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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 88)

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 February 2012 at 8:57am | IP Logged

No written update again. Confused

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Geet episode 33:

This one was a sad episode. CryCry Geet gets to know she is pregnant.The way they show the past when Geet realizes she is pregnant was really heart wrenching.Cry She still is not able to digest the fact that someone would be so heartless as to not only marry just for money but also deprive the one thing a woman holds so precious just like that for no rhyme or reason.OuchOuch And all his promises and talk of love are just like knives tearing at her heart when she thinks of how alone she is now to face the future in her condition.CryCry It was not the right time for Maan to call and naturally he has no clue what is going on on the other side of the phone.Confused

Brij is observant when he wants to be Angryespecially he has a sixth sense when it comes to the ulta pulta things. Even earlier he was the first one who saw Dev and family leave HP and now before even Geet realizes he suspects that Geet is pregnant.Disapprove The thayiji is kind enough to help Geet in her hour of need but it is not going to be a secret too long. OuchIt's good that Geet is going to find out about Channi before she makes any decision. Somebody needs to get justice for the poor girl. Even though Geet starts the investigation for her own reasons it is heartening to know that in some way justice will be served in the near future. Unfortunately no thanks to our CVs same can not be said for Dev.Ouch I feel so bad that Geet's family has put her in a situation that when she needs their support the most she has to hide the truth from even her own mother.Ouch

On the other hand the perpetrator of this crime is having a lavish life with his wife.AngryAngry Dev knows only one way of making women listen to him- by his sweet lies and seduction. But NT is quite immune to his charms and quite rightly reminds him about how he finds every girl especially Geet as charming and beautiful as his wife. Oh how I want to strangle this guy. AngryAngry

Like Samana said Dev is quite a hunk too but his character is so slimy and so impotent (not in the literal sense unfortunately for Geet) that somehow it fails to affect us like Maan's manliness does. That is the reason I was telling a few days back that though the actors are great, especially in Geet the characters are etched so beautifully that they overpower the actors in many ways. That is also kind of the reason why though DD has always been a good actor, during the times when the essence of her character was gone we could not enjoy her acting and felt it was OTT.

Waiting for tomorrows takkar.Big smile

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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HOLY MACRO WOW WOW WOW HAAA HAAA (This is my reaction to the episode .. I can't seem to formulate proper words for it ROFL)
But I shall write something and not end it at jibberish .. don't you worry! LOL
Ok I feel like going and hugging every single person responsible for these episodes. What CLASS ACTS by everyone! In these episodes.. what was so unique was that it was focused around Maaneet YET every single character other than those two had a role to play .. and something of substance to add to the story and not just sit around and look pretty. They all got screentime .. they all got dialogues yet we weren't bored or wanting to skip the scenes because everyone was so good and played their role so convincingly!
Right from the beginning when Daarji and Parminder have their encounter and she actually says the truth no matter how bitter.. (gosh Brij's eyes were like massive daggers.. it gives me the creeps each time) and Daarji .. even while KNOWING that she's saying the truth cannot handle it and uses force to stop her.. his "gala ghot deta" dialogue didn't go down well with me .. I mean this kind of stuff DOES happen till today when men willingly bury their daughters because they feel sons are more righteous and more deserving of life when in the Handa Household itself you can see how "righteous" the sons are Dead
I just feel sorry for Mohinder each time ... it must be so hard to live with people like Daarji and Brij on a daily basis.. .sometimes you just don't have the courage enough and I don't blame them! I wonder how the women survive! And Daarji seems hellbent on getting Geet married because he feels that's the only way they will solve this problem! UFF how mistaken is he!?
Coming to the hottest scene EVER! I have never seen this on TV .. and omgoodness the first time I witnessed him splashing the water on his face (I thought he was going to drink it!) I was dumbstruck.. I was like .. he didn't just splash that water so violently on his face! See .. they made everything look so natural and not artificial where in other shows you hardly see men or women doing such scenes because they're too worried about their makeup LOL .. but this is all natural and it makes the scene look so much more intense! You can tell how hard she has hit him and his ego by always clashing with him and telling him off .. he's going mad just thinking about her and they've met all but few times so far! No wonder in Delhi he used to go even crazier because she was just never NOT by his side making his life a living hell with her Sherni attitude LOL .. but with just a few meetings she has taken over his sanity.. and how!
And lo and behold she arrives! And look at her closing the doors behind her! He must've been thinking .. what the .. .!? LOL! But she truly showed how brave she was -- she entered the LION'S DEN and how! And you can see that even before saying something or asking her what she's doing.. he is attracted to her eyes. He can't seem to stop looking at them and the only thing that breaks him out of his reverie is when he removes her dupatta. Then it all clicks and the aag babula BURSTS! His perception of Geet is that she willl do anything and everything that the men of her household will say because she is one to follow orders -- no matter how low they are and that she doesn't have much self-respect. That is the one thing he holds with most value hence that is the first thing he asks her about! Her self respect! And she gives it back to him with such attitude because she knows he thinks he has a lot of self respect but for now all she can see is a man who was going about his business but had to stop midway because of this girl who was out for justice and it happened to involve him! Of course he'd be angry and making comments based on her family and what he's seen of them so far.
But I just LOVE this confrontation .. the way he accuses (and I think she's had enough of the false accusations!) and the way she retorts because he doesn't know the half of it and always gives such dialogues to her! His way of being prejudiced about women is just so out of proportion when it comes to Geet .. he just doesn't know it yet.
"Aur aapki soch .. USSE BHI CHOTI!" .. ufff how this dialogue bruised his ego. Went straight to his heart .. and we know that because of his wood-cutting spree later on Blushing
Gurvinder/Rajji/Geet: this confrontation is also so powerful. You can see how Geet has this blinded trust on her family.. because she knows they are strict and usulon-waale and are harsh in their methods but she is so innocent that she believes that no matter what -- they wouldn't kill! Oh how absolutely wrong she was in that judgement of her about Brij. She just had this trust in them that they would never end someone's life over something like that. It just foreshadows everything that will happen to Geet later on =(
And Maan's wood-cutting.. first and foremost.. HA--HA--HOTTT!! Blushing *fans herself* .. I'm sure many people died that day after witnessing such a hunk of a (shirtless) man in action! WOOH!! His "KYAA!!" to the Munshi Ji was so damn scary O_O I was like woah woah woah buddy .. take a deep breath and calmmm downnn LOL he almost made the Munshi pee his pants ! Imagine having to face that beast! Huh! I'm wondering if the Munshi Ji ever wondered alone why he ever took up a job working with Maan Singh Khurana?! ROFL But he has some guts to face him in his angriest state .. and talk about the one thing Maan does NOT want to talk about! HAHA! And her breaks the good news that Maan and Geet will have to go to A'sar together .. YAY I love their A'sar trip! Embarrassed
All in all .. a fantastically power-packed episode with priceless performances by everyone .. especially Barry because his dialogues were so hard-hitting and iconic .. kudos to his creativity!

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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  Episode-33 the only  thing important in this episode is, geet comes to know about her pregnancy. Family members Who wanted to hide the issue that geet got married & cheated by dev But  Now it is going to be tough for geet bcz  already Brij suspects her & bring a nurse for checkup & she confirms pregnency but geet plead the nurse not to tell her family members. She remembers what gurvinder has told about channi that channi was pregnant with gurvinder that is the reason why brij has killed her. Now she is worried about her child. Like today in the TT article  D.O.P stated they kept DD very natural without make to suit the situation & look raw like a village girl.Clap

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Sowwie I posted my take for yesterday's episode today =( .. I hope I'm not late!

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Aaahhh Episode 33 was another painful Episode from Geet's POV where she comes to know she is pregnent with Dev's child and feels so helpless knowing that if Brij or anyone from her family comes to know about it ,then just like Channi ,even she along with her child will b killed CryCryCryCry..
That lady who does Geet's check up has more feelings and emotions for the unborn innocent kid and Geet than Geet's own cruel family and brother Angry ;DD was brilliant portraying her emotions and pain once she comes to know that she is pregnent CryCryClapClap ;The woman inside her was no way wanting to loose her child because she knew that whatever she did was not a sin from any angle and the child inside her is as innocent as her mother CryCry...From here on her struggle and determination to protect her kid and fight for herself was shown in such a brilliant manner till the IP Track ClapClapClap...
On one hand Geet is going through so much of pain ,and on other hand that jerk Dev is hving fun with his wife ..woww AngryAngry ;Waise that swimming pool set up was suppose to b in Dev's Canada house but later we saw the same set-up as part of Khurana mansion WinkLOLTongue ;Anyways those days every set was made in a grand manner StarStarStarStar..Wish this had continued till the end of the show AngryOuch
Upcoming episodes are going to b really interesting from here on with Geet deciding to go to Amritsar with Maan after their another hot hot confrontation mayb tomorrow when Maan for the first time pins her against the tree ...ufff EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Overall today's episode was a shocker when one sees it for the first time since this is the episode which revealed for the first time that Geet is carrying Dev's child Ouch

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geetaddict Senior Member

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@ Z You are never late when you are analysing any of these lovely episodes as you rightly mentioned.Big smile especially one which has such delicious scenes between Maan and Geet.EmbarrassedBut why don't you go ahead watch today's episode and write the analysis for that too? would love to read it too.Smile

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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OMG !!!! Cant they warn us before showing a scene like this...Topless.. angry and raging MaanEmbarrassed First.. let me just settle myself... *taking deep breaths* (coz I was hyperventilating after the initial scene...LOL ) Ok.. Thats better now...LOL

The thought of going WITH Geet together.. really  blasted Maan's anger..  coz he is trying very hard  to close this Geet's chap from his life...but its becoming impossible for him to get away from her... Confused
As opposed to.. bashing Munshiji..(yes.. I thought that... seeing his rage...) he calms down.. and apologizes for his behavior.. MSK said Sorry... Shocked that shows he really RESPECTS Munshiji.. and does not treat him merely as a worker/employee...Smile 

The 2nd painful phase of Geet's life.. starts from this epi.. she discovered that she is pregnant...Cry ( by Dai ma.. who by the way...miraculously diagnosed her preg.. by checking her pulse.. and seeing her eyes...LOL )
There is a mixture of emotions...Geet is shocked.. fearful ( right now.. its for her own life..)
She is also alone and scared.. Poor girl !!! Cry but still she makes up her mind to find a way...Smile

It seems to me.. that NT wants Dev to confess that he fell for Geet.. thats why she is repeatedly taunting/reminding Dev abt her...OuchBut Dev surely knows his way with women.. so he uses his charms on NT.. so that she not only forgets everything but agrees to go to India also...Ouch

Oh.. Brij.. did he say INTEZAM karna padta ??????AngryConfusedhe doesn't even think before saying this...Angryits your own sister !!!!!Damn you...Angry

Maan and Geet are playing AGENT-AGENT game LOL with each one.. trying to out do each other.. using his number as a tool..for their own benefit...Confused interesting...

So.. next stop..AMRITSAR...SmileSmile

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