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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Posted: 06 February 2012 at 9:21am | IP Logged

Geet episode 31

There was so much drama in the initial episodes. Something is happening all the time.Smile

Brij continues to find ways of getting rid of Geet. AngryAngryI was thinking the same thing as Priya. He does not know anything about MSK apart from the fact that he is an angry irritated man and one line from the policeman about him being rich and Brij is least bothered about what kind of person he is.AngryAngryAnd when Maan enquires about Geet's liking in this Brij of course gives the MCP answer about her opinion not mattering in something as imp as marriage.Shocked Hello we are talking about her marriage.Angry At least knowing how Geet is being treated more as inanimate object than a living being Maan must have thought twice before humiliating her in front of everyone.Ouch

 Daarji realizes he can't stop Geet from doing what she wants to do. So he appeals to her sense of responsibility to her sister and hits the jackpot. That stops her from getting in touch with the police though she is still as determined to get even with Dev. NT is smart enough to have the line disconnected. But Rajji manages to meet Channi's hubby. What transpires between them is suspense for 2morrow. Confused

I understand Maan is fed up of walking up and down for the signature, he thinks he is being cheated and it was important that he bring out Brij's "indecent proposal"  but I felt all that thamasha before villagers was uncalled for. OuchBrij did deserve what he got but poor Geet was the scapegoat in this.Ouch Whosoever fault it was it was Geet who was humiliated. OuchThe fight between Maan and Brij and Maan's Singham dialogue was a little bit too filmy for my liking. I know we come across many filmi things later on but in these episodes when the story is so logical and clear these things stand out.Disapprove

 Though the method was a little underhand Maan did get Geet's signature after all.Even after everything her family members have been doing to her Geet still comes to their defence.  It took some time for Geet to respond but when she did she did really well.Thumbs Up I like the way she flung the papers on Maans face.  Somehow that was appropriate considering the venom Maan's words carried. But somehow "ab yahaan se jayie" doesn't carry the same strength as "Now just get out". Sometimes language just gets in the way.

Of course all this is getting to Daarji. The one thing he has been priding about all his life is being ground under people's foot. It is in a way Channi's mom's curse in action you could say. 

Precap is very interesting. Maan def has such pent up hatred in him for someone God knows who.

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Wanna HEAR MY Analaysis? LOL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Episode 31 in terms of drama ,mukka and staring contest LOL ..was one of the best paisa vasool episodes ClapClapClapEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...These episodes actually made GHSP a class apart where such a strong base was given to Maaneet love story before the delhi office track started StarStarStarStar...Performance wise this episode was one of the best HP episode ...all three Brij ,GC and DD were simply outstanding StarStarStarStarStar
Coming to the episode ,I think this was the first episode where Channi's boyfriend Gurinder was introduced and they had quite a cute eyelock scene between Rajji and Gurinder Embarrassed ;I always felt that CVs had planned a parallel love track between Rajji and Gurinder but midway they scrapped it Ouch ;I wish CVs had actually taken these small interesting parallel tracks forward along with Maaneet storyline ,then later they would not hv been struggling with lack of parallel tracks in the story and we would not hv been suffering with comedy circus either Unhappy ;Rajji and Gurinder track had potential and later could hv been connected with Maaneet storyline too but damn CVs midway scrapped the whole track and also the characters AngryOuch..
Brij going for the marriage deal with Maan regarding his sister Geet was very cheap Angry but somewhere my evil perverted self was wishing Maan to say yes for the marriage and Maaneet to get married in HP itself Evil SmileLOLLOL ;But anyways I m happy that Maan exposed Brij next morning in front of all and we got Delhi office track later Big smileBig smile ;If Maan had agreed for the marriage because of the land ,then Delhi track would hv gone for a toss LOLLOL..
Maan-Brij staring as well as mukka contest was at its best in this episode when Maan enters Handa family to expose the evil double face of Brij in front of all StarStarStarStar ;But I felt bad that in all this drama ,poor Geet was again made the victim especially when Maan cruelly asked her to stand in the middle so that everyone can start the marriage bazaar Ouch ;Even though Maan wanted to put Brij and Handa family down in front of everyone for that marriage offer ,but still at the end of the day Geet had to pay the price in all the humiliation CryCryCry..
But I loved how Geet dint simply stood there and cried but rather turned into a complete sherni and roared back at Maan with full power and strength StarStarStarStar ;Maan himself once told her that unless she stands on her own feet and fights for herself ,noone will help her out and that is exactly what Geet did today TongueWinkBig smileBig smile ;Loved how Geet shuts everyone up and throws the paper on Maan once again after signing it thus proving to him that she knows how to keep her dignity and self-respect intact and she will not listen to any of his nonsense when it comes to her character StarStarStarStarStar
No wonder Maan was completely mesmerised with those beautiful eyes of our sherni in which he saw the fire and hunger to fight for her rights with full conviction Thumbs UpEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;For the first time Maan came across someone who was a complete match for him in terms of showing strength and determination to fight for her own rights StarStarStarStar ;This is something kept bothering Maan because in no way he was able to get the upperhand in the one upmanship game with Geet and he was hopelessly getting attracted towards her beauty as well as courage which he was simply hating about himself WinkLOLLOLEmbarrassed...
The best punching line of the episode was Maan telling Brij that he is not a man because a man will never go and do sauda of his own sister in this manner  and so first become a man and then fight with me StarStarStarStar...Well Barry did magic with dialogues even then EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
It was a brilliantly directed ,edited and well-enacted episode with some really tight drama and screenplay ClapClapClapClap

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Originally posted by ..Sadiie..

Wanna HEAR MY Analaysis? LOL
yes yes waiting for the akaashvaani on Brij-Maan and Maaneet mukka-staring contests LOLLOLTongueTongue

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I m liking this concept.. as to how everyone is connected to each other.. with a mere piece of land..
For Geet.. its the only way to find Dev...Ouch
For Maan.. its his own property which he is trying to acquire from Handas...Smile
For Brij... its now become a tool to get rid of Geet..Angry
For Daarji.. well.. what to say.. he is one confused fellow.. rolling btwn love for his family and honour LOL so I dont know.. to be angry.. or sympathise with him...Confused (like Paro and Samana said earlier..)

Daarji was almost emotionally blackmailing Geet for not calling up the police...For a moment I thought that Geet has given up... But...nobody and nothing can deter this girl from her.. MISSION-Finding Dev...LOL I liked the fact.. that Geet has her priorities set.. she has to find Dev.. but not at the cost of her family's izzat...Smile 

Brij. is one selfish guy.. isn't he???? Damn him... He calls the marriage.. FAYDE KA SAUDA...Angry an irresistible offer.. double the land.. with the girl for free...Angry really what was he thinking ??? that all men on this earth are like him... brainless.. selfish..or like Dev for that matter.. Greedy...Angry
Man.. he was in for a surprise !!!!Cool

The fact that.. one.. Geet still didn't sign the papers.. sec... realizing Brij having such a low thinking abt women also thereby daring to come up with such a disgusting idea in front of him...really erupted his anger.. Ouch 
Now.. angry MSK doesn't think when he speaks.. (this char.. consistency was kept later on also Smile )so while I felt it was ok.. till the part he revealed Brij's truth in front of Handa family and others..the SAUDA part.. but though I feel he was right in literal sense... he did go overboard with the BOLI lagana statement...Ouch 

Maan-Brij confrontations.. be it verbal or physical.. is always welcome...LOL BTW... Maan + black/white = Deadly combination...LOLEmbarrassed

Geet finally signs the DAMN papers.. and throws it on MSK's face..Ouch Now..she was angry on Maan for calling Brij DALAL.. but NOT with the fact that he went to MSK to actually make that deal.. I dont know what to say abt this????Confused lets see..

Precap EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Ek Hi Episode Main Sab Ulta Pulta Ho GayaLOL

Okay Okay Police Toh Jaa Rahi Hai Abh Main Kya Karoon????

Imagine I'm Kidnapped And I Wanna Bring The Police's Attention To ME
All I Have To Do Is...
Double Meaning Double Meaning Haila!!!!ROFL

Ek Minute Ek Minute!!
Duppata Hawaa Main AISE UDHTA HAI?!!!!!ShockedROFL
OMFGGG!!!!!! Mera Ek Baar GAYAB Ho Gaya Thaa!!! Milla Nahi!!!CryLOL
AND Aahahahah!!! The Duppata Chooses To Fall On The World's Most Zaalim PersonLOL
Bechara, Duppatta Must Be Thinking 2Yeh Kis Ke Upar Atak Gayi Maiinnn?!!!!"ROFL

And Hoye!!!!!
No I Mean OYEEE!!!!!!!!
Maine Toh Sirf Sar Dekha, Sexy Sexy Face Nai DekhaLOL
Aur Geet WAHAAN Se Dekh Leti Hai!!!
Babaji Tussi Great Ho! Kya Kya Namoone Bheje Hain Iss Duniya ParROFL

It's So Funny To Even Say I'm Learning Hindi Through Bollywood Films And DramasLOL
Otherwise I Can't Even Read It AloudLOL
I Don't Even Understand Half Of The Words Used In GeetROFL
I'm So Good Aren't I?CoolLOL

So Yeah Shall I Continue?LOL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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@Sadiee:Was this recap analysis kya ShockedLOLLOL...haan haan continue plss ..LOLEmbarrassed...waise next time if u r in trouble ,try this dupatta trick with police TongueLOL

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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each episode outshines the previous!!! what a wonderful start geet had! tight script, gr8 acting, interesting storyline, lots of drama... how could they let it go to dogs!!! it is such a criminal waste!

As jyo said all three actors - Brij, Maan n Geet were phenomenal n this episode!

Poor Geet, emotionally blackmailed is forced to let go of her plans for going to police. but this is reality. most of the middle class houses were there are more than one daughter end doing what darji did today. but ppl are slowly coming out of it. we had one incident in which a girl who fell in love with her classmate (they were studying for ias), abandoned her studies (how stupid!) but helped him in his. both parents knew n were ok with the relationship. they were planning to marry after he clears his exam. he became an IPS officer but now refuses to marry her as she is not equal to his status. the girl with her parents support has filed a case. i don't know what has happend latest but case has been filed though d guy is denying everything. but such court cases are very rare. mostly darji kind of reaction only happens. many wd feel material wealth can be earned but if ppl talk bad abt fly, then how will they get d daughter married. so many hush up such matters.

coming to d episode best scene - confrontation scene! eyelocks again! - Maan n Brij not just eyelock but combat too! Maan is all time winner in these confrontations. But the way those peer into each other's eyes, is really too deep!

DD was superb in this scene. as geet though she was upset to hear abt Brij's sauda, she can't listen to maan badmouthing her fly.d way she signs n throws papers at maan was simply outstanding. Maan was stunned to see d fiery geet! in this eyelock, geet is the clear winner. i mean she didn't even blink once, whereas maan had to look away. DD as Geet was so fiery, beautiful n queenlike (she evn used royal we) in her acting in this episode.

Rajji n joginder track had subtle romantic suggestions whihc cvs shd have developed. they are better actors than d later actors. it was so subtle n had more depth than nano or annie love story. maybe by then cvs changed n d later writers n cvs wdn't evn have caught d undercurrents. they wdn't evn have watched the early episodes. dats why this track was not evn developed.

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