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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 76)

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Written Update (by -Mansi-)

The episode started with Maan carrying Geet back to her house. All the neighbours are looking on and blabbering amonth themselves.. (Hayye Geet with a new sexy munda LOL they were so stupid though Tongue ) All Geet's family members come out shocked seeing Geet in the arms of a stranger. They all get super hyper and shocked! Sleepy Brij comes forward and tells Maan to put Geet down angrily. Maan gets angry too. He says he wont put her what would he do? Brij catches his collar and shouts at him. Maan shouts that helping a girl who fainted without help is considered a crime in this city. Next time if he sees Geet dying also he wont do anything for her. Geet regains concience and she comes down from his arms. Geet's mother takes Geet inside. Brij and the men deal with Maan.

Geet is sitting in the hall surrounded by all the women. She is lost in her own world Ouch People are talking around her..asking her questions..but she is not bothered. She is shown thinking of flash-backs with Dev. When he kissed her at the airport..he said ILU ..put flowers on her..etc etc. Then the zameen papers been given to him..and the zameen papers with Maan now..Tears roll down her eyes.. Ouch thinking about all this. Now she realises FINALLY that Dev married her for her money and not love.

Daarji and Brij come inside. They are very angry with Geet. They decide to punish her. Brij gets this black pot with burned charcoal. Mohinder and Rano get very scared and start crying that please Geet should be given another chance. She will ask for forgiveness and all. But Geet stands up and says that she deserves this punishment and she will give to herself for not believing her parents and family Shocked everyone is shocked too.

Geet sits down..and with the tongs takes out a piece and puts it on her palm..eyes closed..she closes her palms and feels the burning coal on her hand. Mohinder goes to stop her..but then Brij stops him Angry God he is so irritating. Daarji is looking on. Geet remembers all her times with Dev. then after a couple of minutes..her parents release the coal from her hand. Geet apoligizes to Daarji. Saying she has now understood that Dev married her only for her money and not love. The women take her inside. Mohinder feels very upset seeing Geet like this. He curses himself for Geet's depression. He says that its all his fault..and he deserves a punishment. He takes the coal on his hand. His brother and Daarji stop him. He hugs Daarji..brilliant performance! Clap

Geet is sleeping on her mothers lap. They try to explain to her that she should forget her past like a bad dream and move on. Nurpinder then says its okay that she spent only a day with him and did not create a husband-wife relation..i was likeee Shocked Shocked Geet had the same expression. She remembered their marriage..the rainy night when they made love. Geet starts crying..saying that she cant forget the marriage..she is married..she mumbles. Geet gets up and walks..She tells herself that she cant let Dev be free like this..she will show him..she will make him suffer for his mistakes.


Pre-cap: Maan comes inside and says he wants to meet Geet. Brij shouts at him that how dare he take his sisters name Sleepy Angry He goes to hit him..but Maan stops him and hand-cuffs sorta Brij's hand! I was almost whistling! LOL He was like..'Mera collar pakad ne se pehele sochna chaiye tha!' awww Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed he was awesome. Clap Then Geet comes and Maan tells her to sign some papers. She takes the paper and tears in to two confidently. Clap Drasthi was superb in that scene. Clap

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Ouch. That was tough! CryCryCry

I cried buckets and buckets during Geet's monologue and her begging for forgiveness. Hats off to DD for such a moving and powerful performance! The punishment was so symbolic in many ways. Geet wanted to punish herself for being blind and stupid about Dev and not listening to her family who were "right" all along and so she took the coal into her hand. I like that even though it isn't her fault, she is blaming herself for her blind faith in Dev. But now her eyes have been opened and sadly, she will never get her childlike innocence back. She will always have a kind of innocence because of the purity of her mind, but that blind, carefree trust can never be hers again and poor Maan will have to work very hard to gain it.

When she was asking her mother how Babaji would fix such a big mistake, I wanted to scream, MAAN! And what a solution it was! Can't fault babaji on that one now can we?

Speaking of Maan, his confrontation with Brij was out of this world! You could tell that poor Brij was a little shaken by Maan's not being in the least bit afraid of him. I love how Maan feels a certain responsibility for Geet because she fainted in front of him. It really shows his strong sense of humanity, hidden behind all that ire. It is only when Geet is conscious and tells him to let her down that he finally does. I also loved the irony when Maan says that even if Geet is dying in front of him, he won't bother even looking at her. That little statement is going to get proven wrong very, very soon, isn't it? Wink

It was so effective the way they played the wedding mantras when Geet went to pick up the hot coal. To me it represented how her family put her in a situation where she herself wanted to get married, ie pick up the hot coal,  and with no mind to the fact that she was burned, they tried to make her forget what happened. I guess in a way, Darjee telling Rano to put malham was a small gesture to say that he wanted to make amends with Geet, to start healing her wound.

Mohinder's guilt was also beautifully shown and I loved seeing Darjee's affectionate and emotional side when he took Mohinder into his arms. This is not a heartless man; he just has his priorities REALLY mixed up, like REALLY. It is almost like Geet and Brij are two sides of Darjee. Geet, who sees right and wrong as absolutes and always tries to do what is right and Brij who gets blinded by the demands of society and places honour above all else.

Geet in the last scene was so quietly powerful. Having the illusion stripped from her eyes, she wasn't going to stand for any illusions any more and revealed that she had in fact manao-ed her SR with Dev. Poor Taiji who seems to have a talent for undermining emotion (I guess that is her majboori though) got a shock then as did the rest of the women...

The last dialogue broke my heart simply because I know now that it never came true AngryAngryAngry

How could the CVs ignore such an integral part of the original story? HOW?!

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Geet episode 27

If last episode belonged to Maan this one definitely belonged to Geet. Cry The way she punishes herself for loving and trusting her fake husband and the way she rises from ashes like a phoenix thirsty for revenge was just very poignantly portrayed.Clap

As usual everyone jumps to the wrong conclusions when they see Geet in Maan's arms. It is sad to see that most of Geet's family is more bothered about their honour than Geet's well being.Ouch The way Maan looks at Geet when Channi's mom says about her marriage showed that he was no more the uncaring person he was earlier. And of course Brij tries to scare everyone away with his oye. But that is not going to work with our Maan is it? And then Maan almost prophesizes Geet's life being in danger and pledges that he would not help even if that happens. Don't make promises you can't keep Maan babu. LOLLOL

Geet continues to be in shock and so fails to notice Daarji and Brij's anger at their "honour" being lost.Ouch I am always yo yoing between hating Daarji and respecting him. ConfusedIt was very inhuman for him to suggest the kind of punishment he was suggesting. But Geet knew how much it hurt her when she realized how inhumanly Dev had broken her trust and cheated her. She too for the right or wrong reasons had done the same with Daarji. OuchSo she is ready to take the punishment. I also think she wanted that physical pain so she can at least temporarily be distracted from the pain her heart was feeling at being used and betrayed.Cry It was heartbreaking to hear her cries. CryCry
Though she was asking for pardon from Daarji , it was more like she feels like she needs to be pardoned for her mistake of trusting someone with her body and soul, for actually thinking that she had someone's love and respect and also to a certain extent trusting her family to do the right thing. OuchThis last point does hit a chord with Daarji and also her dad which is why even Daarji's eyes fill up with tears and Geet's dad almost punishes himself. Poor guy.Ouch I feel so bad for him. OuchHe has such a good soul.Ouch

Geet's mom is shattered but is still trying to console her daughter .Geet's aunt though is feeling bad too but is trying to be strong. She falsely thinks nothing happened between Geet and Dev. Geet knows otherwise and that realization of how he stole her innocence and actually used her for money and satisfying his lust makes her determined to have him punished. AngryWe see that she never deters from that almost till the time he is actually sent to jail. Which is also the reason why it is so difficult to stomach that she absolves him of all his crimes and plays holi with him.OuchOuch That is just impossible for any woman to do under any circumstance. Anyway that's a different story. Can't wait to see my jaanemaan and their spicy takkar in 2 morrows epi.EmbarrassedBig smileBig smile

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Episode 27's first scene was amazing Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming.Loved the way Maan carries unconscious Geet in his arms and walks so confidently without caring any damn of what people r blabbering EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;His first eyelock with Brij deserves brownie points too since he was the first guy to look straight into Brij's eyes with confidence and reply him back with a sixer StarStarStarStarStar...
The best part about Maan Singh Khurana's character was that he was a fearless guy and never cared about the hypocrat society before doing anything ClapClapClap ;Even though his previous encounters with Geet were not so pleasant but he still made sure he helps her out when she faints irrespective of what her family or the society thinks StarStarStarStar..
My heart went out to Geet in the second scene when she punishes herself for trusting Dev and making a fool of herself CryCryCry ;She was completely lifless in this scene when she burns her hand CryCryCryCry ;She felt completey dejected that moment but later once again she decides not to give up and fight for justice StarStarStarStar ;Maan's words regarding standing on her own feet and fighting for her rights did a world of good to her and made her strong enough to fight her own battles rather than giving up easily StarStarStarStar...
Precap was paisa vasool the way Maan twists Brij's hands LOLLOLTongue ;This was the second Brij-Maan encounter which deserved some real claps because MSK was the first guy who had the power and courage to not only look into Brij eyes and reply him back but even twist his hands real hard LOLLOLLOLLOL ;Also loved the Maaneet confrontation ,the way Geet throws those land papers on MSK's face ..ufff even then they both had so much of spark and chemistry going on EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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"the way she rises from ashes like a phoenix thirsty for revenge"

@Paro: I loved this line of yours! It so aptly summed up the episode and the results of Geet's experience in it.

@Jyo: I too am looking forward to the Maaneet confrontation tomorrow as I have seen those scenes before. I love the way Maan storms in and just starts shouting for Geet. Already the two of them have a language and a behaviour that nobody defines but them!

One thing I forgot to mention in my analysis was a little detail that I noticed. When all the people were walking away from the scene and muttering to each other, one of them was something like, "Channi ki ma kya keh rahi thi? Geet ke pati ko maardala?" I love how they showed how gossip travels and how information can be so distorted when people hear things and come to premature conclusions. It was a tiny detail but the little humourous observation therein was something special!

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..CountingStars IF-Stunnerz

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I'm an uninvited guest yeah but can't help it! LOL
Can I get you guys to do my Behooda Assignments Pleeejj LOL
Hell I don't write that much for my assignments Jitna yahaan analyse Ho raha hai ROFL
I Love My Teachers ROFL

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I missed yest epi analysis n discussions..
I was so happy after yest epi sp when I saw Geet finally realising Dev's actual truth.. But then the way in todays epi she painfully accepts it left me really sad..
It was not only for lying to her family but Geet was punishing herself also for being so naive and blindly falling in Dev's trap.. The scene was so well executed..
Everyone felt Geet's pain.. Even Daarji sobered and showed concern for that distressed girl..Except for Brij.. Who was more than happy to punish Geet himself.. Angry
Finally Geet decides to make Dev repent for his mistakes.. Most imp for underestimating her.. Wo ho.. Go Girl!! Big smile
Look at her determination.. Argghh.. I m sure CVs have not seen these epi.. MORONS..
Since yest epi.. I m actually whistling at each and every dialogue of Maan LOL
So I almost fainted when he said toh kya kar loge to Brij..Oh man!! It was so.. Err.. MAAN- ISH !! LOL
Maan- Brij were actually having a glaring contest.. They wanted to burn each other alive with their eyes itself.. LOL LOL
Hey I didn't know Maan-Geet's trademark eyelock started so early.. Embarrassed and also my fav BG music found its right place.. I must say it intensified the effect..Smile

If Handa family thought that its all over.. Just like a bad dream.. They were in for yet another major shock.. In fact the whole story changes after this..

Its a very short take.. Due to net problem.. I still have to read everyone's analysis.. Even yest too.. Will try n catch up.. Enjoy guys.. Smile Smile

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During these days DD had only yellow or yellowinsh dresses... I still rememeber when these epis were airred in IF people used to say "Hope we will be able to see Geet in some other color other than yellow...LOL"

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