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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 72)

sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 January 2012 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Geet is determined to find Dev no matter what !!!!! There is not even an ounce of fear in her...she is just not bothered abt the consequences she might face.. if Daarji or Brij come to know abt her plan... Bravo Girl !!!!!Big smile  

One question that I always wondered... why did Dev-NT n everyone use their REAL names in their evil plan ???  Now seeing their fool-proof planning.. so much research... they cant take such a  huge risk and  give their real name and country??? ConfusedConfused 

Somewhere NT  is feeling insecure now... may be she knows that it was  NOT only a business deal as they had planned.. n cud b more than that.. knowing Dev's flirty.. womaniser..character in the past...So she is reminding Dev that he has only ONE wife.. that is her...Ouch

Dev's reaction is confusing me...he is getting FBs of Geet..  does it mean his so-called guilt trip has already started... or it is a post SR fuel-up attraction??? Confused will hav to wait n watch...

Brij has def seen the rage/determination(though he says madness..) in Geet's eyes.. so knows that Geet is upto something...Ouch

In the whole chasing.. Jeep thing... first I thought why would Geet hide in Brij's jeep when he himself is looking for her n I almost shouted.. DUMBO Geet.. its Brij ka Jeep... LOLThen I realise.. its the Kanjoos PH.. using the same Jeep for both Maan n Brij...LOL 

I thought its some stranger driving the Jeep... I was actually shocked to see MSK...Shocked coz they showed RING -LESS fingers and UNWAXED hands in the previous scene...LOLLOL

So I guess its another dose of taunts.. cruel talks... from  MSK.. Poor Geet !!!! LOLLOL

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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I am BACK! Big smile Like properly.

And I finally caught up with all the episodes I missed watching. Yes, all of them. Thumbs Up

Call it determination, call it the crazies, whatever. In fact, I feel a little like Geet watching these episodes with so much determination, the way she was looking for Dev, when it can only give me pain. Cry I am not looking forward to Geet's realisation, which is where I have watched from properly before. That is going to be the last really painful moment until we get a uniformly strong Geet, especially after she finds out about her baby and that protective maternal instinct kicks in, and a uniformly present Maan. Blushing

Here are a string of thoughts I put down while watching the episodes. They are more or less in chronological order, though I haven't specified the episodes they are from.

When Geet's chuda has to be put on and they are all discussing how her mamaji couldn't come, all I could think was, he was probably too drunk! Imagine Jugnu coming here! How completely ridiculous would that be? That thought should be enough to realise what they reduced the show to in the end. But I am thankful for that Mohinder-Geet scene. It was extremely touching and made me shed some very real tears.

In the Geet-Dev wedding Dev puts the sindoor on her forehead with a coin (not sure of the rasam behind this) but in Maan-Geet's wedding he puts it on with his hands.

OMG! At the airport I love the double meaning of NT's dialogue about Dev being scared of flying. For me it definitely had the double meaning of him being anxious about carrying out their plan. She says he has been "flying", ie cheating people, from a young age but still not used to it and Kamya blurts out that it is the same with Mummyji. Perhaps hinting her past with the Khurana Khandan??

Ok I know everyone is saying Dev was remorseless here, but after actually watching the episodes I am realising that his guilt was already brewing at this stage, making the Delhi Dev not so hard to stomach. It was really only when they brought in SS as Dev and MP as writer that the character lost continuity completely. Here there is already a sense of discomfort within him and I almost got the idea that he slept with Geet to distract himself from the guilt of what he was doing to her. I got the feeling that he felt he might spill the beans, being with her innocent self all night and not being able to take the guilt, so he figured he better play the game all the way instead. Angry One word. WEAKNESS. He is too weak to take the guilt, unlike NT and even Kamya, and he is too weak to resist Geet's charms in the moment. Honestly, I don't know what NT sees in him. she is such a fighter and he is such a moron!

The really tall security guard that helps Geet at the airport reminds me so much of Maan, it's not even funny. He helps her when she is rational, makes fun of her for not having her own papers and not knowing how to go to Canada, he even says dialogues like "bandh karo ye natak" and "samnjhi tum?" Weird.

Gross!! Dev called NT and Geet both patniji at some point! That means he really did have some strong feelings for Geet if he was using his and NT's intimate lingo on her...

Maan looks positively delicious in these episodes! Ironically, he looks his best in that black shirt at Geet's wedding. I wish he got some looser clothes later on as well.

Oh wow! In all the episodes Geet-Brij confrontations are just out of this world! DD is simply breathtaking the way she has shown Geet, completely unable to even think that Dev could leave her. I loved the line about telling her to take of her suhag ki nishani instead of finding her suhag. Hats off to Barry for that powerful confrontation scene.

I also thought the placement of the one flashback to Maan, vs the many flashbacks of her moments with Dev was interesting. She thinks of Dev and everything he says all the time and acts on that. But Maan's words come to mind when her life is at risk, which means that while Dev has affected her in the way she thinks he ought to according to the social construct she has been brought up in, Maan affects her at a much more basic level, again highlighting that Geet and Maan are two characters that see right and wrong outside of and beyond society, which is what eventually binds them.

Geet's reaction to Darjee agreeing with Brij was really heartbreaking. He is her standard, her yardstick for right and wrong and when she sees him asking her to do what is wrong and hypocritical, it must be like the foundation of her whole world is crumbling beneath her.

OH MY GOD! Mohinder is making me cry almost every episode! The way he defended Geet from Brij is now one of my absolute favourite scenes in the series! Thank god once again that we are doing this, otherwise I may never have seen it! He may be a gentler man but when it comes to his daughter and her life he will stand between her and the world! It is too bad he is not allowed to do things his way for the most part. Geet's story might have been very, very different.

Geet is such a little smarty! She may not be well acquainted with the ways of the world, as proven by her traumatic experience at the airport, but she is resourceful and perseveres through anything until she gets what she wants. Her family might call her crazy but she knows things that Dev has said and done, which they don't, that make it impossible to believe he would have just left her and she is acting on that. And by god she got that number AND got through to them! Guess the gao ki gavar is not a gavar after all NT!

I am loving the message of the show and how subtly it is put across. Yes, NT predicted that the family would blame it on Geet and not look for them, but she did not see Geet's own determination, intelligence and resourcefulness coming! So in the end NT committed the same mistake as the men of Geet's family in underestimating her potential to think and act so the joke is really on her, though the situation is none too funny!

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mila1 Goldie

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Loved ur loong takeLOL. I think i started watching Geet from epi 21? I definitely remember MSK's grand entry in Hand Haveli. He said i am Maan Khurana. He dindnt say the signature Maan Singh Khurana though but said it with so much attitudeCool. I was glued to the showTongue. Like u i also think MSK/GC looked his best in HP n had better casual clothes. In HP i didnt realise he is so rich n in delhi i was CONfusedConfused was he really rich? Thanks to the PHStern Smile. I wish i could come daily n discuss but i hardly manage to visit the denOuch.

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 5:00am | IP Logged
Had seen the episode on Friday but just got the time to pen my thoughts on it. Will read everyones takes soon.
GEET Episode 25:

Geet is smart and earnest. She somehow gets Dev's number. I thought the number in the register started with 0091 which is the code for India whereas the country code for Canada is 001.ConfusedConfused Did I miss something or does it just go to prove that small details were not looked into right from the beginning?Also if all his family was with him why would Dev have called his Canada number?Confused I will give him the benefit of doubt and assume it was to retrieve his messages.

Geet at least gets to know that the number is the right one when she hears them talk but unfortunately that will just give her more false hope of tracing them.Unhappy NT looks really pretty though her blouses with straps suit her better. And less said about Dev the better. So he is a serial womanizer. AngryAngryHad many girlfriends before ( and I am sure after)  marriage.AngryAngry No wonder NT is on her toes. And that tone of NT suggests that she thinks that Dev, in one of his myriad weak moments ,must have given it to Geet. Otherwise she can't think of how a simpleton like Geet could have gotten hold of their number. Just unplugging the phone does not matter NT and as it was near the pool I am sure that was an extension. Our Sherni Geet is not that easily discouraged .I am sure NT will have the sense to change the number.SmileSmile

I thought Geet left with only one small shoulder bag which had that yellow salwar. Then how come her mother says most of her clothes are missing? Was that another blooper or am I again missing something?ConfusedConfused

So Brij does find Geet and gives her a good chase. But Geet is faster and more desperate and of course fate again puts her in our Hot Hot AYM's jeep which does not put her in a necessarily safer place but a beter one neverthless.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed I was feeling very bad that Brij was slapping and hurting Rajji in the middle of the street and not one person comes to her help.CryCry

 I loved having only Geet and Maan side by side for the last freeze shot.Heart Looking forward to the next episode.

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 6:06am | IP Logged
@ Priyachand Maan not confronting anyone from the Handa family for such a long stretch of time when he was shown really eager to close the deal is I am sure a blooper. Confused Also I was thinking the same thing when I saw Geet jump right in front of Brij's jeep. When she had seen Brij and knew he was coming why would she jump right in front of him so he can see her? Maybe she did it to distract Brij from Rajji but she looked too surprised for it to have been planned .ConfusedConfused
@Sia That they used their real names and that too with the real surname seems really stupid when they have planned the rest of the things so diligently. Not only Dev but everyone else too uses their real name. One reason could be that it would be difficult for people like silly Kamya and nervous Pammi to remember the fake names and it would look even fishier if Pammi called her own son a wrong name. But they could have at least changed their surnames. No one addresses them with that name.Confused And you were right about the jeeps.LOL But didn't you know anyone in that province of Punjab is supposed to only drive that particular brand of jeep.LOL
@Samana At the airport when they were teasing about Dev's fear of "flying" I too was thinking that it carried some double meaning. Your explanation kind of clarifies it.(Though my dirty mind was thinking of some other meaning which somehow did not fit in Embarrassed).
 But I still feel you are being quite generous with Dev when it comes to his guilt. He could have assuaged his guilt and avoided spilling the beans by taking a separate room or staying away from Geet for the night . He could have given a very convincing explanation of giving her space because it was too early and that I am sure would have impressed her more without hurting her. But he chose to satisfy his lust.  And each time we even think remotely about him feeling guilty he proves it wrong with a villanous smirk that makes his intensions crystal clear. Also he did not seem weak when he slapped NT for doubting him and ordered her back nor later on when he calmly enquires from NT about how she has managed to dispose of all the "valuables" they cheated Geet out of. Having said that I am not saying that there was no way he could have had second thoughts later on. But we have to wait and see what explanation is given for his transformation because if I remember right even during the Kurbaan Hua scene it is shown that he seems to have a very low opinion of women especially a secretary when he teases Maan.
@ Mila It is no wonder you were confused about Maan's economic condition when he was in HP. Because he is shown hammering his own board.Also though I do realise he has come camping and must have not carried an extensive wardrobe and he looks really hot in black but to wear the same black shirt for such a long time is wierd. In all his shots he is shown in the black shirt.LOL So he does seem to have limited means.LOL

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 January 2012 at 6:39am | IP Logged
@Paro: I think I need to elaborate on my stance re. Dev a little more. I am in no way giving him any leeway or credit, but I see his character as much more complex than just a villainous pervert and if not guilt then I do think he is feeling discomfort at what he is doing. Why didn't he book another room or stay away? Simply because he wasn't thinking that much. Like I mentioned before, he took the easiest and most attractive route to convincing Geet that everything was normal when he clearly felt a jolt when she mentioned living in Canada. It is of course despicable and I think even worse than out and out villainy like NT. NT is the brains in that couple but being a manipulative person, she lets Dev think that he has power over her. I think Dev sort of knows this and accepts it. I also think that may be why he is so angry when the car breaks down. He knows he can't keep his cool without NT around to manage him.

When I say weakness, it doesn't necessarily manifest that way physically but more that he gives in to knee-jerk reactions. I think him slapping NT came out of a place of weakness as well. He was petrified that she would find out about Geet so he did his best to make her feel small and stupid. He slapped her because she hit a very sensitive note in her rantings, given that she was absolutely right about him and Geet. That being said, I think he feels that hint of guilt, usually when Geet and NT are in one place. When he is with Geet alone, he can convince himself that the story he has constructed for her is real and when he is with NT he can convince himself that he is a smooth, feelingless, diabolical villain who is just as committed to the crime and intelligent as her.

So I see him as a character that can be swayed in a matter of minutes, depending on who he is with. He is a bit of a chameleon, which is what makes him such a "talented" womaniser. He can be exactly what the woman wants him to be. So when he comes to Delhi, I imagine his conscious is already pricking and he comes under the influence of Maan, Dadi and Meera, who maybe through sheer strength in numbers, make him seek their approval more than NT which is why he becomes repentant. So he moulds himself to gain the approval of who ever has the strongest influence on him at that time. But that is definitely not to say we can blame any one else for all the crap he does.

That way, I wish they had used Pammi's transformation (on which my theory still stands, btw) to make him negative again, using her influence to convince him that Maan had taken away what was rightfully his. They could have eased into it with him sticking to his saintliness for a bit and then having it wear away slowly with Pammi's arguments about Maan and Geet, especially in their physical absence, Dev could have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

I hope this makes it clearer. To be honest, like I said, to me this spineless brand of villainy is worse than if he were just a pervert. He gives in to things that are wrong, simply if they are convenient and that is really despicable. Of course this is what makes him an excellent foil for Maan, who refuses to compromise on his morals and has a conscience made of steel and works when we eventually compare the two.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Wow.. some really nice analysis done here by everyone...Smile

@ Samana:

So finally u r back with ur... EXTRA-EXTRA long analysis..LOL I wanted to write abt Dev part.. but Paro has already covered most of the things which I wanted to say...And I read ur reply too...SmileSmile

nice analysis.. Though the fact that he slept with Geet only to divert himself is little hard to digest... coz he def had the lusty look n some really dirty thoughts when he was with Geet in the car.. n that was before the car broke I feel it was his sheer pervertness... that he did it...Angry
But I totally agree with u on the weakness part.. in terms of.. reacting instantly... Even I felt that when he slapped NT..when he is questioned/ oppossed he tries to avoid it instantly.. n that too by showing his dominance sp if opp person is weak... like women( I have never seen him raising his voice in front males.. like Brij or Maan)Ouch.. and in that his reactions are exaggerated.. like slapping.. shouting.. the opposite person... just to avoid the confrontation...Ouch

i dont know if I made sense here.. But tried my best to put my thoughts correctly..:):-)I guess even CVs have not given this much thought while creating n writing Dev's character as much as we all are trying to analyse...LOL For them.. they just woke up one morning and decided that Dev shud be positive.. even worse MP came in and made Dev a SAINT.. with NO explanation given...Angry

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Originally posted by Samanalyse

The really tall security guard that helps Geet at the airport reminds me so much of Maan, it's not even funny. He helps her when she is rational, makes fun of her for not having her own papers and not knowing how to go to Canada, he even says dialogues like "bandh karo ye natak" and "samnjhi tum?" Weird.
Samana... he is the same man who came as Police officer in Amritsar to arrest Maan Signh Khurana when Tej call for police... remember...LOL

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