Laagi Tujhse Lagan


Laagi Tujhse Lagan
Laagi Tujhse Lagan

~*~ Happy Birthday Sleeping Angel !!! ~*~

ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Welcome ... Welcome ... Welcome ... 

ok so let me tell u
this post is created for a very special reasonEmbarrassed

not just me or one  or two of us...
 but each & every LTLian know her ...

 Today 17th Dec, B'day of 
a very special person of LTL forumTongue.


ok wait 
i know ..u definitely  know her.Wink

      The sleeping beauty

  3 owls
thats exactly the way we three look when we chat on ccc for hours

but we give her some personal time to spend with her secret lover too

still u don't know???

ok so look above...
aree sab uppar dekho Raise The Roof??Day Dreaming


arre our LTL BAnner!...




she is non - other than...
our Banner contest winner...

our sleeping beauty...
Mimi'jee aka  Rose_Petal !!!

Happy Birthday Mimi'jee

"Star of the day"

 Smile Please!!Wink


DancingDancing Dancing

 FlutistViolin  DJ  
BandPiano Man

 she is our sleeping angel ..MIMI u baby

her prince charming
Sumit Kaul
 Arz  kiya hai ... 

Rosie ne...
Bigadi hui zindagi ki kuch itni si kahani hai
kuch toh bachpan se hum nikamme the aur
kuch apki sangat ki meharbani hai !!!

Message from your Prince charming  SUDS!!!

Message from dearest Rosie 




So friendz what r u waiting for?? lets wish her...& make her b'day very  special  & unforgattable...Tongue

Heart Glasses 

(msg from ur lovelies ...Rosie & Sonee... all pics n msg from Rosie ma'am &
graphics matlab timepass aur bakbak maine ki hai sonee'jee neLOLEmbarrassed)

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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round turnWink

Hello Mimi'jee 

Side by side or miles apart

True friends are always close to your heart

Whether you're turning five or twenty-five

You know that I'm a true friend because you're here beside me

I'm here, right now, on your special day!!!

Love Song 

""There is a gift that gold cannot buy
A blessing that's rare and true
That's the gift of a wonderful person coming into my life
Like I have in you!

 Happy Birthday Mimi'jee!""





Hi There, Sweetheart 


Cake for my love

&  favo. flowers for my Beautiful gal.


na na main bhooli nahi...

Here is  ur Prince!!!


Now your B'day Gift!!!

Click here...



Hope u like it!

Once again

I Love You

with lots n lots of luv & Best wishes


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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 4:25am | IP Logged

Mimi is alone in her home working on the computer completing her new assignment. Her family has gone out of the city to attend a marriage and she couldn't accompany them because of her new job that she has taken up. Tomorrow is her birthday and here she is busy tapping her fingers on the computer keys, but if you think she is sad that she will be alone on her special day then you are sadly mistaken cause her two crazy friends are coming to her place for night stay and will be celebrating her birthday. The door bell rings and mimi smiles excitedly thinking must be them, she opens the door and finds rose and sonee grinning broadly especially rose showing all her teeth as if posing for a toothpaste advertisement. All three hug each other tightly and soon the whole house gets filled with laughter. Sonee and rose take out a packet from their bag and show mimi her birthday gift, a beautiful pullover along with a cute little cap. 
Mimi all happy says," aww its so nice..i shall wear it tomorrow for sure." She thinks for a while then comes up with an idea," hey girls lets go shopping." Sonee who is busy unpacking frowns and replies," but why should we go shopping we have our clothes for the party." Mimi shakes her head in disagreement," no ways, I am not giving you a choice, its my birthday and I get to decide what you both shall wear tomorrow and I am going to pay for your dresses..end of discussion we are going ..thats it" rose and sonee exchange a helpless look and agree to go out.

In the mall rose and sonee are looking through various out fits when mimi comes with a long dress for rose,

 she is happy with her selection and pats mimi's back," fine I like it 'now what about our sonee..what do u have for her." Rose's eyes dancing in excitement knowing very well that mimi will come up with something really spectacular for sonee. Mimi winks at her and brings her hand holding an exotic outfit from behind and shows it to rose, her eyes widen in shock then her lips break into a naughty smile, she knows that mimi will never disappoint her and even today she hasn't. mimi clears her throat and goes close to sonee who is standing near the footwear section," soneeji , this is for u, I am sure u will look devastating in this." Now comes the priceless moment which mimi and rose are waiting for,*sonee's reaction* eyes popping out, mouth open wide and face losing all its color out of shock making her wonder are these two really her friends? As if listening to her inner voice both of them shake their heads innocently but she knows that these girls can be anything but innocent, she purses her lips and declares," no matter what I am not going to wear this." And turns her back to them, mimi pouts disappointingly and looks at rose who still has a mischievous smile, she whispers into mimi's ears," try emotional blackmailing..she will definitely fall for it." Taking her advice mimi hold sonee's shoulder and turns her around then with a grim and pleading face asks," cant u do this much for me on my birthday?" sonee gets emotional and drops her head thinking," ajeeb dharma sankat mein phas gayi hoon..izzat bachaoon ya dosti?" both mimi and rose exchange a look that the trick is working just then sonee's mind also for a change starts working although as per rose she has no mind but still today it comes up with a rescue plan," ok I will wear that dress but I have a condition." She picks up a pair of gum boots," I shall wear these boots as well."
 Mimi narrows her eyes wondering whats the use of wearing this dress if she will have the boots on, she is about to protest when rose presses mimi's hand to stop her and says," done sonee u can wear these boots." Leaving mimi confused," sonee why don't u choose a pair of sandals for me too till then me and mimi shall go and pay the bill." On the way to the cash counter rose tells mimi," she thinks she is really smart but not smarter than us ..what if at the last moment after wearing that outfit her boots go missing? U know anything can happen." Mimi and rose smile proudly and give each other a high five.

After the shopping gets over the girls begin to walk back home when they come across a weird looking woman sitting at the corner of a pavement with a crystal ball. Sonee and rose don't believe that a crystal ball can tell one's future but mimi curious to know about hers approaches the lady who pouts after every two seconds and stuffs her scarf in her mouth whenever she sees something in that crystal ball," hello maam I am mimi can I know a little bit of my future?" the lady smiles at her and introduces herself with a pout," I am babi" sonee raises her eye brow and asks," bhabhi? Kiski bhabhi?" the lady rolls her eyes and replies," not bhabhi..its  B A B I..babi" she then begins to gaze at the crystal ball and says looking at mimi," hmm so you have started working once again?" mimi nods her head in agreement, while rose and sonee exchange a look wondering how does she know, then dismiss her statement as just a fluke. Babi states further which surprises all the three girls," mimi my dear I believe u suffer from sleeping disorder..i mean u sleep at really odd hours when the whole world is sleeping u are wide awake and vice versa." Mimi is astonished as to how does she know such a personal thing of hers so correctly, she looks back at rose and sonee who are also in a similar state and now stand close to her beginning to believe this babi who further predicts," my child if I am not wrong tomorrow is your birthday 'but..there is still one night to pass by." Mimi feeling something is not right questions her," do u see something bad happening?" babi pouts and shakes her head," tonight is THE night matter what u don't have to sleep tonight..if u do so then.." rose getting worried because of the way she is speaking talking mysteriously asks," what will happen if she sleeps tonight?" babi places her palms on her cheeks and answers," then she wont wake up for next 50 years!" mimi is shocked to the core, rose who was till now starting to develop some faith in all this shrugs off her shoulders and has this I don't believe it look on her face whereas sonee who is the most knaive of them all gets tensed and asks," bhabhi..oops sorry I mean babi ..cant u suggest any remedy for this." Babi stares at the crystal ball closely and comes up with a solution," if she falls off to sleep then before her birthday gets over she can be woken up only by her prince charming." Mimi wonders from where do I get my prince charming, he is still in my dreams, I am yet to meet him. Rose throws a challenging look at babi and asks," what if her so called prince charming doesn't turn up?" babi reads the suspicion in her eyes and smirks," then be prepared to see your friend awake after 50 years." Rose pays her for her services and pulls both of them from there.

All three are walking back silently, the words of babi ringing in their ears, rose doesn't like to see her friends upset so to cheer them up says," look mimi, firstly all this is just rubbish, this is not a fairly tale and you are not a sleeping beauty so don't take all this seriously, secondly we all know that u hardly sleep at nights so why do u worry about all this?" sonee also agree and says," you are forgetting that tonight we all will be together and trust me we will not let u sleep even for a second." Mimi smiles and begins to feel better, rose thinks why leave this opportunity of knowing something about mimi's prince charming and asks," so mimi rest assured we wont let u doze off but IF by any chance u go off to sleep then darling please tell us something about your dream man, I mean how will we find him." For the first time mimi starts blushing which is a treat to watch especially for sonee as its always the other way round. Mimi pauses thinks then replies," hmm I don't expect a lot but he should be intelligent, talented with a mind blowing smile and his eyes..his eyes should make me feel like drowning in them." Both rose and sonee listened to each and every word carefully they know something like that will not happen but still they didn't wish to take any chances. Just to make things lighter rose suggests," mimi if u really wake up after 50 years then we will have to find some ramu kaka for u." and laughs out loud, mimi understanding the humour adds on while eyeing at sonee's legs," well in that case I wouldn't mind getting naughty with the ramu kaka." Making sonee go furious, embarrassed and flushed all at the same time, she pulls down her skirt a little more in an attempt to hide her legs from those mischievous eyes and asks," tum dono ke ghar maa behen nahin hain kya?" rose elbows mimi playfully and replies," maa behen toh hain janeman par tu kahan hai?" sonee tries hard to get upset with them but both of them know that she can never get annoyed with their silly harmless flirtations.

At mimi's place all the girls change into pyjamas and start preparing the dinner actually rose is doing everything alone in the kitchen because she has no faith in sonee's culinary skills and mimi lacks them completely so sonee busies herself in her favourite pastime i.e vm making and mimi tries to finish off her office assignment quickly so that she can enjoy her birthday to the fullest. After having a simple dinner cooked by rose all the girls engage themselves in having fun which is pulling sonee's legs. The night gets old, rose and sonee begin to feel sleepy but they cant tonight they have to keep a strict eye on mimi and not let her sleep. Rose comes up with an idea," mimi lets watch something really boring that drives away our sleep."

Mimi : ok then lets watch LTL 's current episodes

Rose (frowns): sorry sweetheart I don't believe in self torture ..something else

Mimi (thinks hard): how about diya aur baati hum (dabh)

Rose: u mean dabba? Fine lets watch that

Sonee: ohh please ..spare me the horror ..i am going to complete my vm's u gals carry on ..and hey rosie don't u dare let her sleep.

Rose n mimi start watching that dabba, 15 mins. later rose begins to yawn and asks mimi in disbelief," do u seriously watch this crap .. no offence to anybody but still what has happened to your taste?" mimi doesn't bother and continues to watch the show, suddenly she feels some weight on her shoulder, rose madam unable to bear the show further drifts off to sleep. Mimi smiles then changes the channel and to keep herself awake begins watching the latest episode of LTL. Within minutes the wide awake mimi spots someone on the screen, someone very close to her dream man and closes her eyes happily and before she realizes she too dozes off along with rose. Sonee stretches herself, a satisfied smile playing on her lips, she has finally completed her vm and as usual she wants rose to be the first one to watch it. She comes out of the room and is astonished to see rose sleeping on mimi's shoulder and mimi resting her head on rose's head. Sonee screams," ROSIEEE" rose wakes up in shock and straightens herself quickly as a result mimi's head falls on her lap, now she is surprised to see mimi sleeping, her gaze shifts to sonee who has hands on her waist and is angrily glaring back at her, for a moment rose thinks that dutta's angry spirit has gotten into sonee.

Sonee (furious): rose what have u done? How can u be so careless, u let her sleep?

Rose (guilty): I know a sorry wont make asleep mimi awake but what could I do? Usne mujhe itna thakela programme dikhaya ki meri aankh lag gayi.

Sonee (irritated): haan aankh lag gayi ..otherwise your eyes keep wandering up and down.

Rose bites her lower lips and warns her," sonee don't use double meaning words..right now is not the correct time..lets do something to wake her up." Both of them shake mimi and call her out but she doesn't open her eyes. They sit on the sofa defeatedly and wonder what if babi's words come true?

Sonee (worried): rose we need to do something really fast, we cant let this happen to her.

Rose (nods her head): ya we have to find her prince charming as soon as possible, lets advertise about him on the face book and India Forums. I am sure we will get a good response soon.

Advertisement on Facebook and India Forums

Rose and sonee invite proposals for their friend 2* years, 5'* working in top MNC seeks good alliance from well to do, intelligent and talented boys. Walk in interview tomorrow after 8 AM at 420 Lovers street, Canada.

Continued below...Big smile

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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The whole night sonee and rose try their best to wake up mimi from her deep sleep but nothing happens. With the crack of the dawn both the girls lift their low spirits and promise themselves that no matter what before the end of the day all three of them will celebrate mimi's birthday happily together. Rose freshens up and goes to the kitchen to bake a chocolate cake, she wonders where is sonee? Must be busy applying her makeup, rose comes out with the cake and takes it to mimi's room. 

She places it on the table then looks at her friend sadly," mimi, darling wake up, see I have baked this heart shaped chocolate cake for u 'open your eyes dear before sonee comes and finishes it off." Rose takes a deep breath and turns around, she is shocked to sonee standing before her and that too in that exotic dress. Sonee comes and sits next to mimi and says," mimi ..see I have worn that dress and that too without the boots just for u darling..come on tell me how am I looking?" rose smiles at sonee this time warmly without being naughty, she is touched to see how much sonee loves mimi, she comes from the other side of the bed and sits close to mimi taking her hand in hers," mimi ..sonee is looking just the way we imagine and dream about her..wake up and see for yourself how tempting..i mean how pretty she is looking." Then whispers in her ears," you have no idea how desperately I am controlling my emotions right cannot imagine what you are missing out on." Sonee shakes her head in disappointment that nothing is working. Just then there is a knock at the door, they both look at each other when rose suggests," may be some candidates after reading the advertisement for mimi have turned up..lets hope we find her prince charming soon." Sonee calls out," please come in." both the girls sit on the sofa to carry out the interviews.

A man in police uniform carrying a small plastic bag enters the room and introduces himself as * Inspector Malmal Morey*sonee glances at rose and in a hushed tone says," hmm cops are decent, seems intelligent to me, after all my dad is a cop"

Rose: so you are a cop..interesting ..we are looking out for a man who is intelligent and talented. So sir do you possess any special talent?

Morey(smiles wickedly): ofcourse maam I am the perfect choice for your friend, I am not only intelligent and fearless but I can dance as well.

Sonee (curious): can you show us which dance form you practice.

He nods his head,opens the plastic bag and takes out pieces of roasted chicken legs. Rose being a vegetarian, wrinkles her nose and the next moment she has a disgusting look on her face as morey starts dancing weirdly with those chicken legs. Sonee feels like puking on his face as he makes cheap dance moves.

Morey(after completing his so called chicken dance): so how was it? You see maam I have a special flare for dancing whenever I see hot chicken legs.

He licks his lips and gazes at sonee's legs while saying so, rose immediately puts a cushion on sonee's legs in an attempt to hide those precious jewels and declares rudely," you may leave with your chicken legs, we are more interested in humans than in animals." He leaves and rose glares at sonee," see how decent that cop was? And u get into that blanket with mimi and dare not show off your legs to anybody except us." Sonee shrugs her shoulders then goes and sits close to sleeping mimi and covers herself with her blanket. Rose calls out "next"

This time a man dressed in white from top to bottom enters the room singing some south Indian song with his back facing the girls, sonee wonders *he is wearing all white and is dancing and singing .. oh my god has jeetuji come to take mimi's hand but is he not too old for her?* the man finally turns around and shows his face to the girls, sonee heaves a sigh of relief *thank god he is not jeetuji* he takes out a yellow towel and wipes away his sweat after that not so impressive performance of his. Rose looks at him and thinks *yellow and white ..bilkul kadi chawal lag raha hai.*

Sonee: kindly introduce yourself as you are not what I was thinking and we don't understand south Indian language as well.

The man in white(smiles broadly showing off his white teeth..this man is obsessed with white color) : maleshwar anna..i am a gangster.

Rose jumps up in shock so does sonee but without dropping that blanket, she cannot afford to take chances this time.

sonee (astounded): what ???????? you are a gangster???? Agreed mimi has troubled me a lot in the past but that doesn't mean I will take revenge on her by handing her over to you.

Anna: see you are over reacting, I am not some road side tapori I am a rich well to do gangster who can sing as well and moreover I will adorn your friend with gold jewellery from top to bottom ..think about it.

Rose raises her hand to stop his nonsense talk," hello!!!!!! Our friend is not bappi laheri who will happily wear your gold jewellery and sing with you, please leave the place right away before we call the police."*thinking about calling back malmal morey to take this anna along with him*anna leaves heart broken and they hear one more knock. This time sonee jumps down the bed in irritation," yeh kya badmash company khol rakhi hai..ajeeb ajeeb joker aa rahe I will not let any creep come close to mimi ..i shall go out and see myself who the next person is and if he is suitable only then will I send him in." rose stops her," hey dutta's female version, first wear your boots then go out." Sonee looks around for her gum boots,"where are they? I cant find them since morning." Rose suppresses her smile and points towards the bed, sonee looks under the bed and finds them there, she takes them out and asks," how did they get there?" rose gives her a naughty look and replies," jhoote hain ..chal kar kahin bhi pahunch sakte hain..then what do you think that mimi hid them under the bed before going off to sleep." Sonee glares at mimi and says," you just wake up then I will see u." rose chuckles while sonee leaves the room. Rose walks up to mimi and brushes her fingers through mimi's hair fondly and asks," I know you have a taste for bad boys but baby I don't want to sing for u..allah bachaye teri mimi gundo mein phas gayi."

Minutes later rose hears someone knocking in fact banging the door, rose frowns who could be? And where is sonee? She calls out "come in" this time a man well dressed and decent looking comes in, rose hopes and prays silently*god please let this one be mimi's prince charming* the man enters and runs towards mimi's bed screaming "leelu ..leelu" rose stops him in the middle and asks," where do u think you are going Mr. and for your kind information she is not leelu but mimi." The man apologizes and says," ohh I mean meemu ..meemu love." Rose shakes her head and thinks he is calling her meemu? Funny man.

Rose: sorry but do u know mimi and who are u?

The man flashes his pearl white teeth showing all of them along with his jaws, just then rose remembers mimi's words that her dream man should have a mind blowing smile making rose think he has indeed blown off her mind with his sparkling smile," I forgot to introduce myself actually true love needs no introduction but still..i am Sudarshan and you can call me.." before he completes his introduction mimi whispers "SUDS". He gazes at mimi with his shifty eyes in surprise even rose is a little taken aback, may be* He is the One * he takes mimi's hand in his, rose is about to protest but sees mimi too gripping his hand in her sleep. Rose stops and glances at sudarshan who is rolling his eyes in excitement making her wonder his eyes are really different and mimi wanted such eyes in which she can drown. Rose thinks to herself she can definitely drown, not in his eyes but in the well instead but then one has often heard that love is blind so may be mimi will not regret drowning in his eyes later and the way he squints and shifts his eyes its some unique talent so finally this man is fitting the bill perfectly. Rose with a heavy heart tries to be happy for her friend and decides to inform sonee that at last their search is over, they have found mimi's dream man and she is even responding to his touch.

Rose goes out leaving the two love birds alone to find sonee, she enters the lawn area and gets curious to see sonee talking to a drunkard, she goes close to them and hides behind the tree to hear their conversation.

Sonee: hey listen u drunk man, ganpat whatever your name is, just go from here, right now we are looking for our friends dream man not mine, so please leave me alone.

Ganpat: I wont leave you so easily..jaane se pehle thode thumke toh dikhade meri chammak challo.

Rose fumes in anger how dare he asks sonee to dance in front of him? She rolls her sleeves up and is about to bash him when she sees sonee holding on to a nearby pole and moving, climbing and spinning on and around the pole leaving rose absolutely shell shocked, she has never ever imagined even her dreams that sonee will do a pole dance. She leaves from there dejectedly both her friends have found their prince charming and are happy with them except her. She looks at the sky above and closes her eyes praying *mishal when will u come* just then she feels a tap on her shoulder and turns around immediately thinking that finally her dream man has also arrived, she smiles broadly but as soon as she sees the guy her smiles fades away, the man removes his glares with his left hand and lends out his right hand for a hand shake and informs her," hi , myself chaskar." Rose screams loudly " nahiiin" and runs from there.

In mimi's room, sudarshan is sitting close to mimi holding her hand and telling her about his brave and intelligent acts that he has performed in the past. Mimi listens to him silently with eyes closed and a sweet smile playing on her lips. Sudarshan grins broadly and continues," meemu my love, my life my everything, I cant stay away from you, I am dying to take you in arms, you are my sleeping beauty and I am your prince charming, I shall now kiss u and wake u up." He comes close to mimi, she pushes him back hard and wakes up screaming " nahiiin" then runs out of the room.

While running out she collides with rose who is standing near the gate, rose is pleasantly surprised," ohh mimi u r awake, thank god ..u don't know how worried me and sonee were about u." mimi smiles and asks," so what did u think that I would actually wake up after 50 years?" Rose nods her head," don't say like that darling ..u wont believe but we have actually given out an advertisement to find your prince charming and I was waiting here for them but great we now don't need anybody." Mimi has a confused look on her face," u mean u really invited proposals for me? And I dreamt about the same while sleeping, u wont believe rose it was such a horrible dream where morey , anna, ganpat, chaskar and ..came to wake me up." Rose starts grinning on hearing about her prospective grooms then winks at her and asks," so finally who managed to wake u up?" mimi lowers her head shyly and replies," suds..i mean wonder I snapped out of my dream..but all said and done it was just a dream and dreams don't come true." Rose shrugs her shoulders and replies," you never know what else did u see in your dream world?" both of them begin walking back to the house while mimi narrates her dream," well u baked a heart shaped chocolate cake for me." Mimi's eyes fall on the table where a heart shaped chocolate cake is kept, rose looks at her in surprise," yah I did bake that cake for u but how do u know?" mimi dismisses it and says," ohh don't worry rose, may be I smelt about the cake and imagined u baking it in my dreams..its just a coincidence ..forget it but u know the best part?  our soneeji wore that hot dress without those boots just for me and looked breathtaking'by the way where is our hot n sexy sonee?" rose points towards the bed where sonee in that same outfit is searching for her gum boots, now this time mimi is surprised how come all that she has dreamt is turning out to be real? Sonee looks at mimi and jumps out of joy and hugs mimi tightly," mimi , mimi , mimi .. I am so glad that u are awake ..happy birthday dear." Mimi still in a state of shock calms herself down and instead of thinking about the later part of her dream where those jokers come and ruin it concentrates only on the beginning where her friends were trying their best to wake her up. She feels blessed to have such true friends in her life, all three of them hold each other closely and vow never to separate, they don't need any stupid guy in their lives, their love for each other is more than enough for them. 

Then mimi happily cuts the cake and feeds them while they sing happy birthday to u. just then the doorbell rings.

Mimi ( confused): who could be ..let me check

Sonee: may be the guys who read the advertisement

Mimi (shudders): don't tell me.

She opens the door and finds morey dancing with chicken legs, anna singing some south Indian song, ganpat all drunk looking hungrily at sonee, chaskar winking at rose and saying," aye mere chaskar ki chandni" and last but not the least suds grinning broadly showcasing all his white teeth and rolling his shifty eyes. All the girls scream at the top of their voices " NAHINNN" and shut the door.


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--ambar-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 4:27am | IP Logged
hey he he he mimi have grate time with ur prince charming sud..
wishing u a very happy birthday PartyPartyPartyParty!!!!!!!!

and here is ur gift

ware this on date with sudWink

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 4:28am | IP Logged

Special B'day gif

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Yuvika_15 Moderator

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
happy birthday mimi! hpe u hav a gr8 bday!

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__priyanka__ Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2011 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
happy b'day mimi Smile
many many happy returns of the day

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