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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 8:37am | IP Logged
Ouch The dreadfulness of today's episode is beyond limits of what I can take and what my heart can take.
Not only did they plot it out ever so carefully.. they truly did their research. They're smart criminals... honestly it looks like they'd been planning this for months on end or have duped another girl before too! The perfection with which they executed this plan is remarkably disgusting.
Gosh .. Geet's state of wanting to find Dev.. running through the airport.. and the last moment when she screams so loud for him and faints and they look on with smiles is always a haunting image. To think that they didn't just leave .. but wanted to witness her turmoil and agony and SMILE at it makes me believe that they can never be forgiven. YUCK.
And on top of that this inconsiderate officer who is not making things better for Geet and yelling at her saying she's imagining things! I guess he's been through this scenario way too many times and has lost count hence he behaved harshly with Geet =( .. but it's not her fault. Man I just felt like giving Geet a tight hug and tell her it's all ok but !! *sigh*
Mohinder, the one person from the Handa family who truly cared for Geet, and Rano of course are worried for Geet as she is only an 18 year old girl and has only been accustomed to what she's grown up with in HP. And for her to go to a foreign country like Canada and try to adapt to that.. all of that must be pain-stakingly hard for parents to digest. So I get their nervousness. And who wouldn't be more nervous if the thaali falls down during pooja time? Great symbolism there as well.
I just wanted to add that DD looked very very innocent and young in these episodes.. her face just had that young glow and it added to the innocence she portrayed as Geet.
Back at Dev's home .. they are packing .. after a hit and run .. gosh they're so overconfident and proud of what they did Angry. And Dev letting Kamya have the jewellery as she's his "little sister" .. gosh he talks as if he's being some responsible older brother. BLECH. MORON!
Well they say a mother's curse is the worst curse you can receive and Pammi's curse did work to some extent because Geet DID find out about them and they DID have to confront this truth about themselves later on.
These episodes really highlight Pammi's behaviour and to compare this to what she became later on .. clearly VAST difference between this Pammi and the new Pammi .. who knew what transformation she went through during her time in Canada and why she turned villainous (of course we can applaud MPs lack of homework for that) .. but we see how she was repentant and scared for her life at what they did to Geet .. and later on she was very inhumane to her own son Maan! What a change.
Again, another heartwrenching episode.. if people had thought this was torturous.. they are yet to see the torture poor Geet goes through back home =( ..

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 9:01am | IP Logged

Geet episode 20:

Saddest episode till date.CryCry I don't know how I sat through the first part. Geet is really brave. Like Samana said yesterday she would have literally run into the plane to find Dev if she could.It shows how much she trusts that slimeball.AngryAngry DD was exceptional in the airport especially when she realizes that Dev's name was not in the flight for Canada. And we see the whole of her interaction with Dev shown in reverse. I think it was something akin to thinking if only Geet could turn the clock back to when she was just a innocent college girl living her life with its plus and minus before she ever met Dev and her whole life was turned upside down. CryCryMaybe her subconscious somewhere suspects what the conscious mind is refusing to accept .The prayer plate falling when she knows about Dev's truth was a little melodramatic but this being the main issue and basis of the whole series, at least when it began, and it is a soap so I can understand the need for the same.Stern Smile

There is one thing I failed to mention yesterday. I wanted to appreciate the attention given to the authenticity of the sets be it the airport or the police station. ClapThere were even a few foreigners even if they kept showing the same guys. Later on when they showed the hospital which morphed into the airport for their honeymoon the sets seemed really cheap. Of course Khurana house itself became claustrophobic later.Cry

Dev and NT are just master planners. They have thought of everything. And that gloating smile on their faces. Sia and Z how about using Dexters special toolbox on Dev when he is alive. I would love to hear his screams. Evil Smile

They really brought out Dev as a good villain. I see no reason why they should have changed their minds later. Some villians have to work hard to earn this much hatred. For Dev you could fill a big store house with hatred and there would still be a lot left. And the way he calmly enquires about everything and the way NT answers like a subservient wife I don't know how they could even dream of putting blame on NT.Angry Much later on NT did get an upper hand also becos she was a wife he had cheated on and that was something she could not come to terms with even though she suspected it all along.

And how NT explaind their "research" on how they chose Geet's family. They had really measured Geet's family well-how they blame the girl for everything and they are more worried about the honour than their daughter's well being. Geet's dad was definitely a wild card in their equation but unfortunately they were too smart.Ouch

It was really heartbreaking to see Geet in jail along with women of questionable reputation.Cry But the police guy was in character. We can't blame them. They are world weary. At least the woman inspector had a little pity in her to let Geet make the call. She has seen many such cases. Poor Geet still thinks Dev must be searching for her and does not believe the inspector.Cry I am in a way glad that Geet's dad picked up her call. And how he comes towards her in the jail. OuchDaarji stops him and then questions her on why she missed the plane proving NT's assessment right – blame the women for everything wrong.

But then this is Geet after her meeting with Mann and not before Daarji. She very firmly tells Daarji that it is not her fault.ClapGet ready to meet the sherni in Geet slowly getting woken up by Maan's words and taunts. I hope we have to see Dev and his fly for only more episode and we can get a long break from them. And we see Maan Maan and only Maan.Embarrassed

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 9:21am | IP Logged

@ Z you can call me Paro.Smile .I could see my thoughts reflected in your analysis. I have not seen the episodes that come after this yet and your telling me about the torture she is put through disheartens me. CryBut we know that Maan even though unwillingly gives her the courage and support she needs. So lets take heart from this fact and drudge our way through the next few episodes.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Wow.. what an epi... DRAMA at its BEST !!!!! its hard to believe that these past epi.. acc to CVs.. failed to garner TRPS... Confused 

I m actually happy after seeing this epi.. coz as far as I remember.. Dev n Geet DO NOT meet after this epi.. of course he returns... but  NO more Dev's diabetes- giving talks...NO more pervert Dev touching n kissing Geet...AngryAngry right till the end...Smile
Believe me.. it was this realization that made me forget all the anger for Dev n his family n move ahead.. or else I was ready with my swears n curses for them...Angry 

Coming to the epi... Geet helplessly searching for Dev till her consciousness gives way...Cry She is so much under Dev's fake charms spell that she is just not ready to believe that Dev can do anything wrong... Ouch 

Geet's family.. the  MEN are NO lesser evil than Dev... they blame HER for missing the flight... But she stands up against Darji.. bcoz she knows its not her fault.. SmileGo Geet !!!!Thumbs Up ( wow.. she has still not forgotten the stranger's advice Wink)

See.. there was LOGIC back then... Dev-NT had actually RESEARCHED the whole their plan was fool-proof..of course...the whole story told by NT was a SATTIRE on our society...Ouch 

Dev-NT.. Kamya.. going back to their original lifestyle.. as if nothing happened... Now.. Dev's char was getting interesting day-by day... CVs were potraying him as a perfect villian !!! wish they wld hav stuck to this...Ouch 

Pammi is becoming psycho with every epi... oh man... the look that everyone gave when she wanted to say something... was too good...also it showed just how shallow Dev,NT and Kamya are !!!! Dead n dont give 2 hoots for anything other than money...

The intensity with which Pammi was making them beware of their misdeeds... was in a way saddening.. coz I know.. nothing.. n really nothing happens to them.. later on in d coming epi...  CryCry they r shown scot-free.. by the CVs.. for the most henious crime they have committed...Angry

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bangalores IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
seeing the episode was such a trauma...
i wonder how the devil developed a conscience on later stage when he didnt feel a thing seeing his victim running thru the corridors like a lunatic calling out his name... god the cvs needed to watch these episodes before making them go unpunished ...
i did find a find of total shift in the nature of characters in the later episodes... even after her role as a 'bhabhi' is over NT is acing so meek in front of Dev... the impression i got was that everything was in Dev's control...
geet's family, her darji horrible stead of showing her at least a bit of sympathy he accuses herAngryAngryAngry
@sia i did remember u from the comments in the FFs...Hug

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Goshhh what a traumatic episode ...Geet's screams r still echoeing in my ears  CryCryCry...I can never forgive this Devil Dev and the CVs for later turning this devil into a victim and saint AngryAngryAngry..
That pain on her face Cry ..those painful screams while running helplessly towards the terminal Cry..that faith which she still had in Dev and his family while answering to those officers in the airport and police station Cry...that innocence in her body language where she still cant believe what was happening around her and wanted to convince all that her husband is lost somewhere but will come back for her Cry ..still brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about these episodes CryCryCryCryCry ..The whole world was laughing at her innnocence and thinking she is hallucinating or planting lies while she became the biggest victim of betrayal for no fault of hers CryOuch ...
CVs actually showed a very harsh reality in these episodes Clap since even today there r so many such fake marriage cases in India where a girl's entire life is destroyed because of one such incident and they had such a good scope with this track to actually give a social message to the society by eventually getting the culprits severely punished but instead they lost it all by turning those culprits into saints and then best friendlly devar of the victim OuchOuch..What a waste of such a good potential storyline Thumbs Down...
Anyways coming to the episode .on one hand Geet was still hving hopes of Dev coming to her rescue in police station and on other hand that shameless guy asks his wife NT whether those jewelleries r properly sold or not AngryAngry ;Also this episode somewhere indicates that as per original story Dev was suppose to hv fallen for Geet's charms or was suppose to hv been lusting for her since when NT sarcastically tells Dev that she thought he had fallen for her ,Dev does look a bit guilty and remembers that CON night with Geet Wink but I guess later the positivity bug had hit Gul Khan badly and she turned this perverted devil Dev into a innocent saint AngryOuch ;If Dev had remained this perverted ,then there was such a storng storyline later on with Maan in the picture AngryAngry...Goshh these episodes are making me realise how many opportunities were simply lost by these CV team in the name of positivity Angry ;They could hv done so much with the characters of Pammi ,Kamya ,Dev and NT AngryAngry...
As per NT in this episode ,it was easy to play the betrayal game with Geet and this family since this family has no respect for their daughters but r only bothered about their so called izzat ..I guess somewhere NT was right with her calculations Unhappy...In the end its Geet whose life was completely destroyed and only she was going through the pains CryCry ...
Overall another painful episode but the direction and execution in these episodes hv been top notch StarStarStarStar

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Viji79 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by bangalores

i started watching GHSP only after the office track came and that too sharing the remote with my hubby Jaan who used to be back early frm work those days. the craze to keep the monopoly over the remote came later.
LOLLOLLOL Bindu, I am sure your hubby started coming late after realizing that it is not only the remote that is being monopolized but also his wifey dear who was being monopolized by a handsome hunk on TV.

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bangalores IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Viji79

Originally posted by bangalores

i started watching GHSP only after the office track came and that too sharing the remote with my hubby Jaan who used to be back early frm work those days. the craze to keep the monopoly over the remote came later.
LOLLOLLOL Bindu, I am sure your hubby started coming late after realizing that it is not only the remote that is being monopolized but also his wifey dear who was being monopolized by a handsome hunk on TV.
 Big smileEmbarrassed
so true many a times he has said soLOLLOL

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