cute girl. The epitome of true frndship. I adore u very much girl. Thanx to PRIYA CHAUHAN for giving us alina. Heart

JEH: though i don't like jeh much (but in the initial day's of his entry i liked him)
i adore RITHVIK DHANJANI for the portrayal of piya's obsessive lover and abhay's arch enemy..


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cuteteddy Goldie

Joined: 09 May 2005
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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
thanks for this thread ritzie 
my messages 
CVS-OK first of all i wanna thank u for whatever u gave in season 1. i accept it that season 1 was best n season 2 was nowhere to compete wid it . just not coz u gave us abhiya scenes but coz u handled the story of the show very well . i appericiate u for that .

Sid -aww sweetheart i miss u a lot u know . PKYEK was when on air n i didn't like the track, i still watched it in hope that u will someday cum.
hope to see u soon in next show :)

Ekta - mam u make me fall short of words u know . well i never watched ur shows i mean i had to watch coz my mum liked it but i never paid attention . then PKYEK was the only show which was handled by u properly n i watched it. well thanks a lot for paying attention in the initial episodes but i just wanna ask u why did u stop doing that later ? did u actually lost interest in the show or u already had decided to ruin such a brilliant show ?
sorry if my words hurt anyone but thats just what i felt ..!!

THANK YOUEmbarrassed

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