Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 48)

mila1 Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 12:45am | IP Logged
BlushingMAANN...Blushing Oh...MaanBlushing
Didnt watch the whole epiWink just Maan's entry! She helplessly clung to his jacket but he wouldnt help herOuch but yes why shd he? She can help herself n he unknowingly as jyo said was teaching her to be self reliant but he did help her when her life was in danger. Babaji knew what was coming in Geet's life and he didnt stop it but he did send the real person who would be with her when she would be left high n dry by all kith n kinOuch...he gave the hint of his arrival with the TabeezEmbarrassed another very important character of the Maaneet love story! Form now on it will be there as a guide n protector.

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Dekho Maan aaya..
Maan nazar aaya.. Aaya aaya aaya.. maan aayaji aaya..
(Ok.. I know that was pathetic.. But I cudnt help it..) LOL LOL
That done.. Let me write down something now..
Today's epi.. Was what I will say.. DHAMAKEDAAR.. in all sense..
Firstly.. The master plan was out in open.. they showed NT to b d mastermind in all this..CVs still did not show Dev to b a part of all this.. Very smart..
Ok.. The car scene was actually pathetic.. Dead
The initial mela scene was even more upsetting.. Dev n his DAMN dialogues.. n he holding Geet's hand.. Made me want to bash him rite thru d screen..
Although I found geet's reaction little Filmy n OTT..
But considering her small town girl charc.. It was fine..
Next entry.. ETERNALLY BONDING TAVEEZ.. Embarrassed
I never thought that this thing wld play such n imp role in this story..

Never ever I was so happy to see gundas on d screen.. LOL LOL
N then.. Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed its all history..
epi 12.. Was d actual one that I saw for d first time.. So will rite more abt Maan next time...

@ All :
I m unable to like all of d posts.. Coz I m writing thru my mobile phone..
But I read n liked each n every take n analysis..
Hope to b d part of discussions soon.. Smile

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 9:01am | IP Logged
OMG today is the 11th epi analysis! I reached just in time then! LOL LOL
Ok I made a mistake .. I just analyzed the 12th epi ROFL oh well I'm adding it on here HAHA .. sorry I was just way too eager to analyze the hotness that is MSK! Don't judge me ! LOL I shall write my take on 11th epi too though .. the Maaneet bit :p
So we saw right from the start that the CVs were big on symbolism and the one thing that stayed from this episode till the last was our beloved Taveez <3 Which never left Maan's neck ever since it came around him .. before the Confession Date the Taveez always followed him or landed up at his home, desk, etc no matter how much he tried to remove it .. and it connected Maan & Geet in an eternal bond of love .. and I love that something simple and meaningful as a Taveez would do that <3 That's the best part about Maaneet .. their simplicity yet their ability to make even simple things shine just because it is associated with them Embarrassed
From this day Geet was told her soulmate/humsafar was to be the owner of this Taveez .. she would find her forever after with the man who would be at the receiving end of this Taveez and she didn't know it yet but that very man she bumped into that day was the man she was destined to be with <3 PERFECT start to an exhilirating love story. Of course it was a bumpy start for Geet because who would think a man who doesn't help out a girl being chased with goons would be their ideal man!? LOL! But this .. I am sure.. was the episode that really got people to notice GHSP (whoever watched from the beginning) and appreciate it and basically start their first level of addiction to the show .. we didn't know what was coming our way .. and that this was just the start to an epic story =)
Analysis on 12th epi =p
Man I wish I was there for the first ever Maanday ..
I don't know what I should write about this episode .. I wish I had an emoticon with a blushing/salivating girl because that's all I did and still do when I watch this epic episode. .
HANDS DOWN this is the best BEST BESTTT entry a hero or in this case anti-hero (what with the pushing away instead of helping-the-girl-being-attacked-by-goons scenario Shocked) could EVER get. And I'm talking both big and small screen here.
GC .. uff iska kya kehna he just blew me away from the first entry.. I remember going back to catch up on GHSP when I first found it .. and I went to the first epi and saw the first ever Maaneet scene and I was like .. o. .. m .. g .. what .. is ... this!?!?!
I mean you would normally expect a guy to be like the typical hero types and save the girl in this superman mode but no .. the girl is clearly being chased by a group of thugs and what does this inconsiderate man do? PUSH.HER.AWAY! I was like oh NO he di-int! Stern Smile I mean who does that?! Clearly, this hunk of a man! AND THEN .. AND THEN he ... STARTS DRINKING FROM HIS COKE CAN! WHAT is up with that!? Duuude .. what is wrong with you!? (Keep in mind these were my reactions the first time around .. and still are LOL) and he just watches her get chased .. like WOW.
Then poor Geet gets chased to the edge of the hill and her dupatta gets stuck .. ahh the symbolism just pouring in .. and who does it fall on? The hunk of an inconsiderate man. LOL .. and the way his side profile is shown after he ever-so-gently removes the dupatta is just Blushing .. then poor Geet shouts for help after falling from such a height into the cold lake .. kudos to DD for this shot! And her bachao calls finally made the man pay some attention and (STRIP LOL) help the girl. And then .. when he finally reaches her .. the way the badass MSK BG tune starts when he comes out of the water .. and that entire scene of him emerging and Geet is all frazzled and he turns around with her in his arms .. right from the very first day lol .. it was just tooo gorgeous beyond words I really didn't know what to say!
Then his famous first dialogue ever -- CHUP. Oh gosh I didn't know one small, 4 letter word could sound this hot ... I mean it's just one word yet he has the ability to make you melt with that as well! Going on ... his entire walk to the shore and Geet staring at the man who just a while back had pushed her away .. coming to her rescue.. and then .. dumping her on the ground as if she was some piece of trash! Ye banda kabhi nahin sudhrega! The way he threw the dupatta back at her.. what a perfect shot LOL. and then the man walks off with his beloved coke can D'oh(he looked hot walking away like that though LOL)
The rest of the episode with Geet being all hesitant asking him for help and him being interested in his gun .. then Geet being all Sherni and daredevilish and driving his Jeep <3 lol .. but the way he stops the Jeep was ufff .. first time we got to notice his strength and presence of mind .. and his lava-like anger the way he yanks her into the Jeep .. all pure hotness .. idk he just made his mark so perfectly that who ever watched it would say -- there's no turning back! You've officially been sucked into the vortex that is -- GHSP.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
I m still waiting for Episode no.12 to b Uploaded Embarrassed

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged
maybe samana is late today. do you want to go ahead and do it jyoti?

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by geetaddict

maybe samana is late today. do you want to go ahead and do it jyoti?
Its a very spl episode lets wait for Samana only to post it EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 9:44am | IP Logged

I got held up somewhere and just got back. Am posting the episode now!!!

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2012 at 9:49am | IP Logged
BlushingEPISODE 12Blushing

Written Update (Credit to -Mansi-)

The episode starts with Geet running away from the goons and going and dashing Maan. She tugs him hard and asks for help. Drasthi was beautiful in the crying part. Geet begs him but he isnt bothered. Seeing his ignorance , Geet runs away. All the goons also run behind her. Maan sees all this and hes not bothered..He starts drinking some canned juice. And they suddenly zoom on the 'taveez' that the astrologer gave Geet for her 'humsafar.' as flash-back.

Geet is running as she is very scared..and shes shown running through jungles ..and her dupatta gets stuck to one of the thorns..she tries to take it out but slips and falls in the water. Geet's dupatta flies on Maan. god! Sleepy Maan sees all this..he removes his shirt Wink and jumps into the water. He swims where she is..and takes her out of the water like a typical bolloywood movie scene!! Clap LOL She is still screaming bachao bachao...and he tells her 'Chup.' She keeps quite. Embarrassed Cute! He carries her till the shore and drops her there. He throws her duppata on her.

Other side everyone is getting down from the car. Geet's mum tells Raji to go and call Geet. Raji goes to Dev..but Dev is confused and shocked when he comes to know that Geet isnt here. They all realise that Geet is missing. Brij! Angry is like Geet shouldnt be with 'paraya' mard crapp! Angry

After saving Geet, Maan goes off. She rushes to him for help; but he ignores her. She pleads but he doesnt listen. In the whole barren land , there is only this one tent where Maan was. She says she wants to go to Sharjapur something and is alone and needs help. He doesnt even bother to listen to her. She is all upset and she starts walking and sees a tractor out. She says it might be just like a bike..except handle there will be a steering wheel. She prays to god and says that her daarji and bro will kill her. She sits and starts driving , but soon looses control. She goes and smashes into the tent breaking it. Shocked and suddenly from nowhere comes his HUGEEE arms!! Wink Tongue stopping the tractor. He stops it by putting a stone under it.

Now he is super angry with her. He gets her down from the car and makes her sit on the other side. He puts on the seat belt and drives rashly towards her destination. Meanwhile Dev and all the men have started on the look out for Geet in the car. They stop a bus but shes not there. Brija again. Angry Geet will not sit with 'paraya mard' in a bus or ill break both her legs. Shocked He is a fool or wat?

Then Geet and Maan are in the car going. Geet tells him thanks. My dad darji mom Dev all will be so worried. Maan stops the car in anger. He says that once more you tell me about your family history you will have to get down. She stops talking then. Meanwhile still all the men are hunting for Geet.

Geet and Maan are driving when Geet sees a scratch on his hands where blood is coming. She is all worried and tries to help by wiping with her dupata. This time he gets super angry. He stops the car and tells her to get down. She says sorry. But he shouts at her. She is all scared that where will she go in the middle of the road. He says something to her then which I loved. He was like if you be scared like this..its no help..stand on ur feet and face his typical angry looks! Embarrassed Clap He takes a U-turn and goes back. Geet is all worried when she sees a car coming where her family is there. All hugs and everything is fine. Brij shouts at her but Dev stops him. Daarji was like if Dev doesnt have a problem why should we.

Maan is going back when he sees the 'taveez'. He was like where did this come from? They show flash-back when Geet firsts sees him for help from the goons. The taveez gets stuck to his t-shirt zip. They show the humsafar scene also..and they show DG flashback where he asks her what she got for him. Then ending was Geet's pic in the middle and side was Dev and Maan. It was amazing!!Clap

Pre-cap Geet is in the green dress all music is on..with preparation for marriage. Dev sees her through the curtains.. Embarrassed hes also in green!! Tongue Sangeet is on.

Then Mohinder sees Kamya and mom talking..when Kamya says are tickets have come after one day of the marriage. He hears it. Then next scene parajai asks their family that they thought only Dev was going..why is everyone going too? What about Geet? You didnt ask about her passport and visa also yet..whats happ? Kamya and mom are stunned and scared. Ouch

Thank god atleast they showed some sense of the visa/passport thing. Smile

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