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OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 68)

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Hey guys, interesting analysis going on... SOrry have not been as active as I would like to, but will try to come here more often from now on

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I am so late with my analysis that i might have as well done tonights too together. But then could not wait that long. So posting it.I am yet to read everyone elses takes. Will definitely do it right away.

Geet episode 21:

The only thing standing before my eyes after seeing todays episode is the expression of defiance on Geet's face. Everytime I saw Geet defending herself and being brave I was literally giving her a standing ovation.ClapClapClap I agree with Samana. At this time it is her transformation from a innocent college going girl to a married woman and Dev's twisted sense of love that is giving her the courage and maybe to a very small extent her interactions with Maan as Maan is yet to play an important role in her life.

 I am surprised that Geet's dad did not say I told you so when the broker lady told about the earlier rishtha and how they broke it of becos of the dowry.Ouch Daarji's roar shut the lady up and made her run for her life.

 It was nice to see Geet's presence of mind in thinking about the scooty and then using that to look out for Dev. What strikes is that as much as she is naive in thinking that Dev is going to be hanging around and would have given his real address at the guest house she is also resourceful in thinking along those lines in the first place. ClapAnd it was sad to see her thinking about all the times Dev the devil assures her of always being there for her. It shows how deep rooted his deceit has been.Cry

The stranger is given a name.Our MSK is introduced as MSK.Cool He is a very hands on person. He literally puts up the board himself. This is also our first glimpse of out dear kanjoos MSK. LOLLOL Why pay someone to do such a simple task when you can save that money and do it yourself? LOLLOLWe get to see our AYM ready to deal with both Daarji and his granddaughter if need arises.And then Geet passes there and they show how fate crosses their path time and again.Embarrassed

Again the highlight of the episode was the part where despite her pain Geet is literally and figuratively not backing off.Clap I had some respect for Daarji but today when he lifted that stick to strike at a girl my respect just melted off. He is not any better than Brij.Angry I was surprised Geet's eyes did not literally scorch Brij when he was strangling her.

Anyway Geet saved by the bell or in this case knock on the door. And Geet's dad opens the door to see a back profile (and what an yummilicious profile that is). WinkEmbarrassedAnd our dear Maan Singh Khurana enters and formally introduces himself to all of us. I was telling to Geet's dad in my heart "Please meet your future son in law."LOL And the camera freezes on that mesmerizing face. After a long time a good freeze to have.Big smile

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 Guys today is 23rd episode.Thumbs Up May 5th2010

         By pretty ful wishes
Recap: Darji tells Mahinder that until they don't find Dev, no one is to know that D&G got married, and that Geet isn't allowed to leave the house or allowed to meet anyone; Geet & Titu are on the scooter and plan to go to the guesthouse that Dev stayed in to try and find a phonenumber; Maan tells the men that the land isn't Darji's granchild's land, it's his land - Maan Singh Khurana's land; Brij has his hand around Geet's through and is threatening her and Geet doesn't back down - they can do what they want, but she'll still go looking for Dev...

The episode starts with Darji going to hit Geet, when someone starts knocking on the door. Geet is yelling that Dev is innocent as she's being lead away. Mohinder opens the door, and it turns out to be Maan. He introduces himself, and Mahinder asks what work he has with their family. Maan tells him that he's bought their land, and so he's come to meet them. Mahinder questiongly repeats Maan's words, and is shocked.

The next scene shows Geet's hand being bandaged by Rano, and while it's happening, Geet starts thinking over her memories with Dev - him bandaging her foot; Dev saying I love you to Geet while they're at the airport; Dev reassuring Geet that he'll never leave her (yeah that's true, he won't leave her head or heart now). 
She says to herself that even if no one understands, Devji loves her extremely, and she should find him. The ladies stop her from going anywhere, and Nurpinder tells Geet to drink some water, and to calm her head down. Geet pays no attention and is still murmuring to herself, so Nurpinder tells Rano to make her see sense. Rano can't, and so Nurpinder tries to remind Geet of what happens in this household - Geet knows what Brij is like, but she won't back down. She tells Geet to understand, and Geet turns around and repeats that whether or not they understand, Dev does love her. 
The ladies really freak out, and Nurpinder shakes Geet telling her to understand that he's not coming back. Geet remains silent, but pushes Nurpinder's hand away in a form of defiance. The ladies are shocked and very worried.

The scene cuts back to Maan and the men of Geet's family. Maan tells them that he has bought the land and he has the papers - but they're not completed. Maan shows them the file, and the men freak out - it's the same file that they gave to Dev as part of Geet's dowry. 
Worriedly, Mahinder goes to Darji to tell him that Dev sold the land that they gave to him. Darji is upset (he doesn't look angry for once, more sad), and Brij murmurs to himself that it's just one betrayal after another, and now what else will they have to go through? Maan looks questiongly at this, and the men look worried. 
Maan asks what Brij said about betrayal, and tells them that he has the legitimate papers - so who's going down to the registry with him?

The scene cuts back to Geet - she asks them why they are berating her about Dev. It's not as if they can anymore, as they've already done her bidaai, and made her a stranger to the house. (I don't think it's possible for the women to get anymore shocked) Geet goes to grab her stuff to go look for Dev - all she knows is that she loves Dev, and will do anything to find him. She runs out of the room with the women at her heels.

Back to Maan - Rajinder asks him on who sold him the land. Maan says what type of question is that - they sold the land to him; and then he realises - "Oh, I know what's going on - you're playing a game." Brij replies, yeah, so what if they are? Maan retorts for the date of registry if that's the case, and to be cautioned that he will have the land, no matter what happens.
The men look worried, when Brij notices Geet walking towards the front door. He hurriedly tries to get Maan out of the house, and as Maan is telling them that they only have until the next morning, Geet has started running towards the door. 
Maan has walked out, and the door shuts on him, as Geet is screaming "Devji" and everyone is trying to restrain her. Maan hears the commotion, but walks away.

Back in the house, Geet is screaming for them to let her go, and Brij pushes her onto the floor, and tells her that if she ever tries to go out of the house again, he'll break her legs. Geet almost starts crying, when she remembers what Maan said to her - "if you want to use your brain, then don't cry." Geet thinks to herself that Brij won't be able to stop her now.

The next day, the men are shown in the courtyard, and Rajinder throws the jewellery on the floor saying that they're all fake. Brij wants to find Dev and kill him (typical - hasn't he got a new bride to think about; I meant the floor). Mahinder comes, and tells them that the pandit was fake as well - he went to the mandir and no one knew of him. Darji starts thinking of Dev's family, and all the lies they told - and realises he's made a massive mistake (so he admits it.. about time).
He sits down and remorses that on Jinder's saying, they agreed to the wedding, but they should have done a background check. Mahinder tells him that it's not Darji's fault, but his - he suspected them so many times, but he did nothing - he ruined his daughter's life. Rajinder hugs him, and tells him that they're all at fault here. 
Brij wonders what happens to their reputation now - what are they going to tell everyone, that they got Geet married to a betrayer? The family's reputation is going to be made into dust. Geet is still wearing her bridal stuff, and if someone sees her - they won't have an answer.
Darji admits they've made a mistake, but the best thing to do would be to kill the thoughts and memories they have. Mahinder implores Darji to think of Geet - she won't be able to deal with it, and Darji tells him they understand his pain, but they need to think with their heads, not their hearts. Darji calls for Geet.

Geet comes downstairs towards Darji looking a bit worried, and Brij tells Geet to take off her mangalsutra (oooh, now you gonna cop it Brij, this isn't the same Geet anymore). Geet turns towards Brij and the family looks worried at what might happen. Geet thinks of her wedding, and holds onto her mangalsutra. 
Brij asks her if she didn't hear - "take off the mangalsutra, and wipe the sindoor." Geet has fire in her eyes, and asks him how he can order a married person to take of her sindoor, when she keeps it on even after death? Brij tells her that if she doesn't do it, he will - and goes to remove it, when Geet stops him. She walks back, and bumps into Darji.
She notices the family watching her, but not saying anything - and she tells them to tell Brij where to go. Brij asks if she's going to teach him dharam, and Geet says yes she will. She wonders what type of family she has - instead of looking for her husband, they want her to take of her wedding ornaments? But Geet won't back down - and Brij tries to tell her that Dev kicked her out. She tells him he hasn't gone anywhere.

Geet goes to Darji and asks him why he isn't saying anything, especially when he was the one who trusted Dev the most - "when everyone was against him, you gave my hand into his, and in this very courtyard you told him to marry my daughter in 3 days." She implores Darji to tell Brij that Dev isn't wrong, and that he's coming back for her. 
Darji cracks, and tells her to be quiet (or something, I didn't get it). How is it that Geet can't understand a simple thing - Dev isn't coming back. He tells her to get rid of her wedding ornaments. Geet freaks out...

Precap: Brij says "too much has happened" and goes to take off Geet's sindoor, and she grabs his hand with a determined look in her eyes.

Done. Finally. I'm sorry it's not as detailed - but it's almost 5am, and I haven't slept much.
Mind you, it was a mindblowing episode - and I hope I did justice to it :) 
Enjoy anyway.
Much love.

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GEET Episode 23

Seriously these episodes are so fast paced and has all the elements needed in a good drama I am surprised it did not get TRPs.Confused People who saw and enjoyed these may have found the office track quite dragging despite the chemistry between Maan and Geet with the repetitive falls and catches. I have read somewhere that there were a lot of people complaining during this time about the story being static though TRPs were the highest.

Geet's family comes to realize the level of deceit when they realize their land has been sold to a stranger. Maan of course is completely oblivious to the serious undercurrents of tension. He wants the land he has paid money for - it is as simple as that. We realize he is a man of principles since even an indirect small reference of cheating when he misinterprets Brij's comment gets him mad.

By then Geet  the sherni is slowly awakening. It was a nice nose cut for Geet's aunt when Geet says  as she does not belong to that family any more and they had made her parayee she does not have to follow their rules.Clap It shows how much she was beginning to appreciate the respect that Dev( without actually meaning toAngry) had given her, how much of love he( though falselyAngry )piled upon her. After having been appreciated the way she had been and loved the way she had been she just could not go back to the insulting and self depreciating life she had.Ouch

Sherni  Geet gets out to find her hubby and Brij wants to somehow get rid of the stranger. Brij was really lucky he got away this time with pushing Maan.Shocked He will definitely not be spared the next time he tries to do something like that. Maan does hear Geet's yells and hesitates for a sec, maybe even recognizes the voice from somewhere but then he thinks "Not my business" and moves on. And Geet too is reminded of the stranger's advice. Geet's eyes in this scene are so haunting in their strength and determination.

The jewels are fake of course. That's when Daarji realizes how far they have been taken for a ride and how so much of it is actually his own personal fault. That he blindly believed a money hungry broker lady and a guy who was a cheat and how all this could have been avoided if only he had made thorough enquiries instead of marrying Geet off in a hurryAngry.  It was heartbreaking to see Geet's dad's guilt and how he blames himself for everything. CryBut that he kept quite when Daarji was doing the wrong thing was not ok.Ouch If Daarji had actually forgotten, Geet makes sure he is reminded of each time he put his trust on Dev when the others including Geet's dad didn't. I would also go to the extent of saying that a lot of the trust Geet put in Dev was bcos Daarji trusted him and she trusted Daarji's trust. That is why she is shocked when she hears Daarji himself command her to do something that she feels is Adharm. ShockedI know DD does not enjoy doing too many crying/emotional scenes as she has said many times but she is exceptional in these scenes. You are actually cheering for Geet each time she stands up for herself.ClapClap If she can fight tooth and nail for her suhaag which, unfortunately for her, is actually a lie we can imagine how strongly she will fight for her unborn child which is as true as truth can be. We see this strong Geet in the office track but after marriage she was lost for a long timeOuch till we got a small glimpse of her during the ML track. How we would have enjoyed seeing her more often.

Though I know that path ahead is going to be difficult for Geet I am now looking forward to the future episodes bcos now I know Geet is not the scared innocent girl she was but a strong matured Sherni who can more than take care of herself and of course MaansEmbarrassedEmbarrassed there for the rest and DevAngry , thankfully ,not at all.

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This episode marked the entry of Maan for the first time in Handa family and we saw the first Brij-Maan confrontation Cool...
The attitude and styling of Maan Singh Khurana in these initial episodes were jaanlevaa EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..He looked so damn hot with his anger ,attitude ,light stubble and casual dressing EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;I loved how everytime he looked directly into Brij's eyes while questioning  without any fear Tongue ;In fact it was Brij and entire Handa family who looked scared of Maan in this case since they were trying to hide Dev's truth from Maan especially after knowing that Dev had sold the land to him Ouch ;That time I was wishing for Maan to know the entire truth but I guess it was good that Maan never came to know the truth in HP or else we would hv never got those magical office track episodes later EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..
Coming to Geet and her blind trust on Dev ,I guess Geet had no option but to keep her faith on Dev since she had given her everything to Dev in the first night itself and so she was in denial of the fact that Dev had cheated her CryCry . She was told by her mother repeatedly how to worship her husband and keep trust on him and thats what she was doing in these episodes cant blame her CryCry...
Even though I wanted Geet to throw that mangalsutra and for once lsiten to her family and forget Dev Angry but I also liked the fact that Geet developed the courage to answer back to Brij rather than letting him dominate her life and decisions StarStarStarStar ;She took the stand of deciding herself about her life and marriage which was the first brave decision she took and raised her voice against the dominating men of the house who were actually responsible for this mess Angry...
Overall a very powerful episode with so awesome acting by DD,GC and Brij ClapClapClapClap

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About the epi.. it was fab...Clap
DD was superb... Geet was defending to her parents when they were asking her to forget about Dev... When i saw that epi for first time.. i thought arey forget about him... and think about Maan... but it was good that time Geet didn't listoned to them.. other wise we would have missed Geet's delhi trip... Embarrassed

Maan's entry to Handa House was Bingo...Big smile And Brij-Maan encounter was Superb... Clap
BTW Brij just throwed Geet to floor when she came running screaming Devji... Poor DD she just slide few distance like that in floor...Cry And the way Geet remembered Maan words about Tears was Good one...Smile

Geet fighting before the entire family for Dev looked something similar to Draupati's vastrakshep... when Droupati was running alovwer to elder telling about her side and truth...

GC... DD and Brij were Awesome...StarStarStar but DD scored more points...Clap


Points se yaad aya...LOL
Rememembr when Dadima was hospitalised.. NT-Dev on the way to hospital and Nt said to Dev,... "chaldi chalo Dev is bar hume Maan veeerji se zyada Points milege..." and for that Dev replies... "Yahaam Dadima bimaar hey aur thume points ki padi hey..."LOL

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Geet said it.. The one thing that I knew was coming.. But did not want to hear ever.. That she LOVES Dev.. I was satisfied with d fact that she believed in him as he was her husband now..but not d love part.. Pls..

Maan enters Geet's house.. n is all business.. Just wants his papers.. His land.. Thats it.. N giving a DAMN abt anything else..

Oh man!! Geet is really giving Brij a tough time LOL.. I never knew v had such intense Brij-Geet confrontation.. Shocked
If Maan was there giving TAKKAR to Brij later on.. Geet has already started.. n she is no less!! Wow.. I just loved her glares to Brij..LOL

This has to be the STRONGEST Geet  in last few epi thru the entire GHSP journey.. In d later epi though v just saw d flashes of strong Geet but nothing as compared to this one I will say.. Cry

I still believe that it was only n only Maan's words that really rattled her brain.. N made her stand up for herself n has influenced her present actions also.. of course her being married that did play a part but its MAAN mainly here Big smile.. Coz they did show yet again.. Geet remembering Maan's words .. N thereby taking her decision of not giving up..n most imp.. No tears.. No wailing..   Big smile 2nd scene which I loved..

With fake jewellieries.. Fake pandit.. Handa family esp Daarji realise the extent to which they have been fooled n betrayed..

The end scene was very nice.. Though Geet was pleading to Daarji to make everyone understand her point.. Indirectly she was also accusing him to put her in this situation..Ouch

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 Episode 23 starts wid darji yelling atgeet saying her voice increased after marriage with dev and brij ask her to shut her mouth but some body knocks the door. Geet family is worried and geet is taken away to her room by ladies of the house. Geet trusts dev more than her parents now. she is not ready to hear her tayiji & mother too that dev has betrayed herOuch  Tayiji and her mother try to calm her but she isn't ready to listen and want to search dev.
  Maan enters  handa family's haveli to ask about the missing documents about the land deal. but the family is unaware of the reality that dev has sold get's property to a broker and the broker has sold to maan  for double the price. Every body is surprised  seeing those papers and their worry deepens. Maan says  he don't know anything he bought the land and he want the owner to come with him to the tehseel [register office] and  get it registered in his name. Brij confronts saying they what if  they have sold it him,maan in an agressive mood says they have to register that land on his name at any cost in due date of registration and he won't leave it  to anybody bcz he bought it.  while Maan leaves handa mansion Brij obseves geet being uncontrol and try to go out of the house to search dev brij closes the door immedetely.See instead of doing justice complaining in the policestation & searching dev before leaving india they were emotionally & physically torturing a innocent girl with house arrest. But not letting her stand for herself. I liked the sherni geet who raise voice against geet though she was not right but het attempt was really appreciative. she was right actually she wanted some clue to find him some or address.That was one of the correct procedure to solve the problem but the male members were egoistic & non cooperative.Really going to police or search by themselves were two options but family members totally misguided the problem Angry Geet is harassed by brij to remove her mangal sutra & sindoor but she denies bcz she strongly believed in marriage with dev. For marriage is a life long commitment  unlike dev who betrayed her for money. She sees everybody watching how brij is torturing her but nobody is speaking a word for her.She asks darjee why he is  not saying anything . she questions him that he was one who believed him the most  asked  Dev's hand for her but now why he is not believing him. Daarjee gets furious and ask her to keep quite and say he left U and he won't return to take her back and ask her to get over  the wedding & dev.. Geet gets angry listening that front daarjee.
  See instead of doing justice complaining in the policestation & searching dev before leaving india they were emotionally & physically torturing a innocent girl with house arrest. But not letting her stand for herself. I liked the sherni geet who raise voice against brij. geet though she was not right but het attempt was really appreciative. she was right  supporting dev actually she wanted some clue to find him some or address.That was one of the correct procedure to solve the problem but the male members were egoistic & non cooperative.Really going to police or search by themselves were two options but family members totally misguided the problem for prestige. Nt was right they never complain. torture their daughter but will never stand for her.Ouch

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