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Geet episode 27

Just as I fell in love with a Maan in Tuesday's episode I am falling head over heels in love with this tigress Geet.Heart I had started watching Geet only around the Pari sequence. So though I saw glimpses of a strong Geet once in a while I had never thought she was such a strong character and then after marriage of course she became totally unidentifiable.CryCry Actually I felt DD was very lucky to have got such a performance oriented strong role to do as a lead. And kudos to her for doing more than enough justice to the character with her stupendous acting. ClapClapTo be such a fun loving mast person in real life and do such a serious role is just amazing.Smile

For the last 2 episodes I have been hearing about the famous eyelock between Maan and Brij. Somehow I missed noticing them but today when Brij opens the door and Maan enters, the intense stare between them is very hard to miss. And of course before he gets to twist Geet's arms he practices his moves with Brij. LOLLOLNice" Singham" scene. Like someone said yesterday Geet does have very tough competition from Brij when it comes to explosive eye locks and takkar with Maan though with slightly different effects.LOLLOL And the way Maan was calling Geet's name. ShockedShe still was practically next to a stranger for him with whom he had a few chance encounters. But there was so much of ownership in the way he was calling her name aloud like he had every right to call her.Embarrassed And Geet too is so lost in her thought that she  comes when summoned without thinking twice about who is actually calling her. She is used to Daarji and Brij yelling out her name so I think she did not think much about it. And my Maan was quite rough with her wasn't he.Shocked There was nothing soft or gentle about him and God I am so frustrated at the CVs that we never even got to know inkling about what made him come to such an insulting opinion about women. AngryAngry

Geet is smart enough to pay attention when someone gives sane advice and that is what she has been doing everytime Maan has been giving gyaan as I call it.LOL Not only does she pay attention she makes it a point to implement it too. So she answers him back not emotionally but in a calm and composed way. I think that frustrates Maan more than anything at how she has transformed from a helpless weepy girl to a strong person.Smile

I liked the way she just walked off when she realized she was not getting through to him and of course when she hears him tell him what she should do, it broke all her control. Her eyes were literally breathing fire the way she stomps back and she flings and tears the papers and throws them.ShockedClap That scene somehow reminded me of the scene in which Maan holds her from falling and the papers from the file fly around. Day DreamingThat scene had charm but this scene had more meaning.
 And then she pours out her frustrations - how she is fed up of listening to everyone and how she is fed up of people telling her what to do. Though her suffering does break one's heart, her emerging from it as a strong woman is equally heartening. I liked the way she walked off without one backward glance. It was also in a way funny to see Maan's complacent face when he thought she was coming back to sign it change into one of shock and anger when he sees her tearing the papers.LOL

IThe main reason for his anger is that Maan is able to handle people like Brij who just use brute force and they hardly manage to ruffle his feathers but one girl who seems as strong as she is weak puts him completely off kilter and he is flummoxed.Shocked Of course the great MSK can't stand that. Though he says it for his own reasons he almost prophesizes about the family having to go through some hard times before her.

The last scene was almost literally what I mentioned in my take for the previous episode. This experience might have burnt Geet but she was definitely going to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and take control of her life. Looking forward to the next epi.Thumbs Up

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This was one of the most powerful episodes in terms of Brij-Maan and Maaneet fireworks and powerful confrontations Day Dreaming Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...
If there was someone who could give Brij some reality checks in his own kingdom then its has to b the grt MSK Cool...I simply loved those fiersome looks he gave to Brij after entering the house and then the way he twists Brij's hands deserved some whistling for sure LOLLOLTongue...MSK showed Brij that he is not really the most powerful guy in HP because MSK is a tai-chi specialist after all Cool...
The way MSK shouts for Geet with full authority ,this itself indicated that both had a connection going which was Babaji's wish EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;He cared any damn about Handa family's rules and regulations LOL ;All he wanted was Geet to come in front of him and directly interact with him WinkTongue ;And once Geet came in front ,it was clash of the titans between Maan and Geet with some intense look exchange WinkTongue and then the bomb finally blasts when Geet tears those papers and throws it in front of all ClapClapClap ;
For the first time Geet dares to raise her voice in front of all the men of her family ClapClap ;Even though her frustation was more towards her own family men for ruining her life with a hurried fake marriage Ouch but Maan was obviously unaware of it and so he thought that she is simply being stubborn in this land case LOLOuch ;Somewhere Maan had grown an attraction towards Geet since that time only for that intensity which she showed in her eyes ,body language and words ...Maan was definitely attracted towards this fearless strong side of Geet and this is what further irritated him because he wanted to stay out of any such attractions WinkTongueEmbarrassed...
This episode gave rise to the real Sherni Geet Handa who was determined to get justice and punish Dev ...Approve..She was not ready to sign those land papers simply because the land belonged to her and she was fighting for her own rights ..something which Maan himself had asked her to do during their first meeting Wink...Little did Maan knew that Geet will later apply on him only LOLLOL...
The episode was awesome with some memorable scenes like Maan twisting Brij's arms and Geet tearing the land paper's on Maan's face and further challenging him ...the direction , execution , acting ..everything was spot on from start till end StarStarStarStar

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pennu IF-Sizzlerz

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The way Maan locked Brij was a good one...Big smile along with that seductive look he gave to Brij... Tongue haaai he looked soo HAWT..Blushing. Maan didn't cared  anything just called out Geet's name...

It was so fun to see that Geet remembered Maan's diya.. huwa Gyaan and she used against him... LOL Maan was all chittar-pattar-ing about "Sign karo Geet... Is papers par sign karo.. thume sign karna hi hoga.. suna nahi mein ne kya kaha sign karo...Angry" just loved the way she teared the papers and throwed to him...LOL

 Geet's feelings about listoning to others... and the way she burned/burried everything about Dev... and her decision to removed all the mistakes of her past-life... DD was brilliant in portraiying these...ClapStarClap

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bangalores IF-Rockerz

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missed discussion of the last 2 episodes...haven't seen todays will wait for that 2morrow morn...
what power packed performances... Maan turning gyan guru and geet diverting her josh to the right course...
loved maan's " Nahi utharunga toh" munda is already inthe practice of carrying geet LOL...
the 'brij -Maan' chemistry has started...
it is so wonderful to see the leads supported by the sub characters who are equally brilliant in their rendering of the characters...something which fizzled out when towards the end of the showAngry
even geet's character, the strength she gained from the betrayal got lost...

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My heartfelt THANKS to Brij... it was bcoz of him.. the HOTNESS and MANLINESS of Maan increased by 10 times...Blushing
The moment Maan twisted his hand... saying.. " SOCHNE LAYAK NAHI CHODHUNGA " and just pushed him away ... I lost consciousness... then regained myself...saw the scene 5 times more.. and came back...LOLLOL

One aspect of Maan which I loved probably the most .. was his it 1 single person.. or 10 in front of him..any DAMN situation... never ever have I seen this guy giving himself in fear...   EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
I simply loved the scene where he shouts GEET's name.. it was like he OWNS her or like its his RIGHT to do it... Embarrassed

Maan has always manged to evoke inner strength in Geet.. this time also.. though it was indirect but only after Maan forces her to sign the papers.. she denies n then SUNAOFIES the whole family including Maan..LOL that enough is enough...What really made it interesting was.. she remembers Maan's words itself before taking her decision...Man !!! what a scene !!! Big smile 
Though I liked Geet's reaction... but I was actually feeling bad for MaanConfused... when she tore the land papers and threw it on his face.. OK.. he could have been less rude.. but he is not at fault here!!! He just wants his DAMN papers..Confused

The scene with Munshiji was tense but funny !!! GC's anger expression in this one is worth watching !!!!Smile

Today we all come to know.. that Dev- NT and all are actually very poor LOLLOL living in rented house.. in are in full debt...
NT knows Dev so well..that if Dev -Geet meet even once... he sure to leave NT and go after Geet..AngryAngry

I m so happy to see the last scene... bcoz the moment I saw Dev gifting Geet that RED DUPPATTA.. I wanted to burn it myself Angry.. so I actually got a kind of satisfaction..when she did that..SmileSmile

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 February 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
What an intense episode! Brij n Maan; Maan n Geet! Loved d way Maan deals with Brij. they both sure sizzle!

Maan really is too much, calling out for Geet whn they are just acquaintances. d way he assumes dat geet is going to sign, d smirk in his famous which slowly changes to confusion was a delight to watch. GC showed those changes just by flicker of eyes and facial expressions. Hats off to his acting!

And DD! by god she is so impressive in these episodes. her face was so pure n innocent, dat we all can feel the pain she is undergoing. i lliked the way she confronts Maan. her tearing the paper scene was really whistleworthy. but i didn't like dat she broke down immediately. she is entitled for a breakdown but not immediately after tearing d paper. i didn't want her to cry. but a girl will slowly change, she can't just completely change.

Maan's reaction to her action was so astounded. i mean he looked as if he cdn't believe anyone wd do this to him. evn Brij was tamed but this weak looking girl must have stumped him.

why didn't maan recollect geet this dialogue n ask her abt it? may be so many things happening he must have just decided it mst be usual love story - i mean girl loving a boy n family not agreeing.

any way loving these early episodes n d discussion! thank u everyone, sam in particular.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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WOW! I mean, wow! Stern Smile

I am completely speechless! That was one of the best episodes I have ever seen, of any show ever! Everything was so absolutely flawless!

Of course the Brij-Maan takar at the beginning, like Sia, rendered me pretty much unconscious and the way Maan calmly locks Brij without much ado, while Brij is seen shouting and shrieking. Maan is a dog that doesn't bark, he only bites. Blushing I loved the cold fire in his eyes!

I love the contradiction in his character. He keeps saying he doesn't respect women but once he comes into the Handa Haveli, he doesn't bother with any of their rules, he calls Geet directly. In this way he establishes and treats her as an equal, possibly more capable than her neanderthal male relatives, of seeing reason and signing his papers. By going directly to her, he is expecting this from her and I think that is part of why he is so shocked when she refuses point blank. She betrays the trust he had in her ability to function rationally.

Of course in some ways, Geet is perfectly rational and like some of you pointed out, that is what irks Maan even more. I love that he keeps saying he has paid and she calmly explains to him that he may have paid but that the land was taken from her against her will. I love when she tells him to get the money from whoever he gave it to. This is not just an irrational girl. This is a girl trying to explain her situation in a rational manner and it is wonderfully ironic that she uses Maan's own advice to completely shake the ground under his feet! Clap

Maan takes it one step too far when he orders her to sign the papers and Geet, who has just come to the realisation that her life is ruined because she listened to other peoples' orders decides she has had enough! As long as he was rational so was she, but as soon as he crossed the line, she got destructive and emotional. I love that somehow the confrontation with Maan gave her strength to chide her own family members indirectly and really make them understand how pitiful and pathetic they were! By challenging her, Maan made an unknown fight rise up within her and it all came pouring out. Cry

The last scene was amazing! I love your phoenix analogy Paro, with all the fire that they have been showing lately. The older, weaker Geet is dying and she is to rise up, splendid and strong from the ashes! In a way Channi's mother's prophecy/curse does come true as the Geet Handa that was the daughter of the Handa family dies the day Brij kills her and is reborn as "sirf Geet". The fire in DD's eyes was also amazing!

Maan's anger was so yummy to watch! The way he crushed the beer can and flung it across the room! Is he angry because Geet is crazy or because she makes too much sense for his liking?

Paro, I also noticed the similarity in the papers flying to that first scene in the office. It also reminded me of the end part of the tum se hi song sequence where there is coloured origami paper flying everywhere. I love that scene because Maan and Geet are in black and white and there is coloured paper flying everywhere, very aesthetically pleasing, but the paper keeps flying an unnatural amount of time. LOL And why there is origami paper in a construction company is anyone's guess.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2012 at 9:37am | IP Logged

Sorry I got a bit delayed today!

WRITTEN UPDATE (by -bhootni-)

Recap: Geet tears the paper that Maan gives her and while she is walking away...Maan concludes that Geet is going to become a huge problem for her family. Nainatra is angry that it doesn't matter what happens...bade veerji is going to remain the waaris. Maan promises that he will teach Geet a lesson for sure after what she did to him. Geet burns her wedding things promising herself that she will get rid of all the mistakes that she has done in her life.
Now agaye
In Canada, Dev is yelling on the phone at some Mr. Mehta telling him that they did the calculations where will he get the money from? He pleads Mr. Mehta to listen but Mr. Mehta cuts the call. Dev is highly frustrated and throws his phone on the sofa. Nainatra comes out of the washroom and sees a worried Dev (btw she has full makeup on Shocked) She tries to seduce him but it doesn't work...she comments if he doesn't like her anymore and if he is missing someone a lot. Dev tells her not to start this again...he walks up to the closet and takes out a file as he announces that they are going back to India. Nainatra looks ready to kill but controls her anger. She forces a smile and says that looks like she was right...he is remembering Geet! Dev yells that why does she always drag Geet between was her idea! She was the one brought up in Canada and she knew what is the value of a Canadian boy in Punjab. That's why to repay the loan in made me marry a village girl! You said that you didn't want to live in Chandigardh. Nainatra smiles and in a sarcastic tone taunts that I didn't all this to come back to Canada but for you! Because if we had stayed in India and didn't repay the loan then your older brother would have sent you to jail! And in Canada, Mr. Mehta's gunda would have killed you...Dev shocks her by saying that they can even come today...the money that we gave to Mr. Mehta was only the principle amount...the interest remains. Dev says that they have to go to India but Nainatra refuses! Dev continues that they have to convince Vade Veerji who she calls chote saab to forgive them! He won't say no to mom!
Daarji remembers Maan's words that Geet is going to become a huge problem for all of them! Daarji says that you have insulted us in front of everyone but Geet answers that one's patience has been tested to the max then one doesn't remember who is infront...Brij looks really angry!  And says kudiye! But Geet answers that what if I am a girl...don't I have any rights? He tells her to shut up but she says that she won't stay quiet now! They have been decived so hugely and all we did was sit! Aren't you all hurting that they came and duped us? They even took away our izzat that you all are so proud of and none of you did anything! Everybody looks guilty...but Brij who is staring at the floor what? what should we do? Should we tell everyone? Geet says no but we have to do something! We should find Dev and his family and tell everyone the truth about them! Everybody is shocked to hear her talk about justice! But Daarji yells you've gone crazy who is going to get you justice? Geet says that we should contact the police! If we hide the matter then we are helping the guilty! It'll give voice to all the ones who have suffered! So nobody betrays Geet or get someone married to guy like nobody's dreams are broken! Everybody is guilty and then shocked when Geet concludes that she will go to the police for sure! Geet walks away followed by Mahinder! Daarji doesn't say anything and just looks worried!
Nainatra taunts Dev that just because of his happiness...she made him somebody's else's husband! Dev doesn't say anything so Nainatra continues that they are not going back to India at any cost! It doesn't matter if you like it or not! But she won't let her go near Geet at any cost !
Geet is crying in her room when her dad enters...she hugs him and he tells her to stop crying. Geet pleads that is it wrong to fight for your rights? To prevent this from happening again?
It seems as if some parts were skipped...or I didn't see them!
Mahinder opens the door and there is police standing outside and invites them in! Daarji is still feeling guilty while Brij is as usual really angry! Daarji looks at Mahinder in anger but Mahinder ignores him. Rano asks Geet called the police? The police officer asks for Geet while Brij thinks that he needs to vanish Geet before she comes in front of them! Daarji asks what's wrong? The officer says that before this matter reaches the's better if it is finished right here! Geet hears voices and wonders who it is? Officer says that before everyone starts blaming her out please! Geet walks out of her room...Mahinder agrees and says that if she has written a complain...then...but he is interupted. Maan comes in and says why would Geet write a complain...he has gotten the complain written! Everyone is shocked! Geet notices the police and thinks back at her words that they should get justice! She concludes that she needs to talk to them as soon as possible.
Geet runs and calls out to the inspector but just then Brij gets a hold of her and hides behind the pillar as Maan walks in. She struggles to get out of his grip but he doesn't budge! Brij drags her away. The officer says to Daarji that you must have understood why we are here after seeing Maan. Tayaji tries to interupt but the officer says that you are all well one can imagine you taking the money and then not compling with what you promised. Daarji says that I haven't done anything of this sort...the matter of the land is complicated! Officer says that Maan has authentic paper and he belongs to a generational rich family...if he wants he can create problems for you all! But I have told him that I will first talk to you! It'll be better to solve the problem right here in peace!
Brij brings Geet to a storeroom type thing...Geet pleads for him to let her go but he gets a hold of her neck! And says that I should let you go so you can kill the honour that we have left! Geet says that she wants to go to the police...she calls out but Brij binds her mouth. He threatens her to shut up...he tells her to stay here for the rest of her life! Because of you there is police in the house! He then binds her hands and walks out of the room! Geet promises that it doesn't matter how much you stop me...I'll bring Dev's truth in front of everyone for sure!
Precap: Officer promises that Maan will get the papers by tomorrow...Maan says that I'll send everyone to jail if he doesn't get them by tomorrow!

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