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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
@ Paro

Wo..ho.. punishing Dev in Dexter style.. perfect!!
My fav wld hav been.. Tying Dev to chair and slowly immersing him in tank full of boiling water.. Inch by inch.. Evil Smile
If not that.. I wld hav been at least satisfied if Maan had bashed Dev.. Left right.. Broken each n every bone of his.. n literally left him on streets.. To beg.. Just as u said.. But alas!! Instead v get Dev.. Enjoying his life.. As a 5 star hotel manager.. in Shimla.. In d name of repentance.. Angry

@ Z
Wow.. I liked d contrast in char of Dev n Maan that u said..
Maan who was so cold.. Tough.. Never ever.. compromised with his principles.. Whoever it may b..N I m so glad.. CVs kept it consistent later on too.. Esp.. During Teej.. Where he just wldnt break Geet's fast.. Bcoz he felt it was wrong.. Even though Dadi literally threatens him.. I just loved this aspect of his.. (Of course there r 100 other things as well..) LOLLOL 
n also everything u mentioned abt TAVEEZ...Smile

@ Jyoti
COFFEE Big smile Big smile Oh.. Yeah.. The famous black.. Kadwi coffee.. Just like MSK.. n probably d only other thing than Pasta.. That kept MSK alive.. LOL LOL I just love d way u r relating these things.. To Geet's past n future.. Smile

@ Richa
Thanks yaar.. For uploading d epi.. Everyday without fail..SmileSmile

@ Samana:

I agree with u on d points u mentioned regarding DEV... the initial epi.. did show him like a CASANOVA type.. but in d last 2 epi.. he is surely a Devil in disguise...who wants to just hav fun with women...n also who does not like to b dominated or even questioned.. if done so..he can even succumb to violence at that point of time...Ouch No doubt .. he does not hav GUILT of any sort...coz for him.. women r mere objects... for his satisfaction..thats it !!!!!!Angry 

I wonder.. what exactly CVs were planning for DEV.. n what wld hav been his REAL FATE.. had the NEGATIVITY crap... not brought in to change d actual story ??????Confused

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 3:37am | IP Logged
@ Z Loved what you said about the taveez. And did Dev actually start feeling guilty on his flight? hmmm have to look at the future episodes to find that out. Hard to digest that a womaniser like him actually has a conscience.Angry 
@ Priya I too was looking at the special way Geet had braided her hair and was feeling this would have been a good hairstyle to have had post marriage rather than the shabby one we got. But then maybe we would have been reminded of the Dev days.ConfusedAnd I completely agree with you on the fact that we should not consider Sameer as Dev ever. We should just think of him as Vicky who by accident got named as Dev. Otherwise we won't be able to answer our own conscience for having watched the later episodes.Cry
@ Sia Despite her wickedness I too was feeling sorry for NT. She did love Dev in her own way. And if the punishment for cruelly cheating a girl, molesting her and leaving her to almost die is being a restaurant manager then we'll have many people queueing up to do the same. What a lovely message CVs were sending to such people.AngryAngry
@Jyothi I love the way you always notice something in each episode that becomes a painful memory for Geet bcos of Dev which then Maan resurrects as a memorable one.Smile
@Samana Seriously when Maan called him munshi and i saw the easy rapport they shared it did strike me that maybe this is the munshi who is Sasha's dad.Big smile And I also agree with your point that Dev is no different from the neanderthal men in Geet's own family who don't think twice about striking  women.AngryAngry

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mila1 Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 6:40am | IP Logged
HiEmbarrassed remember meConfused?

One thing just after losing her virginity Geet meets Maan what does that indicate? They r destined to be together or MSK will remove all the scars left by DevOuch??

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 8:26am | IP Logged
 Guys today it is 19th episodeThumbs Up

recap: Geet is quite excited about leaving for Canada and Kamya keeps telling her to enjoy while she can. Dev is seen slipping something in a drink...

Now agay

Dev is shown slipping a pill in the drink while Nainatra looks on with a smirk and mommyji is worried sick. Geet is all happy and smiling as Dev brings the drinks (he looks worried or maybe sad...) nevermind he smirks when he sees Nainatra smirking Angry. Mommyji is worried so Nainatra puts her hand on her hand to calm her. Dev hands them all their drinks while him and Nainatra share a look. Everybody is waiting anxiously for Geet to drink her tea...Kamya comments on Dev shaking his leg constantly (this girl can never keep her mouth shut...meh!)  Geet asks about the leg dance to which Kamya replies that whenever Veerji is in tension...he shakes his legs like this. Dev gives an angry look to Kamya who totally ignores it and says that everything is going great then why are you tense? She changes her words when she notices Nainatra glaring at her...I mean you've got the boarding passes, right? Nainatra agrees that everything is going fine...just relax as Dev glares at her (he really doesn't like it seems!) he nods his head in a yes signal. Nainatra notices that Geet is not drinking so she in isharas tell Dev to do something. Dev slightly smiles and asks Geet why isn't she drinking her coffee? Geet says woh when Nainatra interupts and asks if something is wrong..don't you like coffee? Geet answers that she doesn't know how to drink coffee from such a cup. Nainatra says oh this is the matter...don't worry...she tooks off the lid and tells her to drink now. She then asks Dev if the coffee has sugar in it to which Dev nods a nervous yes while mommyji is worried sick as usual. Dev smiles at Geet as he answers yes!
They all look at her as she is about to drink but before she can...mommyji gets up and says stop. She starts to cry as she points to the cup...Geet exclaims mommyji but before she can say anything...Nainatra gets up and grabs mommyji's hand and asks her with a warning look what's wrong. Geet is worrid as mommyji keeps on crying and trying to say anything but Nainatra exclaims that mommyji wants to go the washroom and she'll take her there. Kamya tags along as Nainatra pushes mommyji's head to turn the other way (she is so mean!) Geet asks Dev what's wrong with mommyji? Dev replies that mommyji gets these kinds of attacks sometimes...not to worry she'll be fine. He asks her to drink her coffee...she looks up to him and her worried expression breaks out in a smile when she sees him smiling back at her (aww she loves him sooo much!) Dev looks at her with a evil look as she drinks her coffee but quickly changes expression when she looks back at him with a smile. Dev says that I was thinking if we met like this before marriage we would have gotten a lot of opportunities to drink coffee like this. Geet smiles and continues to drink her coffee as Dev looks on with an evil expression Angry. Dev continues that we are husband and wife now and you're still blushing. Dev tries to grab her hands but ends up spilling coffee on her (how much do you wanna bet it was on purpose uggh...btw lol the tv in the background has MJHT on :P) Dev asks her to go change in the washroom...when she asks where is it...he replies that it is straight but she seems to be really worried. She asks him I should go alone (did they forget that mommyji and co went to the washroom as well?) Dev replies that they are in India right is she going to survive without him in Canada? He tells her that he won't be with her every second of the day and to have confidence (well that's something that she really really needs after you decide to ditch her today!) Geet turns around with a smile when Dev stops her and gives her a kiss on the cheek and forehead as he tells her I love you (idiot!) She smiles and as she walks away she keeps looking back at Dev who is staring at her (with the scary music!!) She waves him a bye not knowing that it is for real.
She comes to the washroom and wonders where Nainatra and mommyji are. She turns the tap on and is trying to clean her dress when a woman comments that it seems like she just got married. Geet replies yes we just got married yesterday...when another woman says oh so you're going for your honeymoon then? Geet says no my hubby lives in Canada so I am just going with him. The first woman says that Canada is a really nice country a lot of punjabis live there (lol at least they got one fact right about my country) The annoucement comes on for the flight leaving to go to Toronto (ughh she pronounced Toronto wrong!!) The second lady tells her to go fast or you'll be late. Geet says thank you but as she is walking back she feels dizzy. Her vision is blurry...but she somehow manages to get to her table and wonders out loud when she doesn't see anyone...where did everyone go? She asks the cafe person if he has seen her family but he replies that he doesn't know. Geet walks up to another door and opens it up to peek inside but she turns back around only to exprience a fainting spell. She wonders why she is feeling like this (ughh why isn't anyone asking her if something is wrong!) She yells out Dev's name and then walks up to random people asking if they have seen her family. She is crying and yelling his name out.  She goes through the door...
On the other hand, Geet's mom is grinding something and smiling...a worried smile. She unconsiously asks Geet to give the lassi to her daarji but is sadden when Dolly tells her that Geet is probably sitting in the flight now. Taayji yells at her and tells her to talk after thinking...and go give lassi. Taayji then turns to Rano and says that you shouldn't be sad because people who are able to bida their daughters are very lucky. Rajji and Titu come whispering something when Daarji asks Rajji what's wrong? Titu says that we were thinking Geet's plane will fly off in few minutes and if they can talk to her once on the phone. Daarji says that she must be busy right now...trying to find her seat and all. Rajji interupts and says that they are going by plane they don't have to look for the seats. Mahinder agrees and says that there shouldn't be problem in calling her up. Daarji agrees as well and asks Mahinder to call Geet...when he calls somebody cuts the phone on the other side. He tries again but the same thing happens...he comments that the phone is being cut everytime. Everybody is shocked!
Geet is running around in a dizzy state looking for Dev...she keeps on asking random people if they have seen him. She notices someone with glasses and runs to up to him...but when she turns him around it's someone else. She tries to run in but the guard stops her and asks what is she doing? Geet replies that her husband might have gone inside...please let me go inside but the guard forbids and says that she can't go in like this. He asks her where her boarding pass is...she says that her husband has it. The guard exclaims how did anyone let you in without a boarding pass (well if she is in that means she did have her boarding pass with her smarty pants...just ask the flight booth thingy) She cries saying that all her things are with her husband and she wants to go to him...but the guard pushes her back and tells her to leave. She pleads in front of him to let her go inside but he shakes his head. She runs inside and bumps into a female police officer...still crying she tells her that her husband is inside and he has her boarding pass as the PO tells her to calm down. She keeps on repeating that she really needs to go inside when another police officer yells relax! He tells her to just say what her problem is calmly and when she replies he tells her not to worry...just tell him the names and he'll make the annoucement...whereever they are...they'll come to get her. He asks her name and she replies Geet Khanada but then changes it to Geet Khurana...he then asks her Dev's name. After she tells him that he takes her inside...he makes an annoucment for Dev to come to the boarding counter as his wife is waiting for him there. He walks past her as she is crying and is still feeling dizzy.
Precap: Geet faints and Dev along with Nainatra look on smirking Angry She is then seen in a police cell...somebody splashes water on her and she yells out Dev's name. The police officer says that her husband's phone is not connecting...there are many cases like her when the groom's family brings the girls from the village here saying that they will take her to Canad and then just leaves her crying at the airport

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 9:00am | IP Logged
First thank u richa for posting d episodes!

Coming to d epi:

thank god i didn't see geet from the early episodes. i wd have been a nervous wreck not knowing what's going to happen.

today's epi was d continuation of the HORRIBLE EPISODE SERIES! it was heartrending to see d innocent trust of geet on dev. god dat good bye kiss n final 'i love u' was so callous. how could he! my god cheating a girl by falsely marrying itself is a horrible crime (that too when one is already married). over that using the chance to use (or shd i use rape?) her n spoil her innocence is so worse! dat guy shd have been hanged. earlier many members used to use d word 'rape' abt this dev. i used to think it was too strong n i felt it was more of cheating. but aftr watching it continuosly i think 'rape' suits more than anyother word. dev might not have physically assaulted her but he has stolen her innocence using false marriage.

dev is a creepy crawly spineless creature! he shd have been punished thereby setting a high moral std in d serial world. Gul shd be quartered for not doing that. Being a woman (evn a man wd agree, i mean MSK did!) she shd have empathized more than given in to her own eccentricities. i doubt any trp rating (what did star one have) or public demand wanted dev to be forgiven. ironically audience were the one asking for punishment.

if only early cvs were given complete freedom to continue with their original story line, i don't know how our serial wd have turned out.

in d homefront, we could see parents thinking abt geet. what a lovely parents geet had! how cd thya have left them out. imagine if d mom n dad seen Maan treat geet so loving n caringly how happy they wd have felt. horrible pH to leave them out n having non actors n d show.

NT was at her evil best. pammiji only makes gestures. she truly is not willing to confess but going thru gestures for her own satisfaciton, i guess. sick family. Dadi n Maan definitley do not belong to this group. i feel evn stupid Annie must have had better values than this group.

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Viji79 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
The hatrick episodes starting from the previous to the next one are the ones that never allowed me to bring myself to forgive the devil. No explanations, no reasoning, no justification can make me forget and forgive what he did to Geet and what came afterwards.

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Its a short take today since the episode was such a sad one.
Geet episode 19:

So we have to see this whole miserable scenario for one more episode. It is becoming more and more difficult. CryCryAnd no Maan too today. I suspected when I saw Geet's expression that she had never drunk coffee in such a cup before and was feeling helpless.Unhappy Of course NT leads a helping hand. AngryPammi almost loses her control  but NT almost manhandles her away. For some time in the beginning  Dev's expressions were ambiguous. The way he was looking at NT and Kamya's comment on his nervousness but then NT leaves and though there is no one around he has to convince he continues to be him slimy scumbag self.AngryAngryAngry  He doesn't miss an opportunity to cop a feel and touch Geet and kiss her right after he himself makes sure she is drugged. My heart feels like doing unmentionable things(think Taliban style) to his lying tongue and groping hands.AngryAngryAngry

Geet goes to the toilet and meets her future gynecologist alias family friend. LOLLOLThat lady comes in so many roles later on doesn't she?Big smile

The expression on Geet's dad face at the thought of talking to his daughter was such an innocent and adorable one and Geet's mom also misses her a lot. But the call is being cut. They are worried.Confused
The rest of the episode was just heart wrenching. CryCryAm not going to dwell on it. But the airport authorities seemed really helpful. Poor Geet should have been spared at least that last look at Dev's lecherous face. CryWish she had fainted before. One more miserable episode to go this week.

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged
And Gul Khan felt making Dev "positive" after all this tamasha would be the BEST idea!? Someone get her brains checked please! No woman with an iota of self respect would want a man like Dev to become innocent and NOT receive the punishment he deserves. Angry
Coming to the episode.
Oh man. Dreadful through and through. Poor Geet just following everything Dev is saying as she trusts him the most while DevTara sit and plan on sedating her with the coffee. Their evilness knew no bounds in these episodes. They just did whatever they could in their power to manipulate her and leave with all her belongings and poor Geet was just being used in the worst way possible.
I just feel so bad everytime I see her uncomfortable with something after which Dev always tries to reassure her of "nothing being wrong" .. when in fact EVERYTHING is wrong T_T
The fact that he was smirking and heading out all the plans is proof enough to show that this man was the mastermind behind all of this and was not unaware or being CONTROLLED by NT. He wasn't under her spell or indebted to her for anything and showed his authority over them in every manner. So, it was really hard to buy his pathetic arguments later on whenever he mentioned NT to be the controlling, dominant one in the relationship. That is just another aspect of his evilness -- pouring all the blame on his wife.
So, this episode we basically see DevTara executing their plan and Geet having fainting spells (because of her pregnancy) and being trapped in a well-executed plan. They just left her and poor Geet had literally no one to turn to in such a big place like an airport. And the way she will faint tomorrow .. uff the most excruciating part of this plan is still yet to come when they happily look at a fainting Geet Angry UGHH my blood boils!!!
No Maan today =( I guess they just wanted to concentrate on this aspect of the story first and bring in Maan at a more appropriate time when he has to deal with Geet about her property.
Overall a well executed but painful episode. These episodes are just refreshing my hatred for Dev which I tried so hard to bury because of the attyachaar we had to sehen from Mrs. Gul Khan's positivity jaap and Mahesh Pandey & Co's FABULOUS circus Pinch

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