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OVERDUE ANALYSIS: Thread 2 Link, p150 (Page 43)

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 7:45am | IP Logged
Thanks for the warm welcome back everyone! Hug

Here is my take on the episode.

Oh man this was a painful episode to watch after knowing the whole story. Even though I know that Geet eventually has to marry Dev, I kept hoping that Mohinder would meet this lady, that she would tell him the truth and that he would somehow stop the whole thing but ALAS! She was talking about someone else and poor Mo was forced to beg forgiveness from the people who would go on to prove his fears right and worse! I found it ambiguous as to whether Geet's resentful expression was directed towards her dad or towards the fact that he was forced to beg forgiveness. I would like to believe it was the latter and she didn't like seeing her dad humiliated like that given that he is her pillar of support and the one in the family who understands her best. I think this is why she sort of pled with Dev and he spoke up but Darjee was on an ego trip by this time and had to have that apology, for himself more than for the rest.

The rest of the episode was mostly Dev-Geet romance which is pretty hard to stomach, especially Dev's diabetes-inducing dialogues. Gross. And this is not even me being biased, the dialogues really were too corny and if I had thought this was the love story of this show I probably would have tuned out because I am slightly jaded and not innocent like Geet to be taken in by charms like that. Dev is kind of OTT in his romantic ways which feeds into my theory that he is a complete womaniser who goes for women and makes them fall for him for the fun of it. I think he is also getting, consciously or unconsciously wrapped up in this whole process of wooing Geet and is possibly taking it further than the plan originally entailed. Or maybe it was the writers, making him out to be utterly perfect so the eventual reality would be even more of a shocker. All things that glitter are not gold. And Dev is certainly glittering at this point! When he said he took out all the thorns, i was reminded of the scene after KH when Geet tries to give Maan flowers and is pricked by the thorn. Maan does not make any false promises that he will take all the thorns away, but when the thorns do come he will be there to help her face them, no matter how much he was just shouting at her, and to destroy the thorn that hurt her.

DEV SAID I LOVE YOU?! This just shows that he is a womaniser and getting into the act. This was also supported by the fact that he said, oh good you didn't say you didn't want to go to Canada, which shows his triumph over winning that first battle. Like Geet said, he capitalises on what he knows she has not had, and that is someone to make her feel special and extraordinary.

The phone conversation with Rajji and Dolly was hilarious! I actually chuckled when Dev said I want you as my jeevan saathi, not my cook. The expression on his face was really funny. And he said what every girl wants to hear, that she is fine just the way she is and that she doesn't have to change for him. I really can't blame Geet for falling for him, given her life experience, can you?

Looks like they are really building up for Maan! He is the Friday cliffhanger. Embarrassed

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nirvanica15 Goldie

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The episode starts with Dev's phone call to Geet.. and all the diabetes talk of DevOuch... I am in a complete loss as to what motivated Dev to do all these things, Geet's family would have still got her married even without Dev being extra sweet to Geet. The family doesn't even take Geet's opinion on this, so it puzzles me why Dev did all this to make Geet fall for him...
Even he tried to woo her like a teenager with the rose petals and stuff. And Geet was so sweet and she said Thank you when he said I Love You.
She definitely was truly innocent and still not under the spell of Dev completely so she says she still doesnt like going to Canada.

Anyway, I am liking Geet's father more by the episode, he is the only person who really cares for Geet, and concerned about her. Its amazing how the women switched her story after seeing Dev's family, and I think the family might have something to do with it. They might have threatened her or bribed her.Will have to wait and see...

I really felt bad for Geet's father when he was asked to apolozise, even if we think Dev's family is innocent there is nothing wrong in  enquiring about the family. If you are going to send your daughter to a different country in 4 days, you would want to make sure that everything is fair.. But Daarji was too adamant to understand that...

And finally the Precap again, cant stop drooling over it.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedDay Dreaming I think Maan's entry is going to be on episode 12..

P.S. -- Other observations...
Is it me, or does Geet look darker in these old episodes than how she is now...
And is Naintara fatter in these episodes than when she is in Delhi, or is it just the dressing that makes her look fat now

I think Geet was sorry for her father that he had to do all that for her and face the shame and
not because he doubted Dev. At this point I still think she has a lot of respect for her family..

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
@Nirvy: That's what I thought about Geet's father too, ultimately, that she was unhappy that he had to apologise rather than angry with him for doubting Dev. She is a loyal little soul and even though she has started to grow little sprouts of affection for Dev I think her dad is still more important to her.

As for her being darker, I think it has to do with the lighting and how this doesn't have the same glossy, modern fairytale effect as the office/romance days had. This is a little more earthy and so Geet looks a little darker, I guess.

Or if you want to be immersed in the story, she spent a lot more time outdoors in HP than Delhi? Tongue

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geetaddict Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Episode 10:

I had two strong feelings watching this episode. One disappointed that I have to wait to see MaanCry. And the next my urge to bash up Dev Brij style.Angry

The whole time Dev was on screen I had to almost physically restrain myself from trying to strangle Dev through my laptop. This episode I am sure would have been great to see the first time but it hurt me to see it, more than any episode I have seen so far though I do realise that worse things are yet to come.Cry

I am sure NT was in the market knowing that someone had contacted Geet's dad and the turn around of the lady later on makes me suspect she has sent that lady herself before Mohinder could meet up with the real person behind that call. Again as Samana rightly said Dev's family seems to be always a few steps ahead when it comes to their treachery..

When Geet comes out to meet Dev she looks amazing. The "just out of shower" less makeup look with her natural curly hair sure does suit DD. She looked so innocent and sweet and that glint and shine in her eyes for having been treated so special was so beautiful. But it just made me cry. The rose petals falling on her reminded me how such a beautiful thing became a hurtful memory for Geet later on when the same thing happens after Maan-Geet's engagement in the office.But then we know how Maan erased those and made the same gesture back to a display of love for Geet. The dialogues that spout out of Dev's mouth are very similar to what Maan says later on to Geet but the contrast in the intent behind them makes them equally different. But where Maan took forever and a lot of drama to say the three words Dev just blurted them out. Poor Geet. Again I am amazed at Geet's resilience and her faith in the goodness in human nature for her to have actually fallen in love again after being cheated the way she was. She was not only molested physically but also mentally and that I feel leaves a much deep rooted scar.
I sometimes don't know what to make of Dev. Sometimes it seems he takes too much of an effort to impress Geet like when he reads her eyes which pleads him to put her dad out of his humiliation and he stops Geet's dad.Confused

Though I know Daarji was trying to do the right thing given the circumstances and Dolly's blurting out the truth,  it was heartwrenching to see a dad being humiliated just because he was concerned for his daughter's future.Cry You could see the pain in Geet's eyes at having to see her dad go through this for her sake and the camera showing his hands against Geet(his daughter) as the backdrop was really symbolic. Did I just find a symbolism? Oh my God I don't believe it. Yipeee..Dancing.

OK calming myself down and again the precap. Will definitely see it during the weekend so I can spend enough time ogling ooops "analysing" EmbarrassedMaan's entry and then post it on monday.

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nirvanica15 Goldie

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 9:31am | IP Logged
I was thinking the samething too, may be because of the out door shoots they had to do and that too in the middle of the summer...
Nice analyis...Yes Maan did erase all hers and as well as our bad memories later on...Embarrassed

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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In episode 8 we have seen how dev takes a u turn by bringing some artificial jewellary for geet and again tries to win the whole family's goodwill. Even we saw geet also started trusting  dev more than his family members trusted him. She was the one who was more confident that he will never do any harm to her and he will return. I think they wanted more  to loot them as much as possible.Now they got only jewellary  but they are expecting more. I liked Geet's father is much concerned about his daughter,but he could not avoid the situations.
Episode-9  starts with geet worring about the world she is going to step in after marrying dev. Dev calls her tayiji pickups the call and surprisedbut dev ask for geet and she handover the call to rajji and leaves. Rajji tries to change to voice & try to express Geet's doubts but dev rcognise her ask her to give the phone to geet. Geet also expresses the same feeling that she is worried that she don't know anything about their lifestyle in canada,then dev says nothing to worry,he is going to accept her the way she is. He asks her to meet in the garden in the backyard of her house next day morning. Next day  morning  geet's father comes to the market place to meet the lady who has called him to tell about the details of dev family. But Geet's father feels he shd leave before somebody sees him there.bcz the women was late. he turns back he sees NTstanding in front of him.She asks him to go with her to his house but he refuses and says he has to buy something ,he will come after sometime, she can go. Nt leaves. The women comes and meet geet's father and says they are cheaters, why didn't they properly enquire about  them.Mahinder says they seem to be good people with good background. The women says  they have cheated the family for whom she works. Dev's family has  come to see the girl  but when they put the condition for dowry and they  sold  their  property to meet the dowry  dev's family  turned  off saying it's not enough. The women asks mahinder whether they have given something for dowry, then geet's father says they haven't asked anything  but they have given on their own choice then the women says that is way they wanted to have dowry. Geet  meets dev but dev  leave no stone to impress her. He arranges rose pettels shower and path to walk on rose pettels. Geet get impressed with dev's  arrangement and dev says she came as a light in his life. Geet smiles and turns back but dev stops her and want her to say something. geet says thank u  & dev  asks is she  ready to go to canada with him. Geet replies honestly she is still not ready to go to canada but her dad is very confident that dev will look after her. she smiles and run away.    Geet's father hears the women's doubt and ask her to come to his house, and say in front his family members. As he enters the house ,he sees everybody  is making arrangements to leave to the marriage  shopping in samarpur . Darji is surprised where he has been till now.When the lady enters the house mahider  introduces geet family to that lady. seeing her NT and kamya pummy looks worried but the women says these are not the one whom she was taking about and she leaves the place  seeking sorry. Nt asks about the women.geet's babhi says she had a doubt on U people,brij & darji gives a stern look. LOLi liked her chor ucheki dialogue.Darji is upset with mahider's  mistake and ask him to apologise to dev & his family. Dev uses every situation and tries to win everybody with his fake humble personality.Dev says he understands a fathers worry no need to apologise to him. Geet feels bad when her dad forced by darji to ask apology .I liked the precap maan's entry. It 's a cliff hanger friday episode.

We can see how dev is fixing things according to his plan. He called geet not bcz he loves her but he want her to completely fall for him and get ready to go to canada so that their mission is accomplished without any disturbence. He felt if geet is not ready to go with them there having doubts about going to canada can hamper their plan .so he wanted to make geet feel more comfortable about going to canada and believe him more.                                                                   



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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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hi everyone!!!

have an imp presentation but cdnt stop myself from joining u ppl n watching n writing abt epi (kya karoon control nahi hota hain! ) i was hoping to see maan. i have to wait next week (or is it tomorrow? saturday are we continuing?)

coming to d episode, for past few episodes dev - geet scenes are leaving a bad taste. may be if i had not known what is going to happen later, i might have enjoyed d romance. but then d betrayal wd have been evn worse. dev's chr is so horrible. not just satisfied with looting jewels, land, he had to make her fall for him. d way geet reciprocates his overtures is so typical of naive young girl. she is not in love with him, but she is falling for all his romantic overtures. d way he decorates d garden with roses, no thorns in it, roses falling over her, poor girl she had no chance. but still she didn't say 'i love u'. her thank you was so cute. i think evn dev didnt expect it.

i was trying to see what was attractive abt this pair that ppl actually liked them.  i am unable to stand them. abinav is good looking but he looks shifty (may be the chr). in contrast geet looks naive, innocent n so young. i cdn't see any chemistry. may be i am so used to seeing maaneet that i cant see anything in dev n geet.

d father is so good n caring. poor man, he needs a third person to prove himself. he has no power to decide his daughter's future. what a sorry state he is. but i have seen similar fathers in such joint fly were the older person is still more dominant.

how did nayantara knew abt this lady, as i think n evn heard that she wd have given money or sthng to that lady. may be i have to wait for later episodes for that.

Maan... is it finally tomorrow? geet's dress confirms it. poor abinav, with GC's entry n d explosive chemistry of Maaneet, he didn't stand a chance at all.

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Well Folks As Exams are coming Up I cant come here:(Ouch

Hence after Exam I will join you Peeps!)Cool

Updated my OS:)


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