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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 66)

geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged
I actually didn't login during the weekend. So didn't see your post Richa. As usual logged in the usual time today. here's my take.
Geet episode 21:

I have never seen even a part of this episode. So it was all new. Shock does a lot of things to people. I am sure Geet was influenced by Maan to a certain extent but I think it is more shock and maybe a subconscious feeling that things could not get any worse in her life anymore (if only she knew) that gives Geet the courage to talk back to Daarji and Brij.Smile Geet is like her young cousins in some ways. She is not world weary enough like her uncle to understand that given all the data points that no one had any tickets to Canada in the first place and they have taken all of Geet's luggage including her jewels the most probable thing is that Dev and his family have cheaten her and absconded with the jewels. Ouch

It is heartbreaking to see Geet walk back into her houseCry. She did not want to get married and leave the house and her family in the first place. But now that she had actually taken that step, got married and had already started dreaming of a life with her husband, her coming back home the way she did was not something that she ever expected or even wanted.Ouch Geet continues to be in shock and replays all the encounters she has had with Dev and thinks about how expressive he is of his love for her, how he assures of his presence beside her and takes solace from these and still hopes that this is all a mistake and a bad dream and everything will be back to being ok. Just for this I would like to be part of the shooting squad that puts Dev to death. I am sure most of my fellow Geetians will join me in this punya kaam. Angry

In her shock and I think to a certain extent inspiration from a hot but annoying strangerEmbarrassed she continues to answer back to Brij because she thinks he is wrong. Though unfortunately in this case Brij is in fact right with respect to Dev being a low life cheatAngry it is inspiring to see that Geet is not just accepting anything everyone says but if she thinks someone is wrong then she is outspoken about it. It may land her in quite some trouble later on but Geet's assertiveness was one of the very few good things that came out of this whole debacle.Stern Smile

Then of course the broker lady comes. It's her bad time. News just spreads fast in a small village. It was surprising though to hear that Channi's mom is the one to break it to everyone. One more step taken though unknowingly by her to make her curse come true?Confused But have to give it to Brij to be able to think on his feet. He stuns everyone by declaring that no marriage has ever happened. Somehow everyone manage to clue in to his idea and keep quite even through their sorrow.

Geet's dad poor guy tries one last time to give Dev's family the benefit of doubt and asks Dev's address from the broker lady. He does not suspect her of anything but wants to know it genuinely. Now it is her turn to stun everyone by revealing the truth that Dev's family gave her money themselves to find a bride for them and there was no reference whatsoever. Now that shocks them because again as is the custom in small villages there is an intrinsic trust in the brokers in small communities. So we get to see a breach of trust at all levels.

 Hope we get to see Maan soon who will get Geet out of her misery and us out of our depression.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 9:47am | IP Logged
I was simply disgusted with this episode because of Handa Family's ruthless behaviour towards Geet AngryAngry ;Instead of consoling her ,they r busy either shouting at her or accusing her for no fault of hers Angry ..
If someone was at fault then its the grt Darji who inspite of hving so much of experience in life blindly opts for the marriage in secret without even trying to find out some history of this family Angry ;And coming to Brij ,I simply hv no words left to curse this guy now Angry ;Does he really think that if he simply shouts on the woman of the house ,he will b a man Angry ;If he had so much guts left ,then he should hv gone to the police station directly and filed a complaint against Dev and his family but instead they were a bunch of cowards who were busy trying to hide their so called izzat Angry..
My heart went out to poor Geet in this episode who still had blind faith on Dev and kept remembering those words of trust which Dev had spoken to her before marriage CryCryCry ;Dev and his family were busy lusting over Geet's jewelleries Angry while poor Geet feels mayb Dev's life is in danger ..what a heartbreaking contrast CryCryCry ;
And these episodes clearly showed that Dev was quite a dominating personality who even made sure his own mother shuts her mouth and listens to his orders or else she is free to move out of the plan Ouch but later these CVs turned the devil into a victim and viewers were made to believe that its the mother Pammi and his wife NT who were the main villains which was never the case as per original storyline Angry .
This was the first episode which gave a slight hint that mayb Maan only is the big brother of Dev who had kicked them out of the house Wink ;I wish somehow the CVs could hv kept this story interconnected in the future and then the show would hv had a more impactful drama later ..but sighh CVs messed it up all later Unhappy...
Overall yet another painful episode and I guess there r more to come now once it will b declared that Geet is pregnent CryCry...Even though the episodes r all painful but the drama and execution of these episodes along with everyone's acting hv been top notch StarStarStarStar

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged
@ Jyoti Don't we all know that the only way Brij establishes his manliness is by yelling at and hitting women. And save your energy Jyoti. There is a lot more cursing pending for Brij and to a certain extent Daarji for the future torture they are going to pile up on our innocent Geet .Cry. But we can also take solace from the fact that Geet is no more a meek girl. She has already started transforming into a sherni.Clap
@ Richa Yeah, Gul Khan's version of positive thinking continues to be a puzzle to all of us. And you r right.Even  a mother in her right mind would not support such a low life creatureAngry.
@Priya I too thought the same thing when I saw Geet Rajji and Tito discussing Dev's innocence. Three kids still unaware of the ways of the world one of whom will have to unforunately grow up really fast in the next few days.Unhappy
@ Sia  Can you believe that i completely left out Dev and family part from my analysis.  Like Geet I think it is my subconscious self trying to ignore the scum. I too was thinking how come such an assertive and confident Dev suddenly transformed into a joru ka gulam types and a meek fellow. Got to wait and watch. And it would have been funny to see your expression when you saw the paunchy 45 year old grey haired Vadde Veerji.LOL
@ Samana I think you have to watch the expression on Dev's face and his despicable demeanour in all these episodes to fully appreciate his crime and disgusting intentions. Like you said it would be interesting to watch the way and reason how this guy suuposedly reforms. You do have a big heart much like Geet to think that such people do repent and maybe even i would have convinced myself to accept it too had they shown a much plausible cause for the transformation and lot more suffering on his part which would still not be even 5 % of what he put a poor girl through.Angry
@ all loved reading all your takes

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2012 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
Three cheers for the new, bold Geet! Clap

Even though I know we would like to believe that this is Maan's influence, I honestly believe that that is that last thing on her mind right now. And as much as I hate to say it, I thing this particular incidence of boldness comes from Dev himself, who has in many ways turned her from a girl to a woman in a way that is irrevocable and I don't just mean in the physical sense of her virginity. For a very short time Geet knew what it was to be desired and to give of herself physically and emotionally. I don't think you can ever return to a childlike innocence, which Geet had, once you have been there.

It also breaks my heart that Geet is being perfectly logical here and yet, that very logic forces her not to see the truth. Dev has given convincing proofs before this that he will not leave her, once when her family doubted him in a similar manner. So why shouldn't she believe that he is doing the same now, only to walk in the door any second with a perfectly valid excuse? It is also interesting how loyal she is to Dev with the limited interaction they have had, compared to her family. It shows how unused she is to kindness and being treated as an equal, which Dev in his brief interaction, did do. I think it shows how much the physical relationship meant to Geet and how emotionally invested she was in order to allow it to happen. She didn't want to get married, but once she did and once she committed herself to Dev, there is a fierce loyalty that is heartbreaking at the same time as it is a glimpse at one of her strongest character traits, along with her trust in people.

I can totally see my explanation for Pammi going evil working here. NT and Dev are pretty much blaming the whole thing on Maan and saying that they had to do this because of his hard heartedness. Give Pammi some time to mull over that, along with her crippling guilt, bordering on hysteria and I could see her going psycho and wanting to kill Maan and get Dev his rights. the wedding never happened according to Brij. Unfortunately it is not that simple for Geet who is now totally invested. She is not the type to do anything halfheartedly, as we see later also in KC with her work. Ek baar commitment kardi to apne aap ke bhi nahin sunti. Cool So Geet will get to the bottom of this and it will be heartbreaking but thankfully we will have Maan to make it better.

@Paro: I don't think Dev repenting was the ruin of the story. It was Dev not being punished. Whether he repented or not, he should have been shown going through a horrible punishment or, you know jail. At the very least they could have kept him out of the series after AS left so we could imagine him suffering, but they even took that away from us! Angry

I don't think I have a big heart per say, I can just think of better ways Dev repenting could have been dealt with that did not involve him going scott free!

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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 Guys today is 22nd episodeThumbs Up may 4th 2010

Sorry it was raining got a bit late with the update :)

Episode starts with all the family members worried about Geet..and thinking what happened to Dev's family. They all are wondering how could this happen with them. Then the one lady (dunno her name
) who fixed the rishta of DG enters. She confesses that Dev's family gave her money to fix this rishta. The family members shout at her for betryaing..Mohinder thinks what the woman had told him..about Dev the other time. He wishes that he would have believed them.

The other side Geet is completely shattered. She has hoplessley fallen in love with him. All the family members try to tell her to forgot about him ; but she keeps chanting his name. Saying that he cannot betray me. He can never do that to me. She is not ready to listen to anybody.

Then Maan is shown hammering a big billboard saying 'Maan Singh Khurana Mills.' Some people come and tell him that the land where he is putting the board is actually Daarji's. He shuts them up by saying its only his. The farmers go off. Then a man comes and says that you cannot have this land because its Chaudhry Handa's. I actually didnt get their convo Confused Then Maan says he will buy it from them because this land is only theirs.

In Geet's family everybody is trying to decide what to be done. They finally decide that they will say that the marriage did not happen at all. Do

Up on tha stairs , Geet has changed into a new dress with her wedding bangles and sindoor with her trademark hairstyle. She looked very pretty though Embarrassed Ok so ya well..she wants to get out of the house and she takes the help of Rajji and Titoo. They clear the way so that Geet can go outside and search for Dev. So without anybody's notice they go outside

Dolly comes up to bring Geet. She goes up to see Raji standing alone by the window.Dolly comes to know that Geet has gone away..out of the house. Down Daarji is calling Geet and telling everybodty that she is forbidden from going outside. Dolly and Rajji get scared.

Geet is on the bike with Tito behind her. They are searching everywhere for Dev on the roads. Then they decide to go and check at the guest house where they stayed. As Geet is moving past towards the guest house , Dev is also coming from the land..they show both of them going parallel ways.

Geet is going towards the guest house...when she dashes with Brij who is in the car. They have an accident. Geet falls the same way when she met Dev..she rolls over..they show the flash-back of the dupatta scene. Geet is then brought to life by Brij who starts shouting at her. He pushes her into the car. Geet is begging him that she wants to check the guest house for Devji.

They reach the house. Daarji is shouting at Geet for going out of the house..But shes adamant that Devji will not betray her. Everybody is very shocked with her reaction. She even back answers Daarji. Brij gets very angry and starts shouting at her. But she still talks about Dev and not being wrong. Brij slaps her. Geet's leg gets stuck to a thorn and blood is pouring. Brij holds her neck when Geet says she cannot forget Dev. Geet's mother is begging him to leave. But he doesnt. Suddenly a door bell rings. They take Geet on top with her bloody foot prints making marks on the floor.

Mohinder opens the door and sees some man. Maan turns and introduces himself as Maan Singh Khurana. He says he wants to buy their land.


Pre-cap- All the ladies are on top trying to convince Geet. But shes still hunting for Dev. So sorry for late update..lot of net problems!! Ouch

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 9:53am | IP Logged

This episode showed to what extent Geet was ready to go for her suhaag CryCryCry ;

She was not really in love with Dev but she was too loyal to the commitments she had made as a wife towards her husband Dev and she also had a blind faith on Dev Ouch ;She had enough courage to escape out of the house and go in search of Dev which was the first time we saw Geet showing some courage and self-belief ClapClap .
Coming to Maan scenes ,this episode sort of gave a rough idea that somewhere the land which belonged to Geet and which was taken by Dev and family through betrayal had a connection with Maan too since he was the one who brought the land without knowing who actually sold it Wink ;This land sort of connected both Maan and Geet in HP once again Embarrassed ;I wish CVs had later shown Maan gifting this land to Geet after their marriage but sighhh CVs forgot the chapter after a point Unhappy ;But anyways at least this land chapter was brought in the Rasika Rathod case later which gave us the epic "Ghar laute Geet" episode Embarrassed...
Coming to Brij and Darji ,well all they knew was raising thier voice and showing their strengths to the innocent women and girls of the house Angry ;Instead of going to the police station and trying to punish the culprits ,they thought of giving house arrest punishment to innocent Geet Angry...
Waiting for the next few episodes now which r going to see some really exciting Brij-Maan confrontations and also Maaneet encounters TongueTongueEmbarrassed

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Geet's complete trust on dev is really sad to see. d girl who was not really keen to marry was slowly seduced by dev. what a lowlife he is! if he had just married her, she wdnt have trusted him this much. d way he went out of the way to make her trust him is the reason she blindly believes in him. d way she bravely answers Brij n darji shows her innate strength.

i was initially irritated how geet could blindly go on believing dev. but i think she is more in denial n shock. d way she reacts s more a hysterical reaction. she is not evn thinking, she is just reacting. it is so sad to see such an innocent girl getting cheated.

Brij reaction is very typical of male reaction from such a house hold.

Maan - he has already been introduced. but still d way they were showing him is like another intro shot.

P.S: i cdnt resist seeing d next episode. i had to see to see what's happening. it is so fast paced n very interesting.

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 11:01am | IP Logged
 Geet complete fall into Dev's trust and suhag sentiment. She still believes that dev cannot betray  her. Ouch. Family members are worried about the incident happened. I can see except geet's father and mother everybody were thinking about the family prestige not about geey's agony. The marriage broker women spills out the truth thatdev's family bribed her to show  the girl. They were random people who came in search of a girl. First she showed a family where they demanded Huge dowry and the family head sold all his property and managed the amount but at the last moment they refused to marry that girl. Geet's father remember the women who came to tell him the truth. Darrjee warns that women not to tell anybody that such a match ever came to geet. Geet's mother & father are much worried about their daughter's fate but daarje wans everybody in the house not to leak the issue outside the house & asks geet 's mother to keep geet restricted to the house till they know the whereabouts of dev family.
  Geet is quite confident that dev cannot ditch her. wuth the help of tittu &rajji she manages to escape from the house in search of dev.. Maan is in the same place he bought chowdary handa's land from the broker which NT sold to the broker and his munshi notices that  some papers of the land dealing are missing. maan with a confidence says that we will not run after the broker. land belongs to handa family so he  will deal with them directly.
  Geet is on her way to search dev. she goes towards the guest house where dev  stayed. but she bumps her scooty with brij who is surprised to see her on the road. he force geet to sit in the jeep though she try to explain that she was searching dev. but he don't listen to her & daarjee  warns her but geet keeps on urging and saying dev is not wrong  daar gets furious on her and lifts his stick but somebody bangs the door.  here comes our hero saving her unknowingly. he bangs the door at right time before geet get hurt. here comes the saviour. Jyo Ure right instead of going to police they are punishing their own child who is so innocent .Angry The way brij says after marriage U got Ur voice was so egoistic.

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