Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 99)

-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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 sadie ye tere liye hai,Mod ke samne MID bankar ati hai how dare U. LOL
Recap hi sahi shuru hojaLOL Aey abb tu vamp hai Yani NT TO YE LE

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Richa, the second set of pictures are from tomorrow's episode, right? They are even better in still. Blushing

Oh, hey. 100 pages! Congrats to all of us analysts for our efforts! GeekParty

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 Congrats sam 100 pages over & thread ran very smoothly. Ya those pics are tomorrows. actually I had the whole amritsar wala and all but I didn't arrange them according to dates. Now that Iam free I will look into those tomorrow. They are very good. The temple,Gc with  his half pant. I remember that is tomorrow. Rumal scene

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ShockedShockedOH TERI!!!!!!D'oh

But Nai Re! It's For PM's Cuz My Inbox Is FullEmbarrassed
And Was Getting Like 10 Buddy Request So Logged In To Accept BasLOL

I'm Called --'Sexy' Vamp BECAUSE I'm Awake At Night And Don't Eat Or DrinkLOL Achcha Naam HaiROFL

Ehhh Analysing Innabit----Gotta Update Ufff

And Ya Congo Shongo For The 100th PageParty

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 Here are some old pics. DD  looking innocent.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (-bhootni-)


Nainatra further emotionally blackmails Geet telling her to abort the child

Geet remembers Brij and her family

Nainatra wants to take Geet to the hospital but Geet says that she wants to meet the father of her child

Nainatra keeps on pestering her but Geet is admant

Nainatra notices Maan and is scared

Maan is maha angry at Geet...he taunts her

Geet is crying...another advice there is no use running away from truth

Maan forces her to the registry thing

Nainatra is worried thinking about Maan and then calls Brij to tell her about Geet

Geet and Maan visit the Golden Temple

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Congrats to all of us on completing 100 pages and especially Samana for conceiving this brilliant idea. ClapClapYou have in many ways saved  me from extreme boredom and depression. A special thanks to Samana and Richa for taking the effort day in and day out to post the episodes and WU and keep the thread going. ClapYou guys are really stars.StarStarStar

Geet episode 37:

Did I say how I am enjoying these episodes.Big smile Only about a hundred times I am sure. Big smileWinkBut really, these episodes are wonderful and I would rate them above the office track especially for the meaningfulness of the storyline. When the director of Geet said that the story was over with Maan saving Geet from Brij I too was initially miffed but now I realize his true meaning and I have to agree with him. After that like he said there were only tracks but not a significant amount of story especially when you compare with the heavy and deep stuff going on in these episodes. Just like Sia and Pennu said yesterday after I finish writing a really long take when I read others analysis I am like "yeah I felt that too but forgot to write about it."Smile

Like Sia pointed out yesterday I too felt that what NT said yesterday was not a very convincing argument. ConfusedSomewhere it lacked logic but she more than compensated for it today. The reasons that she gave today w.r.t the badhnami of being an unwed mother in the society and that too a granddaughter someone with as much reputation as her DaarjiOuch, how that would either kill Daarji or would make him take a decision of killing her instead Shocked, made so much more sense. I liked the way Geet addressed Dev as my baby's father and your husband. It shows how little respect she has for him.Angry

 And then NT sees "Vadde Veerji"LOLLOL. Oh Sadie! you have made sure this term is ingrained so strongly in our brain that every time I see NT and Maan I can only think of that one term.LOLLOL This is the first episode where it is indicated that there may be some relation between Maan and NT though the nature of the relationship would still have been a suspense for the first time viewer.Confused It was funny to see NT going rafoo chakkar when she sees Maan there.LOL

Geet falling down on her knees and then Maan lifting her I am sure has symbolic significance maybe something like though she thinks her respect in the society will fall because of her being seen as an unwed mother it will be Maan who will lift her up by giving her respect and status of a wife.Smile Also Maan blocking the sunlight was I think one way of showing how he is going to be the shade protecting her from the harsh light of the life ahead.  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Right now though that seems to be the last thing in his mind. LOLLOLOh my God! That he was mad would definitely be an understatement.Shocked I could almost see the fumes coming off his head.ShockedLOL The Maan Geet conversation that follows is sad and funny at the same time. I am sure Geet finds the whole thing surreal.Confused Here she is debating on something as important as whether to keep her baby or not and there is this guy yapping on about land and signature and other such insignificant thingsAngryLOL. But unknowingly he does give her some sane advice. Truth is what it is. You can't change it and you should not let it change your life. And though what he is actually assuming about Geet  is far from truth but it also kind of describes Geet's situation in more ways than one. Ouch She did come to meet a guy(Dev) and he did cheat her by not turning up.Angry But he does have a razor sharp tongue and says all sort of ulta seedha things about Geet. AngryAlso Maan was quite rough in handling Geet though. He almost thinks that she is some rag doll.Shocked If it were in real life I am sure Geet would have had some serious bruises on her arm from being manhandled the way she was. OuchIt was also sad to see the helpless lost look on Geet's face. CryCry

Though Maan may say he does not care his eyes do tell a different story EmbarrassedEmbarrassedwhen he sees Geet sitting almost lifeless next to him. And the land registration which seemed so important to him did not matter more to him than the melancholy on Geet's face. OuchHe seems keener on making sure Geet is ok. The way he saves Geet from the car was very real not like fimi with the hero heroine rolling or something like that. And Geet at last becomes frustrated with all the yelling she has been getting and people like Brij and NT and Maan telling her what to do.Ouch Added to the fact she is also confused about what decision to take with respect to her baby.Confused And here is this guy who thinks he is helping her but actually making her more miserable with his rude attitude. ShockedI can understand why she was fed up and asked him to just leave her alone. She badly needs that space to think straight.Ouch Maan wants to help but has not learnt yet how to go about doing it. I was comparing this Maan to our really soft, caring and loving Maan. It was quite a transformation that Geet brought in him.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Of course like many times in future her legs automatically take her to the best place for seeking solace the ultimate gurudwara ' the golden temple. SmileWhen I saw the last few scenes I was thinking about what a logistical challenge it would have been to shoot in a crowded place like the Golden temple.Shocked But people then were ready to take that effort and that effort does pay off in the way the scenes looks so beautiful.Smile And Geet does look serene in those surroundings.Day Dreaming

 Looking forward to Geet's decision and Maans presence at the temple tomorrow.


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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Thank you Paro, for being one of the most regular and dedicated members on this thread! I think you have contributed a lot and I always love reading your takes! Big smile I am thoroughly enjoying these episodes too!

I have to agree with Sundeep Sharma as well now. The story and the drama did sort of go down the proverbial drain when the office track started. I understand they just had no choice based on ratings but what they did right, until the disastrous honeymoon, was to keep the premise intact and the story at the back, as the basic DNA of the show, to quote Nissar's recent interview. It was this DNA that took the show a level higher than just a fairytale love story to something that had more meaning and depth across all ages and demographics.

Today for the first time, the Maaneet reactions stood out far above the rest of the episode. This is where lots of Maan and Geet symbolism starts, it would seem! I love how it is Maan's presence that makes NT flee in haste without completing her task at hand, very unlike NT. To me this was sort of a precursor to Maan's later dialogue about him always standing between Geet and her past. Without knowing he saved both her and possibly her baby (though I don't think Geet would have ever gone through with the abortion). Here he is doing everything he is to do later, unconsciously. When Geet falls, he is there to lift her up, though if you notice, it is not necessarily to help her that he does this. He lifts her up, unconscious that he is helping her by doing so.

Also, when he rips the rumaal off, at face value, I guess he is just frustrated but also I think he is trying to forget the soft spot he is developing for this paradox of a girl. By throwing away the rumaal, he is trying to forget her kindness and the feelings it inspired in him and remember only the pain so he can sustain his anger and attitude. I guess this is how he is with all women. He is naturally sensitive but tries to remind himself of the pain to steel himself against his own tendency for empathy.

I loved the conversation they had about life and truth, where Geet says sometimes the truth can change your life and Maan replies that even life cannot change truth so it is as it should be. I love how Geet listens to him in all earnestness as though in her vulnerable state she is just looking for something to hold on to, someone to tell her what to do. It's too bad Maan takes his harsh words way past any limit though ironic that they are true in some light. Also in some capacity I think Maan was trying to get a response out of Geet, which he has gotten used to and probably grown to secretly like but her inert stance makes him say increasingly hurtful things. But at the same time that he says these awful words, and she begins to drift away, he drags her towards the courthouse, towards reason and justice.

I loved Maan's expressions in the courthouse, the concern that he just could not mask when he sees a lifeless Geet in front of him. This is a guy who has seen a fiery Geet, a determined Geet, a shy, scared Geet, a stubborn Geet and a sharp-tongued Geet and somewhere he feels a deep respect for her because she can challenge him and come out the victor. This quiet Geet who refuses to fight worries him more than he is probably willing to admit and this worry even overrides his finally victory over the land he has been fighting for for so long. It is like his victory is marred by Geet not giving him a fair fight.

When he tries to give her the dalal's number, I think it is a mixture of being a man who keeps his word at all costs and curiosity at Geet's situation and the need to keep talking to her (there is another scene where he stops her with his arm out like that...WHEN is it? I can't remember and it is eating me away! Is it the jewellery utharna scene?). The fact that she still doesn't respond and on top of that refuses his offer of the number confuses and hence frustrates him. He is just not able to let it go and thank god for that because once again he saves her life.

I think it is interesting that in yesterday's episode, Maan almost hit children while driving because of his neglect and Geet saved him from that and today Geet almost got hit for the same reason and Maan saved her in turn. I am not sure what it means but maybe that Maan is too confident of being in complete control and needs Geet to show him he could hurt people if he doesn't pay attention and Geet is completely lost and needs to be less passive, not just letting things happen to her but fighting for her life.

Finally, Maan has good intentions and wants to help Geet but unfortunately lacks the basic social skills of a KG kid. LOL So he gets a slap in the face in the form of Geet's blunt refusal of his help. Poor Maan, it wasn't actually personal, I don't think. Geet was realising what had just happened to her and was really angry and Maan happened to be the first person around who provoked her to release all her carefully controlled ire and since he was standing right next to her, it got directed at him. In some ways it is a sign that finally Maan will be the only one to see and accept the whole Geet, irrational emotional outbursts caused by someone else entirely, and all. And poor Geet just needed some quiet time in her own head and Maan would not SHUT UP! So you can't blame her for exploding like Vesuvius all over him, though I pity his fate. Still, I much prefer this to "chaddo".

It was wonderful how Geet's introspection led her to the Golden temple. It was like a blessing from babaji who was telling her that he would show her what to do. I love tomorrow's golden temple sequence so can't wait!

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