Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 90)

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
^^Not dhamki, huqm! Evil Smile

And good to see you are following it! Approve

..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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One Second Lemme Rewind That Again Cuz I Forgot What She SaidLOL
Ehh! Forget It!LOL
Jump Onto Sexy Maan Singh KhuranaBlushing
Awaaz Se Zyaada Toh Muhe...Haayee Sharam A Rahi Hai MujheROFL

Tumhaare Bhai Ko Pata Hai
Iss Waqt Kahaan Ho?

He's SHAKING!!!! Shaking In Rage!!! Kyun Chehra Achcha Nahi LagaLOL

Haa!!! Now He Says 
Ussi Ne Bheja HogaROFL--Brij Ko Toh Pata Hi Nai Iss Baare Main! Bechara BrijROFL

Hai Hai Hai Chi Chi Chiii!!!!!LOL Dirty Words!!
And Aaahhh!!!! ShockedShe Didn't Slap HimAngryAngry Ughhh!!!!!!ROFL
Look Look Look!!!!
Hand Was In Mid-Air!!!
Even If They Said CUT!!!!
Thappar Toh Parna Thaa GC Ko Cuz Of The Way She Striked HimROFL
His Expressions Are Like "Tune Mujhe Thappar MARNE Ki KHOSHISH Kii?!!!!!!!"LOL

Geet Beta, Dimaag Tez Hota Toh Secretary Kyun Banti Issi Brainless Aadmi KiLOL I Think You're The One With The Brainless BrainLOL

Ahhh!!! Geet Handa's Expression At That Guy's Statement!!
"Haila!!! Brij Bhai Could Do This?!!!! Mujhe Pehle Kyun Nai Patta Chalaa!"LOL

AHHH!!!! AHHH!!!!!

I'm DeadDead

Okay I'm Back To Life AgainLOL

He's Like "Ek Sec Ke Liye Aur Bhola Bhudde Toh Tera Sar Woods Ki Tarah Chop Kar Doonga!!"ROFL
He Looks Deadly But ONLY For Me!! *Other Behoodi Deewaniis In Minus-Bonus! Huh!LOL*
Lekin Munshi Ji Ke Liye He Looks VERY DEADLY!! The Deadly One Who's Gonna Chop His Head Off If He Doesn't Shut Up SoonROFL
Munshi Ji Ke Saath Saath Mujhe Woods Pe Taras A Raha Hai!
Bechaare Woods! Must Be Thinking "Ayiii Kitna Zor Se Marta Hai Zaalim Singh Khurana!!"LOL

Ahhh!!! ONLY THE RE-CAP!!!!!Shocked

Shall I Continue?LOL

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ..Sadiie..

Originally posted by Samanalyse

Originally posted by ..Sadiie..

Lagta Hai Sab Ka Ho Gaya Aaj Ke AnalysisLOL
Main Kuch Nai Boloon Gi Aaj LOL


Don't deprive us of your unique aakashvani on Maan's drool-worthy self chopping wood and screaming at the poor Munshi!

I DEMAND your TAKE! This is NOT a drill. Angry

Theek Hai Theek Hai! Karti Hoon--Maan Singh Khurana Ki Bhi Vaat Lagaati Hoon AajLOL

Sadia damki nahi re 'rukh ja na nahi tu kabhi msk par drool karke' LOL saach me vat lagayi tune Zalim singh khurana kahke.LOL Woh secretary nahi hoti toh tera maaneet wedding kabhi nahi aata so plz continue  wedding ka number zaroor ayega sadieLOL

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ..Sadiie..

Ehh! Forget It!LOL
Jump Onto Sexy Maan Singh KhuranaBlushing
Awaaz Se Zyaada Toh Muhe...Haayee Sharam A Rahi Hai MujheROFL

Shall I Continue?LOL

Sadiie.. (if u know this line)...SHARAM GAYI TEL (oil) LENE... when MSK is on screen...LOL

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (by -bhootni-)

Recap: Dai maa hides the matter about Geet's pregnancy and Geet is scared that if Gurwinder is right then Brij will kill her as well!





The Lawyer wants Geet to come to Chandigardh even when Maan asks him to do something about this matter...Maan is not quite happy about this development


Geet and Rajji look for Gurwinder...she wants to find out if he was right about Brij...she is scared for herself


While she is looking...Maan finds her...they have a showdown


Rajji finds out Geet is pregnant and questions her about it...asking her why does she still want to talk to the man who ruined her life...but Geet requests her to not say anything

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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I think I am just going to have to have a hyperventilation session that precedes my analysis every day. Maan is SO hot in these HP episodes and he was always doing something so alpha-male that it is hard for me to catch my breath most of the time. Blushing Also did I mention that he is so HOT??! BlushingBlushing

That being said, his running style was distinctly hilarious! And I seem to be in a rather irreverent mood today because the whole Maan-Maaneet part was making me laugh when it wasn't making me swoon. So many delicious little Maan-quirks that we would later grow to love as a part of him came out in this episode. Hearing him say "sawlooshun" for the first time in the series was really something special. EmbarrassedROFL And then when he said DAMN! And the way he says Amreetsar...I miss my Maanglish. Cry

Anyway on to more serious things. Have you guys noticed that Geet seems to hurt her feet whenever she tries to go away from Maan and whenever she tries to go towards Dev? The first time she hurt her foot was when she took a step towards Dev, then when she was insisting to go and find him when Brij was choking her. Now she hurt her foot when she was backing away from Maan and again during the mangetar scene, and again in A'sar when he was walking on coals. I think the symbolism is pretty clear here. Stick to Maan to save your feet! We don't mind. Blushing

It is so nice to be seeing all the Maaneet scenes I watched in their original context. Of course I have seen the tree scene many times but had never watched this whole episode. Maan pacing towards Geet like a lion was so amazing and his gaze, wow, that is enough to do any girl in. If I were Geet I would not have backed away...AHEM.

Poor Maan! Now we know why the poor guy was so scared to do anything after marriage. That look she gave him when she said KHABARDAR! was kind of really scary and the effect of those eyes is not shortlived, as Hrishikesh Gandhi can attest to. I am sorry to throw cold water on one of the hottest scenes in the series but what if this is what Maan thought of during their aada SR that made him stop short? Shocked Can you blame him? ROFL

Geet really doesn't think much of Gurvinder, does she? She treats him with very little respect, considering he is her jijaji and all that. I guess her disapproval of Channi's actions has not worn off and why would they? Her situation may be similar now but how she got there is entirely different, the opposite in fact. Channi went against her family and married for love, while Geet listened to her family. But in a way Geet is still better off at face value, for listening to her family. For this reason they are willing to take at least some of the burden. Even Brij is trying to get her married off again and erase the mark on her izzat, rather than erasing her. It is really going to take the baby issue for Geet to completely understand the utter lack of courage and righteousness in her family.

I have always loved watching Geet's maternal instincts in these early episodes. I love how she already loves her baby more than herself and has not once seen this as something unwanted. Sure she is in a lot of trouble because of the baby but she differentiates between the incident and the effect. For her, protecting her baby is an instinct and it's not like she wants it exactly, but fights for it just can't imagine it being any other way once it is here. i love how she can call a man she hates and sacrifice her pride just for this baby. But we still see her thinking she has to be dependent on a man to help her and this is where the real journey of Geet begins.

I felt SO bad for NT today. Cry And KR was fabulous in that last scene. I can't believe Dev is still trying to lie to her. That guy is under some serious delusions if he thinks he can hide such an obvious transgression from his sharp, not to mention paranoid, wife. I love the bitterness Dev feels towards Maan that was shown here he is stung by his mother's concern for the latter. I wish they had explored this angle more...

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 09 February 2012 at 8:53am | IP Logged

Geet episode 34:

Today we come to realize that Maan has other black vests too but they are not as effective as the hot hot one he wears most oftenEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and also that he has a serious diction problem when he says the word" solootion"LOL. But he looks so young and completely edible in these episodes. Day DreamingHeartEmbarrassed

When Geet jumps in front of the jeep it was like djvu more so because it is the same but different jeep that both Brij and MSK seem to shareLOLLOL. Looks like each of their interaction is etched deep in each other's mind. So they get reminded of them every time they meet. SmileGeet's expression of pain at the thorn does not make Maan even falter in his stride. And then he pins her on the tree with his macho arms and then the way he puts his hand on her mouth.isssh!!!ShockedEmbarrassed DD was amazing in the sudden jolt of shock she expresses right when he does that. These actions are just so subtle but spot on that they are particularly noticeable. SmileBut I liked the way she pushed his arms off once the shock wore off and she heard his hurtful comment about women. And though I understand Maan's irritation made him comment on her pavithratha, it hurt Geet becos of her fragile situation and her worry about the same question in the society's eyes.Ouch Maan's last comment on how he will carry her away in front of his whole family was almost a delicious promise.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed If only Day Dreaming

It was nice that they remembered this very line during the tent confession and closed the loop with respect to Geet's pavithratha in the eyes of Maan which was what mattered to Geet at that juncture.Smile

Geet also has a very practical side. Once she realizes that Brij may have a hand in Channi's death she thinks of the immediate solution which she thinks is Dev.Unhappy I think NT wanted to avoid unwanted questions from Dev and that is why she did not change the landline number instead just physically disconnected it. Not very smart but I guess she did what she could.Confused And Geet finally confirms her suspicions. Still Dev denies it- that lying "bad word"AngryAngry. NT's situation is just like Geet's family's. They are trying to hide Geet's marriage so they are not able to explain a lot of things like the sale of the land. Similarly NT is trying to hide the fact that Geet got in touch so is not able to provide solid proof for her accusations.Ouch

 Despite knowing what crimes she committed I felt bad for NT in this circumstance. To love and live with a person who you know does not love you the way you do is really sadOuch. Given how influential she is, once she realized that all the wealth that she saw did not belong to Dev but "Vadde Veerji" (Sadie are you listeningLOL?)she could have just divorced him and married someone else. She unfortunately loves him else she would not have gone through all this for him. OuchAlso in a way NT just gets her punishment in that she has to live with the fact that her husband cheated on her and also that one thing that Dev and she could not have- a child- Geet got to have it with Dev. And that pain is definitely a cruel punishment for a person like NT. On the other hand Dev just got to romance different girls at different times. AngryAngryWhere is his pain? I hope CVs have an answer for us in the future few episodes.Confused

Though I know that Maan of course does not carry Geet away like he promised till much later on still one can always dream till the next episode.Day DreamingEmbarrassed

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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wow sam good analysis! one reason i am enjoying looking at these early episodes, is reading all your analyses. d way u ppl find symbolisms n link scenes is very impressive! your take on geet hurting her legs everytime she leaves maan s very true! but the scene (ice chi) n d IP track, whn Maan tries to leave geet n geet is the one who tries to get him back, how come she gets hurt in her leg again! so evn when maan leaves, its only geet who gets hurt!!!


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