Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 80)

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 10:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by richa23

 Sadie tum aagye vadde virjji special ke saath. I lubbb NT. PLZ continue.ROFL

LOLTheek Hai!!
Likhti Hoon Baaki Ke 7 Minutes On The FIRST Video!ROFL
Baap Re EK AUR Video Baaki Hai!!!
Samana You're Such A Zaalim!!! Poori Episode Nai Ek Ek Scene Daily Daala Kar Mere LiyeLOL

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Dev was trying to convince NT to go to india again... so that he can marry again...  bcos they need money again...Angry

The way Geet asked her Father..."Mujche woh pahele wale chotta Geet banadho..."Cry

Awsome epi...ClapStarClap

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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@Sadie: Vadde Veerji! ROFL

I loved your take and was in splits the whole time! PLEASE continue! And no yaar, I want to reach the Maaneet love story phataphat aur agar ek ek scene dalti gayi to Maaneet se pehle meri love story aajayegi Confused...wishful thinking. ROFL

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Samanalyse

@Sadie: Vadde Veerji! ROFL

I loved your take and was in splits the whole time! PLEASE continue! And no yaar, I want to reach the Maaneet love story phataphat aur agar ek ek scene dalti gayi to Maaneet se pehle meri love story aajayegi Confused...wishful thinking. ROFL

LOLJoking Yaar!!
Its Just That, I Tend To Analyse It DIFFERENTLYROFL
But DAMN!!!
VADDE VEERJI!!!! VADDE VEERJI!!!! I'm Still Not Out Of That!LOL

Challo Gonna Continue ThenEmbarrassed

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bangalores IF-Rockerz

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it seems once Dev is out of way, the route for maan to become her savior is becoming clearer...whenever she is about to be punished severly ...lo our saviour enters!
she is so logical in her demand for jusice...why can't the family just stand with herAngry...
loved the scene B/w the father and daughter...the way she says she doesn't like this new geet... one mistake from her family and the life totally changed for her...her surpressed self respect and rebellious spirit rising in spite of her wish to be the meeek docile geet!!

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Its 29 epi... but still there is not even a % drop in terms of drama and fact they are getting better and better...Smile 

Some highlights...Smile
- It WAS NT's mastermind.. who came up with this plan... OK.. but then she def must have not planned for Dev to sleep with Geet... Angry 

- This so-called Vadde Veerji.. (some elderly fellowLOLLOL)...has thrown Dev- NT out of his house.. coz they did not repay their loan...  so they go to Canada (coz NT is brought up in Canada ????Confused ) but then Mr. Mehta's goons want to kill them sp.. Dev( I m assuming he is the one from whom Dev has taken the money...)... so in" MAJBOORI" NT comes up with this whole plan.. Confused (Am I right?? I got totally confused with their story...Confused)

- For eveyone Dev may be a CHEATER.. but for Geet he is now her MURDERER...CryThat scene was so DAMN touching... Cry Again it was only her father.. that came and asked her just what is this girl  thinking??? 

- If anybody had doubts abt Maan's financial status (sp...Paro.. Pennu..including me...LOL )it was cleared today.. that he is FILTHY RICH and a very, very INFLUENTIAL guy in Chandigarh... ( Thats what we needed.. Arrogant.. Hot...and now he is rich too... Anymore reasons.. for us not going GAGA over him...LOLLOL.. its enough for me...LOL

Geet wanted to call the police.. Maan brings them to her house himself...What TELEPATHY !!!LOL

Btw.. Maan is the MOST LAW ABIDING CITIZEN I have ever seen LOL... whatever is his problem.. he goes straight to the Police.. this one.. and we see here after too...Smile

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ..Sadiie..

OMFGGG What A Name To The Great MSKROFL

Ohhh!!!!! The Stressed Out Words Were Like FORCED Words From The Actress!!!ROFLROFL

Shall I Continue?LOL

Oh.. Man.. too good..LOLLOL NT is the only female on this entire earth to say MSK that !!!! LOL Poor woman...LOLLOL
And Do continue...Smile

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (by prettyfulwishes)

Recap: Geet tells her family to go to the police for help; Dev tells Naintara that they need more money to pay off Mr. Mehta so they're going back to India; Geet tells her dad to make her that little Geet again because she hates what's happening right now; it turns out that Maan was the one who called the police to complain about Geet; Brij kidnaps Geet to keep her quiet about the events...

The episode starts off with Geet being tied up in a dark room, and her thinking that she needs to get out of here to talk to the police - but how? She looks around the room to find a way.

Back at the house, the inspector tells Darji to call for Geet, when Brij reappears and says "when Geet isn't in the house, how can we call for her?" Maan is quite agitated, and tells the inspector to look in the house. When the inspector hesitates, Maan realises that he respects Darji's family and is reluctant to do the search - so Maan says that he isn't like that, and goes off to do the search, but the family stops him. Darji asks the inspector if he doesn't believe Darji's word, and the inspector replies that the question should even be asked - but what Geet has done isn't right, so they have till tomorrow morning to get Geet to sign the papers. Maan finally agrees, but if he doesn't have the signature tomorrow, he's going to make sure that Geet & her whole family are put behind bars. Maan leaves, looking menacingly at Brij.

Geet, on the other hand, is still trying to look for a way to get out - when she sees a shard of glass. She uses it to cut the rope, and when she does, she takes it off along with the mouth gag, and runs to the window to see the police leaving. With no other options
(no screaming perhaps?), she throws her dupatta out the window, hoping to have someone notice where she is.
And who should her dupatta fall on but Maan.
(That poor girl. Always getting into trouble over a guy) Maan takes the dupatta off, and looks for who threw it when his eyes rest on Geet, and Geet freaks out wondering where he came from. She quickly steps away from the window, but Maan has realised what's happened, and runs to find a way to get her out. Geet looks from the side, and realises Maan has gone.

Back at the house, Brij
(the floor lover) starts complaining again about Geet, and says she's become a nuisance - and that's it's a good thing he locked her up. Mahinder cops a shock, and angrily asks what Brij has done to her. Brij replies nothing... yet. And then he makes a startling statement to the family - Geet needs to get married again. (This is echoed a few times actually...)
Mahinder wonders if Brij has lost the plot - she still isn't over her first marriage.. when Brij cuts him off and says that Geet isn't even in her dad's control anymore. Brij says that if Mahinder wants to save the family's reputation, then he should get her married asap - Geet has gone crazy, and he doesn't know what she'll do.

Cutting back to ManEet. Maan jumps over a wall to find Geet, quietly. Geet is contemplating what to do now, as the police have gone as well. Maan has made his way into the house, and Geet is upset that she can't make Dev pay.. she doesn't know what to do. Maan walks to the room where Geet is, and turns away when he hears her voice. He unlocks it and opens the door, where Geet turns around. He throws the dupatta back at Geet, who scrambles to put it on.

Back at the house, Mahinder tells Brij off for even thinking of getting Geet married. Brij tells him that because of Geet, the whole family is suffering. The police came today because of her - and what happens if she doesn't sign the papers tomorrow? Brij & Mahinder rant at each other, when Darji screams for quiet, and tells them that Brij is right. Everyone is shocked - Rajinder asks how he could think of doing that to Geet. Darji says that they made a mistake once, but it won't happen again.

Back to ManEet, and Maan knew that Geet purposely didn't come down. He wonders if treachery runs in female blood. Geet replies that she doesn't know about that, but men wear treachery on their heads all the time. Maan says that when he first met her he thought she was a good girl, but today he realises how sly she is, and she's probably done another bad thing elsewhere. Geet gets real angry and tells him to take off the blindfold and realise the truth.
Maan talks of the land - he wants her signature. Geet finally agrees, but on one condition. She wants the name & address of the agent who sold him the land. Maan says she's in no position to bargain. But Geet stands firm - she'll sign if he completes the condition. Maan asks her if she's really thinking of blackmailing Maan Singh Khurana. He grabs her hand to drag her to the police station, and Geet says not to hold a girl's hand like that. Maan retorts that it's a litte thing, and he feels no shame.
As he's dragging her to the station, Geet stumbles and almost falls when Maan saves her, and they stare at each other
(ManEet moment.. and Maan's eyes are full of anger) - there's a flashback of when Maan saved Geet from drowning. Maan, embarrassed, looks away and stands Geet up, and drags her away.

Back at the ranch, Mahinder pleads with Darji not to get Geet married. Rajinder says they'll forcefully get Geet to sign, and Mahinder agrees. Just then, Maan is shown walking Geet towards the family. Everyone freaks out, and Darji stands up
(he looks like he was holding a gun).
Brij goes up to Maan to tell him off - but Maan cuts him off. Maan tells everyone that to blackmail Maan Singh Khurana is impossible. He taunts Brij about giving his word to the inspector - what would happen if Maan called the inspector now? He calls all of them liars and traitors, and moves menacingly towards Geet, and tells her to sign, or he'll call the police. Geet tells him to call them. Mahinder goes to stand in between ManEet, and Rajinder says that they have no intention of taking his land.
Maan tells them to tell Geet to sign without any conditions. ManEet have a staring contest, and Brij says he knows how to handle Geet. He'll have the papers signed by tomorrow, and Maan finally agrees. He leaves, and Geet says she won't sign the papers. She wants to punish Dev, and that she will complete.

The next day, Brij is shown in a small house talking to Maan. He thanks Maan for listening to him, and says that they aren't making any more mistakes. But Maan disagrees, and says the papers still aren't signed. Brij tells him to wait - he'll get the papers signed. In fact, Brij is willing to add 5 extra acres of land to Maan, on one condition - he has to marry Geet.

Precap: Darji asks Geet who she's calling. If it's the police, well, before doing that, look at Rajji.. Geet is in tears.

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