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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 9:11am | IP Logged
 Episode 18 is also  a part of dev family's conspiracy.Episode starts with Nt holding dev's shirt and yelling at him asking why he didn't reach delhi when he is supposed to. what is he alone doing with that girl in the hotel at night. He gets angry and slaps Nt. I think His guilt that he crossed the limits of the  plan was more bothering him. He says angrily Car brake down was the reason behind the stay. She warns him that she is his wife and according to plan Geet  is not. so he cannot cheat her se slaps her and ask her to go away before somebody sees them.
     Geet comes downstair searching for dev,she looks frightened & worried ,she starts her tears ,then dev appears and console her he wont be leaving her alone,he was just trying a prank to bring her close. she hugs and believes him again. One more time gadha dev try to win her confidence bcz their plan is coming to end.Nextday again dev & geet reach airport.Geet look nervous. Nt says nothing to worry.They are there wid her.  They go for boarding passes and luggage check up where her bag with gold  jewellary is taken away by dev ,geet says that is my bag suddenly kamya says we want that only. Suddenly everybody pissed off. then she corrects againsaying they will send it directly  into the plane. All go and relax till announcement. Geet innocently ask pummy how much time it will take to reach cannada.. she already in a guilt & nervous state says tomorrow afternoon & hints everything will be finished in a while.Nt gives a evil look.. Kamya also opens her big mouth  and easys the situation. she looks geet tensed and say if Ure so tensed better stay here. Nt warns kamya, Dev gadha arrives with bording passes seeing him geet asks are U all right , Then Nt says he is afraid to board plane though he is habituated since childhood And kamya has to say something ,she says even pummy is also nervous. Gett smiles. hearing the  Announcement  dev says still our flight is delayed so let us have cofee & feel relaxed. Dev orders for coffee. Nt is very happy bcz they are only one step  far from their plan. cofee will be ready. dev goes and mix a sleeping prill in one of the cup and gives to geet.
     Here maan is  searching somebody. he is angry that he is not able to find their where about. Munshi comes and ask him why is he so angry. he shd leave it. And mushi reminds him that he shd go and directly talk to handa family about the plot bcz the broker is doubling the value. But maan is firm to buy that by hook or crook. Munshi notices the taveez and say   since when he stated believing god. that taveez reminds maan  of geet and say  how many times he tried to keep that away but it keeps on coming to him. then munshi  ask him to keep it with him bcz it has come to him for some good reason.
    Today dev family's mission is accomplished. so tomorow there is another high intensity drama episode in the airport.

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 9:16am | IP Logged
 Paro U need not thank me buddy. It is my interest too to read all Ur takes. Though the show is off air there is a lot to cherish in this. There is no other show better than this. SoI am spending my Tv watching time In GF  for reading all Ur takes and some good FFS. Love U all.

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 9:23am | IP Logged
Betrayed. Cheated. Manipulated.
That's how I feel right now -- and I'm just a viewer. How would Geet have felt is something I am scared to find out. Any girl who goes through this, I truly and deeply feel for them because just what do they do wrong to deserve this kind of treatment? Nothing. They're just too innocent and obedient to everything society says. *sigh*
So in this episode we see Dev truly hatching and constructing the entire plan. That kameena (sorry, just had to) is the mastermind behind all this. NT didn't even WANT him to go to her .. I had not known this before. Thankfully, now I do. And now that I do know this I am doubly angry of what was done to his character later on. This was a man who was in his senses, who was old enough to know right from wrong, who had a wife, but STILL even after fake-marrying Geet he felt the need to spend the suhaagraat with her and not just leave? There could've been many ways for him to avoid that heinous act but NO the man did not avoid it. He gave into his lustful desires and went to ruin Geet's life. MORON. SCUMBAG. These words are too sweet compared to what he's done.
Poor Geet was so vulnerable and scared and clearly the only person she trusted most at that moment is the one who was the least trustworthy of them all. Goes to show that just because a man looks innocent and nice does not mean he's all that innocent at heart whereas a person who seems cold and angry is the one with all the principles. AMAZING contrast shown between Maan and Dev.
Dev keeps giving Geet fake promises and raising her hopes and dreams just so he could shatter them all in one go. SICK. Dev kept chirping later on that NT made him do it all and he was "trapped" but here it looks like the exact opposite. The way he slaps her and orders her around makes it crystal clear who was "trapped" and who was just following through with the plan!
Maan and the Taveez. Nice to know that he trusted the Munshiji's words and kept that Taveez which would later on -- with destiny -- allow him to meet Geet again. This Taveez, Geet had given to him at the Tent Confession after she was sure that he was the most trustworthy, truthful, and responsible man she could be with. She knew he loved her, hence she trusted him and put the Taveez around his neck. Right now, Maan has the Taveez but it's not around his neck. Geet has not given it to him but it's with him by fate. This is perhaps symbolic of all the wrong things going on in Geet's life while the Taveez is with Maan -- the man who would be her saviour, her soulmate, her everything. Also, the fact that since this Taveez is with him, he is the one who would later be the one she trusts herself with when she is attacked by Brij.
But right now she is at the airport just minutes away from the impending doom that is about to befall her =(
Those blood-curdling screams are always spine-chilling and I always have a hard time watching that scene so, again, I don't know if I'll have the strength to watch it tomorrow. 
But this episode was a great buildup also to the entire property issue between Maaneet.

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged
Paro, I loved your take and I second you in everything you said about "bad word" Dev. UFF the fact that he didn't show ONE SIGN of guilt (but happily showed it halfway across the world in CANADA -- MORON) was enough for us to know that this man just cares about the pleasure he receives from being with every walking, talking person of the opposite gender. BLECH.

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 11:00am | IP Logged
it is such a painful episode to watch. god i HATE DEV! what a horrible chr he is! d way he acted with NT was so out of chr. i mean he was never shown dat dominant in later episodes. i am still trying to understand it. is it becos of his preoccupation with geet? but he says dat he doesn't like ppl questioning him? but this was never shown n later episodes. he was shown more as a weak chr who just goes by other ppl - NT, Meera dadi etc. i am not evn discussing sameer's dev. dat dev is not dev. i am going tosee him as vicky. i cant accept dev as part of happy fly. no way!

Geet looked so like a newly married bride, shy n happy with her husband. i felt sorry for NT. for all her plans she didn't realize this aspect of it. she is helpless. imagine going back leaving her husband with another girl. if  she had not loved dev, it wdn't have mattered. for all her faults NT loved dev. so this must be devastating to her. And dat kamya, d way she blurts out dat dev didn't have sleep overnight was in such a bad taste. is she clueless abt d late night drive with NT. she is not a kid. so what was she trying to do?

pammi's reaction was too hysterical. After all d acting she did n front of darji n brij (whcih must be scary) suddenly she is so conscience stricken. maybe seeing innocent geet she is feeling very bad. but d actor was very good. This track had good actors dat made the episodes interesting.

Maan looked so young n handsome. GC was so good looking. later episodes he had lost so much weight. he had become angular. Even geet looked so beautiful. i wish they had retained same hairstyle n wig n later episodes.

tomorrow is going to be worse. or next few episodes i think.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged
All d females/girls going GAGA over Dev... thinking of DEV- GEET as ultimate couple.. must hav been shattered to pieces after this epi...Ouch

It was like d FINAL hours to ultimate showdown to this whole TAMASHA...Ouch

There was def  ROLE-REVERSAL.. in d initial scene...
We saw chauvinist.. dominant.. Dev manhandling the weak.. submissive..scared NT...Shocked  wow..that was very interesting.. 
Oh... God... with every epi.. n yest esp... I felt.. thats it !!!! Dev cant really make me angry anymore.. but NOOO !!!! His dialogue to Geet.. today...was DeadDead
Forget feeling GUILTY... the shameless fellow  was ENJOYING every minute of it..Angry n he said he was doing SHARARAT.. Yeah right !!!!! 
Btw.. the 1-5 counts.. what was that for???? ConfusedConfused

Poor NT.. (yes I feel that... for her now..) her worst fear.. has become a reality.. n she does not know it...In a way.. Dev not only ditches Geet.. but also betrays NT's trust too...AngryAngry n he was fully aware of it...MIND U CVs !!!!! Angry

Ahhh...Geet.. I dont hav words to express.. just how BAD I m feeling for her !!!! Cry  Geet was scared.. sad for leaving her family.. her country.. n her only hope.. only strength was DEV !!! 
Oh Gosh !!!! it was really terrible...CryCry
I kept on consoling myself... Maan is there.. for her... Maan will come soon...Smile

Speaking of Maan... Big smileBig smile( I was not expecting him today)  v see.. that he is in search of someone.. (did he say.. jab tak mil nahi jati or jate???? was it a girl that he was looking for???) ConfusedConfused
He gives his TRADEMARK MSK angry look.. at d mention of Marriage..(n I just DIED at that...LOL)
n v come to know.. that MSK is not interested in marrying someone...Shocked 
And.. the audience.. is just going crazy.. thinking ..WHY??? HOW??? WHEN??? LOL LOL

Tomo.. epi.. its d FINAL CLOSURE...OuchOuch

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged

This episode further make me hate Dev even more the way he slaps NT and treats her like a slave on asking him a simple question Angryand then again shamelessly goes to Geet and puts up his fake husband act AngryAngry ..yuckkkDeadDeadDead,..All these episode makes me hate the CVs  as well  for later turning Dev into a victim and saint AngryAngryAngryAngry...

There was so much scope for a negative evil Dev if we see this particular episode where I feel Abhinav was really good when he shows his evil side ClapClap ;But later CVs made him a saint and no wonder Dev's character was lost in thin air Ouch ;I wish they had kept him this devil only till the end and then mayb GHSP could hv maintained a good powerful story right till the end ..but damnnn CVs AngryAngry...
Anyways coming to the episode ,the Airport scene before Dev-NT leaves Geet stranded ,was equally painful to watch as on one hand poor innocent Geet had new dreams in her eyes and a smile on her face dreaming about her new life in Canada CryCry and on other hand Dev-NT were busy putting their final evil plan in action without feeling anything for that poor girl AngryOuch ;The only person who was feeling extremely bad that time for Geet was Pammi but rest all were puree devils Angry ;
Geet had blind trust on Dev and that same Dev gives her that poisonous coffee to make sure his final evil plan succeeds Dead ;Coffee is another ingreident in Geet's life which had a bitter memory attached to it  because of this airport betrayal Ouch but later Maan once again turns it into a pleasant memory when Geet starts working in his office and makes her first coffee for Maan which was too sweet for his taste and he spills it all over and we got the first mahiii scene EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ..Everything from roses  to hankerchief to dupatta to pasta to coffee to rains were connected to her bitter memories because of this Devil Dev Angry but later once Maan comes in her life ,he turns everything into a pleasant memory in her life EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...This itself is one grt symbolism shown in the entire show ClapClapClapClap
There was a very powerful Maan scene in the episode which gave us a slight idea of who the guy is and we guessed it that he is some arrogent khadoos rich guy who had come to HP to buy some land which is related to the Handas WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ;His HP look in these episodes were deadlyyy EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Overall a heartbreaking episode Cry but I guess the real painful episode is coming tomorrow CryCry

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
Ok, I have one the munshi Sasha's dad?!?! ROFL

Anyway, wow, this episode sounds terrible as well, even though I have seen the iconic scene of Geet screaming after Dev, I haven't seen the whole episode (which I promise I will do). I do remember Geet's innocent, shy expressions from flashbacks later in the series though and that makes me want to KILL Dev and NT, especially Dev. How can he be so feelingless that he takes a girl's virginity one night and abandons her the next, knowing full well the whole time what he is going to do. It really proves that he was only after Geet's body and once he got that he was ready to go back to NT. It makes me wonder how many times this has happened before, given that NT is worried about him being alone with Geet and he seems really good at wooing women. It also makes me wonder why NT stays with him. I guess it is the Khurana allure and her desire to work at KC and be fabulously rich that allows her to go to any low.

It breaks my heart to see Geet opening up more and talking to people instead of just keeping quiet. Being Dev's wife is really giving her confidence to slowly start opening up. She also felt the right to hug him after he came back from his confrontation with NT. So I guess that Geet is really quite a bold and straight to the point sort of girl, which has been squashed by her family so far.

I also thought it was really interesting that Dev is supposed to be the one "saving" Geet from her abusive family but we find out he is no different from them. He is also a man that will hit women and cheat them, considering them to be subservient to men. Perhaps this is why he is so unphased by what he is doing to Geet at this point. Women are objects to be owned and conquered for him and as soon as he uses her, he throws her aside. On the other hand, one of the very first confrontations between Maan and Geet, Maan scathingly tells her that he doesn't hit, proving immediately that he is different from all the men in her life so far, which Dev is not.

I also love the irony of Geet telling Maan that nobody will ever love him. LOL And the irony of Maan telling her that she will always be dependent on some man or the other, when he is the one that teaches her independence and she becomes so independent that he himself gets intimidated (IP track)! I know this is technically from yesterday but I just thought of it so I am sharing.

@Paro: Every time you say "bad word" I have dilligently been inserting a different word of my choice. Angry It is not hard as the expletives come naturally, given the situation.

@Z: I agree with everything you said about the taveez. And I love the fact that there are people who love Maan and don't take his general grumpiness too personally. It shows that deep down they know he is sensitive and principled and that inspires real respect in people. This is shown when he actually listens to the munshi's words about the taveez and considers them.

@Jyo: Again, I love your growing list of things that were spoiled for Geet because of her experience with Dev and then the bad memories erased  by Maan. Eventually Maan's love overtakes

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