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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 9:52am | IP Logged

Episode 29 was yet another power-packed episode filled with drama ,intensity and suspense ClapClapClapClap

Dev-NT scene here proved that NT was actually the mastermind in this whole fake marriage drama but still this does not make Dev a victim simply because NT only made the plan for saving Dev's life but the whole plan was executed by Dev himself and he even went out of the plan and went onto sleep with Geet which was never part of their plan AngryAngry ;NT made the plan for Dev's sake but Dev slept with Geet for his own lust AngryAngryAngry..So once again more than NT ,its Dev who is at fault for ruining Geet's life Approve..
Coming to Geet's decision of calling the police and filing a complaint against Dev ,this was the most logical step Geet took ClapClap but her so called hypocratic family as usual were worried more about their so called izzat Angry ...
When Maan entered the Handa Family with police ,I was hoping against hope that somehow Maan sees Geet trying to reach the police and somehow Brij fails to stop her AngryCry ;But well if Geet had come in front of police and Maan and had told the truth of Dev to all ,then story would hv been over there and then LOLLOL ;So Brij stopping Geet was need of the hour for the story to proceed further Embarrassed...
Having said that ,my heart still went out to Geet for all that pain and sufferings she was going through Cry and I felt like entering my TV Set and killing Brij when he locked Geet in that dark room in such a cruel manner Angry..
One thing which I enjoyed the most in these episodes apart from Brij-Maan and Maaneet fiersome confrontation was that Maan was the only one who could give some scare and reality checks to this hypocrat Handa family men and show them that actions speaks louder than words when it comes to showing the ultimate power ApproveBig smile...
Overall quite an interesting episode with nail biting suspence ...looking forward to next episode where I think Geet's dupatta from window will fall on Maan for the second time in the show EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Thanks Samana for posting the episode. I was just about to go to bed and caught it right on time.Smile
Geet episode 29

These episodes are ek dum movie quality aren't they? Big smileThey seriously have me hooked. Such lovely screenplay and pace and everyone's acting is just splendid, especially  DD. Her outstanding acting prowess was on display in this episode. Thumbs UpThough poor girl I am sure went through umpteen glycerine bottles shedding those copious tears.Ouch

The first part of the serial was just outstanding. How Geet explains her decision to bring the criminals to justice, how she almost ridicules others for being cowards by hiding the issue and putting up with the insult and injustice and also how it is important that a lesson be taught so that another innocent girl like her does not have to go through the same trauma. Her speech was very inspiring, mature as well as emotional. And I felt like applauding every time she answered Brij right back.Clap

I cried loads when I saw how she wished she could turn the clock back, how being brave pains her, how she earns for her lost innocence, how she feels dead inside and how she begs her dad to make it all right. CryCryAnd it is just fair that she thinks the person responsible for robbing her of her life and her innocence is brought to justice. It was almost as if she was appealing to the CVs who unfortunately like Brij just chose to ignore it and if Brij tried to silence her by ending her life so did our CVs by butchering her character.AngryAngryCry

If at all there is someone other than Maan I fall in love with more and more it is Geet's dad. StarStarHow succinctly he explains Geet's mental  make up to the others. And Brij is only worried about the other torture means by which he can keep her mum.AngryAngry Even the police guy seems to be a good actor. Where did these people go on later? ConfusedOf course Maan makes his jhakaas entry. People must be thinking " Can't this guy come in normally like other people?" LOLLOLbut of course not. He is after all the millionaire from Chandigarh who roams around in yummy but kind of cheap looking attire half the time.LOL

Maybe it is my subconscious ignoring them but the last episode I forgot to mention NT and even today I almost missed that scene again.Wink And though we definitely hate them for the right reasons this is how a parallel track should look. Not completely out of place and not wishing if only you could just mute it or switch to another channel and the right amount of vampiness.Thumbs Up When you have a philanderer for a husband it is no wonder that NT feels so insecure about Dev though you can see how it is somehow strating to irritate him. And if NT came up with the one twisted idea for making money Dev is ready with another. NT was ready to use any innocent desi girl like Geet and Dev is ready to use even his mom. Now it is for us to decide who is worse.ConfusedAngry

I love the way the fighting spirit is still alive in Geet even after Brij very roughly ties her up. You go girl!ClapClap Excited about the next episode.Big smile


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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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I'm ill But I'll Do A Comment After Like Sooo Many EpisodesLOL

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bangalores IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged
my net is acting will blend in my comments 2morrowBig smile
episode 28

but yesterday's episode was one of the best scenes from HP period...i remember going back to that when i first started watching the old episodes
from memory...
DD was amazing...the brilliance of the meeting b/w maaneet was that they emoted so well with their eyes...
the way maan watched geet as she returned to take the papers from him, that smug smile at the corner of his lips on feeling his victory, only to be replaced by shock when she thru away the file...
even without revealing what exactly happened to her...she conveyed her torment to maan, who seemed to be mesmerized by her...until the moment she said "meri zameen" ...then the expression changed in Maan's eyes, the fascination giving way to arrogance and a will to show who is the boss...
i always felt that they shud have shown to this particular scene as Maan's flashback when the truth of geet's pregnancy was revealed to him
a doubt...Geet got the number coz pammi called someone in Canada...then later NT scornfully talks about her concern for Vadde Veerji...Maan, right? what was he doing in canada?
was this a blopper?

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Right The RE-CAP!!
OMFGGG What A Name To The Great MSKROFL
Ahhh Vadde Veerji!!! The Stressed Out WordsROFLROFL
Vadde Veerji Ahahaa!!!ROFLROFL
Some One STOP ME!!!!!
I'll Die Than Ever Say That Word For MSK!!!LOL
I Wonder How Naintara Managed To Say That Line While ShootingROFL
Ohhh!!!!! The Stressed Out Words Were Like FORCED Words From The Actress!!!ROFLROFL
Mujhe Koi Producer Ka Role De Do!!ROFL

Okay Enough Of That VADDE VEERJI Thing!!


I'm Not That Great In Understanding Hindi Properly But Geet said she wants to forget her past right?
Toh Phir Baar Baar Kyun Yaad A Jaati Thi In The Office Track?LOL
One Thing I Always Hated Was She Placed A Hand On Her Empty Stomach And TalkLOL Kya Zamaana A Gaya Hai! Stomach Se Bhi Baatain Hoti HaiLOL

Okay This DEVEmbarrassed
I Like Abhinav In Survivor IndiaROFLROFL
Cuz He's Like The Fittest Around ThereLOL
ButROFL I Never Knew Canada Looked Like IndiaROFL
I Laugh My Ass Off When They Do That!!
I ALREADY Knew Geet Wasn't Going CanaiiidaaaROFL
Poori Serial CANADA MAIN?!!!!ROFL

Shakki NaintaraLOL
Btw Itna Dramatic Music Kyun Bajta Hai?!!!
He ONLY Threw The Phone Not His Evergreen GlassesROFLROFL

Oh Btw I'm On 1:12 YETROFL
Itna Saara Action Teh Drama Ho Gaya!LOL

Oh Teri!!!
If I Throw My Wet Hair Across Someone's Face, Will I Receive A Kiss Ya Thappar?ROFLROFL
Flop Queen Naintara!!
Seekh Kuch Geet Handa Se!LOL Uss Ne Kuch Kiya Hi Nai Lekin Phir Bhi Kuch Seekh !!LOL

Hum India Waapas Ja Rahe Hain
Oye CHashmish!! You're ALREADY IN INDIA!!ROFL

Naintara's Like
Ooohhh I Need A WeeROFL
And Btw Did You Notice The Towel Going NOWHERE?!!!ROFL
She Just THREW It!!! THREW IT!!!!
Ahhh!!!! The Cupboard Is On THAT Side You Witch!!!ROFL
She's Always Looking At The Camera So Struggles To See Where She's Supposed To Throw The TowelLOL

Shall I Continue?LOL

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 10:19am | IP Logged
To use the most tired cliche ever, that was an "emotional roller-coaster!"

Each scene was so well done that like Paro said, it really felt like movie quality! Not a single moment of the episode was wasted, in fact it felt so full that you can barely blink your eyes lest you miss something.

Geet's monologue was simply out of this world. I loved her calm tone and the way she stood up to her family. She didn't use blackmail or get emotional but calmly explained things in such a rational manner that even Brij had to stretch his vocabulary past his characteristic OYE to try and argue with her.

I liked that they showed this fundamental similarity between Maan and Geet today. Both are fighting for their respective dues and both go through the police to do so, rather than any other, questionable means. These are the very similarities that will later form the basis of their relationship as they are both committed to not only do the right thing, but do it the right way.

The scene between Geet and Mohinder was totally wonderful and undoubtedly my favourite scene of the day. He finally gets his moment with Geet, without Darjee or Brij holding him back and he is finally able to ask her what is on her mind. Poor Geet for the first time lets her guard down and shares her deepest pain with him, that is the loss of her innocence and trust in her family's decisions. I also like that they emphasised how committed she was to her studies before this whole fiasco. It is hard to believe only 10 days or less have passed since she was that carefree, uniform-wearing, bag-toting, bhangra-palling Geet of the first episode. Cry In such a short time Dev has really managed to destroy her life and the worst is yet to come, with the pregnancy because at least now she has her family and is staying in the physical shelter of her home. Even if she can't be the old Geet she can feel close to her but once she is gone, that Geet is not only dead, but forgotten.

This makes the later HP episodes with Maan all the more poignant, knowing how close she is to what was once her whole world and not being able to access it. More than anything else in those episodes, I think she misses who she used to be.

That ***Paro's bad word***, Brij! AngryAngryAngry

I think I am going to have to go watch the BriMaan shaadi fight to feel better after seeing him do that. And yet again, the worst is yet to come.

Oh and of course DevTara. Wow, there is a dysfunctional marriage if I ever saw one! Each one is under the impression that they did what they did to Geet for the other! D'ohDev probably thought, I am being such a good husband, committing bigamy for my wife so let me give myself a little treat. Angry And NT thinks getting her husband married to someone else for money is a huge sacrifice (it seems she has been watching too many saas-bahu dramas ROFL) makes her a great wife?! Someone send these people to a marriage counselor! For heaven's sake! So NT's plan got them the principle and now Dev's Pammi plan will get them the interest? Bravo.

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Another power packed episode. i am loving this strong n determined Geet. How she gives it to d men in her family! father n daughter scene was so touching! d way geet tells her father to get back  d old happy young geet was so painful. i cd relate to d father's role. d way geet says 'devji ne us geet ko mardala', gosh! dev shd quartered n hanged! he escaped with one 'sorry'. why is DD changing d way she call her dad. how does she address him - papa or papaji? she kept shifting both. that was little jarring. but dat didnt' take away d impact of the scene. both mohinder n geet acted really great in this scene.

eager to see tomarrow's scene, d famoous dupatta scene!

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
 Sadie tum aagye vadde virjji special ke saath. I lubbb NT. PLZ continue.ROFL

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