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FF-True Luv Is Eternal-MG-EpiloguePg80(13/06/12) (Page 58)

Donnaa IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 May 2012 at 3:21am | IP Logged
part 19 n 20
loved it...

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
PART 19/20 on PAGE 71

Hey guys,
How r u all?
Thanks a tons for the lovely comments :D

Hey guys, thanks a lot to everyone who voted for me :D
~*FF Awards 2012 Voting Thread*~

Coming to the parts: Thanks a lot for your awesome, fabulous comments, I completely loved them and also thanks to everybody who pressed on 'like' :).
I read them a lot of times and reading your guys comments really did made my day, thanks :D

As you already know, I truly want to reply to every comment individually but I can't as I am really busy :(. I hope you guys aren't angry by this fact but let me tell you once again thanks guys for showering me with your love and support, I will definitely press on like button :) please keep supporting and loving as it means a lot to me :D.

I am glad to know you all liked the part and I hope you'll like the upcoming FFs too. :)

Guys, your response was really overwhelming :).

If you have any question and which I forget to answer please do make me remember.

I will update today or tomorrow, hopefully :D
I request please do keep leaving your lovely comments :D

IMPORTANT POINT: If you ever find I wrote love making scenes explicitly please let me know :)

PS: IMPORTANT: please add me to your buddy list as 'kashishkPM' if you want PMs :)

Luv u all<333

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
PART 19/20 on PAGE 71


A life is full of obstacles, in few you fail and in few you pass. In obstacles related to married life, you need love and trust, would they be able to pass each and every test?

After picking Geeta up from her nursery, they made their way to the car. In the way, she told them all her day's event with a toothy smile.

They had their lunch out as per Geeta's request. Maan and Geet kept admiring their daughter as they fed her the food. She would keep eating while telling them things and asking Maan questions.

Entering in their house, they sat in the hall where Maan and Geet were listening Geeta, who was trying to read a book with broken words. Nonetheless, her parents where always there to help her. At every mistake they corrected her and she would rectify the mistake with a smile and then would clap at her success. Not only her but her parents too joined her with a big smile.

Seeing Geeta doing this really made their day, she was their life. Not one days passed away without her on their side.

Later on, In the evening, Maan took Geet and Geeta in their room. He made Geet lay comfortably on the bed. "You rest, I'll give Geeta a bath" he said caressing her cheeks.

Geet held his hand close to her cheek and asked lovingly "don't you get tired of taking care of everything?"

"I can never get tired of taking care specially of my family" he said placing a kiss on Geet's forehead.

As she heard this, she gave a big smile. This man was the best. She didn't know what she would have done without him. Whilst, Maan went in the bathroom and prepared the bath.

He came out and took Geeta with him. During the shower, Geeta became her naughty self and drenched Maan by splashing water on him. "My baby is getting naughty" he said with a frown and tickled her.

"I am solly (sorry) papa" she said while giggling.

"my shona" he kissed on her cheek and said "but no water splashing now,  your mama will scold us" he warned her.

"hehe, ale (are) you scaled (scared) of mama?" she asked with a laugh.

"No, but I love her" he replied with a smile.

Geeta smiled hearing this "I too love mama papa" she said placing her hands on his cheek and kissing him. It was a sight to watch. Maan couldn't help but admire each gesture of her, their baby.

After taking a bath, both came out. Even though, Geeta had stopped splashing water but the damage was already done.

"Geeta baby, what have done you done to your papa?" she asked with a frown and strict tone.

"mama, Geeta is sorry" she said with a pout. Geeta knew very well what trick she should pull when, she knew her mother too well.

Geet shook her head and wondered what would she do of Maan and Geeta. They do something nauthy and then always managed to melt her with just a pout. Whenever together, they would always do something naughty.

"now come to me and sit down quietly with me and Maan you go and take a shower" she told them, who obeyed quickly.

No matter how naughty they get but Geet's order was always obeyed. Maan placed Geeta on the bed with her toys.

"Maan can you wear the blue clothes that I chose for you in the clothes shop a week ago?" she requested with a smile.

"Of course wifey" he said casually as he always wore whatever Geet wanted and the same was with Geet, who wear Maan's choice clothes. Coming near her, he whispered seductively "what about I wear nothing at all"

Only Maan know, how badly he wanted to kiss her till they were out of breath but he couldn't as his little princess was there.

Geet hit on his chest and said with a blush "have some shame at least in front of our daughter"

"Oye hoye" he teased her and went in the bathroom to take a shower.

"Mama" Geeta called her mother to say something

"yeah baby" Geet answered back.

"I am feeling hungry" she whined as her stomach grumbled.

Geet laughed and picked Geeta up "don't worry let you dad come out then we'll go down to eat"

Geeta made an upset face as she was really hungry. Geet looked at her and smiled "did you talk to your little brother or sister?"

As soon as Geeta heard this, she got excited. One day, she had seen Maan talking to Geet's belly and when she asked Maan said that he was talking to her little brother or sister. She had been so excited that she too joined Maan in talking session.

After that day on, not one day passed without Geeta and Maan's little discussion to the baby. The baby was already a big part of the family.

"no" Geeta replied and then moved toward Geet's belly. "hey little little baby, how ale (are) you? I know you must think why is she calling me little little baby, then let me tell you. Mama is our papa's big baby, I am mama and papa's little baby and you are our little little baby" she said joyfully.

Geet chuckled hearing this eventually Maan had also joined, who was giggling hearing his baby's talk.

Going to them, he sat next to Geet and side hugged her "she is so sweet, right?" Geet asked Maan, while placing her on his chest, where she found solace.

"yes, just like her mother" he replied back with a smile. He stood up and then asked "so my babies, how am I looking?" he said taking a round.

Before Geet could reply, Geeta said "papa, you always look sooo sooo beautiful, just like a prince" she complimented her father with the words she was complimented by them.

"thank you princess now Geet your turn?" he asked Geet, with a brow raised.

"hmm you are looking ok" she said making a fine face and making a fine gesture with her hand.

"I am just looking fine?" he asked, while his frown grew fonder which shew his chocked state.

"yeah you are looking fine" she confirmed with a casual tone.

"Geeta is better than you, she at least give compliments to the fullest" he complained about her wife's lack of compliments.

Geeta smiled and stretched her arms out "papa, I am hungly (hungry)" she said with a dull face.

"oh my baby is happy, ok let's go down." he said giving a peck on her cheek.

He came out of the room but noticed that Geet didn't come with them 'where is she left?' he wondered. He got worried thinking that she might need him.

Bending down on his knees, he said gently "Geeta go down and wait in the hall"

"ok papa" she said with a grin. Giving a peck on his cheek she went down.

His little baby was really too much, like her mother she knew how to make him smile. As she was out of his sight, he stood up and went in the room but Geet wasn't in the room.

"where has she gone?" he muttered seeing no one.

Suddenly, he felt hands landing on his chest from behind. He quickly turned and said "Geet are you fine?" concern as always was clearly visible in his voice.

"I am fine but I couldn't tell in front of Geeta how my husband looked" she answered back.

Of course, he knew when her wife greeted him like this in the room meant something great for him. He encircled his arms around her, making sure not to hurt her. "so then how does your husband look?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

"My husband looks fully, completely, utterly sexy" she said near his ear. In purpose to hide her blush.

"now that's something that I don't get to hear everyday" he said with a wide smirk and moving toward her.

She knew what was coming, she loved when he kissed her like that. Maan left a trail of kisses on her face and neck, he didn't leave any spot untouched by his lips.

"hmm" Geet moaned with her eyes closed and her one hand around his neck and the other in his hairs. "I love you Maan"

"I love you too Geet" Maan confessed back between the passionate kisses.

As he moved his head in the nap of her shoulder, she arched her head in order to let him have full access of her neck.

The passion was so much that if not for Maan's arms around Geet, she would have fall down as her knee had become weak.

Before moving back, Maan placed a quick kiss on her lips and placed his forehead against hers followed by a hug. He just wanted to keep her closer to him.

"mama papa" as they heard their little princess calling them, they came out their trance and went down.

That night, they made love to each other as Maan wanted to let her know how much he loved her and trusted her. No one else could come between them.

The day's event had left him insecure at that moment, he didn't want to loose her, he loved her a lot and by trusting him, she proved him how much she loved him.

Even if she had not trusted him, he would have understood as anyone would feel insecure and destabilized for a moment thus he wouldn't have taken it as her mistake at all.

A month had gone by, only around four months were left to her delivery. As always, Maan and Geeta had been pampering Geet a lot. When Maan wasn't at home, he instructed Geeta to take care of Geet.

When Geet wouldn't be ready to eat anything, Geeta made her eat while making baby faces. Geet self thought "great, he himself has gone to office but has left his little spy". Both daughter and father were same alike and she completely loved them.

One Saturday morning, Geeta had gone down in the hall to watch her favorite cartoon. Meanwhile, in the room, as soon as Geeta left Maan held Geet by her waist and asked romantically "Geet where is my morning kiss?"

"Maan please no kisses, come let's go down and join Geeta" she said coming out of Maan's grip and making her way down with a teasing smile.

"what was that" Maan was left baffled, Geet never had left him without a kiss. He was confused "I would ask her later maybe it's just one of her mood swings. I should finish few points of the project, give Geeta a shower and take a shower". He knew Geet's mood swings and thus he decided to ask her later as now she would do nothing but blast- only if it really was a mood swing.

Geet and Geeta were watching cartoon, when after a while Geet said "come on baby, it's your shower time"

"mama, why don't you give me a shower?" Geeta asked innocently, true she loved her father but before few weeks, it was Geet who used to give her showers but now she got tired easily thus Maan took care of that part.

"because I get tired easily and plus just few more months then I'll give you showers" Geet said pulling Geeta's cheek.

As Geeta left with a content smile, Geet made her way in the kitchen. Her nausea concerning kitchen had decreased so Maan allowed her to make breakfast if she wanted which she readily agreed.

In between, she heard the bell, turning the stove off, she went to open the door. As she opened the door, she was left shocked. Her past was standing there.

Only God knew how her past would effect her present and future.

Hey guys,
Here is the next part, I hope you will like it.(probably a next part coming up without two days, hopefully) :)
Thanks everyone for your comments and likes, please keep doing both these things as it encourages me writing further.
All comments, suggestions, questions and criticism are more than welcome. :D (please have a look on the T:Note) :D

A very very happy birthday for everyone who is born in June :D
Please add me in your buddy list as 'kashishkpm' if you want PMs :D

Luv u<333

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Niharika.Nair IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2012 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Such a perfect family, with full of love and joy!!! why the past had to enter their life nowDisapprove hope nothing will go wrong...
Are...its me first!!!!DancingDancingDancingDancing

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kkiddoo IF-Sizzlerz

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geet's past ohh gosh what's in store now do continue soon dear ...

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anupm04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice update
Continue soon

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Remya_Pillai IF-Sizzlerz

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such a cute family...
her past!!!!! i noe they will handle their pblms together

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spvd IF-Addictz

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part 21
cont soon dear...

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