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OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 59)

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Posted: 17 January 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
Hey All
Wonderful takes by each and everyone. Sorry couldnt watch the last 3 episodes, but thoroughly enjoyed reading here...
These episodes are too painful to watch, especially when we know the consequesnces.
Just a recommendation, it would be good to discuss abt the episode as well, instead of writing the analysis only. What say?

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Wow, this is an eye-opener. Dev was such a horrid, horrid scumbag!

Some symbolism that I saw was that Channi's mother is the one that stops their car for this horrible incident to happen. It is almost like she is there to make sure her own curse comes true. Had she not stopped the car, perhaps the plan would have gone as previously thought as they would have joined NT, Kamya and Pammi, without the consummation happening. Thankfully Geet is not to have the same fate as Channi though as Maan comes to save her. I think this shows that he is going to be the one who teaches her to write her own destiny and not fall prey to curses, superstition etc as he himself does not believe in these things.

I have watched the Maaneet scene before so I will comment on that from memory. I love, love, love Maan's iconic dialogues from the initial episodes and this was the first one! The thing about the aasu and dimaak was so corny but it was just so Maan! I like how the characterisation continued. He was always making grand statements and speaking about principles and when he fell in love with Geet it became about his love for her, just as now it was about how weak women are.

This is one of those episodes when I really feel bad for NT. I mean, she is involved in a terrible scheme but she is also watching her husband, for whom she is falling to this level, slipping through her fingers. When she is working so hard for him, risking their freedom through such a plan, he was going further away from her. I can understand on some level why she was so bitter towards Geet and Maan. Even though it wasn't at all Geet's fault, for NT who would want things to go back to normal it would be easier to blame Geet, get her out of the way and get her life with Dev back on track. I cannot believe that he slapped her! That just compounds his complete depravity!

Jyo, I also loved your analysis of what Maan and Geet were each revealing about themselves in that conversation. Now that we are watching in retrospect we can think back at how each of their first impressions changed over the course of the show.

Z! So good to see you here. I loved your take and I hope to see you here more often!

Great takes everybody! I loved reading all of them!

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Samanalyse

This is one of those episodes when I really feel bad for NT. I mean, she is involved in a terrible scheme but she is also watching her husband, for whom she is falling to this level, slipping through her fingers. When she is working so hard for him, risking their freedom through such a plan, he was going further away from her. I can understand on some level why she was so bitter towards Geet and Maan. Even though it wasn't at all Geet's fault, for NT who would want things to go back to normal it would be easier to blame Geet, get her out of the way and get her life with Dev back on track. I cannot believe that he slapped her! That just compounds his complete depravity!

Z! So good to see you here. I loved your take and I hope to see you here more often!

Thanx Sammy =)!
At the first paragraph -- I SO AGREE! You know the only time I really hated NT was this time and the time she tried to kill Geet after the IP track was over. Those were the only times I hated her for her actions.. every other time what she did was out of love for Dev -- which she never got in return -- and because she was bruised mentally. Seeing her husband attracted to another woman and then impregnating her was too much for her to take and that is basically what fuelled her hatred towards Geet. But for some reason later CVs always projected the entire thing to be NTs fault and that Dev was just a mere follower of her actions! Angry This was the worst part of it all. I mean I can totally relate to NT when she had wanted Dev to get his share in the Khurana Empire or when she wanted to be treated as the Khurana Bahu and have importance in the household or when she wanted a part of KC. I mean this is the whole reason she even said yes to Dev's plan of looting Geet of everything. But in the future who was to know that this scumbag Dev would blame it all on her Dead ... he really is horrid Sammy and this episode is the epitome of his horridness.

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geetaddict Senior Member

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@ ZsterMG  you are right about the "Maan giving gyaan scene". He blames her for takking support from a guy at every walk of life and later becomes her support himself everytime she is in trouble. But then his words do give Geet the mental strength to stand up for what she knew was right later on.
At one moment she's with the one who takes away her dignity, the next she's with the one who would help her restore it! Brilliant, would be the word.
what an apt way of describing the scene.
@ priya I too was surprised that Dev was not only feeling not even a little bit guilty but looked like he was almost blaming NT for kind of forcing him in to spending the night with Geet. The "bad word". Angry
@ Jyothi Dev did steal away Geet's innocent pleasure of playing in the raina and made the memory a painful one but once again Maan helped her overcome that pain and we see them having a small but significant rain scene in the bankruptcy track.Smile

@ Sia Though I am all for subtle displays of romance, Maan and Geet did take subtlety to a new level didn't theyLOL. Remember after the first tabela SR Maan keeps asking Geet the day after "kya hua tha special Geet bolo?" "And I was thinking Maan you don't know what happened? I am not surprised. Neither did we."LOL
@ Samana Wow I would have not thought of the part Channi's mom played in the general scheme of things but you are very right. She was quite instrumental, through the scumbag Dev of course, in making sure the curse was carried out. You could call it fate or destiny. Great symbolism.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 5:11am | IP Logged
@ Samana:

What u said for NT.. is very true...Confused

I thought NT was a greedy, selfish lady...but from these last 2 epi..  its not like that... she actually loved Dev... may b SHE was d one who planned the whole thing.. but it was only to save Dev.. from his misery...OuchOuch 
CVs made NT d SOLE villian later on... n sadly changed her whole characterisation... made her ALL for money n power.. n that DEV was only being " USED" in this process.. as he is a KHURANA..
I hate CVs for that !!!!! 

@ Paro:

Pls.. dont call that thing SR...LOL it was nothing but a joke... the way they had hugely publicised it n all
 As for Maan 's dialogue... I thought.. Kuch hua tha Maan.. something happened... REALLY...!!!!!      LOLLOL

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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  Guys today is episode -18.

Recap: Geet tells Maan that no one has ever been able to love him, and no one will ever be able to; Naintara is screaming at Dev, asking how he could do this to her, how could he spend the night with someone else - he pushes her off him, and slaps her...

The episode starts with Naintara crying, telling Dev that she's not asking a question - he was meant to have reached Delhi by now, when Dev (by far the scariest one on this show atm) moves to slap her again, and she cowers in fear. He angrily tells her that his car broke down, and it's not his fault - he has already made it clear that no one will ask him questions, and Naintara knows this very well, and if she commits this mistake again, then she should watch out.
Naintara sobs as she tries to touch him, and tells Dev she loves him. Dev has had enough however, tells her to go before someone sees her here, and for her to wipe the tears - she's his wife, she's meant to listen. He tells Naintara that the next day he's bringing Geet to the airport - the plan is on. He motions for Naintara to go.

Geet is running through the corridor, and down the stairs wondering where Dev is. She reaches outside, and looks ahead of her, when Dev is shown behind her, watching her as she's looking for him. He walks up behind her, and smiles as he touches her hair (that music really is creepy). She whips around, relieved to see it's 'Devji'. She holds onto him, telling him never to leave her again. Dev strokes her hair with this truly freaky smile..
He puts his hands on her face, and tells her not to cry - he was only being naughty, as he wanted for them to hold each other like that (I wanna scream, damn it). He asks Geet how she could even think that he'd leave her, but if he does - to which Geet looks up shocked - then she should close her eyes and count to five, and he'll be in front of her. She smiles and hugs him again, thinking that with him, they have seven lifetimes to spend together. Dev thinks to himself "just a few more hours Geet, and this relation will be over soon..." (thanks flamingo_aries for what Dev actually said.. made more sense, so I could translate it)

The scene cuts to the airport, and Geet looks out the window expectantly. She gets out of the car, and wonders how many people are there, before turning around looking at Dev. It's then shown that Naintara & Pammi are standing behind her. Dev motions at Naintara, to which Geet turns and says her hellos. She goes to touch Pammi's feet, and notices Pammi's very worried. Naintara tells Geet that Pammi is just worn out from all the travelling (oh yeah, travelling).
Dev puts his bag on top of the rest of the luggage, and Kamya opens her mouth - "Highlight! Look at Dev's face, it's as if he hasn't slept the entire night!" Naintara looks up sharply, Geet looks down smiling shyly, and Dev looks sternly at Kamya. Naintara realises what's happened, and Dev tells off Kamya, saying she's always making up stories. Geet looks distraught at what he says.
Naintara tells Dev..ji if they're ready to go. He looks up, as Naintara says that as it's Geet's first international flight, it'll take her a little time to understand the procedures. Geet pipes up and mentions that forget an international flight, it's her first time in an airport. Pammi looks very worried as she hears this, but Naintara tenderly tells Geet "there's always a first time". She looks back at Dev, and asks "Let's go Devji?" Dev replies in the affirmative and leads the group to check in. Flashbacks are shown as Geet walks away with them -
Geet running through the field; dancing with the troupe on the bridge; telling Rajji she's going to be late; driving the scooter with Titu; her mum kissing her on the forehead; hugging her father..

They reach the check-in counter, and Dev gives the lady "passports for the five of us", and goes to put a bag on side, when Geet tells Dev that's her bag. Kamya tells Geet that it's not as if her bag is going with them (uh oh...), but the airline staff will get it to the plane for her. Dev breathes a sigh of relief (hah, suffer boy). Dev then goes to put another bag on the side, and Geet mentions that her jewellery is in there. Kamya says that's what they want, and everyone freaks out. But Kamya makes light of the situation, and the bag is put to the side - Naintara smiles as she watches this.
Dev tells the ladies to go to the waiting room as he's finishing up the check-in, and Geet tells him not to be too long, and Dev smiles. Naintara watches all this, and Dev's face changes.

The ladies go to sit in the waiting area, and Geet asks Pammi how long it'll take to get to Canada. Pammi replies by the next evening. She then says that by the next day, everything will be finished. Naintara is shocked, and Geet asks Pammi to repeat it, but Kamya cuts her off. Kamya then notices Geet looking around, and mentions that if she's so scared now, she's better off not coming to Canada! Naintara angrily says "Kamya!"
Dev comes at that moment and says there's been a bit of delay with the flights.. but boarding will begin in 20 minutes. Geet looks adoringly at Dev, and asks if he's alright. He says yes, and Naintara tells Geet that he's fine.. he's just a little scared of going on the plane - ever since childhood, he's been on planes, but he still fears boarding them. Kamya mentions that Pammi also has the same problem, and Geet says she's scared as well.
Naintara suggests to allieviate everyone's fears, why don't they separately get a cup of coffee. The scene intersperces with Dev's expectant face and Naintara's smile. Pammi gets really worried, but Geet is happy to do so. She asks Dev to come with, but Dev says for her to go. (the plan is obviously in motion. Evil people)
She leaves.. and Dev & Naintara look on as she does (they are going to be referred to as DevRa from now on) Dev mentions that the final part of the plan is in motion, and they smile. He asks his wife if they're ready to leave.

The scene cuts to Maan looking at the photo, and wondering if he'll ever find them. Someone comes in, and it's his manager/adviser. His manager asks him when he's going to stop looking for that person.. and Maan says until they find this person, and downs his alcohol. Munshiji (the manager) says for him not to boil his blood with alcohol, but for him to share his pain with someone, get married perhaps.
Maan looks downright angry, and cuts off Munshiji, asking him why he wanted him. Munshiji says that he was interested in the Chaudhary land. He tells Maan to call them, and when he does call, it turns out to be Geet's place - Rajji & Titu were playing snakes & ladders when the phone rings, but they don't answer it. Maan hangs up and tells Munshiji he'll get that property, no matter what it takes (oooh, a new mystery. This Maan person is shaping out to be *gasp* not so bad after all...)
Munshiji then picks up the taveez, and asks Maan when he was interested in them. Maan thinks back to Geet, and how he got the taveez. He tells Munshiji that no matter what happens, that taveez always comes back to him, and he goes to throw it away. But Munshiji stops him, and tells him that if this taveez keeps coming back to him, then it's a good sign. Maan looks thoughtful at this.

The scene cuts to Dev's family and Geet sitting around a table. Pammi is stressing hardcore, and Naintara stills her hand.  Kamya mentions that Geet is spending her last moments in India, and who knows when she'll be spending them here again? The order for their coffee is called out, and Geet mentions for Dev to get the coffee. Dev goes to do so, and while the barista has his back turned, he puts something in a coffee, while Naintara watches. Flashbacks are then shown of D&G - Dev telling Geet's family that she is the type of girl he wants, saying I love you to her in the rose scene, taking the saat phere, putting sindoor on her, kissing her shoulder during their suhaag raat; telling Geet he'll never be far away from her..
He ends by saying.. "Now's the time to say bye Geet."

Precap: Geet is screaming Dev's name as she's running through the airport, with security trying to stop her...

Done. And done. And I haven't stopped being angry at this whole situation. Here I was thinking he was gonna be the innocent one in this drama, but what do ya know. Evil people, evil minds. Anyway, hope you liked the update.
Much love.

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Thank you Richa for posting the episode.
Here goes my take for tonight.

Geet episode 18:

So the next episode is the actual betrayal. OuchThis one was also quite interesting. Dev just keeps on adding hate points for himself. AngryAngryAgain in the beginning we see a very dominant Dev. He was about to hit his wife again that too for suspecting him of something he actually is guilty of. ShockedShockedWhat kind of a person is he?  I have never seen NT cower in front of anybody but it was weird to see her do that in front of Dev. You can actually see how desperate she is for assurance from him that she still has his love. OuchLike Samana and Sia mentioned earlier this does explain many of NT's actions later on. Whether they were right or wrong are a different matter. But Dev has no excuses at all.AngryAngryAngry He is the one who is actually evil personified.Evil Smile

 Negativity or not Gul  Khan made one of the worst decisions of her life by letting such a low life scum escape without getting any punishment of any sort. If Dev's guilt had made him lose his sanity and he had been begging on the streets and then Geet had seen him and shown him some humanity, though he does not deserve any, maybe just maybe I might have put up with it in the name of positivity but what was shown later should not have ever happened.OuchOuch

And then the creepy slimy look on that "bad words" face when he touches a troubled Geet and then his lecherous dialogues to her just made me gag.AngryAngry I am thinking of the kind of person who derives sadistic pleasure from telling her lies that he would never leave her and giving her false hopes. And the villainous expression on his face when he hugs her made me seriously contemplate squeezing out his life very slowly with my bare hands or maybe torture and kill him Dexter style.AngryAngryAngry

Geet's awe at seeing the airport for the first time and her innocence just broke my heart.Cry There is seriously something wrong with Kamya. She seems to be deriving OTT pleasure from the whole charade. ConfusedLike I mentioned earlier she does seem like a psychopath. NT's eyes are shooting daggers at Dev because though he tries to deny it and shuts Kamya up, the expression on Geet's face at Kamya's comment does confirm her doubts regarding Dev. Geet has a small sense of uneasiness especially bcos of Kamya and her big mouth when she mentions the jewels and Pammi mummy's nervousness but then her trust in Dev unfortunately overpowers her innate sense of self preservation.CryCry

At the mention of coffee the expression on everyone's face was like NT had mentioned poison which it was in a sense. Some part of Geet did die after the betrayal. CryCrySo viewers would have suspected something was going to be fishy with the coffee drinking part. When they showed some kind serious expression on Dev's face the whole time he was in the airport and when he starts thinking about the last few days of his interaction with Geet I thought maybe there was some guilt in play but that crooked smile he gave to himself at the end just put to rest any such doubts. He is a cold blooded womanizer and cheat.AngryAngry

OK immersed in so much hatred for Dev I should not fail to mention Maan EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed– a sight for sour eyes. First time we see Maan in his famous black vest which I ever doubt got thrown out or maybe they had innumerable vests all the colour black. Whatever be the case I am definitely not complaining.Day Dreaming He looked sooo sexy with that light stubble.Day Dreaming

 What though was brought into focus during his interaction with the Munshi was that he was shown respectful towards him though he was technically his employee. Though he is infamous for his temper and we can see how it flares up at the sight of the tabeez we can also see how Munshi is not bothered by it and deals with it very casually. This shows that people who actually love him and care for him know that he has a good heart inside all that prickly exterior.
Again the photo turns up and we also come to know he has been searching for that person in the photo for some years now. It is alsio shown that he sometimes tries to drown his sorrows by drinking. It can't be Dev since he knows Dev is in Canada. Sameera too is doubtful because of the mention of the long period of time. His mom is my best guess. But then this is going to be a mystery that may be revealed only if somebody feels like it when they bring in Geet season 2. ConfusedLet me end this take by drowning the hateful thoughts of Dev in my mind with the drooling thoughts of my HOT HOT Maan.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Looks like for some more days my last line is going to be "Not looking forward to seeing Geet in pain in the next episode."Ouch

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