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Geet desperately asked for help to the stranger but he gave her a fiery look (there first EYELOCKEmbarrassed!). He harshly took off her fingers from his jacket n pushed her awayOuch! That sleeveless jacket perfectly flaunted his biceps n tricepsBlushingDay Dreaming. She was surprised at this n began to run again. The stranger gave a damn!! He was seeping his beer while the goons chased the girl. He saw them going away. Here MSK's face was shown from diff angles. GC looked sooo hotDay Dreaming. The Tabeez was stuck on the chain of his jacket in the BG the hamsafar/soulmate dialogue was on. What an unique entry of an heroDay DreamingClapThumbs Up. We are used to see the normal hero smashes the goons n saves the gal then there love ishtory takes off but here it was completely different. A perfect entry for MSK n the Tabeez the Tabeez almost instantly went to its owner as if it was alive n knew exactly where it belonged. I wonder what was going on in the minds of the viewers at that time who thought Dev was the man in Geet's life? OR did they recognized Maan as the hero. I'll never know Sigh! She was running hard her dupatta got stuck in a bush she tried to untangle it but fell in the waster. Her dupatta flew on the strangers head it also knew who will protect its owner's honour for sureApprove. The original CV's were great in these important symbolisms. MSK took off the dupatta from his head n looks at the direction from where her cry of help was coming. Then we saw he jumps in the river. It was a long swim she already drowned by the time he reached where she was floating. He went under water (I held my breath as I knew the hottest water rescue was coming!) he surfaced lifting Geet at first they showed him from back water was splashing from his thick wet hairDay Dreaming then the camera showed them from front. Geet was extremely panicked she didn't realize she was already saved he looked at her & said "CHUP!!!" HaayeeBlushing what a sexy  first dialogue that was. Both looked at each others eyes for quite a long time. SECOND Maaneet eye lockEmbarrassedLOL!! What was he thinking while he looked at her? I think her striking innocence caught his attention or mayb he was thinking this is the girl to whom one day I'll say "Main papa banna chata hooROFL" He broke the eyecontact n walked towards the shore. She kept on looking at his face. She was surprised I think. He put her down on the ground n threw the dupatta at her without looking at her as she was wet. This gives us the hint of his precious character n almost celibate nature. Also indicates that he is the right person who will protect Geet's honour not DevApprove. Maan lefts her there seeping his beer can n we had a full n complete view of GC's sexy backBlushing.Shirtless MSK is too hot to takeBlushing! Her family realized Geet was left behind so the men went to look for her. The river side was barren n remote. Geet was helpless, she didn't have any money either. I felt really bad for her all her life she lived under the protection of her patriarchal family suddenly she was stranded in the middle of on where (this was only indicating what was coming in her lifeOuch). She ran tripped n bumped into him againLOL. He again pushed her awayOuchLOL. Did u guys noticed he only buttoned up the lower buttons of his shirt so we can have look at his bare chestWinkTongue. Geet was urging him for help. He rudely answered if helping ppl was my hobby I wouldn't come to such a no mans land. Go away!! Geet decided to drive his Jeep she was future Mrs. MSK she wouldn't give up so easilyLOL. Then again she was crying for help. I couldn't help but laugh. The Jeep collided with the tent he got out at the last moment. He was trying to stop the jeep. It is yet another breathtakingly hot sceneTongue. GC in black shirt n blue jeans isshhBlushing. MSK looked so hotBlushing! He told her to press the break but she didn't know where the break wasLOL. He placed some rocks under the tires n managed to stop the Jeep. Geet came down n asked was he OK! This shows her selfless nature she was also worried bcoz she held herself responsible for what happened. MSK reacted angrily n pulled her in the jeep. "Sit in the car quietly!" Poor guy she already made him restless he had no choice but to help herLOL. He helped her so that he can get rid pf her as soon as possible! On the way brij's dialogue was quite striking he said girl of our family never ride a public bus with other men. Geet knows if she does this I'll break her legs. Meanwhile Geet was trying to talk to the stranger. She asked him if he had a phone? She needed to inform her family. Her bro n Grandpa will kill her etc this only irked him. He kept on driving roughly then suddenly stopped n told her to be quiet! Quite a guy ha? Only thing he says is be quiet. We never knew he would sing ballads in a mellifluous voiceROFL. Geet saw the wound on his arm. She told him u r hurt let me help u. He had had enough. He suddenly stopped the jeep n said get down. Why he did that? I think for 3 reasons-a) her dependency n helpless nature irritated him, b) if he didn't abandoned her like that he would definitely meet Dev the CV's wanted to avoid that & c) she was threatening to break the rough  shell he had created around himOuchEmbarrassed. I really felt sorry for Geet she was in the hands of a rude whimsical stranger she almost broke into tears but he wouldn't meltShocked. She said u cant live me like this! Before leaving MSK said one of my most favourite dialogues said by him n I respect him for saying this. He said "Whether or not u teach your destination wont change your situation as long as u don't stand on your own feet will continue to live in fear"Thumbs Up. He left. Her family finds her on the road side. Geet ran to her father. But she fell under the rage of brij n darji. Her father n uncle were helpless but darji spared her bcoz of Dev. Dev still pretended to be concerned for her n kept the viewers in confusion about his motivesAngry. At the end MSK finds the TabeezEmbarrassed. The epi ends with the hamsafar dialogue with Geet in the middle of Maan n Dev. They were confusing the viewers about her true soulmate. Perfect buildup for coming epis

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Recap: Maan tells Geet that until she stands up on her own two feet, she'll live a life of fear; Geet sees a car, and smiles - she runs to her dad when Brij comes...

The episode starts off with Dolly and Rajji preparing Geet for the mehndi.. when Brij screams out "Geet!" He walks into the room, and Geet goes up to him.. and he gives her a massive backhander (I'd die if that was me). Rajji and Dolly cower in fear. He tells Geet off - "How dare you!? Making the family name dust, and you have no shame?" "No, veerji, I didn't mean anything!" "You talk back to me? Before that happens, we slit our girls' throats.. first, you went to meet Dev alone, and now, who knows which stranger you were in the Jeep with!" Geet tries to tell him it wasn't the case, but he refuses to listen, and goes to slap her again, when Darji asks him for help with the luggage. Brij walks away warning Geet if she does something like that again... as Geet remembers what Maan said about standing on her own feet, and becomes brave enough to tell Brij that she did nothing wrong - he turns but walks away.

Dolly and Rajji go to Geet, and Rajji asks Geet why she opened her mouth to Brij, especially knowing that he doesn't like girls speaking. Dolly tells Geet that women come with tears written in their destiny from God; even if they get beaten and humiliated, they still have to smile (one of the smartest things I've ever heard Dolly say.. you go girl!) Rajji tells Geet to smile - it's her mehndi, and after this she'll be married and off to Canada. Geet says that it isn't right that Brij treats them like that, as if girls have sinned; she tells Dolly not to leave her destiny in the hands of God, and that her destiny does not have tears written in it. She knows that Dev is a good man, and she is amazed that she was worried about the wedding.
Rajji breaks the tension by teasing Geet not to think so much or she'll take so much time getting ready, Dev will have flown back to Canada. They hug. (Such a beautiful scene b/w the three girls.. gosh, you gotta love 'em.)

Scene cuts to Naintara putting bangles on, when Kamya complains on why she had to return the necklace - it would have looked so good with her outfit. (Ooi Maa.. can this girl get any sillier?) Naintara sarcastically tells her that yes, to wear the necklace in the house of the people she stole it off - flashback of Kamya stealing the necklace. Pammi comes in and worries whether someone found out. Naintara looks at Kamya, and wonders what would happen if Dev found out about it. She tells Pammi that, sensibly, they hid the necklace under the sofa. Kamya pipes up and says that Dev is always so worried about Geet. Naintara looks quite angry at this statement (you could see the steam coming out of her ears.. gosh, if looks could kill!)

Scene cuts to Geet being brought out for the mehndi, with the title song playing in the b/g. Dev sees his bride and smiles.. as Geet is walking down, she stumbles. Naintara calls out her name, and everyone looks up. Dev runs to Geet, and Geet's parents share a knowing look in the background. D&G share a moment.. (melting)

Dev is called to the men's side, and Geet is asked to choose a mehndi design. Geet doesn't know which one to choose.. and looks around for help. Dev is slowly walking backwards, so he can watch Geet.. when Geet meets his eyes, and she starts turning pages for him to select. He chooses the 2nd page.
The lady starts drawing the mehndi on, and Geet's family (the women) start singing "Mehndi Hai Rachnewali" (OMG. Only one of my all time fav songs.. woohoo) D&G share eyelocks.. and Dev watches as his bride gets her mehndi done.

Scene cuts to Kamya dragging Pammi into a room, and telling her the agent has booked all their tickets. Vrinder overhears this. He walks away thinking - "they said that only Dev was going to go back, but they all are? After the wedding, where is Geet going to stay? They haven't even asked for Geet's passport." This all gets repeated to the elders of the family (his brother, bhabi, dad & wife). He tells them that they don't plan on taking Geet to Canada. Darji says that they must talk to Dev's family. Rajinder says that they must be careful, as they've suspected them once already. Vrinder tells Darji that it's Geet's life they're talking about, when Pammi & Kamya open the door. Pammi says that the mehndi is happening, but everyone is inside.. is there a problem?
Nurpinder says no, but they were just wondering where Geet was going to stay after the wedding, especially considering they're leaving in two days - and they haven't asked for Geet's passport yet.
Pammi freaks out and says "Pass... port?" Darji asks if they've thought of something in regards to how Geet will get to Canada, and Kamya says they haven't (I swear, this girl has a chronic foot-in-mouth disease). Brij hears this, and asks whether they think this is a wedding or a joke. He wonders where Dev is...

Cut to Dev on the phone outside, when Brij comes up to him and pulls his sherwani. Naintara is shocked. Everyone comes rushing out telling Brij to let go. Brij asks Dev  - if they wanted to sit Geet alone, why are they getting her married in three days? And since when does Dev make the decision alone that he's going to leave Geet after the wedding? Dev is shocked. He asks the family whether they thought he would purposely leave Geet in India. He asks Darji that when he was the one who asked for Geet's hand, why would he leave her now and go to Canada?
He asks for everyone to trust him, to believe him. Darji says they do.. and Dev spits out that he's been trying to Geet a visa without having to conduct an interview. Naintara intervenes, and says "Uncleji, Geet is someone to us as well. In fact, Dev has been talking to the passport offices for two days now." Vrinder agains asks for forgiveness, and says that when it comes to Geet, they're all a bit worried. She's travelling to an unknown country. (Man, what is it with Naintara always getting Geet's dad to apologise? She obviously runs the show in this family)
Dev's phone rings, and it's a Mr. Sidhu. Dev looks concerned, and when he gets off the phone.. he says that there's a bit of a problem. The travel agent he hired had said that Geet would get a visa asap, as he had contact in the Canadian embassy.. however, now the agent is saying that Geet must attend an interview, and that too tomorrow morning.
Everyone is freaking out, and Rano says "But the wedding is tomorrow morning.. does that mean my Geet won't get married?" It starts raining, and everyone runs inside. Rano tells Nurpinder to come inside, and she mentions that it shouldn't be raining at this time.. is it an omen? (I should think so..)

Everyone walks inside to where Geet is getting her mehndi done. Rajji mentions to Dev how beautiful her mehndi looks - and Naintara isn't happy.. Dolly tells Dev that Geet has had his name written in her hand.. and for him to find it. (Awww.. but I thought this was done on the wedding night?) Dev apologises and says he can't see it, and Dolly tells him that if he doesn't find it, they're not going to let her get married the next day.. and the lights go off. Naintara watches D&G's smiles, and struts off... (Yeah go away. No one wants ya sweetheart)

Precap: Pammi asks Naintara to think about the wedding again, and Dev comes in. Rano overhears, and Pammi's words repeat...

Woohoo.. done. Finally. And OMG, the amount of times they showed Naintara.. I wanted to scream. Her expressions don't change.. I totally reckon that Dev has to marry Geet for a specific reason... something about that first wife & death thing.
Anyway, hopes ya liked it.. and yes, I am getting faster at this. :P

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Thank you Richa for posting the episode. I thought I was late. But I guess I am just in time.
Episode 13:
Got to be satisfied with a glimpse of Maan in the precap and in Geet's flashback. CryHaving said that the episode was interesting. It is sad that Geet has to put up with nonsense even on her wedding day however fake the wedding turned out to be. So Brij did find out about Geet travelling with a stranger in his jeep.My blood was boiling when he just barges in and slaps Geet. AngryAngryAnd it was really sad to see the other two women cringe as if they themselves were being hit. It was almost like a punishment for womanhood. But I am really proud of Geet that she takes strength from a complete strangers advice and states firmly that she has done nothing wrongClapClap. I am loving this strong Geet. Poor Geet thinks Dev is her saviour. She is surely in for a rude shock.Ouch
So again my guess was correct. Kamya did indeed steal the necklace and NT did indeed return it secretly. With a SIL so thick, a MIL so nervous and a hubby completely smitten by somebody else it falls on NT to be strong and cool for them. And for first time viewers the look NT gives when Kamya mentions about how Dev is getting increasingly fond of Geet gives some sort of small indication about something not being right.Shocked Again Dev is seen being unaware of the plot.

Geet's mehendi ceremony starts. Was there a song there? ConfusedBecause I saw all the people lip synching but in the video I saw I only heard the usual background score. If yes then I should go back and see that again. Somehow I would have liked this kind of elaborate ceremony in Maan Geet wedding too. But not a repetition of the same.
Shameless Dev goes on with his OTT romance. By then Geet's dad is aware of their escape plans and Geet's family at least thinks of asking some relevant questions. Pammi is tongue tied. Darji seems to really trust Dev a lot. Brij though was doing it only for family honour and not for Geet's well being, he did scare them a bit especially Kamya. Dev lies through his mouth. Wow he does spin such elaborate stories that NT is also taken aback. And he also uses most probably a creditors call to his advantage and makes up a phony interview.Ermm And the CVs later had the guts to make it look like Dev was as innocent as a baby. AngryAngryThey surely missed all these episodes.
Geet is completely oblivious to all the undercurrents of tension. Am ignoring Dev's pathetic looks of romance. The good thing is it at least made NT mad enough to storm off from there. In the precap Dev's family is having second thoughts but we do know the worst actually happens maybe 2 morrow? Waiting to see.

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Today was kind of a sad day for me.Cry So I thought I'll share my grief with my Geet family ( My real one will kick me in the butt if I go grumbling to them about a serialLOL).
So GC got another show and DD is talented enough that I am sure she too has been offered good  roles already. I am happy for both of them and have not completely lost hope that they might come back together if not in Geet2 but in some other serial. But there is still a pang. I think sometimes rumours are good in some ways. Though you realise they are rumours and you don't lose hope you also in some corner of your heart steady yourself for when the rumour becomes true. Yesterday the rumour affected me more but then today I was better equipped to handle  the reality. I am ambiguous about watching GC with another actress and though if DD would have been cast opposite him in the new serial I would have been happy but again there would have been too much of hangover from Geet especially since the story starts from when they marry so somewhere I can understand the PHs decision not to do so. Either way we are temporary losers but I keep telling myself that SRK and Kajol cannot be paired in every movie but their chemistry is the best and makes it more enjoyable when they are actually cast opposite each other. So this separation will make us enjoy them more if there is ever a Geet season 2 made or give us time to get over the Geet baggage if they are cast together in a new serial in the future. More the reason I love what we are doing because this has now become my lifeline. Thank you Samana again for starting this. And as I have not seen many of the initial episodes fully even this is like watching something new though we do have a certain knowledge of things to come.
And of course I am really glad to have so many friends with whom I can share my thoughts without anyone telling me I need to get myself examined by a psychiatrist.Silly. I owe you all for that.Thank you all.Heart

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edit LOL

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I could only watch the first half but loved the spunky Geet!
Wow...Maan really had an effect on her,enough to make her defy her tyrannical brother! What a contrast from the geet who meekly stretched out her hand to be hit, knowing she did nothing wrong. I loved seeing Dolly's more seriois side and learning how her humour and ditzyness are really just a defense mechanism.

@Paro: I feel bad for.NT too and can't really blame.her for going a bit loopy and murderois under all that pressure!!

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Dev is really the WORST chr! he is cheating both NT n Geet! i felt sorry for NT n dis episode. seeing dev's fascination of geet n seeing them sitting close must be grating for her. she has to put up for money sake n her husband's sake. but what is the husband doing? enjoying himself!

dev must be feeling as if he is getting married for d first tiem. d way he was acting with geet - checkng her out, showing his fav mehendi design... shameless guy. i didn't get d last scene. after telling darji dat they have to leave tomorrow which leads to confusion abt marriage, he goes n sits next togeet n admiring her mehendi. is he forcing for a night marriage, sr n fly away next day? he cdn't evn wait for 3 days or how many days? d sudden change of day was a surprise to evn NT n his mom. so what was d reason?

but i am really hating dev chr so much. if i had seen these scenes earlier i wdn't have been able to see d friendly dev n geet. some perverted minds must have been overworking in d creative section.

d marriage was ill fated fr d start wit so many obvious ill omens. i don't know why darji was so desperate or shd i say in a rush to get geet married so desperately? it's not as if geet was uncontrollable girl!

And Brij!!! dat guy was really so horrible! d way he slaps geet for no fault of hers! isn't there evn a small percentage of brotherly love for geet! d way he behaves with future bro in law is evn worse. forget dev is a cheat, dat only we know. d way he immediately goes to his neck is little too much. no groom wd put up with such behaviour.

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Will do a short take today ..was busy in some other work Ouch
So the episode was mainly about Geet's mehndi ceremany and also it raises further doubts of Dev and family's intention Ouch
This was the episode which gave a doubt that NT is not Dev's bhabhi but his wife Ouch ;She looked very jealous and insecure during the whole mehndi ceremany when Dev and Geet were exchanging glances Ouch ...
Brij got a slight doubt once again when they were planning to leave Geet in india after marriage but once again Dev made sure all doubts r put to rest with his polished acting AngryAngry ;He was no doubt the biggest masterplanner in this whole game and was actually giving the orders to NT and co Angry...
DD looked very pretty in green outfit Embarrassed and it made me think today that whether green colour had some symbolism then since whenever she wore green later ,she most of the times got separated from MSK Ouch ;Is it because green colour was connected to her bitter memory with Dev and so it brought bad luck for her ?? Ermm...
Overall interesting episode but missed Maan WinkTongue

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