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Though I saw epi 12.. I did miss some of d epi thereafter.. I guess it was d Brij -attack n Maan saving Geet epi.. from where I watched Geet regularly... 
Wow... n I did miss some very crucial episodes.. ShockedShocked I saw 13,14 n 15 epi back to back.. n Man.. they wer packed full of drama n suspense...

EPI 13 initial scene gav me a real shock... I knew Maan had n influence on Geet by his words n actions.. but NOT THIS SOON...  After d very first meeting...n a single dialogue by Maan.. Geet back answers Brij...Shocked even after getting slapped...Ouchlooks like making of  " SHERNI GEET SINGH KHURANA " had already started LOLLOL

EPI 14 was ok.. over all... except I nearly gagged when Dev called NT "BHABHI" Dead

Now there is one thing in this epi... when Geet signs d papers.. she signs it in HINDI.. (its not clearly seen in this epi or they might hav edited it????) Confused but later on they did show her signing in ENGLISH on some other land papersSmile...did that happen or I m just assuming it???(ppl who had seen this epi orig... wld know I guess...Confused)
Its important only bcoz.. it had to do with Geet education n all...(which always interested me n sadly not explored further...Cry)

N from these 2 epi.. v  see NT visibly getting angry... seeing Dev-Geet being together... Now that is interesting.. bcoz...I feel NO ONE wld hav guessed that NT is actually DEV"s wife...Shocked n it actually came as a shock.. including me at that time...
NT's reaction  was just brilliant !!!!! Karishma did n exceptional job here...
(there is a reason v all loved NT...isn't it...)

sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2012 at 12:53am | IP Logged
 EPI 15...Smile

OMG!!!!! Maan was actually present at Dev-Geet wedding...I never knew that !!!!! Shocked

What I simply loved was... d Camera work here.. with showing glimpses of Maan in btwn Dev- geet marriage..SmileSmile
I can imagine.. the curiosity, restlessness,drama,suspense.. this whole scene must hav created at that point of time...with audience going almost crazy..thinking WHO D HELL IS THIS GUY??? LOLLOL
n just how is he related to Geet.. n now when Geet is all married  ???? Confused
Over all the epi.. was very very interesting...

This epi is crucial bcoz I remember in one of GC's interview.. he said that though Maan was intro in epi 12.. he was supposed to come much later in d show...but seeing d viewer's excitement he was brought in 15-16 th epi itself...Smile (btw is it only me or GC looked much hotter in these days..LOL)

One more thing.. I always thought that.. Dev-Geet marriage was done in a rush.. with Geet's family blindly following whatever Ladke wale said... But that was not d case.. sp.. the PASSPORT incident made me realise this...
there was LOGIC in d story back then...Ouch

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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 Then What did U think sia. He was present but he didn't see them. He was on a search operation with mysterious pic. till date they could not show.LOL who he was searching desperately. Ya there was a pretty logic in the story till old Cvs executed the story. It could have maintained by new one too after holi but CH &PH came into  scene & destroyed bigtime by introducing  mental assylum track.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 January 2012 at 9:47am | IP Logged
@ Paro:

I agree with u on PAMMI's role.. in BR track.. she was shown to b mean.. bitter.. (though she became smart  n classy too)...which is totally opp of what she is right now...Confused I was totally confused.. as to what exactly happened.. that turned this docile..fearful woman into a revenge seeking lady...Confused Sadly.. that was never explored...Ouch
It cud b from Drama POV.. that PAMMI was shown this way.. or bcoz d CV's kept changing so often.. that d new ones.. did not even bother to look at d previous epi.. to know.. how was d character portrayed originally...Ouch (biggest e.g.. is SAINT DEV...Angry.. )

@ Priya:

I liked d part u said abt new CV's not being able to handle complex negative charac...very true.. Forget abt neg char.. they turned sane A'sar chars.. into a non-sense..unbearable comedy circus...The only thing they did was churning out crass.. stupid tracks in d name of drama n comedy...AngryAngry n I will say they wer really good at it...Angry

@ Jyoti:

I had the GREEN DRESS  question in my mind when I saw d epi... (courtesy Den...LOL..) n so ur symbolism was very apt... n also the one.. Maan taking bad memories away from Geet with d same props like rose,pasta..etc was very nice...SmileSmile

@ Richa:

Thank u for uploading the epi.. SmileSmile Liked reading ur detailed takes...Smile

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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D&G finishing up the marriage rituals. Kamya assuring her mom that no one can stop them now, they will finish what they have started. Maan coming into the temple. Dev filling Geet's maang with sindoor. Kamya calls Nayantara and informs her that the wedding has taken place and their plan is successful. Daarji offers Pammiji the papers and Kamya forces Pammi ji into accepting them. 
Ab aage...


Dev says from today Geet is not yours, but my responsiblity. Mohinderlal ji says you have to go to Dehli right. Dev nods. Mohinderlal continues says on the way to Delhi you have to cross our city, it would be great if the doli could go from our house. Dev, Kamya and Pammi ji are not really keen about this at first, but Dev after a little hesitation agrees saying "jee kyu nahi". Geet's family is happy with his agreement, but right then Kamaya says how can we do this, it will all be wrong na. Geet's family is surprised as to why such a thing would be wrong, before the family can ask any questions, Kamya clarifies her statement saying she just talked to Nayantara, and Nayantara has informed her that it is very imporant for them to reach Delhi by tomorrow morning. Kamya isharas to her mom to say something, Pammi speaks up saying "Jee hume abhi Delhi ke liye nikal na chahiye." Geet's family is dissapointed about this. Pammi continues saying "Dolu yahi se vida karni hogi." (itni bhi jaldi kya hai inn logon ki) Dev says I know you all are saddened that due to our hurry you all are not able to fullfill the tradtions to their full extent, but I promise I will soon send Geet to you (ya, by abandoning her you phitte muh!! :P)

Geet does the "throwing the rice behind her" rasam (sorry don't know the actual name). Geet is crying, and so is the rest of her family as they walk towards the car. 


They all are crying, even Pammiji feels very sad. She hugs everyone (except Brij lol, I don't think he would let her anyways LOL) Very sad moment as she is bawling hugging everyone. Her dad walks her to the car and makes her sit inside the car. As soon as he moves, Geet gets out of the car and runs to her mom crying. Her mom says no you shouldn't come back crying like this Geet, apshagun hota hai (I think apshagun was planned way before, and it has nothing to do with her coming back like this Ermm) Geet's mom makes her sit in the car again, and hands her something wrapped in a red cloth (not sure what it is). Dev gets into the car. Geet hugs her father from the car window. As the car starts moving "Geet Hui Sabse Parayi" starts playing. Everyone bids adieu to her as Daarji thrown coins (I think they were coins) at the car. (Anyone know the reason why this is done? Please enlighten me if you happen to know :) )



Maan is shown getting into his jeep. He looks at the picture in his hand and says wherever you are I will find you for sure. As he is placing the picture in the glove compartment of the jeep, he cuts his hand on something, looking down at the passenger seat he finds part of a blue choodi there. He has flashbacks of him making Geet sit in the jeep, him driving her, and him looking at the tabeez. He comes back to present, looking at the piece of broken bangle he says no matter how much I don't want, this girl keeps coming into my life in one way or the other, sometimes this tabeez, something this choodi. He throws the broken bangle on the ground in anger. Looking at his bleeding thumb he says woman, woman can't give anything other than pain. 


The car Geet is on moves past Maan's jeep, and Geet's face is shown in the jeep's side mirror as Maan is adjusting his rearview mirror. Both the cars pass each other. 

In the car, Geet looks at what her mom gave her and flashbacks remembering her mom saying take this, babaji will save you from all problems. Dev looks over at Geet, he wipes the tears off her cheek saying, I promise after today your eyes will never have this many tears (but tears toh honge na :P) His fingers kind of linger on her face, traling down from her cheek to her chin. He says you are very beautiful (the scary music comes on, OMG is he just lusting after her?? Angry) he continues saying I never thought I would get married to such a beautiful girl. He says again "aap waqai bohut khoobsurat hai Geet" (oh no!! this guy better not have only wanted to marry her due to lust!! itni baar beautiful kehne ki kya zaroorat thi.. i wonder) He continues looking at her as Geet looks down. 

In Pammi and Kamya's car. Kamya says finally this drama is done with, my mouth was beginning to hurt giving people this fake smile. Pammi is crying, saying poor Geet she has no clue what she has entered. The way she was crying today, she has noo clue how much worse it will be tomorrow (future I guess). Kamya looks annoyed by her mom's crying. Pammi ji says God will never forgive us, we have done such an evil thing to such a naive girl. Kamya says mom look at this highlight showing the papers (Kamya needs a tight slap gosh!!) she continues says mom stop ruining the fun of this plan (Ruining an innocent girl's life looks like fun to you?? AngryShe says stop acting like this if Geet sees you from the other car the plan will be spoiled. 

Kamya says first you were worried that people might find out, now you are worried for Geet, if you are interested in worrying so much worry for us. For your kids. If we are happy then everyone is happy. (this girl seriously thinks too high of herself!!) 

Back to D&G. Geet says arey yeh toh "Makera" ki raasta hai, papaji ki gaadi nahi dikhayi de rahi hai. Suddenly they are launched forward as the car comes to an abrupt hault hitting a tree as someone is running past it. Dev asks Geet if she is ok. The driver shouts at the lady saying can you not see? Geet gets out of the car and recognizes the lady as Channi's mom. Dev flashbacks to when Channi's mom came to the lodi function and says I know you did something to my Channi pointing to Brij. And her cursing the girls of Geet's house. Geet touc
Channi's mom's shoulder, Channi's mom looks at her and says YOU? What did you do to my Channi? and then she starts laughing madly (or maybe that was crying ConfusedShe shakes Geet asking tell me where my Channi is, Dev is horrified by all this. Channi's mom looks at all Geet's dulhan get up and says all dressed up as a bride are we? If my channi was there, she looks at Geet's mehendi and says even her hands would have had mehendi on them.  Even she would be wearing a wedding dress like this, Channi's mom continue screaming shaking up Geet. Geet tries to calm her down saying I will look for Channi. Channi's mom says no! you all are liars, you killed my Channi. She says where is my Channi and she walks off, Geet is walking behind her, but Dev pulls her back saying what is the point of talking to her? Her mental situation is not correct. 

Dev asks the driver what happened? The driver says radiator not working and some wires are broken too. Dev in all anger says "what rubbish are you saying?" Geet looks at him from behind, scared by this angry outburst from him. Dev says Are you mad? do you not know how to drive a car? when will the car be fixed? The driver says till tomorrow morning. Dev is pissed, he says if there any place to stay for the night atleast? The driver says yes there is a dhaba half a kilometer from here. Dev shouts saying half a kilometer? Do you know how much that is?!?! The car had to get spoiled right now?! He kicks the car. Geet is SHOCKED! Dev says "andhe hoke gaadi chalate ho tum" and walks off. (Abey oye NRI ke bache, abhi se Geet ko ditch kar raha hai??) Geet looks at him as he walks about, his screaming keeps echoing in her ears. 

Pammi and Kamya arrive at the house, and Nayantara opens the door for them. Pammi comes in crying. Kamya says I have tried to tell her to stop crying as everything happened according to our plan, but she just won't listen. Nayantara puts on her fake sweet smile and says Mummy ji why are you crying this much. Pammi says what if people find out about what we are going to do tomorrow? Nayantara says we have hidden what we will do tomorrow under a bunch of lies, no one can every find out about them. She continues saying I should be the one crying today, but look at me, I'm all smiles. (Why should she be crying, is she really Dev's wife? Ermm) Nayantara tells Pammi to wiper her tears, as she reaches out to wipe them, Pammi moves back wiping them herself. Nayantara smiles evilly. 


It is night, and very windy, and D&G are walking on the road. With Dev racing up ahead and Geet trying to keep up. Geet shouts suniye, no response, she shouts suniye again saying please walk a little slowly. Dev seems thoroughly annoyed but he controls himself. He turns around saying kya hai na patni ji, nayi nayi shaadi hui hai, and I'm not used to walking with such a naazuk ladki. They keep looking at each other for a bit. Then Geet says you promised to walk with me for seven lives, you already forgot? (Good going Geet line pe rakh isko!) Dev says no no no no your beautiful-ness and your innocence, I can't even forget after seven lives (ya right luster!!) He moves his hand to touch Geet's chin, Geet moves back looking around a little saying someone might come. Dev looks around saying no one will come here, but the lodge we are going to, there will be many people there. He continues saying if you go there dressed like a bride, everyone's attention will be on you, and I don't want that anyone else's attention except mine is on you. He tells her to remove the jewelery (OMG he better not steal those too!!) Geet is having trouble taking off necklace. Dev takes the duppatta off her head and takes out her necklace, and continues removing the rest of her jewelery as Geet closes her eyes. As he finishes removing all of them, Dev holds her by her cheek and gently turns her face to face her, they are moving foward, but Geet looks down shyly, Dev kisses her forehead.


As he kisses her, Geet shyly looks down. Dev gets a phone call from Naintara, he cuts it. Naintara is pissed, she shouts saying I have been trying to call them for so long, where the heck is Dev??!?!? Kamya says calm down Bhabhi, Dev knows about our plan too, he will come soon. Pammi says I told you guys before, but you never heeded my word. I told you before we shouldn't take such things into our hands, God will punish us for this. She says after marriage the relationship that a pati patni.. she is cut off by Naintara shouting Pati Patni?!!?!? Kaun Pati Patni??!? Naintara throws her phone on the ground. (Gosh lady anger management classes ke baare main kabhi suna? cause you really need them lol). Naintara screams Dev is only my husband (HAWWW!! These people are soo sick and disgusting ruining Geet's life like this Angry). Naintara continues saying that shaadi was a lie, those traditions were a lie, that pandit was a lie! Dev is only my husband! Dev is only Naintara's Husband!!



D&G are at the lodge, while Naintara and a very scared looking Kamya are driving to the lodge. Naintara is shows shouting at Dev saying how can you do this to me?? Dev pushes her off himself and slaps her! (much deserved one! lol even thought Dev needs one too for being a part of this ghatiya plan) Geet comes down looking for Dev when she bumps into Maan. He says is bumping into me a hobby of yours? or are you after me on purpose. Geet replies saying today I have understood, that you are a type of guy who no one has loved before, and no one can love in the future either, and she walks away. 


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Geet episode 16:

Calling this one a dramatic episode would be an understatement. For a first time viewer this episode would have been a game changer. Anyone who was ever a fan of Dev before this would be applying for membership to the Dev Hate Club.Angry I had not known that the viewers would be already informed about the fact that Dev is married to Nayantara before his despicable actions that come in tomorrow's episode. So it would have brought in definitely strong reactions when people watched the next episode.Shocked

Coming to this one. Dev is such a liar. He is always OTT when impressing Geet's family. Though he knows it is risky he agrees to Geet's  dad's idea of having Geet's bidaai from their own village. Maybe he knows Kamya with her big mouth will barge in and he can retain his good-boy image. Considering how upset Dev's mom was she does manage to steady herself and support Kamya. I think her fear overtakes her conscience. But Dev does keep one promise he makes Geet's family- "I will send her back to you real soon." That I think was supposed to be a big clue on what their future plans were. Poor Geet is so sad at leaving her family not knowing that she was going to be seeing them sooner than she would have ever dreamt of. And the title song plays though we know that this song is going to be more applicable to when Geet goes against her entire family in saving her unborn child.

Maan a balm for the wounded soul Embarrassedbut not actually finding a place in the scheme of things yet. The broken bangle and the tabeez are nothing. You have no idea how hard it is going to be to remove Geet from your life Maan Babu.LOL I am sure Geet's reflection in his mirror is symbolic of something. What exactly I'll wait for someone to explain. And they separate ways once more.

When Dev lusts after Geet ,tells her how beautiful she is and touches her I felt like worms were crawling over my skinAngry.(@TRULYOURS I badly needed your gagging emoticon) He makes his intensions crystal clear if we ever had any doubt on them yet. How disgusting. DisapproveThey chance upon Channi's mom who poor lady has lost herself  because of losing her daughter. Dev remembers her curse and I am sure realizes how he is going to be instrumental in implementing that curse. And then Geet gets to see Dev's true colours. How rude and disrespectful he can be. All the sugar talk is forgotten. And he just walks off not bothering to turn back even once or caring about Geet.AngryAngry

By then Pammi is back to being her nervous self and Kamya being her unrefined greedy self. And this time when NT calms Pammi down and she still does not , we can see the rudra avatar of our sweet NT and she is quite scary in that avatar. Evil SmilePammi is not sure if she is going to wipe her tears or slap her.LOLLOL

By then Dev has been walking and poor Geet asks him to go a little slow. I thought his comment of being never married before and so not knowing how delicate brides can be was Dev being villainously sarcastic. Evil SmileAngryGeet looks a bit confused. The he comes to his other real mission and asked her to remove her jewels. Poor Geet  thinks he is doing it in a romantic way. And that slimy Dev cuts the call from his wife because he knows exactly what he has is going to do once he reaches the lodge and he does not want any reminder that he even has a wife.AngryAngry I am so glad Maan again erased all these memories in his own way by putting on and removing her jewellery at every possible chance he got but with the right intensions behind them (though not all of the intensions were exactly nobleWinkWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed). 

And of course the highlight of today's episode where NT reveals in her rudra avatar that Dev is her husband and no one elses. And everyone including first time viewers begin to realize the enormity of the situation poor Geet is inShockedShocked.

If today's episode was bad tomorrows is going to be the worst part. I have never looked forward to watching a rape scene (with or without consent it was rape). CryCryBut will try to be objective about it but be ready to hear an earful on what sort of a slimy disgusting low life Dev actually is.AngryAngry

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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OMG!!! AngryAngryAngry

Todays epi was just so painful.. at one point of time I wanted to stop...but still went ahead.. but not without a heavy heart...Ouch
Dev's dialogue to Handa family... main Geet ko bahut jald aapke paas bhej dunga... was so apt.. coz he actually planned to abandon her on d airport d next day.. it was indicative of his evil plan...Ouch

The Bidaai scene.. was n emotional one... Cry Dev standing there.. n secretly enjoying the whole scene.. probably wishing to get over with so he n Geet cud b alone...Angry

Ok.. the car scene btwn Dev-Geet was to some extent CREEPY...Abhinav  was actually looking like some GHOST while saying those LUSTY dialogues... n what apt BG music they gave!!! it was perfect.. in sync with Dev's pervert thoughts...(No..ways.. I will never fail to mention d BG music..) LOLLOL

Felt really..really bad for Channi.. n her mother...Cry But why Dev got disturbed all of a sudden bcoz of all that????n those FBs...

Pammi continues to get scared thinking of outcome of all this...n Kamya continues with her ANTICS.. I guess this was all a game for her...a big joke...Confused

NT who was initially very cool till this point.. loses her temper on not being able to speak to Dev... 
I felt she was scared.. bcoz somewhere she got a Hint.. of exactly what Dev's intention...Ouch

I better not speak abt the deserted street scene..Jewellery part.. or else I wont b able to STOP at all...AngryAngry n though I hav not seen tomo's epi orig.. I know what is coming???? 

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 9:44am | IP Logged
This episode 16 was one of the biggest disaster in Geet's life as she innocently filfills her duties as wife and consummates her marriage with the Devil AngryAngryCry
Dev was completely lusting for Geet's beauty here and he even goes on to cut NT's call which clearly indicates his evil perverted mind AngryAngry ;All these episode r making me hate the CVs even more now for later turning this same devil into a saint and a victim while NT was made the culprit AngryAngryAngryDead..
Before that even the Dev-Geet car scene and later the street scene where he simply takes out her jewelleries and almost leaves her deserted showed his cruel selfish side AngryAngry ;But still Geet was so naive that she could not really make out the fact that he is a devil in disguise AngryCryCryCry...
NT already knew that her husband is one perverted soul and so as soon as Pammi and Kamya returns home she got the doubt about Dev LOL .
Precap was quite interesting as this was the second confrontation of Maaneet in the show EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Overall the episode was quite painful where on one hand Geet was dreaming about her new life while Dev was palnning how to desert her after his lust was over Angry

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